Neon Genesis Evangelion Fan Fiction / Transformers Fan Fiction ❯ Transformers the Angel Battles chapter 1 ( Chapter 1 )

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Disclaimer: The Transformers are owned by Hasbro, and Neon Genesis Evangelion is owned by Gainax.
The satellites over Earth didn’t detect the celestial objects until it was too late. The golden spaceship and the more angular purple one had a red trails as they flew through the Earth’s atmosphere.
The purple one fell towards where Antarctica used to be. Now it was a sea of death that few would even think of visiting let alone dare such a feat. The foul and dead ocean was the perfect home for the inhabitants of the ship.
However the golden ship was making its way for the city of Tokyo-3. It was a city under siege by a rampaging giant monster. Called the third Angel by NERV its true name was Sachiel. Tanks and jets, missiles and artillery did nothing to stop its quest to find Lilith.
A falling starship was another matter entirely. The ship hit Sachiel head on and his AT Field was of no used as the massive die cast space ship plowed through Toyko-3 like the buildings were made of Popsicle sticks.
It was an insane sight to Shinji Ikari. He considered himself lucky that the rail station was the other direction from where the massive space ship was going. He also was glad he was in a ghost town; otherwise there would be an untold amount of dead people.
« Should I go look or see my father. » Shinji thought to himself. It was true Shinji was curious as to why his father had summoned him to Tokyo-3. However Shinji recalled exactly what Gendo Ikari had last said to him. Or at least in the last thing that could be considered a real conversation.
“I’ll go see what the aliens look like.” Shinji said “Show him who is weak.”
With that thought Shinji moved through Tokyo-3 towards the alien spaceship. Visions of various science fiction shows danced in his head as he made his way around, over and under various bits and pieces of debris. On his way through the city Shinji wondered where the people were. It truly was a ghost town. The only other person he might have seen the whole time he had been in Toyko-3 was a blue haired ghost.
“Was this my father’s idea of a sick joke? Build an empty city and stage a movie to mess with me?” Shinji thought. However something at the tip of his mind, and the stuff of nightmares made him dismiss that thought. Also there were parked cars and he could see food through the storefront windows of the stores he passed.
A half an hour into the trek and Shinji wished he bought some water or a sports drink at the train station before he left. A Pocari Sweat would be so good. Shinji also at this point wished he knew how to hotwire a car. His feet were starting to ache.
Suddenly an object flew out of the ship. Shinji only managed to see it for a brief moment before it flew across the city. Given it didn’t shoot at death ray at him, it likely wasn’t armed. Or killing a lone teen wasn’t worth the effect and energy.
However the activity from the ship gave Shinji hope that whatever life form on the ship was a live. He just hoped they were friendly, and if they possibly had room an extra passenger if they went back home.
It took Shinji another twenty minutes to get to the spaceship. He was very tired, covered in sweat, and staring in awe of the ship. Whatever it was, it was tough. The crash landed didn’t even dent it. Shinji also noted how massive the ship was. It was made for beings much larger then humans.
It was then the cargo bay door opened. Seven giant robots walked out of it. The smallest of them was bright yellow and Shinji figured he was at least twice as large as the average man. Another one that was green and silver was only slightly taller then the yellow one. Four others were about the same height and a variety of colors. Two of them were red and one seemed amused and the other was cautious. A blue one had a smile on his face, but his eyes seemed to be taking in any and everything. The white and blue one seemed look at everything with interest. Only it seemed more of a scientific interest then the blue one and one of the red ones. Shinji really had no idea exactly how tall they were exactly. Finally was the biggest and felt like the leader of the group. That one was easily head and shoulders above the other four.
They all appeared to be wearing car parts like it was clothing. That was something Shinji found very strange. And he wondered if they could turn into cars and things. He also wondered if they where auxons of another race.
For a moment the robots and Shinji looked at each other. That is they all heard the squeaking of tires. Shinji turned and saw getting out of a car a women he had only seen in a photo. He completely forgot about her in all the excitement.
Misato Katsuragi was dumbfounded seeing the boy she was supposed to pick up standing in front of a group of giant robots. Even after having seen Eva 00 and Eva 01 she was still in awe at the sight. She noticed they had a sense of grace and classic mecha lines that the Evas lacked.
“Where did that thought come from?” Misato thought.
Shinji wondered how he would break the ice. He was making first contact between humanity and an alien race! He had no idea what to say. He went with his first instinct.
He raised his hand in a familiar V shape and said “Live Long and Prosper.”
“Wait my first thought was to use something from Star Trek?” Shinji thought.
“Peace and long life.” The leader said. The other robots seemed to be amused at the whole thing.
“How…how do you know of that?” Misato said.
“The internet.” The leader calmly explained.

Shinji then turned to Misato. He wondered exactly who she was and what she did for his father. The whole mysterious crap his father was pulling was damn annoying and possibly life threatening if that rampaging monster was involved. Shinji had seen monster movies. Fighting those things with no matter what bleeding edge scientific weapon never went that well. Or the woman behind him could be his new step-mom for all he knew.
Misato rubbed the back of her neck awkwardly. « Look, um... » she said.
“Did what my father wants me for involve that rampaging monster the JSSF was fighting?” Shinji asked “Or did I just pick a bad day to come here?”
“Yes.” Misato admitted.
Shinji gave Misato an amused smile. Shinji considered having dodged a nuclear weapon since he didn’t have to fight that monster. Of course he didn’t put it beyond his father just loading him into a catapult and throwing him at the monster. Or some other stupid and insane plan that would lead to his demise.
“Well he was in their parking space.” Shinji “And I don’t think his forcefield was made to take having a starship crash on it.”
“Yeah that was never something considered” Misato admitted. Really who would have thought an alien space ship would land on the 3rd Angel?
“Given how that is now a smear on the front of the Ark I don’t think it’ll be bothering anyone.” The second smallest robot said.
“Who are you? And what are you?” Shinji asked.
“We’re Autobots” the leader said “We’re from Cybertron, a planet far from Earth that orbits what you call Lamba Scorpii or Shaula.”
“That’s awesome.” Shinji said in awe.
“I am Optimus Prime.” Optimus Prime said.
The white and blue robot to the right of Optimus Prime said “I’m Wheeljack.” What surprised Shinji and Misato was that the sides of Wheeljack’s head glowed when he talked.
“Wheeljack is the head scientist on the Ark.” Optimus Prime explained.
“More like mad scientist.” The short green and silver robot grumbled.
“Brawn no need to be mean.” A blue robot said.
“Smokescreen one of my intelligent officers.” Optimus Prime said.
The blue robot with a pleasing smile on his face waved. Misato knew he was paying close attention to her and Shinji. The robot seemed to be friendly but it was definitely to get closer to people.
“Name’s Ironhide” Ironhide said with some accent Misato and Shinji couldn’t place.
“The name is Brawn.” Brawn said “If you need it moved I’m your bot.”
The final Autobot said “I’m Sideswipe.”
“I’m Shinji Ikari.” Shinji said “And it’s a pleasure to meet you all.”
“Captain Misato Katsuragi of NERV.” Misato said to the Autobots.
“A pleasure to meet you Captain.” Smokescreen said.
“Shinji we need to get out of here.” Misato said “We’re going to have to explain what happened to the 3rd Angel.”
“My father ordered me there to deal with that giant monster, with no experience and I didn’t know giant monsters even existed until day.” Shinji said.
“We got your back Shinji.” Ironhide said.
Shinji felt deeply touched by that and said “Thank you.” He then got into Misato’s Renault Alpine.
The Autobots transformed and followed the car. Something about the whole situation around Shinji didn’t feel right to them.
Gendo Ikari wondered why the Renault Alpine containing the Third Child and Captain Katsuragi was coming into the Eva Bay. Something Captain Katsuragi said about having important news. Yet nothing like this was in the Scenario. That Shinji looked extremely happy as he got out of the car ate at Gendo.
“So this is where dad sends his time?” Shinji commented.
« Correct! » The catwalk above them lit up dramatically, and Gendo Ikari was spotlit as he looked down on them. However Shinji wasn’t impressed.
Drama queen. » Shinji muttered.
« I see you have arrived. Excellent timing. » he said. « Doctor Akagi. Prepare to launch. » he ordered.
« Oh that giant monster? » Shinji said « Well he’s dead. »
Up on the catwalk, Gendo and Ritsuko were arguing.
Down in the Eva bay Shinji was pondering the only mystery he had left. That mysterious girl he saw. And after all that had happened it was completely tame.
« Say are there any blue haired girls around here? » Shinji asked Misato.
« You mean Rei? » the busty purple haired woman asked. « Why do you ask? »
Shinji said « She was there one moment, next thing I know she’s vanished; then I see a giant monster, and alien space ship crash into said giant monster. »
« Wait a… Hang on, what did you just say? Alien space ship? » Ritsuko asked blankly.
« Yeah nice guys in it too. » Shinji said « Well really big robots. Not sure they’re auxons or not.« 
Misato wondered how she was going to explain that and not appear crazy. She sighed and admitted without physical evidence she was going to be put into a straightjacket. And Shinji wasn’t helping.
Gendo stared blankly down. « Captain Katsuragi, did the Third receive any cranial injuries on his way here? »
It was then a red 18 wheeler, a white and blue Mustang GT, a blue Subaru Impreza WRC rally car, a red van, and a red Dodge Viper drove into the Eva bay with a green Hummer SUV and a yellow Volkswagon Beetle taking up the rear of the caravan. The extremely odd thing was none of those vehicles had a driver.
Gendo glared. « What game are you playing, Third? Where did you get these Radio-controlled junkers from? »
« Slagger. » the Dodge Viper said. Gendo had no idea what exactly that meant but he could tell it was a derogatory term.
« Captain Katsuragi. End this foolishness right nowwww…… » Gendo’s rant trailed off as his eyes bulged out on stalks as the vehicles shifted shape into humanoid robots. Only Misato and Shinji were able to take what happened in stride.
The pit crew of the Eva bay dropped their tools at the sight. The bay was filled with the almost thunderous sound of metal hitting metal. The size of the Eva bay was the only thing keeping the smell of urine and feces from becoming overpowering.
« What the Hell?! » Gendo exclaimed. He was so shocked that everyone could hear the complete shock and fear in his voice.
“Some welcoming that is.” Bumblebee commented.
« Oh…. Oh my… » he said, sounding flabbergasted. Gendo didn’t know what to do right now. The Scenario, had been blown clean out of the door and was on fire.
« And this is the guy everyone is entrusting their lives to? » Ironhide asked “I certainly can’t see why he’s the leader.”
« And who are you all? » Gendo said fiercely, wishing he was able to intimidate them in someway.
« We’re Autobots. » Optimus Prime said « We come from Cybertron, a planet far from Earth orbiting what you call Lamba Scorpii or Shaula.” 
« You might want to record that Optimus. » Ironhide said « Given we’re probably need to repeat it again at some point. »
“Always post it on Youtube.” Smokescreen said with a smirk.
The Autobots looked around the massive chamber. It was big enough for Omega Supreme to move into and room for him to actually have his own private apartment. Then Sideswipe saw what the Eva bay was made for. The massive purple Evangelion 01.
« What in Primus’s name is that thing? » Sideswipe said pointing at Eva 01 « That is the ugliest Guardian class robot I’ve ever seen in my life. »
« What?! » Ristuko Akagi said, sounding furious. « That is Mankind’s Ultimate Fighting Machine, the Bio-Mechanical Evangelion Unit 01! »
« That’s…transorganic? » Wheeljack asked. He then started scanning Eva 01.
Under Wheeljack’s various forms of sight and sonodar studied the Evangelion. No detail about it was lost to him. He noticed an empty spot under the cockpit would be set for the “Dummy Plug Project”. Instantly Wheeljack thought of good use for the empty space. He noted each flaw he saw and started thinking of ways to correct them. He also started planning various improvements to bring the transorganic closer to Cybertronian standards.
The transorganic fighting machine appeared to be more of a proof of concept prototype to the Autobot inventor then a finished project. It was impressive and creative in many ways, but definitely not ready for combat.
« Hi. » Shinji said to Ritsuko Akagi « I’m Shinji Ikari and Wheeljack here is their head scientist. And I’m sure he could improve the Eva with one of his hands tied behind his back. »
« Commander… » Ritsuko whispered to Gendo, sounding worried. They kept the creator of Eva-04 far away from the prototypes for a reason.
« You’ll make me blush. » Wheeljack said « Though you are right. This Evangelion as you called it really is transorganic. I wonder what sort of neural interface would be needed for someone to pilot it. There’s also the lack of an internal power source beyond some of the crudest batteries I’ve ever seen. Nuclear Fusion or even Fission would be a much better choice. »
« They suffice for our purposes.«  Gendo said stiffly.
« Why hello. » Wheeljack said « Hey Prime their computer is amazing. Sorry MAGI is amazing. »
Ritsuko and Gendo both paled. They had the same thought of “Oh hell”. Neither had imagined MAGI to be able to converse beyond analyzing information given to it and spitting out a percentage of success.
« Yeah she is. » Sideswipe said.
Brawn and Sideswipe laughed at some unheard joke. Something about it really unnerved Gendo. He could easily imagine it being at his expense.
« Yeah I think that is pretty funny MAGI. » Sideswipe commented.
« She’s really happy for some intelligent conversation for once. » Wheeljack said « And is finding the equations for transwarp to be amazing. »
« You… You’re speaking with mother? » Ritsuko whispered.
“Yeah.” Wheeljack said having heard her “She also thinks your choice in boyfriends is horrible. Interesting…she considers me prime boyfriend material. But I don’t have the Matrix.”
The Autobots groaned at Wheeljack’s joke. At least that’s what everyone assumed what sounded like a cross between a computer beep and car engine stalling was.
“That wasn’t very funny Wheeljack.” Brawn commented.
« Who is MAGI? » Shinji asked Misato.
« The supercomputer system that runs the day-to-day operations of NERV and Tokyo-3… » Misato said; her mind boggling at what she had just witnessed.
« Ack! » Ritsuko said as she then slumped to her knees, apparently having a mental breakdown. She couldn’t believe any of this was happening. Her dead mother couldn’t have gotten a boyfriend. Especially one that was transformable robot from outer space. It was just impossible!
Idlely Brawn picked up a forklift and started lifting it effortlessly. It amazed and scared the hell out of the Eva bay crew. Bumblebee ate some energon goodies and was taking in everything around him.
« Hey can humans eat those? » Shinji asked. Bumblebee shook his head.
« Nope. » Bumblebee said « They’d likely kill you. »
« Interesting. » Wheeljack said « MAGI and I have gone over the data and if we use Gear’s air compression jets as the basis of a gun it’d be able to go through the forcefield the ‘Angels » and the transorganics make. »
“What about the weapons they already have available for the transorganic?” Optimus Prime asked.
« The preexisting weaponary is slag. » Wheeljack said « Going by what MAGI has told me the guns are completely useless unless at pointblank range. Which defeats the purpose of them. The knives are just…knives. An axe would be a more optimal weapon. Possibly a thermal sword like Swoop has would work as well.« 
« We’re still testing the good stuff at NERV-04, in the US. » Misato said.
« So the pilot has to go into battle at the last minute with slag. » Ironhide said with an annoyed expression on his face « And what caused the Angel to come here anyway? »
“That is on a need to know basis.” Gendo stated. The Autobots filed away that bit of information.
Shinji stared up at his father. The `man’ was exactly the same as the last time he saw him. Shinji almost snorted. He had done something that’d get him in the history books. Gendo Ikari’s opinion wasn’t as important to Shinji anymore.
« Well dad » Shinji said with sarcasm « What did you want me for anyway? »
« You are to pilot the Eva 01. » he said, laying down the law.
« How much you paying me to do that? » Shinji asked.
Gendo glared down at him. He hadn’t expected the shy and meek Third Child to ask about payment. He expected some whining. Then he figured wheeling out Rei might help soften the Third Child up.
« Well given we don’t have some giant monster breathing down our necks. » Shinji said « I guess you never figured I’d want really good pay to drive a giant robot. And full health care and dental.« 
Gendo turned to Akagi. « The Third is useless. Get Rei to do it. »
« Man what a cheapskate. » Sideswipe said.
« Silence you. » Gendo said grimly.
« I could always dump my lubricant on him. » Sideswipe said to Shinji.
Shinji chuckled weakly and said “Go for it.”
Gendo wisely moved away from Sideswipe. The Autobot simply stared menacingly at the NERV Supreme Commander.
Misato blinked. « Sir, he’s your son. »

« Irrelevant. » Gendo said. « As far as I am concerned. I. Have. No. Son. »

« And that’s how he’s felt since mom died. » Shinji said « Guess it cut into his brooding time. »
Gendo snarled, before he glanced at a panel. « Be thankful that you still may be of use, Third Child. Otherwise… » he left the threat hanging before he left.
« Wow that was fun. » Shinji said and turned to Optimus Prime « So when you guys leave for Cybertron you got room for me? »
« And that is supposed to be the leader of your group to save this world? » Optimus Prime asked in shock at the whole display. Total disregard for life, keeping vital information from possible allies, and trying to intimidate others to do his bidding…this was the sort of person they wanted as a leader?
Misato shrugged. « He pays the bills, so he’s the boss. »
“I would never use my troops or noncombatants as if they were merely replaceable toys that had no real value.” Optimus Prime said.
Ritsuko shrugged helplessly. « He used to be a lot nice, apparently. Before his wife died. »
« Mom I remember…him not so much. » Shinji commented.
The MAGI super computer made a rude sound and displayed several emoticons to display what Naoko thought.
« Yeah I agree. » Wheeljack said « Amazing you have a higher level of intelligence then Teletran One. I wonder if upload into a Cybertronian body is possible. »
A « ^_^ <3 » emoticon appeared.
« Now if only she’d turn off the lights where the supreme loser is. » Sideswipe said.
« Or turn them on if he’s sitting in the dark like a vampire. » Brawn said.
Another smiley face appeared on the monitor.
« Wow she really must have lacked intelligent conversation » Shinji said.
Misato smiled, before she remembered something. « Hey, ah… »
« Yes? » Shinji asked.
« Anyone else feel like they were being watched on the way here? »
« Won’t surprise me if Laserbeak was around. » Ironhide said.
« Or another of Soundwave’s lackies. » Sideswipe said.
Brawn chuckled. « Let’s hope we can get to kick some Decepti-can soon. »
« Only way we won’t is if Starscream took over. » Smokescreen said « And the Pit hasn’t gone cold yet. »
« With the holes in security this place has Laserbeak and Ravage could move in without anyone telling. » Ironhide said.
The Tannoy crackled into life. « Ah… Captain Katsuragi? »
« Captain, the JSSDF says they got something weird on Radar, heading this way… »
« My scanners are detecting Decepticon signatures. » Optimus Prime said « That means you better get out of our way. Your Eva’s AT field might hold off Decepticon weaponry, but the power cord would get cut and after the batteries died…so would the pilot. »
« Optimus… » Bumblebee said. « I’m also detecting a faint Autobot signal trailing them… »
« That has to be Swoop or Tracks. » Ironhide said « Since Sideswipe and Wheeljack are here with us. »
“And Gears won’t go out alone.” Smokescreen said “Plus they could probably hear his complaining nearly a megamile away.”
« Just as well that the City was already lowered for the Third. » Misato said.
“Well tell me why that’s called the Third Angel.” Wheeljack said “Given there’s no record of there being a first or second one to attack Earth.”
Misato looked into the distance. « The First Angel…. Adam… caused Second Impact 15 years ago… »
« Crossing referencing records » Optimus Prime said « Points to you being nearly at ground zero for that event. »
“And for Gendo Ikari to leave the area only the day before it happened. » Wheeljack said.
Misato stared. « What? »
« You didn’t know he was part the expedition your father lead?” Sideswipe asked shocked.
She shook her head. « I can’t remember much of it…Only my father, sacrificing himself to save me…”
« So the guy that’s supposed to save the world. » Sideswipe said « Treats his son like slag, and avoided being at ground zero for a planetary shokaract. »
« What a bastard, as you humans say. » Brawn summed up.
“This really doesn’t bode well for anyone.” Smokescreen said. From what he had seen, Supreme Commander Gendo Ikari had all the morals of Shockwave and Swindle with the megalomania and arrogance of Starscream.
« I won’t mind giving him to Grimlock and the Dinobots for a few breems. » Ironhide said.
« Hear hear. » Shinji said. He had no idea who Grimlock and the Dinobots were but had a feeling their care would leave Gendo a wreck. Or very dead. Either would be good with Shinji.
« Shinji » Optimus Prime said « I need you to come with us. The Ark would be far safer for you then here with Commander Gendo Ikari. » Optimus Prime said. His first impression of Commander Gendo Ikari was that he was the worst traits of Megatron, Shockwave, Starscream and Swindle. Not a good a sign for this world. And reminded Optimus Prime of what started the 3rd Cybertronian War then he liked.
« Thank you. » he said softly.
“Autobots.” Optimus Prime ordered “Transform…”
The Autobots transformed. Shinji got into Sideswipe.
“And roll out!”
Misato sighed. « I guess I’d better follow them. » she said, getting into her Renault Alpine.
The JSSF was starting to look bad. They were unable to do anything to the giant monster, and many doubted even the N2 mine would do anything. They merely stood by and watched as the “Third Child” of the Mandrake Report made first contact with an alien race.
The fact they didn’t kill him and became NERV’s problem helped a lot. Let them deal with the arrogant Supreme Commander Ikari. And if they killed him no one in the JSSF would shed any tears.
In the JSSF command center everyone gave a sigh of relief. That is until there was a massive amount of objects on the radar.
Major Hakate sidled up to his superior. « Um, sir? »
« This looks bad. » General Toru said as the mass was viewed via satellite.
It was a second group of aliens. They were coming to Tokyo-3 and they seemed different. Armed to the teeth, and heading straight for the alien ship. They radiated menace and brutality even from a distance.
« What are your orders, sir? » the Major asked nervously.
“Launch the fighters, get the tanks ready.” General Kenji Toru said.
« Yes, sir. » the Major said. « Should we alert the Americans as well? »
“Tell everyone.” General Toru stated.
« Yes, sir. The William Jefferson Clinton‘s taskforce should be in range in ten minutes. Prince of Wales about 20 after that. » Hakate said after a moment.
Shortly the screams of the dieing filled the airwaves. From what General Toru could tell metal sea monsters destroyed the taskforces along with something with a punch that killed everything.
Major Hakate was bone-white was he listened. « This is… very bad. »
« I wonder if that egomaniac Ikari wants to handle this one as well. » General Toru commented with grim humor.
« I hope the Americans and the British tear his hide off. » one of the other JSSDF officers muttered.
It was a sentiment that everyone shared.
“This planet is pathetic.” Gigant Bomb said. Any of the forces they came across were even less amusing to destroy then Empties.
“Well at least crushing the Autobots should be fun.” Smokesniper commented.
“More fun then those squishy things.” Skywarp said with a laugh.
“Yeah…more fun.” Thundercracker said as doubt assaulted his spark. He buried those fears because if he didn’t he’d be the one they’d need to bury.
“Look more humans.” Skywarp said “I’m going to go blow up them up.”
“Hey don’t hog them all!” Smokesniper said.
“Decepticons!” Megatron bellowed “Attack! Crush the Autobots!”
The Decepticons surged ahead. Ramjet and a few others took a moment or two to blow up some tanks or planes. Suddenly Ramjet was blasted and crashed to the ground. Out of seeming nowhere the Autobots appear. Hound’s holograms came through once again.
“Autobots” Prowl ordered “Attack!”
Sunstreaker smirked and opened fire on the Decepticons. Lugnut was hit dead on and crashed into the earth. As he attempted to get up Spyglass collided with him. Suddenly there is a loud explosion as Lugnut’s “Attack that Kills Everything” got set off.
“That all you got?” Sunstreaker yelled defiantly at the cons.
The ground started to shake and a massive burst of sonic energy slammed the vain Autobot into the ruins of a skyscraper. However Frenzy didn’t get time to gloat as he was blasted by five different Autobots. Frenzy’s life’s fuel flowed freely and he had several holes through his chest.
“Death comes to Autobots!” Dirge bellowed as he strafed the Autobots. He felt a burning in the back after that.
“Doesn’t know when to shut up either.” Swoop said as he drove his sword through Dirge’s head. The morose Decepticon last thoughts were of his cerebral cortex melting.
“Die Autobot!” Acid Storm yelled as he fired on Swoop. However Swoop used Dirge’s body as a shield. Swoop then hit Acid Storm with Dirge’s body and the eye burning florescent green Seeker slammed into the ground.
“These glitchheads are mightiest jet force in the galaxy?” Swoop commented “Megs had to be joking.”
“Now isn’t the time to make comments about the quality of the Decepticon forces.” Tracks said as he flew by blasting Seekers. Precise sniper fire stopped Kickback from trying to eat Track’s face.
“See Cliffjumper” Bluestreak said as he blew Seeker after Seeker out of the sky “I know what I’m doing. If I didn’t why I would I be doing it?”
“I’d pay a lot of cubes if he’d shut up for a while.” Cliffjumper thought.
Elsewhere on that battlefield Fasttrack, Bumper and Drift were fighting off the Decepticons. Drift cut the head off Windshear with his sword like it was a hot knife through butter.
He then cut an Insecticon clone in half and kicked it into Thrust’s path. The Seeker barely avoided being knocked out of the sky.
“You make this look easy Drift.” Bumper said.
Drift was about to reply before his lifeless and headless body slumped over. Fasttrack looked shocked, and suddenly dropped dead full of holes as well. Bumper quickly transformed and drove off.
“It’s a pity you Autobots die so easy.” Megatron said “Or I might have a sense of satisifaction.”
It was then Megatron saw Optimus Prime and his group driving up over the horizon. A cruel smile adorned his face.
Tokyo-3 was burning. Whatever the 3rd Angel didn’t destroy was done in by the Decepticons. The buildings were burned out husks as were any tanks that still were in pieces large enough to be seen. It was worse then Shinji could imagine and that scared him out of his wits. Sideswipe had the top up, and it looked like they were driving a circle of hell.
In the fire and smoke of war with dead bodies: human and Transformer, tanks burning this gleaming almost demonic figure coming out of the smoke. He had a massive cannon attached to his arm. His feral smile and the tribal tattoos on his face were almost as scary as that cannon.
Optimus Prime stopped and transformed to face him.
“So good of you to join us Optimus.” Megatron said “After all I need your head for a conversation piece!”
“Not now, not ever Megatron.” Optimus Prime said as he blasted Megatron.
The rest of the Autobots rolled for it.
Optimus Prime slashed Megatron with his energy axe. Megatron looked amused as the wound on his chest sparked. He looked less amused when Optimus Prime’s foot hit his face and knocked him into a pile of rubble.
The Decepticon Supreme Commander rose up for the ground. Scrap metal fell off his body as he ran at Optimus.
Optimus tried to get out of the way but was unable to dodge Megatron’s hand which gripped around his neck. Optimus was slammed into the ground by the Slag Maker. It appeared he wished to crush Prime with his bare hands.
« As slow to learn as ever, Optimus, » hissed Megatron in glee as he tightened his grip.
Suddenly Megatron was cut crotch to head with Optimus’s energy axe. The wound was shallow but it got him off Prime.
“Is that the sort of satisfaction you wanted Megatron?” Optimus asked as he got to his feet.
« The only satisfaction I will ever have is seeing that light of defiance sputter and fade from your DYING OPTICS! » The Decepticon leader roared as he punched Optimus in the chest, knocking him back as he charged his fusion cannon for a point-blank shot.
A lightning quick blast from his laser rifle at Megatron’s arm was the only thing that kept Optimus Prime having his chest blown to bits. Even so the blast blew through his side like it wasn’t even there. The wound sparked and bleed energon.
Megatron siezed upon the advantage like the experienced warrior he was, ignoring the pain of the laser shot to his arm and charging Optimus with a shoulder, checking the Autobot leader hard and knocking him off-balance.
Optimus Prime quickly transformed and drove away from Megatron.
« You won’t escape that easily, Prime! » Megatron bellowed, firing several fusion cannon blasts after the semi-truck.
Suddenly Optimus’s trailer detached from him and transformed. Even the drone Roller was armed and let loose a horrific barrage on the Slag Maker.
Megatron cursed loudly as he turned to his left and ran, strafing the drone. Numerous blasts struck him on the shoulder and leg, slowing him, but his thick armor saved him from destruction as he returned the favor to Roller with a full-powered fusion blast.
The drone proved to be harder to kill then Megatron wanted as it managed to go in reverse at high speeds away from the blast. It seemed every part of Optimus Prime won’t give up and die easily.
It was fitting, Megatron supposed, that even the meanest part of the Autobot leader would not give in quickly. He fired a barrage of weaker but faster fusion blasts, herding Roller to the right while dodging his fire as best he could. An energy blast whistled over his head, so close the electromagnetic containment bubble of the shot made his optics flicker, but he persevered. Roller moved to just the right spot, and Megatron leaped into the air, firing his fusion cannon at the highest setting he could charge it at with so little time, the blast hitting the drone right in the chest.
It was not enough to destroy the drone, but it knocked Roller back. Megatron hit the ground hard and rolled forward, firing again on the drone.
While Megatron’s attention was on Roller Optimus Prime gunned it. At the last second before colliding with Megatron he transformed and flew at Megatron fist first.
« AUGH! » Megatron cried, taking the hit to the face and losing his balance, smashing into the ground hard.
Prime blasted Megatron with a rapid fire burst of laser fire from his rifle. Megatron held up his arms, blocking the shots from getting to his chest or head but taking severe damage to both. He was still able to get a single shot in on Optimus with the fusion cannon.
The blast hit Optimus’s already wounded side. It was then Optimus Prime noticed a human child pinned under debris.
« YAAHHH! » Megatron bellowed, slamming a hard kick into Optimus’s shin.
Optimus was knocked off his feet. It was then Megatron noticed the flesh creature. It looked so…pitiful. So weak.
So completely and utterly useless.
Megatron pointed his fusion cannon at the useless fleshling. Optimus covered it with his body as Megatron fired three rapid fusion blasts.
“You always defend the weak Prime. That’s why you lose!” Megatron gloated “It’s over Prime!”
Suddenly Optimus Prime moved as Megatron stood over him.
“Never!” Optimus Prime bellowed as his hammer punch hit Megatron in the chest and sent the Decepticon leader flying back.
“Fine Prime.” Megatron snarled as he flew off “Have the fleshling pet.”
A view screen popped up on Optimus Prime’s arm and on it was Ratchet.
“Ratchet.” Optimus Prime said “I need you here now!”
“On my way Prime.” Ratchet said.
Shinji felt exposed with Sideswipe holding off Gigantbomb. The missile launcher on that Decepticon was huge. What the payload of that thing did to an armored division was mind boggling and frightening.
Misato was shielding him with her body, as fire danced in her eyes. Her sole means of transportation, her Renault Alpine, had been smashed to bits by a fallen building earlier, and now she only had her pistol with which to defend Shinji and herself.
With them was Bumblebee. He looked at Misato’s gun and shook his head. He had a feeling human salvatory fluid would be as effective as that on armor grade alloys as the projectiles that gun fired.
« Unless Cliffjumper uses his glass gun, that thing won’t do slag. » Bumblebee said.
« Well, excuse me for not being a 20-foot tall robot of destruction! » she snarled back. « Shinji, we have to get to NERV! »
Shinji suddenly shoved Misato down as a bright orange Seeker strafed their position. Futily, Misato shot at it with her gun. If the bullets even hit Sunstorm he didn’t seem to notice.
« And the sad thing is I feel safer out here then at NERV. » Shinji commented “At least here I know who is going to attack me.”
Bumblebee shot Misato and Shinji a confused look at that statement. How bad did NERV have to be for a firefight to be more assuring?
Misato groaned. « We’ve got to move. » she said.
Bumblebee transformed into vehicle mode and the doors opened.
“Hop in!” Bumblebee yelled.
Misato pulled Shinji in with her. « Go! »
Bumblebee wasn’t a speed demon like Windcharger or Blurr but his engine roared as he got moving. He nimbly avoided debris, and Decepticon fire to get into the Ark. All the time, Misato held Shinji tight, shielding him with her body.
“We’re here. » Bumblebee said.
Misato looked up, her pistol in hand, a soldier to the last. Shinji looked in awe as he took in every detail of the Ark. He also noticed it was very orange as well as extremely massive.
And to Shinji it was all completely awesome.
« Be careful, Shinji. » she said softly.
Shinji gasped and felt his stomach clench and lurch as he sees on a monitor six of the Decepticons merging into one massive robot. A massive Eva sized robot. And it shoved a building over like it was cardboard onto a group of Autobots.
Misato gaped as well. « What in Kami-sama’s name? »
« Devastator. » Bumblebee says with respect and fear.
Misato looked around nervously as she held Shinji’s hand.
Metal bent as Grimlock bit into Wingstun. Grimlock really liked his altmode at that moment. With his jaws in Wingstun’s body he started pulling and tore one of his wings off. The whole thing was appealing in a visceral and violent way his old tank form lacked.
He then tossed the Seeker aside. Fuel dripped from his jaws and Grimlock felt good. A good battle always got the energy flowing in him. Then the ground started to shake. A massive energy blast knocked Grimlock off his feet.
Standing over the Dinobot Commander was Devastator. Grimlock opened his mouth and burst of energy blasted the Decepticon gestalt. However Devastator looked more annoyed then hurt.
Rubble around them burst as Trailbreaker and the Dinobots walked out of ruins. Snarl looked even more pissed off then usual. The combative and violent stegosaurus fired a blast of solar energy from his spines at the Decepticon gestalt. The blast only annoyed Devastator.
Devastator snarled as he fired off an energy blast from his optics. Trailbreaker’s forcefield held against the onslaught.
While the Decepticon gestalt was busy with Trailbreaker, Swoop flew in and stabbed Devastator in the shoulder with his thermal sword.
“Foolish gnat!” Devastator bellowed.
Sludge slammed his foot to the ground. The pavement under Devastator started to shake and crumble. The combiner stumbled as he was unable to find solid ground. There was a loud crash as Devastator fell to the ground. It was then that Slag let off a massive burst of flame from his mouth. Metal started to flow like water. Devastator picked up Slag and threw him as far as he could.
“Hit his chest.” Grimlock ordered. The Dinobots and Trailbreaker opened fire on the damaged chest of the Decepticon combiner.
Devastator hammered on Trailbreaker’s forcefield. Yet it held against the titanic might of Devastator. Suddenly molten lead hit Devastator in the back. The Decepticon gestalt growled in frustration and pain as some of the molten lead entered the wound Swoop gave him.
“You might be big.” Ironhide said “But you’re not as tough as you think you are.”
Devastator responded to that by backhanding Ironhide and sending him flying through the air and he crashed into the remains of a drug store.
Slag had lumbered back to the fight and unleashed his burning breath on Devastator’s back. The massive Decepticon tried to free himself as metal started to melt. With his attention elsewhere Swoop slashed Devastator’s head with his thermal sword.
Devastator fired off another optic blast and hit Swoop. Swoop fell to the ground looking lifeless. Grimlock’s already angry expression got even more frightening seeing a member of his team go down.
Grimlock, Sludge, and Snarl transformed to robot mode and blasted Devastator in his weakened chest with full power to their primary weapons. Having had enough Devastator demerged and the Constructicons flew off.
Kouzou Kozo walked down onto the hanger floor. Gendo had gone to his office to plan their next move. And brood and sulk at the same time the Subcommander was sure.
“At least he didn’t try to assault MAGI.” Kozo thought.
It was then an ambulance came barreling into the Eva bay. One without a driver.
« What on Earth? » he asked.
« I have an injured girl. » the ambulance said. « I have her stabilized but I don’t have the right equipment to help her any further. »
The ambulance doors popped open and a bandaged girl with some gleaming metal bits came out on a stretcher. She was sedated and her left leg looked like the bone had been fractured by a very large piece of debris.
Kozo jogged over and took a look at her. « Mari Suzuhara. » he identified her. « Get her to the Infirmary. »
Several of the Eva bay crew took the stretcher. Kozo hoped the girl would be alright. Though he mused that Gendo would be happy. Or whatever came closest to happiness in him.
« I got to get back to the fight. » Ratchet said as his doors closed, and the sound of burning rubber filled the bay as Ratchet drove off.
« Dear me, what a mess. » he said.
Shinji and Misato watched as the Decepticons retreated. Their strike to destroy the Autobots and the Ark had been stopped. Shinji wondered if fighting the 3rd Angel with the Evangelion would have caused less property damage.
It was a surprise to see Optimus as battle damaged as he was. His whole side looked like it had been skillfully patched up with scrap metal.
“I’m going to need to remove your battlefield repairs.” Ratchet said.
“No.” Optimus said forcefully “I can wait. Fix up the others first.”
Ratchet was clearly unhappy but nodded his head. It wasn’t the first time he got that from Optimus Prime and he doubted it’d be the last.
“I’m glad that’s all over.” Shinji said.
“It isn’t over.” Prowl said “This was frankly was only the beginning.”
“The beginning?” Shinji said shocked.
“Yes your world has become a battlefield for our war.” Optimus Prime “For that I am eternally regretful.”
Chapter 2