❯ To Save an Assassin – Preparations ( Chapter 4 )

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To Save an Assassin: Preparations
“Don’t forget to reprogram the maps of the prison into those GPS systems I gave you.” the Phoenix of Ice reminded them.
“I believe this covers it then.” Artemis said. He snapped his briefcase shut, hiding the various documents and articles of the prison’s security system that the Phoenix gave them.
The Phoenix of Ice patted Holly gently on the shoulder. “Good luck, my friend.”
Butler cleared his throat. “Well then, shall we go?”
“Yes, yes of course.” Artemis turned to the assassin. “Thank you for your trouble. I promise to put these documents to good use.”
“Just rescue your friend. That is all the thanks I desire.” She bowed.
The Phoenix walked the trio to the door. She leaned against the door frame, watching them walk off towards Butler’s car. She continued to stare down the street several minutes after the car departed. Someone else was there. She could sense it.
She started to head back inside, when suddenly there was a sharp pain in her neck. Her body went limp, and she dropped like a stone to the ground. She shakily raised a hand, grabbing at whatever had pierced her neck. It was a dart. And judging from the dark lavender liquid oozing from its tip, this dart had been pumped full of a deadly poison.
“Who…?” was all she managed to get out, before she lost all control of her motor functions. Her vision became blurry, until it failed altogether. The assassin felt exhausted. There was no explanation on why her body was so tired, she reasoned, she hadn’t gone out in several days. But…if she was so tired, she should take a nap. It didn’t matter if she was lying in the dirt, she would die in a few minutes anyway. Why not die while she slept? Her oncoming doom would be painless then.
Painless sounded good. The Phoenix of Ice closed her eyes, falling into a deep eternal sleep.
The Phoenix was right, someone had been watching them. The mystery pair in question was standing a top the roof of an apartment complex several buildings away. The shorter of the two lifted a dart gun off his shoulder, balancing on the edge of the roof.
“Ha! Did you see that? She didn’t even struggle. Just laid down to rest.” He yelled in excitement. A breeze whipped through the air, tousling his matted amber hair.
“You should push the dart gun back a little, we don’t want it falling off the building.” The taller man warned.
The boy dismissed his partner with a short wave. “So what if it falls. I’ll just catch it. It doesn’t matter if I go down, it’s not like I can die or anything. Look.”
The amber haired boy jumped off the roof, falling twenty stories to the ground. The man rushed to the edge to the roof. “Hey!”
“What? I’m okay.” The boy was lying on his back in the middle of the sidewalk. His arms were stretched behind his head. He grinned at the older man.
The man ran a hand through his black hair, rolling his eyes. “Just because the government manufactured us to be indestructible, doesn’t mean we should be attempting suicide every chance we get.”
“All right then. I’m sorry.” The boy apologized. He jumped to his feet and bared his fists. “Now, let’s do what us bounty hunting robots were designed to do; go and find the Jade Princess’s accomplices Artemis Fowl II and his bodyguard Holly what’s-her-name!”
The man sighed. “You have way too much personality to be artificial.”
“Holly, may I ask you something?” Artemis looked at her. They were back at the manor and, after programming the prison’s security and blueprints into their Global Positioning Systems, the duo were ready to head out again.
“Yes, sir?” Holly clipped a utility belt around her waist.
Artemis gestured to her wings. “How did you get those? I thought you were an elf, and the last time I checked my research, elves did not have wings.”
Holly sighed. “Before I entered the bodyguard industry, I decided to undergo a genetic mutation. It’s a common procedure where the patient is injected with DNA from another species. It always helps to have an edge over the competition, eh?” She winked at him.
Artemis scowled at her friendly gesture, and turned away. “Well, are you ready to go? I don’t intend to keep Juliet waiting.”
“I’m ready.”
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