Digimon Fan Fiction ❯ Tree Top ( Chapter 6 )

[ P - Pre-Teen ]
?LoveLESS.? – chapter 6 –  Tree Top

The hacker and the digimon had spread their wings and gotten into the mischievous spirit before they left Line in the Dirt. Neo demonstrated his brand of non-violent mayhem from where they could see it form their room window. Directly across from the hotel was the saloon. A respectable flow of townies and the occasional visitor streamed in and out. Dipping his claw into the thin air so that the tip seemed to vanish as though submerged in water, Neo glitched the swinging door together. The first victim was s Starmon local. He walked up to the doors with his arms extended and quickly found himself face planted into the now solid door-seam. LoveLESS ducked under the sill and giggled clapping her hands at the show. They passed another 15 minutes in this manner; laughing as patrons from inside and out bounced off the door and puzzled over it. Neo finally decided to reset the coding at the opportune moment when a Togamon was pushing full force on the door. The doors gave way and the spiky digimon tumbled into the pile of onlookers.

Having seen Neo manipulate the coding of the environment and still excited from her triumph with her self made clothes, LoveLESS was eager to have her own fun. She propped up her tablet on the window sill and started working the coding of neighboring buildings wooden walkways. Neo laid an elbow on the sill and rested his chin there while she got to work. Since she’d just spent many hours the previous day coding fabric and clothing she altered the stiffness of several planks, making them essentially strips of fabric that looked exactly like wood. It didn’t take long for someone to fall prey to the fabric boards. A Deputymon walking toward the saloon placed on foot on the fabric boards and it ripped under his weight sending him toppling over face first, through the remaining fabric boards, and to the dirt below. Neo chuckled at the prank as the bewildered digimon climbed back onto the wooded sidewalk.

Scratching his head the gun shaped digimon wandered away and LoveLESS reset the coding back to wood and altered the coding a little way down the walk way in front of the digimon again. Again the wooden looking fabric gave way and the Deputymon tumbled through the fabric and to the dirt. Instead of the slow and bewildering climbing from the first fall, the digimon scrambled as fast as his little legs would carry him back onto the sidewalk. Hands at his hips like he intended to upholster his guns he swiveled around looking for a culprit. His eyes shot up to Neo at the window sill. Neo gave him a big wave and the Deputymon narrowed his eyes at the large horned digimon before jumping off the sidewalk and continuing on his way.

LoveLESS restored the boards coding again and turned to her companion. “I thought you didn’t want to re-enforce stereotypes.”

Neo shrugged in response and turned around to sit on the floor with his back propped up against the wall. “Would you rather he believe it was you?”

The girl stuck out her tongue at him. “No.”

“Then I’ll take a ‘thank you’ now.”

She scoffed and pushed him playfully. “Thank you Mr. Kidnapper.”

Neo shook his head slightly and sighed at the term kidnapper. Neo traced a square in the air with one golden claw and a semi-see through screen appeared as he finished the sides. Under his invisible direction the schedules of the Trailmons were displayed on the screen. “Looks like the next Trailmon going out of Line in the Dirt and away from the hub is supposed to be here in half an hour. Its a Raccoon dog Trailmon and some notes on here say it’s usually early. If we miss it the next one heading away from the hub won’t come through for 12 hours.”

LoveLESS slid down to sit next to Neo with her back against the wall. “So you’re saying we need to wrap up the fun for now and take it on the road.”

“Yes, unless you’d rather stay. That Armadillomon at the desk said Friday nights are the most exciting night of the week. The Deputymon shoot off their guns into the air.”

“At what?”

“Nothing, just shooting.”

LoveLESS got to her feet and retrieved her tablet from the window and slid it into her shoulder bag. “Really sounds like the highlight of the week, I’ll pass.”

The two checked out of the hotel after must insistence by the bellhop to stay for the shooting, and made their way to the the station. As they took a seat on the rickety plank benches, LoveLESS teased Neo about being to nice and attracting hanger-ons. The only other person to join them in the wait was Togamon which kept its distance. True to the notes on the Raccoon dog it was ten minutes early. There were only commuter cars on this Trailmon and the two companions picked a spot on the last car, much to the Togamon’s relief.

The Raccoon Dog’s voice came over the speakers in a fast blur, “Ok, that’s everyone, ok, ok lets go go! Next stop Tree Top!” The door snapped shut and the two slid down the bench with the force of the Trailmon’s start. It’s pension for being early seemed less mysterious after hearing it ramble on. Neo stretched out his long legs to rest on the on the seats across from them as LoveLESS went in search of the bathroom.

LoveLESS smoothed down her skirt and admired herself in the small mirror of the Trailmon’s bathroom. She had produced a black ribbon for herself and put her hair up high in a pony tail. Swaying slightly with the movement of the car she exited and returned to her seat next to Neo. The digimon sat staring at the passing scenery. They were headed to the next town over Tree Top. At the end of Line in the Dirt, there was literally a line in the dirt where the desert stopped and forest began. The scenery that flew by was a blur of green. They were surrounded by forest. Raccoon dog quickly blurted out that approximate travel time would be two and a half hours.

Neo passed the time enjoying the new view of green opposed to brown sand while LoveLESS set about modifying her bag’s coding. Her ultimate goal was to create a bag of holding. While her bag would stay the same size on the outside, inside the space within would be much larger. While she found making it larger on the inside of not as hard as she thought it would be the altering the weight of the larger space to not be over-bearing was challenging for her and she failed to accomplish the proper coding before they reached their next destination.

“Ok, watch your step, have a nice day, welcome to Tree Top!” Raccoon dog bellowed as it slid open it’s doors.

As LoveLESS stepped down from the Trailmon her head strained back and she gaped at town before her. Before her towered a massive tree with several smaller but still impressively large trees surrounding it. Platforms were built between branches atop which sat  shops, residencies, and open public spaces. Steps were carved into the tree trunks and spiraled upward. Along with the platform buildings small circular houses hung from branches and small windows peaked out from the trunks indicating that they too where craved out to be shelters. Long wide swing bridges connected the various platforms and trees. Insect digimon buzzed around between the trees while a plethora of plant digimon milled around in the open air spaces. The smell of flowers lingered in the air and immediately hit the two travelers noses as they exited the Trailmon. Smiling LoveLESS looked over at Neo who too was taking in the town.

“This is my favorite town,” LoveLESS declared.

“Hm, well you’ve only been to two towns so it had pretty good odds I’d say to begin with,” Neo replied reasonably.

For the second time LoveLESS push on the digimon. “You jerk.” LoveLESS laughed as the two walked forward and descended the platform. Traffic was certainly busier here as several groups of digimon and humans entered Raccoon dog as they exited. Again, looks were given to Neo as they passed. As they neared the trees the massive size of the trunks sunk in as well as the height of the stairs. She stared up then reached over and tugged on Neo’s wrist. “You know how you can make-up for being a jerk?” She wore an telling smile.

“I thought you assaulting me twice made us even,” Neo commented as he scooped up the human and sat her on his shoulder. With one powerful flurry of wings they were airborne. On LoveLESS’s urging their assent was slow so they could take in the sights of the trees. As they ascended higher and got closer to the trunks they could see that along with the stairs the trunks were adorned with strange carvings. It looked like a language to LoveLESS but it was nothing she could decipher off hand. She could say confidently that this second flight was much more enjoyable than the first. Maybe the fact that her stomach wasn’t still turning from a jump into the digital world helped it be a little bit more fun.

“It’s our language,” Neo explained when she asked about the carvings. “It’s a mix of codings and human languages. It’s very complicated but all digimon are born with the ability to read it.”

Brushing her wind swept hair form her face LoveLESS asked what it said. “I was created, not born,” he stated simply. “Whoever made me thought illiteracy was acceptable so I’m still learning the writings. But something about harmony, nature, and the trees.”

A group of small red insect digimon buzzed past them and LoveLESS held on to one of Neo’s golden horns for support as they swept by and pulled down her dress with the other. Neo chuckled, “Maybe a dress wasn’t such a good thing to make yourself with your traveling companion being a flier.”

“Hey, I thought it through- that’s why I made the leggings,” LoveLESS responded. Neo landed on one of the suspended platforms. He knelt down and reached up a hand for her to hold onto and LoveLESS easily stepped onto his knee and then down to the wooden planks.

“Hey I still haven’t’ seen you eat, you were sneaky sneak and ate it while you gabbed it up with the armadillo.” LoveLESS pulled out her tablet. She easily brought up page on Tree Top and the shops and cafes there. “This place is loaded with places to eat compared to Line, lets get some lunch.”

Along with a GPS system Neo had installed several other established programs including a city by city app that gave all shops, restaurants, and buildings of interest as well as maps of the cities. She also had the Trailmon scheduling program that Neo had used earlier.

“Hm, there’s a connection point to the real world here.” She commented to herself and started walking motioning Neo to follow. “Come on, there’s a little cafe just up on the next platform.”

Neo followed closely behind her. “What’s the name?”

“Apple Trunks again?” Jacob complained as he followed behind Marcus. The larger man looked over his shoulder at his dark haired companion.

“You just want to complain today huh?”

“Complain!” Lunamon parroted cutely from one of his broad shoulders.

Gullimon clopped along side his partner. “I like Apple Trunks they have good double hot pepper sandwiches!”

“Tsk. You’ll eat Cajun peppers straight if I let you,” said Jacob looking down at dinosaur digimon.

Marcus slowed down so Jacob walked along side him for easier conversation. “After what happened this morning I thought you’d be way more cheery mate.” As they descended from the platform housing the jump-in point various townspeople waved and greeted them as they passed. “Did my lecture put a nail in your joy coffin?”

Gullimon looked up at Jacob but he did not respond. He knew that woman was an issue but he couldn’t stop himself. He knew she was using him for her own devices and even though it bothered him he couldn’t deny he was a willing partner. The most bothering thing about the arrangement to him was she was an UNDS member and the group as a whole was trying to crowd out the RDS and take over managing England. The fact that she constantly repeated how she could get him into the UN irritated him even more. Having his friend bring up the subject he liked to bury made him sour.

Marcus tried unsuccessfully to turn his friend’s mood as they made their way to the cafe. The cafe encompassed the entirety of a small platform strung between two large branches. The seating was open to air with a wonderful view of the forest below. Still being cross Jacob sat down across from Marcus at a table near the edge with Guilmon clambering up on a chair next to him. A cheerful Lillymon floated over to them to give them menus and tell them the specials. Jacob was resting this chin on his hand, not really paying attention.

“Wow, look at the view here!”

A long strawberry colored pony-tailed girl glided into view, the speaker. His eyes locked on her and Jacob felt his heart pound as he stared at her. She wore a dress with tights and despite her short stature she wore flats. She had a bright smile on her face and she looked have genuine joy in her eyes. It was cute he thought. ‘What the hell is wrong with me?’ he silently chide himself and turned to face forward. Things like love at first sight and such nonsense were childish and he didn’t abide to them. Besides didn’t he have enough trouble with women as it was at the moment? Still facing forward he glanced out his peripheral to look at the girl again.

oblivious to the two men at the table she walked over to a table near the edge but on the far end of the platform. It was then that he noticed the digimon following her. He cursed to himself again. He was so involved in studying this girl he failed to notice the large virus digimon. He didn’t like to profile but many of the issues they dealt with revolved around a human and their virus partner and as such it should be a partnering he should notice right away. He felt almost disappointed that the girl sat with her back to them which made him feel foolish.

“Oy, Jacob!”

Jacob sprang back to reality and looked up stupidly at Marcus. “What?”

Marcus raised an eyebrow at his friend then turned to the waitress. “Hell just have a cuppa too, thanks.” Turning back in his chair he took a look at the pair behind them. To Jacob’s mortification he wore an ‘oh that’s it’ sort of grin when he turned to face forward again. Jacob groaned and buried his face in his hands. Guilmon leaned over to look too then covered his red muzzle with his claws to stifle a giggle.

Marcus laughed and gave Jacob a pat on the head, “Aw mate, you know I’ll never let this go right? When I said you need a nice girl I didn’t mean to get entranced by a girl with the giant virus digimon in tow. Kinds goes contrary to our business eh?”

A muffled groan was all he got in response. “Ugh, give me the laptop.”

Marcus still had a grin on his face as he pulled out the laptop from his bag. “That’s it, distract yourself with work.”

“Hi welcome to the Apple Trunks Cafe, here are some menus. Can I get you anything to drink right away.” A wary but still cheerful looking lilymon placed a menu in front of Neo and LoveLESS.

“I’ll just have some water right now,” LoveLESS said as she began to flip through the cafe menu.

“Same for me. Please, could you tell me who those two men are sitting across from us.  I only ask out of curiosity because they look to have matching uniforms on.”

“That’s Jacob and Marcus from the RDS, Royal Digimon Squad. They monitor activities in this and a few other towns.”

Neo leaned his chin on his elbow as he continued to address the fairy-type digimon. “I assume my dear by the cautionary look you’re giving me that by ‘activities’ you mean the hacking sort of activities, correct?”

The waitress nodded. “Well I assure you I’m not here to cause you or anyone in town any trouble. So you need not feel uneasy around us.”

The waitress’s face flushed and she nodded once again before excusing herself to go get their drinks. “You suave little liar,” LoveLESS said without looking up from her menu.

“It’s not a lie. I’m not about to go hacking into coding with a two squat members sitting less then twenty feet from us.”

LoveLESS peer at him from over the top of her menu. “Why not?”

Neo narrowed his eyes at her. “Little girl, you know not what you are getting into.”

She put the menu down and smiled at him. “No, I don’t. And I think it’s the perfect opportunity to find out hm? We have the perfect chance to see what we’re up against as far as law is concerned. Really, you’ve been locked in a box for your whole creation and you’re not up for adventure and risk?”

Neo peered at her with his six eyes considering what she was saying. “Honestly the phrase let sleeping dogs lie is a load. Where’s the fun in that? Half the game is the chase. Being able to best someone and know you’re better then them.”

She stopped speaking as the Lilymon approached with their glasses. They sent her away saying they  needed more time. A smile began to curve onto her lips and she reached into her bag for her laptop and visor. She glanced back at the two men and their digimon who were busy drinking their fresh drinks. One of the men was large with his back to them and the other was concealed behind a laptop screen. Together with them at their table was a red dinosaur and a white and purple rabbit. Already she could feel the adrenaline being to flow at the prospect of some gaming.

“Don’t you think you need some more practice before you go showing off in front of the law?” Neo questioned. “Besides I thought you were hungry. If we have to run we won’t be able to eat for who knows how long.”

LoveLESS pouted and sighed. “I guess that’s a valid point, two valid points.”

“Besides this is your favorite town I thought, you don’t want to get run out already do you? We’ve only been here for like an hour.”

If possible her pout intensified. “Valid point number three. Fine. We’ll eat and hang out and then you’ll help me get a better grip on in world hacking ok? Like faster hacking then I’ve been doing. I don’t want to miss this opportunity for some gaming.”

“You’re asking for help? You really must want to best these guys huh? Wouldn’t hurt to read up on them anyways. And stop pouting, you look ridiculous.” He reached out a golden claw and tapped the girl on the nose.

She didn’t respond but flashed him a smile as the waitress returned again to their table.

A/N Originally this chapter was going to include all of the hacking business and the confrontation as well, but it’s getting so long I’ve decided to cut it in half.

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