Case Closed Fan Fiction ❯ Two Count ( Chapter 85 )

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The Detective Prince
Chapter 85
Two Count

All had frozen within that instant, stopping in his path after hearing the results read off to him.

« Not human, » Bruce questioned. « If the blood isn’t human based, then what? »

« Can’t say, it just reads as unidentifiable, » Conan replied. « Is there anything I can do to find out? »

« Leave it for now, I’ll attend to it when I return, » Bruce said in response. « In the mean time I want you to run a search on Ocean Sea Bound Labs, find out as much as you can about who they are and what they do. »

« Business line, numbers, addresses, got it, » Conan said. « Anything else? »

« For now, no. »

« I’ll contact you with any information gained. »

« If I don’t answer right away it’s because I’m meeting with someone. »

« Thanks for the heads up, » Conan said. « Let’s just hope this uncovers something case worthy. »

« It will, » Bruce said. « I’m sure of it. »

He hung up from there, lowering the phone from his ear.

« What was that all about? » Tim asked walking up to his side.

« The results came back from the scan, » Bruce replied. « The materials used to create the drawing on the wall was paint and blood. »

« From the same blood on the ground? »

« Negative, » Bruce replied. « According to what Conan, it’s not even human. »

« Not human, » Heiji questioned. « If the blood sample isn’t human, then what? »

« We won’t know until I compare the results found with a broader search, » Bruce replied. « Once I’ve done that I’ll let you know. »

« Makes you wonder what other surprises await us around the corner. » Tim said.

They continued through the hall in silence, reaching the lobby a short time later. He saw him standing at the front desk, instantly recognizing the visitor.

« Lonard, » Bruce said wasting no time in approaching him. « Lonard Fournier, what a pleasant surprise. »

« I hope this isn’t a bad time, » Lonard said holding up a folder. « I don’t attend on staying long, just dropped in to give you the mapped out layout for the plan we discussed. »

« I’ve been looking forward to seeing what you had in mind. » Bruce said accepting the folder.

« It took all night to finish up the final touches, » Lonard said. « Let me know what you think once you’ve sorted through it all, you can reach me at the office if you’re unable to through my cell. »

« Nonsense, » Bruce said. « I’d love to hear what you came up with first hand. »

« Let’s see, » Lonard said checking his watch. « I do have some time to spare, where do you propose we discuss this? »

« No better place than my office. » Bruce replied.

« Very well, » Lonard said noticing the two at his side. « Who are these young gentlemen with you? »

« Heiji Hattori, » Heiji greeted. « I don’t necessarily work here, but I have come to Gotham on business. »

« Nice to meet you. »

« And this is Tim, » Bruce introduced. « Someone you’ll occasionally see around the office from time to time. »

« I look forward to working with you as well. » Lonard said.

« Right this way Mr. Fournier, I think you’ll find my office to be most comforting. »

« Of course, » Lonard said turning to follow. « Until next time. »

The two of them took off from there, heading straight for the elevator on the right side.

« What now? » Heiji asked.

« We have some researching to do, but first, » Tim said looking his way. « We have a stop to make. »

The search carried on for several minutes before finally putting it on hold, shutting down the computer before dropping down from the chair. He left the room, softly closing the door in the process.

« I see you’ve finally finished. »

He turned at the sound of his voice, looking to see him standing aside the staircase.

« What did you turn up? »

« I wasn’t able to generate any results on Ocean Sea Bound Labs, » Conan replied. « Whoever they are, they won’t be found with the simple use of the search engine. »

« And the profiles? »

« I put it on hold for now. »

« That lab you mentioned, what relevance does it serve to us? » Damian asked.

« Don’t know yet, it was something Bruce asked me to look into. »

« And you’re certain there was nothing to find on this place? »

« Not on a casual search, » Conan replied. « If you asked me I’d say whoever is running things wishes not to be found. »

« We’ll see how long that works out for them. »

In the mist of finishing his sentence the front door pushed open, both looking to see he had arrived.

« Got here as fast as I could, » Dick said entering with the close of the door. « Where’s everyone else, are you the only two here? »

« Alfred should be around, Bruce on the other hand went out on some business, » Conan informed. « From the sounds of it he shouldn’t be too long. »

« Not surprising, he did mention something about Wayne Enterprises this morning. »

« That’s where he is, » Conan confirmed. « Mind telling us what you’ve uncovered? »

« Very well, » Dick said removing a bag from his shoulder. « We’ll start with the captured surveillance footage. »

« Do you know how those visitors the night of Jefferson’s death got past security? »

« Turns out the hospital was notified before hand that they’d be coming in at that time, and had already given them the ok. »

« Does that include the woman who came in minutes after the first two had left? »

« Affirmative. »

« I for one find it odd they’d allow for visitations at that time of day, » Damian said. « And it only adds suspicion when you end up with a dead man. »

« I think we can all agree on that, » Dick said. « But that’s not the biggest connection I came to find upon further review. »

« This should be good. » Conan said watching as the bag was zipped open.

He reached inside, pulling out a a few sheets of paper.

« Here we are. »

« What’s this? » Damian questioned.

« The results, » Dick replied. « We now have the knowledge of what caused Jefferson Eldelmon’s death. »

« Some more needed news, » Conan commented. « So what’s the scoop? »

« Why don’t you have a look for yourself, » Dick said holding out the folder. « It’s all here in the file. »

He took the set of paper into his possession, wasting little time in looking down to view the content before him.

« Says here he died from a heart attack, what a way to go, » Conan said. « On the bright side, it could have been worse. »

« Don’t stop there, » Dick said. « There’s another sheet I think you better take a look at. »

He did as suggested, bringing the sheet from underneath to the top to get a clear view of it.

« A cat scan of a brain, » Conan said looking it over. « Is it of Mr. Eldelmon’s? »

« That is correct. »

« On who’s request were these shots taken? »

« Upon mine, » Dick answered. « Thanks to a mutual friend I was able to get in touch with. »

« The volume levels in the prefrontal cortex of his brain were noticeably low at the time of his death. » Conan said looking over the image once again.

« And that suggests? » Damian questioned.

« Could be a number of things, plumbism for example, » Conan said with a pause. « Wait a minute.. »

« What’s wrong? » Damian asked.

« Low volumes in the prefrontal cortexe, isn’t that just like the. »

« Other victims who sustained fatal heart attacks in the past few months, » Dick finished. « It seems the lead poisoning driven heart attack has claimed yet another life. »

« That’s right, » Conan recalled. « You told me about it the first day I arrived. »

« Eldelmon isn’t the only one who passed away with the same shown affects in the past week, » Dick informed. « Eighteen others to be precise. »

« That’s frequent for something that supposed to be a rare cause of death, » Conan said. « I think it’s time we really focused in on this. »

« Don’t tell me you guys actually think someone is behind this. »

« Maybe not intentionally, » Dick said. « But something must be causing these recent chain of events. »

« Or it’s just coincidence. »

« You said these fatal heat attacks began in Japan, where did it escalate to next? » Conan asked.

« After the first five, the next ten occurred within the following three days, » Dick informed. « Which ranged from western India all the way to Rhode Island. »

« And they all showed sufficient brain damage? »

« Indeed, that’s the common fact. » Dick confirmed.

« How many have passed away from this up until this point. » Conan asked.

« Over one twenty in the past three months combined, possibly more, » Dick replied. « Several people die from heart complications on a weekly basis, it would be next to impossible to track down every incident that matches our trend. »

« Not to mention running brain tests on every patient who suffered a heart attack would be next to unnecessary in most cases. »

« Did any of these people have heart problems prior to their deaths? » Damian asked.

« Only a small margin. » Dick replied.

« Still think this is coincidence? » Conan remarked.

« Let’s say it’s not, » Damian said. « Who or what should we be looking for as the source of the problem? »

« That’s the thing, » Dick smilingly said. « I haven’t quite figured that out, no one has. »

« No one, » Conan questioned lowering the paper down to his side. « Who else has taken notice of this besides us? »

« You might find it surprising, but quite a few people actually, » Dick informed. « Most of them working in the medical field, the other small percentage being in the law enforcement. »

« If that is true, then how come none of this has been broadcasted? »

« Maybe not yet, » Dick said. « But at the rate we’re going, it’s only a matter of time before this story gets some real face time. »

« Which means it is time to start producing some answers. » Conan said.

Things went along smoothly. He took his time in critiquing everything that was laid out in front of him, taking a liking to most of what was presented. He reached the final sheet of mapped out blue prints, giving it a close look as he had done the others.

« So, » Lonard said from across where he sat. « Which fits best for the safe house? »

« This last one intrigues me greatly, » Bruce replied. « Between this and the second, I’d say we have recipe for success. »

« I had a feeling you’d be locked in between the two, » Lonard said. « Once you’ve come to a decision we can begin planning for a fitting location. »

« Mind if I keep a copy, I’d like the opportunity to look into these further. »

« Fine by me Mr. Wayne, these so happen to be duplicates as is, » Lonard said standing from where he sat. « If you don’t get back to me within the next three days, I’ll be sure to contact you before the end of the week. »

He turned for the door located on the far side of the room, only taking a couple steps before stopping. He stood there for seconds to come, showing no sign for the delay.

« Is something wrong? »

« This is probably something I shouldn’t be coming to you about, » Lonard said looking back into his direction. « But if you don’t mind, I’d like your opinion on something. »

« Come and have a seat, » Bruce suggested. « I’d be more than willing to hear what’s on your mind. »

« Very well. »

He took him up on his offer, retaking back to the chair from across the desk. He didn’t speak for the first seconds, simply resting his hands to the top of the desk with a sequence of shallow breaths that followed.

« Talk to me. »

« There’s somewhat of a problem, or.. at least there might be. »

« I sensed a bit of distress upon your arrival, » Bruce said. « Most of my associates tend to call before coming to see me. »

« I apologize for that, but I found this latest development to be urgent. »

« Well then, tell me what has been brought to your attention. »

« I haven’t been able to confirm it as of yet, » Lonard began. « But I believe there to be a conspirator within the company. »

« A conspirator? »

« Yes, one of our workers to be exact. »

« And what has lead you to these suspicions? »

« Several company materials have gone missing over the past two weeks, » Lonard informed. « Specifically from our technologies lab. »

« Don’t you have surveillance? »

« We’ve been having some problems with that. »

« And who do you believe is responsible for this recent disturbance? » Bruce asked.

« I’m still trying to figure that one out. »

« Any possibility it’s an outside job? »

« I don’t believe so, you have to have a security card to gain clearance to the lab area, » Lonard replied. « That’s where most of our top notch resources are kept. »

« That doesn’t mean an outsider couldn’t have gotten hold of one of these cards. »

« True, but an eye scan is also required when entering any of the storage rooms. »

« That shoots down that possibility, » Bruce said leaning back. « But why come to me about all of this, why not go to the police? »

« I don’t wish for any of this to get out in the open, I wish to keep this as discreet as possible. »

« I understand, » Bruce said. « You’re afraid whoever is behind this will lay low if they see anyone snooping around. »

« I’ve only lived here in Gotham for three years now Mr. Wayne, and a good portion of that has been spent on business trips, » Lonard said. « Who you can trust is all in the measure of time. »

« Very true. »

« So I’m asking, who do you trust, » Lonard asked. « Who would you trust enough to go to at a time like this? »

He laid his hands to the top of the desk as well, staring directly into his eyes.

« I know just the guy who can help you put this all to rest, » Bruce said. « A detective, one who helped me in a time of need once. »

« I knew it’d be a good idea to come here, » Lonard said reaching into his jacket to pull out a piece of paper and a pen. « And how might I contact this.. detective? »

They spent the next hours going over every detail that was before them, trying to find a link between all the victims who had suffered the same fate.

« Most of those who died from this had no prior heart problems, » Conan said. « Only twenty eight of the lot had a previous heart scare before hand. »

« And with all the victims recorded on our agenda, the age range averages out to about twenty seven, » Dick added. « No one under the age of seventeen has died from this. »

« Hopefully it stays that way, » Conan said. « But the age range doesn’t help us pin point what is causing this outbreak. »

« True, it’s too wide spread, » Dick said. « Which means we’ll have to focus our sights elsewhere. »

« It has to be something on the move that is causing this, » Conan said with a pause. « Or maybe like a product of some kind. »

« And what kind of product would cause lead poisoning at such a rate, » Damian questioned. « Let alone lead to heart attacks? »

« That’s for us to find out, if that is in fact the case. »

« The key to finding out what did this is to locate the source, » Dick said. « It could be something they came into contact with, inhaled even. »

« Perhaps we should look to the CT scans to answer that. » Damian suggested.

« We have been, there’s just nothing there linking anything to the actual cause. »

« Maybe it’s not the scans we should be analyzing. » Conan said

« What do you mean? » Dick asked.

« We’ve been set on examining one small area, » Conan began. « I think it’s about time we expanded our search. »

« And what do you mean by that? »

« Their agendas, there has to be something in common they all shared, » Conan replied. « Maybe something they did, somewhere they traveled. »

« Smart approach, » Dick commented. « You might be onto something. »

« That’s all well and said, » Damian stated. « But how are we supposed to check every single one of their whereabouts for the past month, it’s not like we were keeping tabs on any of them. »

« Easy, » Conan replied. « Credit cards, checks, and even flight tickets will give us a further look into what occurred in the days leading up to their deaths. »

« That’s a stretch. »

« Of course, but it’s one of the many possibilities we need to account for. »

The sound of the door opening in the other room could be heard, causing them to put a hold on everything. The clang of foot steps approaching their position followed.

« I wonder who that could be. »

The door opened moments later, revealing who had entered the house.

« Oh, it’s just him. » Conan muttered.

« Have we missed anything? » Heiji asked being the first of the two to step into the room.

« Not much, » Dick replied. « Where have you been all day? »

« All over the city, » Tim replied. « We’ve been looking into some leads, and a couple breaks here and there of course. »

« Find out anything? »

« As a matter a fact we did, » Heiji replied. « Turns out the woman who we’ve been looking for has been visiting this night club for the past few days. »

« How do you figure? »

« We confirmed it with a bartender, he recognized her apparel after showing him a photo. »

« How often did he claim she stopped by? »

« Every other day. »

« Believe it or not, it’s the same club we first gathered imagery of her. » Tim added.

« What’s the name of the place? » Conan asked.

« Stepler Cavern, » Tim replied. « Located on the far west end of Gotham. »

« Any chance she’ll return again? »

« That’s what we’re hoping for, » Tim said. « And if she does, I’ll be waiting for her. »

« That must mean you know her favorable visiting times. » Dick said.

« Between the hours of nine and eleven. » Heiji confirmed.

« Nice work, » Dick commented. « What about the sniper who killed those men, any leads on him? »

« No luck in that department, I was actually hoping Shinichi here would have gained some ground in that field, » Tim said looking his way. « Didn’t you navigate through the database given to you? »

« I stopped searching after about two hours. »

« Why’s that, did you run into some difficulties? »

« No, but it would help if there was some way of narrowing down the search, » Conan replied. « It was just one page after another, the same results as the last. »

« Why didn’t you hit control P? »

« Control P, » Conan questioned. « What’s that supposed to do? »

« It would have brought up the profiling dialog box, » Tim informed. « From there you could have typed in any necessary information, from the height to the broadness of ones shoulders. »

« That would have helped had I known before hand. »

« Not to change subjects, but have you heard from Bruce, » Dick asked. « I haven’t been able to get into contact with him for the past few hours. »

« Last time we spoke was just after six, » Tim said checking his watch. « Which was a little over an hour ago. »

« Any idea where he is? »

« He chose to stop by Green’s place again, even though it’s surrounded by the authorities, » Tim replied. « My guess is he’s hoping to find something he might have missed the first time around. »

« He shouldn’t be long, being that he said he’d meet us here from the last time we spoke, » Heiji added. « Speaking of time, what have the three of you been doing here for the past hours? »

« Going over the ascending details of these recent deaths, » Conan replied « The ones involving the heat attacks. »

« What heart attacks? »

« There’s been a series of fatal heart attacks linked to severe brain conditions, » Dick detailed. « Saturnism to be exact. »

« Lead poisoning and heart failure, what a rare combination, » Heiji said. « I understand the concern, but what exactly is there to investigate? »

« It may seem as coincidence, but the inner details suggest otherwise. »

« Let me get this straight, you think something is causing these brain deficiencies? »

« We don’t have much to support it, but yes, » Dick replied. « The uproar in these particular deaths does call for question. »

« Which is something we’ll have to put on hold for the time being. »

They all turned at the sound of his voice, looking just in time to see him enter.

« Speak of the devil, » Heiji said. « We were just on the topic of you. »

« How did things go at the scene? » Tim asked.

« It was crowded, » Bruce replied. « As expected. »

« Did you find what you were hoping to see? »

« Not what I was wanting or expecting to see, » Bruce replied. « But I do have something additional to share, something I had failed to come across while in the house. »

« And what was it you missed? » Conan asked with a step forward.

« I should warn you, its nature is most disturbing, » Bruce said. « It seems we have yet another corpse on our hands. »

To Be Continued

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