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“I see them!” Shadow said, as we sped towards the falling people.

After the massive explosion, as the dust was settling we could see seven figures falling fairly quickly. Even as we ran I could to feel the ground shaking apart beneath us. I held onto Shadow for dear life as behind us the ground caved slowly into a glowing red pit. I could see the few people who hadn’t fled from the flooding fleeing as well. Tail’s ship flew in low next to us.

“I’m gonna try and get those guy, but I might need a hand!” He yelled down at us.

“Here, take her. I’ll get them!” Shadow yelled back, tossing me roughly on top of the ship. I scrambled into the open doors as Shadow sped ahead, launching into the air.

“That’s weird, where’s Sonic?” I looked out, counting the falling bodies.

“I’m sure he’s there, probably just behind the rubble!” I called back.

“Get ready!” Tails yelled, swinging under the falling forms. There were a few heavy thumps from above, and I reached out in time to grab Ranma’s ponytail; in turn Luffy caught himself on Ranma, stretching out to grab InuYasha. Shadow used this odd chain to leap out and pick up Yusuke.

“Sonic!” Tails called out. Moving to loop back around and look.

“You have to get these guys to safety!” Shadow yelled back. “I’ll keep looking.” He landed momentarily on the ship and put Yusuke down before jumping back into the falling rubble. Tails hesitated for a moment before turning towards the mountain.

“What do you mean he’s gone!” I slammed my hands on the table, glaring at InuYasha. We had landed safely, and Shadow had returned less than an hour ago empty-handed.

“There’s no body, in fact I didn’t even see him fall from the blast. So he either burned up in the attack or fell through the Meidou.” InuYasha said.

“If he went though the Meidou, we can get him back… right?”

“Only three people have gone through the Meidou and come back, me, Kagome and Sesshoumaru. Each time we had jewel shards helping us out. The jewel is gone. So if he’s in the Meidou, we can’t get to him.” I wanted to yell some more, but Sally held me back.

“We’re going to find him.”


“He’s definitely in the Meidou.” She said. “Open it up.” She turned to InuYasha.

“No.” He said; folding his arms. She stepped threateningly towards him.

“Calm down folks!” Tech suddenly yelled, bursting into the room. “I have his signal!”

“What?” I asked.

“His signal, the probes I put in him are sending.”


“Yes. Ingenious really, built inside the deepest part of the body my the nanobots I’ve got floating around.”

“Tech… What else have you been putting in us?”

“Nothing big. Just a couple of microphones, maybe a shock pad or two.” I decided to drop the subject and return to what was more important.

“Where is he?”

“Well, if you would look out into that new hole you helped make, you’d see a little island. There’s a portal there, his signal is coming from the other side.”

“Pack you things Tails, we’re going.” Sally said, securing her bag.

“Hold it hold it!” Tech got in our way again. “This is likely a one way trip. The rest of us are probably going through, but you guys don’t necessarily have to. Even if you are going; you should still make sure your people have some sort of leader. Especially the Mobians. I’d suspect with the Solarus gone, the prejudices will be back soon, in force.” Sally seemed to hesitate, and gave in.

“Alright, how soon?”

“Three days. Pahhur needs about that much recovery time. InuYasha, spread the word to the other factions. We are moving in three days, most likely into a tough fight. Anyone who wants to come is welcome. There are a lot of guys here that are much stronger than we are, and we need the help badly.” With that he headed off to the portal.

“Well I’m going.” I said as soon as Sally turned to me.

“Of course. I’m going too. Come on, let’s get the others and spread the word.”

“So that’s the deal then.” I said explaining it to the gathered group. “I’m pretty sure I don’t have to ask the Saiyans, but what about the rest of you guys?”

“Well, I’ve been around your dad since the beginning; We’re not going to back down now.” Krillen said, his wife standing behind him.

“Same for the three of us.” Yamcha said, motioning towards Tien and Choutsu.

“Obviously, we’re going.” Chi-Chi said, Bulma and Videl standing not far behind.

“Where Yamcha goes, I go.” Puar said.

“And where the women go, I go.” Roshi said grinning.

“Piccolo you’re coming too right?” He just nodded over to me. “Alright, well I’ve got our names down, seventeen of us. Not bad.”

“No deal, you know I’ve gotten stronger Yusuke!”
“This isn’t the same thing Keiko! You’re not going, and that’s final!” I stared him down before Kurama stepped between us.

“It’s alright Yusuke, I will watch over her. Botan and Koenma have already asked for my protection.”

“They’re going?”

“Yes, we may have need of non-combatants; she can stay with them in my care.”

“Fine, I’ll put us down for seven.” Yusuke finally sighed.

“Nine.” Kurama corrected him.”


“Yukina and George. Jin agreed to help Yomi organize the demons and relocate them somewhere else.” He just sighed again and slunk off.

“InuYasha Sit!” There was a crash. “Alright, so there are fourteen of us going the six of us and Koga, Sesshoumaru, Rin, Ayame, Jaken, Kohaku, Ginta and Hakkaku.”

“Sounds good to me.” Koga said.

“Hokage… Are you sure about this?” I asked, holding the list of eighteen people. “I mean, once we rebuild, Naruto will be after your spot again. I don’t think he will react well to being sent off like this.” I looked back at Tsunade.

“I made my decisions. This fight is larger than the village, it’s larger than the war. Naruto needs to be there. I need to stay here and settle our people.”

“What about Gaara?”

“He offered. As the other last Kage remaining, he passed up a position of power to join the fight with his siblings.”

“Alright, odd that you chose this group.”

“They’ve fought together through a lot of rough times.”

“Alright, so you’re sending Team Guy, Team Kakashi, Team Shino and Team Shikamaru?”


“Alright, I’ll had this over to Tech.”

“Sounds like yer retiring old man.” I said, as he handed me a list.

“Brat, these are the people I’m sending to support your team.”

“Yeah, Toshiro, Soifun, Byakuya, Ukitake, Zaraki, Shunsui, Mayuri and Komamura? This is most of the Gotei 13.”

“Yes. Add them to your usual group of five, some of their vice-captains and the Arrancar; Grimmjaw and Nelliel. You should have twenty people going with you.”

“Alright, but you better stay safe here.” He gave me a coy grin as I left.

“Luffy, be quiet for a moment. Jimbei, you’re fine going with us right?”

“Yes, my people avoided most of the war by staying in the ocean. Fishman Island is also practically untouched; with Luffy’s father helping rebuild the Marines as well, this world should be fine.”

“Hancock… You’re coming as well?”

“Of course! This is going to be a hard battle, and Luffy-sama needs my assistance.”

“Well I’ll put us down for eleven.”

“Ranma!” Dad was trying to pin him. “You did this!”

“I tried to stop her!” Ranma yelled back, avoiding the demonic head trailing behind him.

“Dad, this is my choice. We can help people. That’s what the Tendo School of Anything Goes Martial Arts stands for.”

“But this is war!”

“And I’m going.”

“Then I shall stay by your side to the end!” Kuno…

“Ranma-sama!” Kodachi…


“Okay that’s enough. Just raise your hand if you’re coming with and I’ll put your name down.” I finally yelled, silencing the room. This ended in twenty-one names on our list:Ranma, Ryoga, Shampoo, Ukyo, Myself, Mousse, Konatsu, Happosai, Mr. and Mrs. Saotome, Dad, Kasumi, Nabiki, the Kuno family, Nanomi, Cologne, Akari, Taro and Shinosuke…

“God I hope Tech has room for all the crazy…” I muttered as I left.

“So we’re in agreement. The ten of us will go. The Chaotix will stay here and settle the Mobians.”

“Yeah, we’ll get Sonic back no matter what.” Tails said.

“I know it’s rough, but we need to get ourselves ready. That means sleep.” I said, eying Tails. He sighed and nodded.

Within two days I had a list of over 100 people and began making modifications on the portal to compensate. The third day saw the edge of the pit crowded with those that were leaving with us.

“Jeez, Tech sure did a lot of work here.” Ranma said, his arms crossed behind his head. What had once been a thin path attached to a small central pillar was now a wide street leading to a landing where Tech had pulled the portal open to resemble more of a doorway, allowing us to go through five at a time.

On the other side was a devastating sight. The ground was a disturbing mixture of puce and gray sand; with some scorched black rocks lying around. There was no plant-life, and the smell was enough to make most normal people puke. The sky was a cloud black mess, no sunlight pierced the clouds. We huddled closer together as we passed through that gate, even at my level I could feel an overwhelming presence in the air; something was watching us.

As the last group passed through the portal collapsed behind us, removing the happy view of a green world. I shivered a little as people around us began setting up a camp; A few people were organized together to go searching. I was asked to help with the tents. A few minutes later; Raven, Syndil, Neko and Sally were sent out using a tracker to find where Sonic’s signal was coming from.

A few hours later they hadn’t returned, and we were starting to set up another group of people to go find them when the ground opened up, swallowing the camp whole.

After an hour and a half of following the signal we found a small cave dug into the ground, there was a single armored guard at the gate, It had crimson armor, painted in gold stripes; and a large blade strapped to its back. We were hiding a few feet away behind a rock.

“Alright, plans…” Neko asked.

“Nothing good, the terrain is wide open, he’d be able to see and hear us long before we could get to him.” Raven said.

“Sounds like a straight up fight then.” Neko muttered. “Well then, Raven and I will rush it, you two break for the cave. If its more dangerous inside, come right back out.” With a signal we were all running right across the open plains, Neko broke off, looking to attack from an opposite side, however in a single motion the guard caught Neko’s hand and stopped Raven’s blade. I didn’t stop, and charged right past into the cave.

Inside was a dim lit room, making the tile on the floor look gray and lifeless. In the center of the small room was a machine, one that looked like a tanning bed. The top was a clear glass, I could see Sonic lying inside; he was breathing slowly.

“Nicole, can you get this thing open?” I asked my pocket friend.

“I think so Sally.” She responded, her machinery churning from the calculations. I waited, watching, then the capsule began to sink into the floor. As it did it seemed to create a torrent of wind, trying to pull me in. I saw Neko flying down the tunnel towards me, we collided and fell into the darkness.

“Kazuma-san.” Yukina filled my vision. I must have fallen asleep or something, all I could remember was I somehow got Yukina to go on a date with me. Which was infuriating if I did fall asleep, where was I? I looked around the room slowly, red wallpaper, a nightstand, a TV on a set of drawers, and underneath the two of us a queen-sized bed with deep red sheets.

“Uh… How long was I out?” She smiled up at me.

“You passed out on the street, so I took you to the nearest hotel to get some rest.”

“Uh-huh.” I looked around the room again, trying to register my surroundings. “And this is a love hotel…”

“Yep!” She said.

“Uh-huh… Wait! What?!” I nearly shot out of the bed, but she held me down.

“I’m sorry… Is this not to your liking?”

“Hang on, you don’t… Who are you?” I got up and backed away when I felt a hand clasp on my shoulder. I turned to see an iron clad figure standing in the room, His pale face obscured by the shadows.

“Enjoy this Kazuma Kuwabara. It could either be the first of many, or your last night of pleasure.” I pulled away, now turning to the new form.

“Who are you!” I yelled drawing energy into my hands. He simply put his hand up into the air.

“I just want what is best for you; and I can give it to you, if you help me.” My mind started flooding with memories, the Solarus, the genocide, the Tower, Avarus.

“I won’t help you. Now where am I?” I formed two swords of my energy.

“You are in a love hotel, with your lovely girlfriend.” I lowered my blade. “Cut me all you want, you will not get out of here like that.” I retracted my energy hesitantly. “Good. Now you have two options. You can help me, or you can use the door and try to get out of here. I assure you, the later will end in your death.” I turned and moved to the wooden door. “Remember what I can offer you, perhaps when you know more of me, we will talk again.” With that I opened the door into the hall, and began walking out.

“Kazuma-san!” I heard Yukina calling out to me, but I started out anyway.

Soon I was on the streets in the middle of Tokyo, or something that looked like Tokyo.

“Kuwabara!” I turned to see Yusuke charging at me. “I’ll beat you today!” He yelled, jumping into a kick. As if someone was moving me I stepped out of the way and clobbered him easily. “I’ll… Get… You…” There was no way this is reality. I shivered as I tried to wake myself up, then began running trying to find a way out.

No matter what I tried, buses, trains, running into the woods, it was all the same. My friends, shadows of their former selves, the world done in impeccable detail, and me trapped in this reality. Desperate I began pulverizing the nearest wall, breaking it into rubble with my fists. I noticed something then. A white light, almost like television static. It began in the distance; I ran towards it. Soon it enveloped me, tearing away the false world. All at once my vision filled with darkness, it was hard to breath.

I reached out and my hand stopped against glass. With just a little force I managed to push the glass out, smoke immediately billowed away from me, giving me some air. I crawled out of the metal tomb coughing. As I did I heard others nearby, all emerging. There were eight capsuled lined up, and around me were Choutsu, Ayame, Akari, Shinosuke, Koga and Soifun.

I took a moment to look at my surroundings. We were in a dimly lit stone passage that seemed to stretch out in two directions.

“Ugg… That was…” Koga said, just before an alarm began ringing, drenching the hall in red light.
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