Rurouni Kenshin Fan Fiction ❯ Tired ( Chapter 1 )

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A fanfic series by Raberba girl

Summary:  Series of drabbles and one-shots focusing on Kenshin, Tomoe, Enishi, & Kenji in various combinations (no slash). Mostly AUs; sometimes includes crossover elements from Kingdom Hearts. Inspired by a theme list from the « 100_situations » community on LiveJournal.

Introduction:  [Updated 9 July 2013] I had a hard time thinking of a title.  I finally figured that so many things that were lost in canon will not be lost here:  Tomoe’s life, her relationship with Enishi, Kenshin & Enishi’s relationship as brothers, Kenji’s respect for his father (I know it’s more of a throwaway joke in canon, but it’s usually a lot more dramatic in my headcanon), etc.

I’m revamping this series.  It was originally intended to be a Kenshin/Tomoe/Enishi/Kenji-centric challenge series as a way to try to revive my Rurouni Kenshin muse.  However, a combination of factors (loooooong story…) made me realize that it’s just not going to work that way.

In short, RuroKen is still my favorite manga of all time, but my experience of the fandom has been truly terrible, and RK fans make it very unpleasant to post RK fanfiction.  There’s no way I’m going to be able to write 100 RK fics, even short ones.

I can’t seem to cut myself off from the fandom completely, because even though it’s simply not fun to write RK fics anymore, I still enjoy writing for those four characters a little, Kenshin (my favorite character of all time) and his son and his first wife and her brother.  I’m still not going to do all 100 stories for them, which is why I’m dropping the challenge; and Kingdom Hearts seems to be my One True Fandom, so I gave up trying to be subtle about the KH elements and am just turning this into a full-blown crossover – some future drabbles I haven’t posted yet are more blatant crossovers.

But I do like the 100_situations theme list, and I hate not finishing things I start, so I decided that instead of taking on the challenge properly as part of the LJ community, I’m just going to unofficially use the prompt list to write whatever stories strike my fancy, for whatever fandom, even perhaps for original stories (though I will not post those).  The ones that suit the topic of the Unlost series will be updated here (RK fics or RK/KH crossovers that involve one or more of the quartet).

Tired (prompt 1, table one)

Summary:  On the run, Kenshin, Tomoe, Enishi, & Kenji are forced to stop for the night.

A/N:  AU that’s difficult to describe – it’s like the sort young adult fantasy novels are usually set in, just without the fantasy.


They were still deep in enemy territory, but were nevertheless forced to stop for the night and rest.  Not that they were making much progress anyway, struggling through the pitch-dark with nothing but a torch for light.

« We can’t afford to stop! » Enishi insisted.  Since reuniting with his sister, there had been a soft joy in his expression that Kenshin had never expected to see from him, but now, anxiety and frustration were putting the edge back into his voice.

« We must, Enishi, » Tomoe said quietly, trying to heft Kenji into a more comfortable grip.  « The child is tired. »

« You’re carrying him, he’ll be fine. »

« Your sister is tired, too, » Kenshin clarified in exasperation.  He didn’t like admitting it in front of this wild young soldier who had so recently been his enemy, but, « We all are. »

« I’m not, » Enishi said smugly.

« You haven’t slept in two days, of course you’re tired, » Tomoe said shortly.

« I’m not!  I’m too happy to be tired!  Now that I’ve got you back. »  He tried to hug her, and ended up waking Kenji, who fussed for a minute and then began to wail.

« Give him to me, » Kenshin said wearily, reaching out to take his son.  « Hush, Kenji, it will be all right…. »

« Want Mama! » Kenji sobbed angrily.

The adults fell silent, and Enishi fidgeted awkwardly.

« She’s waiting for us, » Kenshin finally whispered, barely able to speak.  « She’s watching over us, and someday, we’ll be able to see her again…. »

« Enishi, » Tomoe finally said, « I know we’re still in danger, but we cannot go on for now.  Please?  I trust you to keep us safe. »

He grinned.  « I’ll protect you with my life, Sis.  I’ll never let anything bad happen to you, ever again. »

She was just too tired to deal with this properly right now….  « Thank you, dear. »

She had some trouble finding a place to lie down in the dark, though it helped that her brother instantly gave up his uniform jacket for her to sleep on.  The child had settled down by now, and Kenshin carefully laid him down beside her.  Kenji snuggled into her, making her grateful for his warmth and presence.

« Shall I take first watch? » Kenshin murmured hesitantly.  He didn’t want to let his guard down at all, but he did desperately need at least an hour or two of sleep, and this might be his only chance for quite a while.  Enishi had no reason to harm the boy, and he wouldn’t try anything, anyway, with Tomoe having grown attached to Kenji…right?

« I can handle the whole night, » Enishi said confidently.  « Go ahead and crash, you pansy. »

Kenshin closed his eyes briefly.  As an enemy, Enishi had been wild and fiery, a little harder to predict than usual.  As an ally, he was turning out to be rash and childish – almost as if he was behaving like the child he had been when he had lost his sister, come to think of it.  « You should get some rest at some point, too.  There won’t be a better opportunity until we’ve crossed the border. »

« I told you, I can handle it. »

« Enishi, it’s so dark, I’m frightened, » Tomoe called placidly.  « Please come keep me company? »

A tiny smile crossed Kenshin’s face as he watched Enishi bound over to his sister and happily curl up beside her.  « Don’t worry, Sis, I’m right here. »

« I know you are, » she murmured sleepily, slipping her fingers through his hair and holding his head against her shoulder.  « Thank you. »  She began to sing softly.

Very soon, Kenshin sensed the three of them growing still.  He leaned back and gazed up at the stars.  « Kaoru, I didn’t know what to tell him. »  So much desperation to save his wife, so many battles to retrieve her from her captors, and then she had gone and willingly laid down her life for her son’s sake.  « This isn’t…what I wanted…this isn’t how it should have been…. »


Author’s Notes:  I was originally unhappy with how little of the exposition made it into this drabble, but re-reading it, I like this a lot, and I think there’s enough casual backstory in it to make sense.

But if you need clarification:  I was imagining it as a country under tyrannical rule; Kenshin has to rescue his wife and son, but she is killed in order to give Kenji and/or Kenshin a chance to escape.  Kenshin also somehow ends up rescuing Tomoe from…something.  Which hopefully isn’t the Emperor’s harem, but that’s what I keep thinking of. *sweatdrop*  Enishi’s a soldier for this country who immediately turns traitor when he discovers where his sister’s been all this time.  The group is trying to travel out of the country to get Tomoe and Kenji to safety (I don’t know how long the journey takes), but I think that Kenshin and Enishi might then return to the capital to overthrow the evil overlord.  Maybe.

Heh.  I realized that I write Tomoe/Enishi almost exactly the same way I write Xion/Vanitas. X3

Complete:  1/100

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