❯ To Save an Assassin – An Assassin Betrayed ( Chapter 2 )

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As she walked out of the manor, Juliet Butler pulled a black handgun out of her purse and clipped it to her belt, checking to make sure that her weapons were within reach.
She had tried to live an honest life ever since her wrestling tour ended. At least, as honest as she possibly could. Everyone has his or her dirty little secrets. And Juliet was no exception.
She was an assassin.
And no one else knew.
It was her secret. And she had shared it with only one other: a fellow assassin, named the Phoenix of Ice.
She remembers the first time someone approached her with a job offer. It was just as her wrestling tour ended. He approached her outside the stadium. She had just finished her last match and she was waiting for Butler to pick her up and drive her back from the manor.
He was short for a man, only about 5’6”. He had a slight build. Juliet could have taken him down with one hit. Though he was short, he still had an aura of power about him. As he strode towards her, he smoothed down his dark brown hair. He had the menacing eyes of a criminal. Juliet became more cautious as she noticed he was moving towards her.
He started with small talk. He told her he liked her moves, said she had talent. At first, she was wary, but as the conversation continued, she warmed up to the stranger.
That is when the conversation became more serious. He explained that he owned a small business down the street from here. He told her she would be perfect for his type of business. He could hire her right away, and she would make tons of money.
Before he could go further, Juliet saw Butler pulling up. She told him she had to go and he gave her his card, telling her to call if she was interested. Juliet slipped the card into the pocket of her sweats. She doubted that she would ever call, but it was always good to keep her options open.
As life continued at Fowl Manor Juliet found herself becoming bored. Every day was the same. Wake up, make breakfast, watch TV, practiced martial art forms, make lunch, work in garden, practice martial art forms, read, make dinner, watch wrestling, take shower, go to bed. Frankly, she was getting tired. And every day when she woke up and before she would go to sleep she looked over to the desk drawer where the man’s business card lay, hidden underneath layers of papers.
At first, she was not even that interested. She had her own life. Eventually, it became more and more tempting to just pull out that card and call. Then, after a particularly boring day, the desire became nearly irresistible. After all, she just had to find out what this `business’ was. She didn’t have to take the man up on his offer. There were no strings attached. She wouldn’t agree, would she?
No, no, of course she wouldn’t. Dom wouldn’t approve of her applying to jobs offered by a shady, unknown, character such as this. But day after day, that little temptation increased. Juliet finally could not stand it anymore. If it offered a break from her monotonous life, she would take it, no matter what it was. As long as it was something different.
After lunch, she rushed up to her room. The card was where she had left it, in her desk drawer. She frantically pulled on the handle, almost ripping the drawer out completely. With her hands, she tossed the papers aside to the floor, uncovering the card that still lay hidden beneath them.
Ten digits were written on the card. 377-852-9762. with a shaking hand she pulled out her cell phone from her jean pocket, flipped open the top, and dialed.
It rang twice, and then finally she heard a man’s voice on the other line. It was him, the one who could offer her her freedom, if she so chose.
“Hello, may I help you?”
“Hi, it’s me. The girl from the wrestling tour. She said nervously.
“So you decided to take me up on my offer, did you? He sounded amused.
“Y-yes. Now if you would tell me what type of business you do?”
“I run an eraser company.”
“Eraser… company?”
“Yes. My employees specialized in `erasing’ certain people of the face of the earth, if you know what I mean.”
So he employed assassins to kill people for other people. “Yes. I do.”
“Will you join me? You could be rich. And talents such as yours shouldn’t be wasted. His tone was very convincing.
Juliet thought for a moment. She didn’t need the money of course. What she needed was the thrill of the chase, the adrenaline rush that would make her forget about her life at Fowl Manor. What she needed was this. She would do this.
“Then come to my office tomorrow. I cannot discuss this over the phone.”
“I’ll see you then.” She was about to hang up the phone when the voice stopped her.
“And one more thing, call me Boss. What is your name?” He waited expectantly while she thought about it.
If she used her real name, they might be able to track her to Fowl Manor, putting everyone in danger. She would have to use an assumed name. “Call me… The Jade Princess. And as you wish, I shall see you tomorrow, Boss.” The man, Boss, hung up the phone, leaving Juliet alone with her thoughts.
Juliet slumped down to the floor and sat there for a minute. She took a moment to calm herself down and assess the situation. What had she just done? She had sold her soul her soul on a mere whim. Or at least it felt like she did. When you entered the `business’ the only way you left was through death. She should know. It was how her mother had died years ago.
She smiled to herself. Well at least she had something to look forward to tomorrow.
That was three months ago, but she remembered it like it was yesterday. Ever since then she went out four times a week, doing various `jobs’. It was an exciting lifestyle, and the pay wasn’t very bad either.
Over the past few months, she rose through the ranks, quickly becoming the second best assassin in Ireland. Who the best was, Juliet didn’t know. But she did know she would beat her someday too, just as she beat everyone else. She was a Butler after all.
As she got in her Jaguar and drove off, her thoughts drifted over to her brother, Domovoi. He knew nothing about her trips. All he knew was The Jade Princess had entered the ranks of the elite.
It took her thirty minutes to reach her destination. It was a five star hotel on the outskirts of Dublin.
As she pulled into the parking lot, Juliet reviewed her assignment in her head. Erase the Secretary of Defense. He is currently staying on the eighth floor, room number 816. My name is Janet Parker. I am reserved at the hotel for two nights. Room 828. Two hours from now I will strike. Tonight the secretary will take dinner in his room, where he’ll be unguarded and alone.
She parked the car and got out. Juliet unlocked the trunk and pulled out a single black suitcase. Closing the trunk, she slipped on a pair of black sunglasses. The sunglasses would hide her identity from any security cameras hidden in the hotel.
Juliet took off towards the hotel, careful to keep her gun hidden underneath the gray sweatshirt she wore.
The design of the hotel was very modern. It was all steel and glass. The landscaping was tastefully done, with plenty of water features and plants. Although, she thought as she passed the fifth fountain, it might have been a tad overdone.
The inside of the hotel was decorated a bit more warmly. The furniture in the lobby was made of dark hardwood, and the plush dark red carpet muffled her footsteps as she walked over to the main desk.
She was handed her key and made her way to the elevator. It was to the left, past the bar.
Juliet flopped down on the bed of her hotel room. The room was small, but she wasn’t going to stay for long. She had a job to do.
She looked at the clock. Ten of six. She had ten minutes. Juliet rolled off the bed onto her feet. She stripped off her sweatshirt and jeans, revealing a black, skintight stealth suit underneath. She tied her blonde hair back in a ponytail to keep it off her face.
Juliet made her way over to the Plexiglas sliding door that lead to the balcony. This way would be easier. She didn’t have to pick any locks.
She climbed onto the rail of her balcony, took a deep breath, and jumped, landing neatly on the railing of the balcony next to hers.
She continued to jump from balcony to balcony, counting off the rooms as she went. 822, 820, 818, 816.
She was here. Pressing her face against the glass, she peered inside. The Secretary of Defense had his back turned to her, watching TV while eating dinner on the bed. This was going to be easier than she thought.
The balcony door was unlocked, so she silently pushed it aside and made her way over to secretary.
Her footsteps made no sound on the carpet. She pulled out a knife and prepared to stab her victim. If she had used a gun, the shot would make too much noise, possibly attracting security.
“Hold it, Miss Parker. Or should I say, The Jade Princess.” Said a deep voice from behind.
Juliet felt the cold steel of a gun against her flesh. Okay, she told herself, don’t panic. You can take him. A deep voice usually means big, but you’ve been trained to take down people twice you size. You can take him.
The Secretary on the bed whirled around to reveal that he wasn’t the Secretary after all, but merely another guard. He was brandishing a gun, and it was pointed at her.
“Jade Princess, you are under arrest, under the charges of attempted murder.” Said the guard on the bed. He reached inside his suit and pulled out a police badge.
All right, so there are two of them. I can still take them. No big deal.
That’s when twenty more guards burst through the door, all of them pointing their guns at her.
I’m screwed.
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