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CEO in the Host Club
Chapter 10: To See What’s Up

« Who is over there with Kaiba-san? » Haruhi questioned as she watch Kaiba and two males talked animatedly.
« Kyoya do you know who they are? » Tamaki asked as he looked over at his vice president.
« It seems I have nothing on the two of them. » Kyoya said flipping through his black notebook.
Seto began to walk over to Host Club.
« Who were you talking to Kaiba-kun? » Honey asked staring at Seto from Seto’s shoulders.
« Just two pyschos. » Seto replied as he walked over to his customers.
« Pharoh you will never guess what me nad the thief dound at the beach. » Marik said he and Bakura approached the sun bathing Pharoh.
« What did you fine? » Atemu asked he truned to face Bakura and Marik.
« The priest. » Bakura said as he plop down onto the sand.
« Kaiba is here! » Atemu said as his eyes widen in shock.
« Yeah he’s here with some pretty boys on the other side of the beach. » Marik tells.
« Gather the others we will go see what Kaiba is doing. » Atemu said with determination.

Chapter 8: Storm is Coming