❯ Thousand Arms – epilogue ( Epilogue )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]


Bearing, Shaft, ad the Emperor Medius now lie cold. I have not left Dianova since The Dark Master died. I have no need. I rule over this place… this desolate castle. There is nothing here.

A few days ago, when the Dark Acolyte spirits told me the Emperor had been killed, the skies finally returned crystal blue once again.

I miss humans. I miss everything of Boyzby. I’m going to go back. The Neo Emperor is ploting to kill me. He claims I helped to kill the Dark Master. I guess he is right… They are all around. Gearmen are the only guards, but I could easily defeat them all.

I am leaving tonight, while they are all asleep. Yet, I know the Neo Emperor will know. They aren’t fast enough even when he does tell them I have escaped.

I am running to the master room.. the tile is there. A red light is going off. Shit!, I am thinking.

« GET HER! » A loud voice boomed through my castle.

Gearmen have me surroounded from all sides. I can see the tile… I am diving between the clumzy machines. I land on the tile on my stomach.

The feeling is back. Except, now, I can hear them. The lights no longer flash. I am on the opposite tile, rolling head first down the final twenty-one stairs. I hit the carpet… I make a run for the doors. Gearmen. They’ve teleported also.

I am filled with fear. They com closer, slowly.

Then I am chanting… « Teleportium… Teleportium… TELEPORTIUM! »

Thousand Arms – chapter 9