Yu-Gi-Oh! Fan Fiction ❯ Traditions and my village ( Chapter 2 )

[ P - Pre-Teen ]
Valley Of Dragons
Chapter 2: Traditions and my village

Akefia watched the sun rise over palace as he sighed he picked himself off of the and ground and headed back to the palace.

———————————————————- ————————————————————————— —–

« Jono! » Seth yelled from outside of his room. « What is it? » Jono asked as he opened door as he stood naked in front of the priest. Seth felt his face heat up as he saw the blonde sex god. « Atem was wondering when your friends would be coming. » Seth said, averting his eyes away from the blonde.

Jono opened his mouth to respond but before he could barely say a word, there was a roar that shook the castle. Breaking out into a grin and began to leave the room when Seth grabbed his shoulder and handed his cloak to him. Jono thanked him and wrapped the cloak around his body before walking down to the corridor to fine them and may soldiers and servants looking up at the two dragons circling above the castle.

« Ryou, Yugi! » Jono yelled gaining the attention of the dragons that started to land down as they approached they started to glow slightly and shifted to be a male. The two shifts who had long silver hair and a short tricolor.

« Jono! » The men yelled s they continued to run over to their friend. « Jono you idiot do you know how worried your has been? » The tricolor teen asked. « I am sorry Yugi. » Jono said as he ruffled the tricolor male’s hair.

Atem walked over to them.

« Excuse me I would like for us to talk in private. » Atemu said, motioning to the on lookers of servants. « Hmmm… your right. Prince Yugi, Sir Jono lets go talk in private. » Ryou said as they followed Atem to his study.

« Now, I would like to sincerely apologize for the kidnapping of your friend. » Atem started. « It is alright Jou has a knack for getting himself in trouble. » Yugi informed. « Yugi! » Jono retorted as he began blushing slightly. « Excuse me may I ask for your names. » Seth came in and asked.

« I am Slikerth Prince Yugi Muoto. » Yugi informed them.

« I am Ryou Bakura. I’m a scholar at Ra University. What are your names? » Ryou asked.

« I’m Pharoh Atem of Eygpt this is high priest Seth. »

« And I am Akefia. » A voice chimes in.

Everyone spun around to see a man with long silver hair and a scar across his left cheek.

« It nice to see you again Akefia. » Jono said, smiling at the man.

« How did you get in here! » Atem screamed in outrage.

« I waltzed through the door Pharaoh and need to get better guards. » Akefia told him as he got out of the window and entered the room completely.

« Jono how do you know this man? » Rou asked, curiously. Jou smiled at him and responded. « Oh, he sneaked into my room the day before. » Seth glared over at Akefia.

« What got your bandages in twist? » Akefia asked as he met with Seth’s glare. « You’re the tomb Akefia. » Seth accused. Akefia smirked and nodded his head.

Atem felt himself glaring at the man, his anger got best of him, without him even realizing he lunged at the man but was stopped by Yugi.

« I see you have a reason to rob these so called tombs. » Yugi commented.

« No but I am search for the reason the asshole of Pharaoh father’s tomb. »

« Of what purpose of the reason would you have to search my father’s tomb? » Atem questioned.

« Your bastard of a father and his council burned my village down to the ground without warning. Slaughtering and killing the villagers of my home! » Akefia yelled at him. Astonished by what Akefia just said, Seth and Atem looked at each other, they never once heard a murmur of theis event occurring his father was alive.

Noticing their confusion, Akefia decided to speak up. « You don’t know that it happen did you? » Akefia asked as he closed his eyes tightly and clenched his hand tightly.

Walking over to him, Ryou put his hands around his waist. « Calm down now, sleep. » Ryou said in a soothingly tone as Akefia fell asleep in his arms. « I wish to take him with us. » Jono informed him. Yugi eyed the sleeping man and then looked back Jono before smiling. « Thank you Yugi. » Jono said, kissing him on the lips as Seth and Atem eyes widened in shock.

« You’re dating? » They asked, the two friends looked at them in astonishment.

« Of course not it’s a tradition to thank a person by kissing them. » Yugi informed. Sighing in relief, Seth and Atem looked over at their guest. « Let’s all retire for the day, » Seth said noticing the blackening sky. « Your right well talk more in the morning. » Yugi said as they got lead to their rooms.

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