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CHAPTER TWO: Together Again
–Somewhere in a very quiet forest—
When Hikaru finally gained consciousness, she sat up and looked around her. Seeing that her surrounding feels safe, she stood up and walked towards the end of the forest path.
`Where in the world am I?’ Hikaru mussed. `This doesn’t seem like Tokyo…or somewhere even near Tokyo Tower…Oh my! Could it be?’ Hikaru began to run towards the end of the path in search of an answer to her question.
`Could this place… possibly be Cephiro?’ she mussed while running. `But how did that happen? The only thing I remember is a bright light coming from the mirror pendant and then…’ when another realization hit her, she began to run faster. `Lantis…I’m finally going to see you again!’ she mussed excitingly.
She stopped running when she finally reached the end of the path. She entered a garden. The garden looked very similar to the one that was inside the castle. The only difference was, the fountain in the middle was much larger than the one’s in the castle and beautiful flowers of all sorts and colors surrounded the garden. She wondered why flowers still bloomed magnificently even thought it’s already nighttime.
“Hmm…I wonder what type of flowers are these.” She asked herself as she bent down and caressed a small purple flower. “This kinda reminds me of…Lantis. Always alone and likes the dark, but with a heart that blooms full of love and care…” she said to herself as continued to caress the flower.
“That, is called Magic flower. It closes when the sun is at rise but blooms beautifully when night time falls.” Someone said from behind her. “It’s a perfect flower for quixotic, night persons” then the person who spoke put a hand on Hikaru’s right shoulder. “I’m glad that I’m being compared to a wonderful flower…Hikaru.” Hikaru was startled at first and almost turned around to strangle the man who was spying on her, but controlled her self when she realized whose deep, handsome voice it was.
“Lantis…”she said as she turned around only to find the man that she only loved after all these years.
“Hikaru…I can’t believe my eyes…Is it really you…or are you an illusion made by my mind again.” Lantis said as he held out a hand to see if she really was real. When his reached Hikaru’s shoulders, he pulled her to him, bringing them together in a tight embrace. `She really is here…’ he mussed.
Hikaru blushed as she returned his embrace by putting her arms around his waist and leaning her head on his chest.
When Lantis noticed Hikaru lean her head on his chest, he gently leaned back from her but still held her shoulders and began to observe her. “Hikaru, you’ve grown a lot…and your hair…it’s loose from its braid.” He said as his eyes gazing at her from top to bottom. “It’s suits you better”
Hikaru’s blush became worse when Lantis gently cupped her cheek. “You’ve grown into a beautiful young woman.” He pulled Hikaru closer to him and hugged her tight again. “I missed you so much. If only you knew how long I have been praying for your return.”
Hikaru hugged him tighter. “I missed you too…so very much. There are so many things I wanted to ask you about. How’s Everybody here? Are they all ok? Are Autozam, Fahren, Chizeta allies now with Cephiro? Are there still monsters around? Is there something wrong happening here? How about Autozam? Is it still…” Hikaru babbled but was cut short when Lantis put a finger on her lips, silencing her.
“Slow down Hikaru. I’ll answer your questions one at a time, but before I do that, we must go see Clef and inform him that you are here. I’m sure he’ll have many questions to ask to you too.” Lantis said then he turned around and took out his sword. “Now creature I summon the!” The Kailu shouted as a lightning of some sort blasted from his black hilted sword to the dark sky. Then a black horse with Blue fiery mane and tail appeared before them. Lantis turned around and held out a hand to Hikaru. “Come now…let us go to the castle”
Hikaru took his hand, then slowly but securely, mounted the horse with Lantis’s help. After she was seated comfortably, Lantis mounted the horse and sat behind Hikaru. Then they strode of heading to the castle.
“Umm…Lantis is this place far from the castle? Is it entirely necessary to ride a horse just to get there?” Hikaru asked.
“Not necessarily. It only takes about 10 minutes to walk from here to the castle. I just don’t want you to get tired that’s all.” Lantis said.
“Oh, um… Thank you.” she blushed as she thanked him.
“No problem, Hikaru” He replied as they continued to stride heading to the castle.
–somewhere in the forest of Silence—
Fuu stirred as she sat up from where she once lay. When she noticed that it was deserted she stood up and strolled to find someone or something. “Miss Hikaru?! Miss Umi?! Are in here!?” she yelled. When she got no respond, she strolled around the forest again.
`Hmm…this place seems to be very familiar to me…’ she mussed. `I certainly think that I am no longer in Tokyo Tower… The only place that I could think of that has a forest like this is…’ when another realization hit her she gasped. `But how’s that possible? The only thing I remember was that bright light coming from Ferio’s orb’ she mussed as she strolled around the forest.
“This place seems to be…the forest of silence” she said to herself as she walked pass a large tree.
“I guess you’re still fond of stating the obvious…Fuu” someone said from behind her.
When she turned around, she saw no one. She heard rustling noises up the large tree. She looked up only to see her beloved, prince…
“Ferio…” she whispered as her eyes got big seeing her beloved.
Ferio jumped down from the branch and walked closer to Fuu. “Fuu, you’ve changed…” He said is he looked at her from top to bottom. Her golden-brown hair reached down just below shoulders. Her once big round glasses was now smaller with a rectangular shaped frame. She wore a green headband that is decorated with rhinestones on its surface. She also wore a Bright green tank top and a dark green skirt that reached down just below her knees. “…a lot. Your hair it’s longer than before…” He was cut short when Fuu pounced on him.
“Ferio…I can’t believe it…I guess my eyes doesn’t deceive me.” Fuu whispered
Ferio hugged her back tightly. “Of course it’s me Fuu. Don’t you see me? You already have new glasses, don’t tell me you need to upgrade them again.” Ferio teased her.
Fuu playfully punched him in the arm. “Very funny Ferio” she said ironically.
“just kidding Fuu” he chuckled softly when he saw Fuu’s fake angry face. Then he cupped her cheek gently with his right hand. “You look so beautiful Fuu…you really look more lovelier than ever” then He hugged her again. “I’m so glad that you’re back, I missed you like crazy”
Fuu hugged him back tightly as tears slid down her face. “So have I Ferio…I’ve wished day and night for you to have good health now it seems that my wish really came true…But isn’t it really odd for me to be back here? Is there something wrong happening here in Cephiro?”
Ferio shrugged as he slowly released Fuu from his hug. “There’s really nothing chaotic happening here. The only trouble that’s been happening here recently was whenever Mokona chases Primera around and tries to eat her up.”
“What’s so chaotic about that? It only seems natural to them for that to happen” Fuu chuckled as she imagined what Primera’s face looked like whenever she’s gobbled by Mokona. “but then again…Do you think there’s really a reason of why I’m here?”
“It doesn’t really matter coz you’re here now…but, maybe Master Mage Clef can answer that question.” He turned around and whistled loudly. “It’s getting late, we really should be getting back to the castle now.” Then a gigantic eagle like creature appeared before them. The eagle slowly crouched down allowing them to climb onto his back. Ferio held out a hand to Fuu. “After you my fair lady.”
Fuu blushed as she took Ferio’s hand. Ferio then, helped her climb up the eagle followed by him. Then slowly, the eagle began to flap its wings and flew gently towards the castle.
–somewhere in Cephiro’s sandy beach–
When Umi slowly gained consciousness, she stood up and wandered around the place. “where am I? Oh my gosh it’s so dark! Hey wait a minute…Am I in Springfield?! This place surely looks like it! But no, this place is cleaner and better than Springfield, and it seems very familiar to me…” she said to herself. `The only thing I remember before I got here was that flash of light that came from Ascot’s bracelet.’ She mussed. “Hikaru?! Fuu?! Where are you guys?!”
When she got no reply she got frustrated. “Oh great! I’m all alone in this Springfield like place and I have no idea where I am…” when she looked at the dark starry night she saw a floating mountain with a crystal shrine. “Hey, isn’t that…the wind shri-” she was cut off when she heard a loud roar behind her.
When she turned around, she saw bear like creature towering her. She screamed and stumbled down when she tried to back away from the hideous monster. Then, out of nowhere, someone stood before her and spread his arms wide. “No Crassia! Don’t harm her! She’s a friend!” shouted the man.
Then, Crassia obeyed his master and bowed down before him. “Very good Crassia, I knew you’ll never hurt someone innocent” praised the young man. He held out his right palm and a five-pointed-star portal appeared before it. “Creature return!” he shouted. The monster was sucked into the portal and disappeared.
The young man turned around and held a hand out to Umi. “Nice to see you again…Umi” The young man said coolly. Umi took his hand and stood up. She was started at first because the man that she doesn’t know knew her name. She began to circle him and studied his features.
`Hmm… he looks kinda familiar. Hmm…let me see… he is wearing clothes just like Ascot’s. He handles monsters just like Ascot does. He has the same brunette colored hair like Ascot’s, but this man has shorter bangs than Ascot’s considering that Ascot has overgrown bangs. There’s something in his eyes that’s very familiar to me…emerald eyes…” she mussed. Then a realization hit her. “Oh my gosh! Ascot is that you?!” she shouted as she blushed realizing that he said his name too loudly.
“You only realized it now? Why? Do I look different or something?” he asked shyly and sort of innocently.
“Yeah, I mean I didn’t recognize you immediately at all. Your bangs, it much shorter than before. I can see your eyes now” she said as she moved her face closer to him to get better sight of his crystal emerald eyes.
“well…I- I wanted to have better vision. I- I mean…I can’t see well with my bangs in the way.” he stammered when he realized how close her face was to his. His face showed a tint of red because of this.
When Umi noticed Ascot’s blush, it was only then when she realized how close she was to him. She hurriedly turned her face away from him to hide the blush that was forming in her cheeks.
When Ascot saw Umi turned around, he noticed the changes on Umi. “Umm…I- I think I’m not the only one who physically changed…” he said as he studied Umi’s features. Her hair was now below shoulder length and is cut layered with some streaks of color black on it. She’s wearing a sapphire colored headband with an aquamarine stone on its middle. She wore a cerulean sleeveless blouse and a navy blue skirt that ended 3 inches below her knees. “You cut your hair? Wow! Y- you know it suits you better, Umi…I mean you look…y- you l- look good. Um…what I’m trying to say is…” he stammered. `Come on Ascot just say it! It’s only 3 words!’ he mussed as he fought with himself if he should say it or not. “You Look Beautiful!” he covered his mouth and mentally kicked himself for saying it aloud as his blush grew worse.
Umi turned around to face him again. “W- why thank you Ascot, I’m quite flattered that you think I’m…beautiful.” She said shyly.
“W-well I think we should go now. It’s getting pretty late.” He turned around and summoned a fish like creature that looks a lot like Fyula, the flying fish of Mage Clef. The fish floated down as Ascot offered a hand to Umi.
“Thanks Ascot” Umi said she took Ascot’s hand and mounted on the giant flying fish followed by Ascot.
“Hey is this Clef’s creature?” she asked.
“No, but they are the same breed. Her name is Charis.” Ascot replied.
“Wow, Charis…that’s a cute name. Are you the one who named her?” Umi asked.
“As a matter of fact, I did.” He replied.
“Oh, uh…ok” with her last reply, the two were wrapped in an awkward silence as Charm flew gracefully towards the castle.
Hikaru and Lantis were the first to arrive in Cephiro’s Grand Castle. As they mounted of Lantis’s shadow horse, he summons the creature back to his sword. They entered the gates of the castle together as the guards who were standing by, bowed low to both Hikaru and Lantis.
As they reached the two massive doors of the throne room, Lantis carefully and silently opened the doors and entered the room with no sound at all. There they found Clef sleeping peacefully on his throne as an idea crossed Hikaru’s mind. Hikaru walked towards Clef in tiptoes as she prepared herself to surprise Clef. She took a deep breath and got ready to scream Clef’s name to wake him up. But before she could do that…
“Welcome back Princess Hikaru.” Clef suddenly said without opening his eyes. Hikaru’s surprise scream was shattered into a million pieces as her shoulders slumped lowly on her sides.
“Wah… How did you know? You ruined my surprise.” Hikaru said gloomly.
“Princess, It’s quite hard not to notice your presence since you still have the strongest will here in Cephiro.” Clef said as he bowed down on his right knee in respect for Hikaru’s title.
“Umm…Clef please don’t do that. Don’t you remember? I already destroyed the Pillar System. It is not necessary for you to treat my like royalty and to call me princess. Now please stand.” She said as she helped Clef up on his feet.
“Oh but I do. Princess, just because you destroyed the Pillar system doesn’t mean you aren’t Cephiro’s Pillar any longer. Only the system of praying continuously for Cephiro’s stabilty has been destroyed, but you’re still the only one who can harness Cephiro’s will power to be used for other intention for Cephiro’s well being. If you are worrying about the rule that a pillar cannot be allowed to love, you need not to worry about it for that was included in the system that you have destroyed.” Clef replied.
“Still, can’t you just call me by my name instead of calling me princess?” Hikaru asked, longing for an answer of `yes’ from the master mage at the same time, feeling relieved that she has been allowed to love.
“Sorry princess, I have to respect your title since you are the `Princess of Cephiro’ ” clef replied. “Before anything else, I would like you to claim the `Proof of the Pillar’ or your crown.” After he said this, he waved his staff high and they were transported to the `crown room’.
“Princess, you may now enter.” Said Clef.
Hikaru slowly entered the room. She saw a circular glow in the middle of the room. Without knowing it, she began to float, her feet not touching the ground as she gracefully approached the glowing object. The moment she touched the glowing object, it disappeared right in front of her eyes and reappeared, only it was now on her head as a crown similar to Princess Emeraud’s, but the crystal on its middle is now Garnet. Hikaru’s previous clothing was now replaced with an immaculately white off-shoulder gown with long loose sleeves. After she had acquired the crown she floated back to the entrance of the crown room where Lantis and Clef waited.
“Princess Hikaru, you look so splendid. You truly look like a princess” said Clef.
Lantis, who had been quiet the whole time, stared at the beautiful Pillar with his mouth partially open. `God…she’s so…beautiful’ he mussed.
When Hikaru saw Lantis staring at her she didn’t have the chance to hide her growing blush. She was also quite flattered by Clef’s compliment. “Th- Thank you Clef…” she stammered her thanks.
Clef noticed Lantis’s reaction and elbowed Lantis, urging him so say something. Lantis finally got out of the trance and nervously said his admiring compliment to her. “Y- you look beautiful Hikaru, I- I mean Princess Hikaru.”
“Thank you very much Lantis.” Her blush have gotten worse because of Lantis’s compliment. An awkward silence surrounded them as Hikaru thought of something to break the silence. She finally have the solution to her problem. “Umm… Clef, wasn’t this crown a sword before? The sword that I used to kill Debonair?”
“Yes, it was indeed a crown before. But back then, you greatly needed it to finish Debonair, that’s why, the crown transformed into a sword. A best shape suited for the use of the pillar in dire need.” Explained Clef. “Oh! Before I forget, since you `are’ Cephiro’s Pillar, you need someone to assist you in your prayers if greatly needed.” He turned to look at Lantis. “Since you’re the only one who can equal a High Priest’s abilities, are you willing to take the responsibility of being a High Priest and to assist the Pillar of Cephiro in her duties and responsibilities?”
“Yes, I do. I want to take the responsibility of being a High Priest and assist the Pillar with all my will and with all my best without hesitation.” Lantis said without uncertainty even though he knew it would be like stepping into his brother’s footsteps.
“Then so be it. Then let it be proclaimed. That Kailu Lantis, who have pledged to assist the pillar of Cephiro at all cost, will now hold the position of being Cephiro’s High Priest and at the same time, still be the only Kailu that Cephiro only has.” Clef said professionally.
Hikaru was quite overwhelmed that Lantis was willing to help her in every step of the way. `How very sweet of him.’ Then a question crossed her mind. “Umm… Clef, what am I supposed to do now?” she asked.
“Oh, that’s right you’re quite new to `the Pillar’s Duties’. The best thing to do right now is to have training. We will teach you how to convert the will into something that you want to be done at the same time, we will also teach you the social studies of Cephiro.” Explained Clef.
“By mean `we’, you mean both of us Clef?” asked Lantis.
“Affirmative. You and I will assist Hikaru in her training and teach her the things that she does not understand.” Replied Clef.
“So Hikaru, will you be willing to be taught the proper training that a Pillar should have and learn the responsibilities and duties that a Pillar should do?” asked Lantis.
“Hmm… It seems I have to do a lot of work…but, I am willing to learn it all and take the training whatever it takes.” Hikaru said proudly.
“Then you shall acquire it.” Then Clef waved his staff to transport them back to the throne room. While they were being transported, Clef said 5 haunting words that he wanted Hikaru and Lantis to hear. “Let the Pillar’s Training Begin…
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