❯ Ultimate Death Survivor – Green Snakes ( Chapter 2 )

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Announcer: Last time on UDS, the contestants were on a boat ready to go to the islands with their stuff, when they were informed that they couldn’t take the stuff they had with them and then were pushed off the boat. The contestants went to their respected islands and tried to co-op with this type of nature. In the reward challenge, the tribe named Barbarian beat the tribe named Aztec. Today, there’s more at stake. Who will be the winners of this challenge and who will be voted off tonight?

(stupid Survivor music)
Aztec (Day 1)

Yugi:(alone, sharing thoughts to the audience) Man, I couldn’t believe that we lost the reward challenge and have to wait a few hours before the immunity challenge. I hope that we win this challenge and don’t go to tribal council tonight.

Ash:(alone, sharing thoughts to audience) When I saw Yugi sitting on a rock and crying, I had to go over to him and try to cheer him up.(conversation) Yugi, a loss is a loss. Maybe we can do something about it.

Yugi: Really?

Ash: Yeah. Why don’t we make an alliance and take everyone down one by one.

Yugi: Ok.

Ash:(back to him alone, sharing thoughts to audience) That really cheered him up and we are tight like this.(crosses his fingers.) Let’s hope our alliance stays strong.
Barbarian (Day 1)

Brock: That was the greatest feast I ever had.

He-man: I agree.(alone, sharing thoughts with audience) I know that we won, however I think that everyone is after me. I have to give them my trust and maybe, just maybe I won’t get voted out.(conversation) Why don’t we take out the girls first, then we can go after each other.

Austin: I agree.

Brock: I don’t.

He-man: Why not?

Brock: Because their just too damn beautiful.

(Astro finds the tree mail and reads it to the tribe)

Astro: After the first event, I hardly see anything. Let’s see what now you bring. This is a test like no other. The winner will last today and then another.
On a desserted island

Peach: Aztec, Barbarian. Weclome to the first immunity challenge. Here is your challenge, each tribe will shoot this slingshot at that target way there.(giant catapult with rocks and target is very high up) You must use these rocks and shoot them up in the air and hit the target. You must hit the target three times. After the target is hit three times, the target will flip and hit a match that will hit the rope that will lead to that torch and light it. First team to light their torch will win this immunity staute and will win immunity.(holds up mushroom from the Mario Bros.) Ok, survivors ready. Go!!!! Both tribes setup their slings and are preparing to fire. (Aztec fires first) The shot from Aztec is way off.(Barbarian now fires) Barbarian’s shot is just a little off. And now they are reloading. Aztec fires again and hits the target. Barbarian fires and misses wide right. Aztec fires again and again hits that target. If they hit the target one more time, they will probably win. Barbarian fires and hits the target. Aztec fires and misses high. Barbarian loads up and fires. The rock hits the target. We are all tied up. The next team to hit the target may win immunity. They both fire at the same time and they both hit. Now it comes down to who’s torch lights first.(Aztec’s torch is lit first) Aztec wins. Aztec gets immunity. Barbarian, I’ll see you at tribal council.

All:(dancing and celebrating) Oh yeah, we won, it’s our birthday.

Yugi: We did it.

Ash: That’s right.

Homer: And now we don’t have to go to tribal council tonight.

Jay: That’s right my flabby friend.

Homer:(famous cry) WWWWOOOOOOHHHHHOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!

MM: So are we set.

Ash: Pretty much.

Goldberg: Let’s see who get’s voted out.
Tribal Council Area

Peach: Alright Barbarian, grab your torches and put them into the fire. As you all know, fire represents life and as long as the fire is lit, you are still in the game. So, welcome to your first tribal council. So your first day was half and half. You won a challenge and lost a challenge. That’s not bad. Not bad at all. I got to give you credit you did alright for yourselves. Nick, what happened at the immunity challenge? You started off slow then came back in a hurry.

Nick: Well, you know we all have to pull our weight. Unfournately, we weren’t on target at the begining of the challenge due to the fact that He-man didn’t help us.

He-man: Hey, don’t everything on me.

Nick: Well, it’s your fault we lost.

He-man: Well sorry.

Peach: Brock, besides being with the girls, what has been the greatest moment so far.

Brock: I have to say that being in tuned with nature has to be the next best thing besides girls.

Peach: Ok, it’s time to vote, OJ you’re first.

(stupid tribal council music. Every one puts there votes in, blah… blah…. blah….. Let’s just get to the voting)

Peach: Ok, I go tally the votes.(goes to get the pot. Retreives it and returns to the podium.) Once the votes are read, the decision is final. Person voted off must leave tribal council area immediately. I’ll read the votes.
First Vote:He-man
Second Vote: Astro
Third Vote: He-man
Fourth Vote: Astro
Fifth Vote: He-man
Sixth Vote: Astro
Seventh Vote: He-man
First person eliminated and torturted on UDS, He-man. I need you to bring me your torch.(He-man comes with torch) He-man, the tribe has spoken. Your torture is being eaten by alligators in an alligator pit. (He-man goes to alligator pit and is eaten alive) Ok, you took out what you believe is your biggest threat. Be careful of what happens tomorrow and hope that I don’t see you here again. ok, you can pack up.

(tribe packs up and heads back to island)

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