Pokemon Fan Fiction ❯ Two Eevees ( Chapter 4 )

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MoonlitMeowth: Just wanted to start by saying sorry it’s taken me so long to update. To be honest I had to decide what I wanted to go with next. So, without further ado let’s get back to more Modesty!

“So where are you from?” Michael asked Bob after Mr. Verich and his two bodyguards left.
“Oh! I’m actually from a different place than Orre. I actually traveled here from the Johto region…” Bob felt like he was saying too much about himself, even though Michael had asked him.
“That’s pretty cool. I’ve never been away from Orre actually. I’d like to travel one day too.”
“Big brother wouldn’t get very far without Jovi there to guide him!” Jovi interjected suddenly.
“Well…” Michael paused.
“What’s your name funny man?”
“Oh, it’s Bob!” Bob smiled a little nervously.
“Jovi’s name is Jovi, Bob!” Jovi jumped up and down excitedly.
“Nice to meet you Jovi.” Bob said pleasantly.
“And this is Jovi’s big brother, Michael!” she waved up at him.
“Yeah, it’s good to meet a fellow trainer. I’ve got an Eevee myself actually.” Michael said.
“Oh do you? They are great Pokémon aren’t they?”
“Is your whole team just of Eevees?”
“Yeah…I really like Eevee. It really is a fun Pokémon!”
“I’m trying to decide what to evolve mine into to be honest… Do you have any suggestions?”
“Oh!” Bob thought for a minute. “Well…in all honesty I didn’t choose my Pokémon; I let them choose who they wanted to be. I know trainers tend to pick their own Pokémon, but I just couldn’t decide, and it seemed right to let them choose for themselves… B-but that’s just me of course! You can choose whoever you want yours to become!”
Michael paused and looked at Bob strangely for a moment. Then the look passed.
“Yeah, I can see what you’re saying. Maybe I’ll think about it a while longer. It is a hard choice after all…”
“What’s funny man Bob gonna do now?!” Jovi asked excitedly.
Bob jumped.
“Oh! Well…I’m not so sure what I was going to do now. I might go let my friends rest at the nearest Pokémon Center…”
“That’s right over there! Jovi knows the way! Follow Jovi!!” and with that, Jovi dragged Bob off to the Pokémon Center.
“Jovi, wait…!!”
Michael waited a moment, and then trudged after them.
“Oh hi Nurse Joy!” Bob exclaimed excitedly.
“Oh…h-hi Bob.” Nurse Joy smiled rather forcefully, one eye twitching slightly.
“I didn’t know you worked out here too! That’s a long drive!” Bob smiled innocently.
“Well actually Bob, my sister works out at the center in Phenac City…”
“Wow that’s really cool!”
“Funny man Bob doesn’t know about Nurse Joy’s family?” Jovi asked incredulously.
“No…I guess I wouldn’t haha.” Bob smiled shyly.
“Oh wait! How did you know my name was Bob, Nurse Joy?”
“I-I…well Joy told me a little bit about you, so I thought you fit her description.”
“That’s pretty nice of her to talk about me to her family!” Bob beamed.
“Y-yes…” Nurse Joy broke out into a light sweat.
“Oh big brother!” Jovi cried when she saw Michael walk in, “We’re just about done now!”
Michael looked at Nurse Joy’s expression and then quickly looked away.
“Um…yeah. Hey Bob, I was actually hoping we could have a one-on-one with our Eevees.”
“That sounds fun! My Eevee has been wanting to battle for a while, so I’m certain she’ll be up for the challenge!”
“Alright, let’s go outside.”
The two trainers went outside and faced each other next to the beautiful sea. Bystanders gathered around to watch the battle unfold. Michael took his only Poké ball out from his belt.
“Alright Eevee! C’mon out!”
The Poké ball flew through the air and blasted open to reveal the small brown fox pokémon, Eevee.
“Huuuuweeeee!” the male Eevee cried happily.
Bob smiled excitedly at it.
“Aww your Eevee is so cute! Alright, I’m gonna send mine out now!”
He gingerly took out his own Poké ball and rolled it gently forward. Within seconds, the white light burst from the ball and formed his own Eevee.
“Vweeeeeeeeee!” she cried, shaking her fur.
“Okay Eevee, let’s start out with Tail Whip!” Michael shouted, pointing his Eevee to go forward.
“Vee!” Eevee cried, rushing forward.
“Eevee, you go ahead and move forward too but make sure you don’t get hurt! I wouldn’t want you to push yourself too hard!” Bob said a little nervously.
“Huwee!” his Eevee cried and rushed forward as well.
She started her own counterattack with a Headbutt, landing right into the other Eevee’s side as he prepared his Tail Whip.
“VEEEEE!!” Michael’s Eevee cried, rolling sideways for a way. He quickly hopped back onto his feet.
“That’s okay, Eevee! Counter it with Tackle!” Michael commanded, getting pumped.
“Eeeeeveeeee!!” his Eevee cried, running towards his opponent again.
“Look out, Eevee!” Bob cried, contributing to the battle himself.
Bob’s Eevee jumped backwards and then up into the air as Michael’s Eevee launched himself at her. The attack managed to graze her underbelly as she was airborne and she lost her momentum enough to fall onto the ground instead of landing on her feet.
“Veee!” she cried out in surprise.
“Oh no, Eevee!!!!” Bob cried.
“Eevee, now’s your chance to get it with a Bite attack!” Michael shouted, not missing a beat.
Michael’s Eevee turned around quickly and rushed his opponent again, fangs at the ready.
“Eevee, you gotta get up! He’s coming right for you!” Bob cried, waving his arms frantically, actually overbalancing himself and falling on his butt.
“Vee!” Bob’s Eevee cried, getting up on her feet and kicking sand into the other Eevee’s face with her Sand-Attack right before he managed to reach her.
“Eeeeee!” Michael’s Eevee cried, stopping and swiping at his eyes to try and get the sand out.
“Eeeeeeee…veeeeeeeeeeeee!!” Bob’s Eevee cried as she used her own Tackle attack, head butting the other Eevee in the head and sending him flying end over end into the dirt.
“Aah! Eevee!” Michael cried, surprised finally at his opponent’s sudden comeback.
“I know you can do it! Get up and use Quick Attack!”
Eevee struggled up onto his feet and then rushed really quickly up to Bob’s Eevee. She saw it coming and decided to use her own Quick Attack and headed straight for the other Eevee herself.
Both attacks collided head on, but it happened so fast that dust exploded around them, shielding them both from view. When the dust cleared, both Eevees were barely standing, but after a few moments, Michael’s collapsed forward. Bob’s own Eevee was breathing fairly hard however.
“No way!” Michael cried, rushing to his Eevee’s side. “Are you okay?”
“Huwee…” the Eevee puffed, smiling slightly.
“Is your Eevee okay? I know that battle was pretty tough and all and I’ll take full responsibility for your Eevee’s injuries and take it back to the Pokémon Center myself—“
“Um…” Michael interrupted Bob’s stammering, “That’s okay. Eevee will be fine. What about your own?”
Bob’s eyes widened in realization (well, pretty sure they did…) and he turned towards his own Eevee.
Bob picks up his Eevee and hugs her. The young Eevee licks his face lovingly.
Michael just stares at this whole scene with a weird expression. “U-um…”
Bob looks over at him.
“Oh! I’m sorry about all the noise I was making yelling like that!! I just worry over my little Eevee because she pushes herself so much harder than the others do and I don’t want her to get hurt over it!”
“Y-yeah, sure.” Michael replied, “Well it’s good to see that you care a lot about your Pokémon. That helps you become a strong trainer for sure.”
“Oh! That’s nice of you to say, but I’m not sure I’m a strong trainer… I just like my pals to be able to express themselves how they want and exercise!”
“Well…that’s what good trainers do…” Michael mumbled.
“What was that?” Bob asked smiling hugely, still holding his Eevee.
“Nothing,” Michael replied quickly. “So what were you planning on doing when you came to the Orre region?”
“Oh, mostly I was hoping to explore the area and maybe catch some more Pokémon for my friends to play with. I also wanted to see what types of trainers there are. I already battled a lot of strong ones!”
“You did? Who was the strongest?” Michael asked with interest.
“Those two guys we met after that bully tried to hurt us were pretty strong!”
“You mean the guys that you knocked out after a couple of hits?! You thought they were the toughest?!” Michael asked incredulously.
“Um yeah… Why?” Bob asked nervously.
“Oh, uh, no reason! I guess I’m just surprised I saw you fight your toughest opponents…is all.”
“I’m sorry that I surprised you! I definitely wasn’t trying to catch you off guard—“
“That’s okay!” Michael interrupted quickly. This guy is really sensitive to stuff… he thought.
“Big brother! It’s getting laaaate!” Jovi chimed in suddenly.
“What? Oh. Yeah, it is. I guess we should head back now.” Michael said.
“Was I keeping you from something?” Bob said, “I’m sorry for taking up so much of your time when you must have your own busy schedule to attend to!”
“It’s really not a problem…” Michael said, gritting his teeth a little, “My sister just pushes the envelope a little.”
“Hey! Jovi just wants to make sure that she doesn’t get in trouble for leaving big brother behind because he doesn’t know how to get home by himself!” Jovi pouted.
“That does sound like a problem.” Bob agreed.
Michael sighed.
“Well I guess we’ll be heading out now. Who knows? We might run into each other out here.” Michael stuck out his hand. “It was nice meeting you Bob.”
Bob gingerly extended his own hand, not wanting to take Michael by surprise by reaching out too quickly, and shook his hand. When they pulled away, Michael noticed sweat on his palm.
Bob grabbed his bike, righted it and allowed Eevee to jump into a front basket between the handle bars, and got on.
“I hope to see you again someday! Maybe we could battle again!”
Bob starts pedaling his bicycle, slowly and awkwardly at first, away from Gateon Port. He turns to wave once again over his shoulder, and suddenly runs over a small rock, causing him to lose his balance so violently that the bike swerves side to side dangerously, and finally he flies off the side of it. Eevee leaps safely into the grass as Bob ends up rolling down a random hill, crashing to the bottom. The bike lands perfectly on top of him exactly two seconds later.
There is a momentary pause before: “OHMYGOSH!!! I HOPE THAT ROCK IS OKAY!!!!”
Michael puts his face in his hand and sighs.

Funny Man!