❯ Thousand Arms – chapter 9 ( Chapter 9 )

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Chapter 9

« Dark Master! » I said, rushing to his side. I held him in my arms as he looked up at me. Tears fell onto his bloody, ripped and shredded shirt. I.. I was too late.

« Jeala.. why… what took you so long? And what happened? Why is your shoulder and back cut? » He said, in between coughs. The Dark Master kept his eyes shut. I longed to see them. I longed to see their shine.

« I’ll be ok. I tried to hurry.. I tried so hard.. Bearing he wouldn’t… » I started. The Dark Master cringed and opened his eyes.

« Damn him! Imbicile…. Jeala.. they.. Meis took her back! I won’t rule the world .. the universe. » The Dark Master replied. He coughed again.

« Love… do not leave me! I cannot stay here without you… I came for you! Do not let me stay alone! » I cried.

« What do you know… of… of love? If I go- I’ll come back. I’ll be stronger than before. And you… you will rule Dianova. Queen Jeala… You must truly love me. You waste your emotions on someone who doesn not love you back. I’m sorry I pained you in this way. I didn’t think you would come with. Jeala… I just wanted to have a strong sword…. And I do. A sword that not even the emperor himself could forge. Forgive me, Jeala. » he said softly. He laced his fingers with mine and squeezed my hand tight. His skin was clammy and sweaty.

« You nee not be forgiven. All that matters is you told me. Where are you Schmidt? I miss you… I loved you. Master… » i cried. My head fell gently onto his bloody chest. I wanted not to hurt him. His hand grazed the small of my back.

« Jeala… I would have come back to you. I love you… though the Dark Master did not. I’ll come back. » A soft voice whispered in my ear. I looked up at his face. His lips were parted slightly. His breath… was cut short. The grip on my hand was no longer there. And his beautiful, sapphire eyes would never open again.

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