Fullmetal Alchemist Fan Fiction ❯ To the forest and beyond ( Chapter 5 )

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“Ah!” Riza shot up straight from her bed, panting. She looked around the room. Light was pouring in though the blue curtains. ‘I’m in my house…’ She turned her head then winced. ‘Ow, what the…?’ she put her hand up to her neck and felt a mark. She tossed off her covers and quickly got up and went to the bathroom. She went to the mirror and moved her hair out the way. The mark on her neck was a snake coiled around a rose, red poison dripping from the snake’s mouth and into the rose. “Oh my–”
She jumped and turned around fast, only to see it was the phone. She left the bathroom and went to the phone. Snatching it up, she calmed herself down. “Hello?”
“Hawkeye, where have you been? It’s already 13:09!” It was Havoc and he sound upset.
“Ah…” Riza looked at her clock. “I’m sorry but I’m not feeling too well so could you please put in a week leave form for me?” she coughed.
“Sure…do you want me to come by and bring you something?”
“There’s no need, I’ll be fine, but thank you anyways.”
“Okay…if you need anything just call me.”
“Yes, of course. Bye.”
Riza put the phone on the base.
“Good aft’ noon darlin’”
Again, Riza did a sharp turn. She could feel today would be a long and tiring one even without going into work. “What are you doing here?” she went to the kitchen.
“Aw, don’t be like that.” said the woman sitting on the counter.
“I’m not in the mood witch.”
“Ice Queen much? And you should call me Katherina now.”
“Alright, Katherina, what happened last night and why do I have this mark on my neck?”
Katherina sighed. “You should learn to breath in between sentences, ya know.” she stretched and yawned. “Well, last night, we made the deal. By the way, you’re an excellent kisser.” she licked her lips. “After that, I put my brand on you.” she pointed to her neck.
“So, what do we do now?”
“Now, I take you on an adventure so you can learn to unlock your powers and use them however you and I please, but mostly me.”
“…How long will I be gone? I only have a week off of work.”
“Well, that all depends if you’re willing to endure all that will happen and how fast you work.”
Riza sighed. She was starting to wish she had never gone into the store.
“Well, let’s get started!”
Katherina snapped her fingers and the two were sent to a forest line.
“What are we doing here?” Riza looked around at the area.
“Didn’t yer mama ever tell you that mysterious things could be found in the forest?”
“But how can I move about in my pajamas? And my hair will get in the way, not to mention that I have no shoes.” Riza sat on a moss covered rock. “So, you should just take me back and we can try again tomorrow or something.”
“Um, no. There’s no point in backing out now, we’re already here.” Katherina snapped her fingers, changing Riza’s fingers from her blue pajamas to khaki shorts, a yellow t-shirt and brown hiking boots. “Ah ha, that’s better, don’t you think?” she giggled.
“Oh my,” Riza let out an irritated sigh. “Let’s just finish this.”

The Deal
In Between