❯ Ultimate Death Survivor – The Survivors First Day ( Chapter 1 )

[ P - Pre-Teen ]

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Ultimate Death Survivor

Day 1

Narrator: Our game begins on a boat heading towards two islands. The only thing that the survivors can have are the clothes on thier backs. Let’s meet the teams.

Wearing Yellow Buffs

Mills Lane
Micheal Jackson
Yugi Moto
Homer Simpson
Jay Leno
Ash Ketchum
Wearing Blue Buffs

Nick Diamond
Nurse Joy
Officer Jenny
David Letterman
Astro boy
Stone Cold Steve Austin

Our host is Princess Peach from Super Mario Bros.

Peach: Are you guys ready?

All except Peach: No!

Peach: Well goodbye anyway.(pushes a button that pushes the survivors off the boat)

All except Peach:(screaming) AAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!!

(water: kersplash!!! Now both tribes go to their respective islands)

Narrator: The people of Aztec all meet and Barbarian start to build their shelter and make their fire.

~At Aztec~

Micheal:(Alone, sharing thoughts) I miss my little boys. Also I’ll try to touch Ash all over.


(He-man builds all the shelter, creates the fire, gets the food, and fetches the water while the others watch)

Astro:(alone, sharing thoughts) I’m getting sick and tired of not doing anything. If we lose the immunity challenge and go to tribal council, he’ll be the first one to go. I’ll make sure of it.

(tree mail arrives)

Brock: This the first day, the people you have spoken to, you families have now grew and grew. To have food even more, beat your opponents in a war.

~on a desserted island~

Peach: Hey guys.

All except Peach: Hey.

Peach: Aztec, Barbarian, welcom to your first reward challenge. You wnat to know what it is?

All except Peach: Yeah!

Peach: Ok. Your two tribes will go on that platform and try to knock each other off. Simple? No. Because the platform will be moving so be carful. You want to know what you’re playing for?

All except Peach: Yes.

Peach: First, You are playing for this.(Shows a giant feast) And you’re also playing for this.( holds up a cell phone)

All except Peach: Wow!

People except Peach: You will be able to call one member of your family.

All except Peach: Thank you.

Peach:(raises arm) Ok, survivors ready?(throws arm down) GO!

(platform starts to move and the suvivors struggle to stay on)

Goldberg: You’re first big boy!(Goldberg spears and pushes He-man off the platform) Who’s next?

~in another place on the platform~

Stone Cold: You’re going down and that’s the bottom line because Stone Cold said so!

Micheal: Time to touch your hiney.

Stone Cold: Get away from me you sicko.

Micheal: Here I come.

Stone Cold: And here you go.(knocks Micheal off the platform)

~on another place of the platform~

Homer: Time to make you into a pancake. Ummm…pancakes.(drools)

Nurse Joy: Stay away from me fatty.

Homer:(wakes up from daydream) But I’m not that fat.

Nurse Joy: If you’re not, then why is the platform sinking?

Homer: Ummmm…..bad carpentry.

Brock: No way! And by the way, say away from her.(puses Homer off the platform, but Ash pushes Brock from behind)

Ash: Never turn your back on an opponent.

~on yet another part of the platform~

Jay: I’ve had enough of your wisecracks from you.

Nick: No, seriously, you have a huge chin.

Jay: That’s it.(runs after Nick, but slips and falls on his own)

~back to Goldberg’s part of the platform~

Goldberg: Well, who’s next?

Astro: How about me.

Goldberg:(laughs) You’re not serious!

Astro: I am.

Goldberg: Alright kid, I’ll just knock you off right now.

Astro: Oh really?(blasts Goldberg off the platform and deep into the sand)

~on another side of the platform~

Mega: I hate when you beat a friend of mine.

Nick: Let’s see if you can beat me.

Mega: Well, don’t say I didn’t warn you.(blasts laser and knocks Yugi and Ash off the platform by mistake) Oops. Well, take this.(fires again. This time hits Nick off the platform. Astro walks up to Maegaman)

Astro: You’re good.

Mega: So are you.(both fire at the same time. They hit Nurse Joy and Officer jenny off the platform) Damn, I got to work on my aim.

Astro: You shouldn’t have done that.

Mega: Really?

Astro: Really. FIRE! (both fire again at the same time. This time they knock each other out of the ring. Now it’s down to Mills Lane who hasn’t done anything and David Letterman who too also hasn’t done anything)

Mills: Well Dave, I guess it’s just you and me.

Dave: Guess so. However, I think you should prepare to lose the challenge.

Mills: Oh yeah?

Dave: Yeah.

Mills: Well take your best shot.(Mills didn’t realize that he was eliminated while he was talking)

Peach: Barbarian wins the reward.

Ultimate Death Survivor – Green Snakes