❯ Towards Tomorow – Chapter 1 ( Chapter 1 )

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It has already been three years since we, us; Miroku, Sango, me and Inuyasha, including Shippo defeated Naraku. Since Naraku�s death, we have been living our normal lives together in Kaede�s village. Me and Inuyasha are now a married couple, including Miroku and Sango, they have a growing family. If Inuyasha and I ever have kids someday, we would have to think about it.

So as we head towards tomorrow, I know that things are going to change. I shouldn�t worry about the future, so as Kikyo�s reincarnation, I have to fulfill her role on my own. I will have to handle everything by myself, excorisms, almost everything a priestess does. When I first came to the feudal era, I had the shikon jewel inside my body. And yes, I met Inuyasha this way and saw him sealed to the sacred tree of ages. I freed him from the seal because it was the only way to save myself from Mistress Centipede.

But enough about the past, it�s time to focus on the present. Right now, I�m busy slaying a demon. I taught myself how to make barriers with just using the spiritual powers from my two fingers, and whenever I am affected by poison from a demon�s spider webs, I use my barrier to block the foes attack. Well, for Inuyasha, he helps Miroku exterminate demons from people houses, and for Sango. She lives happily as a housewife, raising the twins and her son.

Meanwhile, in another village���.

�Lady Kagome, can you come and see my daughter. She is terribly ill, can you please come and check up on her?� I said to her, �Of course Okinawa, I will be right there to check up on her�. I turned around to make sure that no one was in front of me, after a few minutes, I continued walking towards Okinawa�s home.

After a bit of walking from 3 houses, I finally arrived. �Lady Kagome, my daughter has been ill for weeks and she hasn�t woken up since it happened. She has been having trouble walking lately�. �I�m afraid your daughter has her two feet injured. I have brought some herbs that should do the cure, does she have acid burns?�

�Why yes, she�s been having acid burns for quite sometime now�.

�Tell your daughter to wake up from her sleep, then carry her onto your lap�.

�Yes�. So Okinawa woke her daughter up, carrying her onto her lap to sit. Her daughter then placed her feet slowly into the healing herbs. She then took her feet out and letted me put the bandages on her. She had suffered major demonic acid burn from a demon that once raided their village, and her feet haven�t been able to heal for years. But it�s now a good thing that she let me know right away.

�Goodbye, and take care�, she said as she waved to me. I waved goodbye and walked back to the village to where I Iived. Inuyasha and the others must be waiting for me, I guess. I just had to walk to a really far village, but now it�s almost sundown. I might have been gone all day it seems. I walked for a long time, dodging trees along the way. But I managed to make it back safely without any help from other people and travelers.

I arrived at the village, I was exhausted, running an excorism like this was making my feet hurt. There, in one of the houses, Inuyasha and the others were waiting for me. The half demon looked at me puzzled. �Kagome, where have you been? And what took you so long?� Inuyasha came up and hugged me, and I returned the hug as well.

Sango and Miroku came to me with their three kids, I was guessing that they were really happy that I was back. �Kagome, you made it back�, she said happily, and she then ran up and hugged me. �It�s been so long Kagome, we were lost without you, and Inuyasha here too, he was worried that you wouldn�t make it back�.

�I�m glad to have made it back guys, and it�s nice to see all of you again�, I said happily. �Sorry for taking so long. You know me being a priestess, I have to handle excorisms�. Miroku looked at the sky and noticed that it was almost dark. �We must head in and eat�. �Okay, Miroku�, Inuyasha said to his brother.

The night for them was just the beginning.