❯ Tuna Roll ( w/ wasabi, pickled ginger, and red bean paste) and Oden – Tuna Roll (w/ wasabi, pickled ginger, and red bean paste) and Oden ( Chapter 1 )

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Tuna Roll (with wasabi, pickled ginger, and red bean paste!) and Oden

“Hey! Long time no see sweetie, what brings you here?”
“Oh, the usual. I haven’t seen you in a while, how are you?”
“I’m fine, I’m fine. Oh, right, this is my bud Yusuke.”
“Hello Yusuke, how do you do? I’m Orihime.”
“Nice ta meetcha Orihime. You come here often?”
“Cut it out with the pick up lines, Urameshi. Orihime, here’s your tuna roll with wasabi, pickled ginger, and red bean paste.”
“Yay! Thank you, Yumeko!”
“That’s an…interesting mix…”
“Yumeko, we have another customer.”
“Tatsuki, sorry, got distracted…”
“Here, Tatsuki, some oden. I know Dreamer here would walk off and forget it if you didn’t order right away…she’s just like her mom.”
“Thanks Mr. Shiki. Where is Aunty Ayumu, anyway?”
“In the grocery store section. Probably fell asleep rinsing the fruit again.”
“No, dad, it looks like she’s snoozing on the cabbages.”
“Argh-! Go wake her up, Yume.”
“Thanks for the meal, Shuto-”
“Don’t think it was on the house, Urameshi. I might allow my daughter to make exceptions for Inoue and Tatsuki, but you…”
“Oh, fine… One sec here…oh crap!”
“You got something planned?”
“I do now! Sorry, Shuto, I pay later – right now I have to listen to the watch!”
“Wha- get back here and pay, you delinquent!”
“Mr. Shiki, here’s my money…”
“No, no, Orihime, I know how tight money is with you – just take it on the house, okay? Same to you, Tatsuki.”
“Alright. As payment, I go wake up your lazy wife and kid.”
“Yumeko too?! Argh, I should have never left China…”

That’s right folks, A Hentai Kamen, Yu Yu Hakusho, Azumanga Daioh, Bleach crossover. For those wondering, Yumeko is my creation – Osaka and Shuutou’s kid. Her name means “Dream Child”, which I find wildly appropriate. Hoping to use her for future fics. Her mind is like her mom’s, but she has her dad’s reflexes…there’s a good chance she’s sharper than she acts, too. Oh, and she looks like a (taller) carbon copy of her mom.

Follow up to Milk and Bubble Tea. Osaka and Shuto got hitched, had a kid, and then started a grocery store. There’s now an outside section with a few stools for serving sushi, Chinese food, and other quickly made stuff for people on the go. I now have to make a deviation of Osaka, fast asleep on some cabbages with the sprayer going…