❯ Thousand Arms – chapter 7 ( Chapter 7 )

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They told me the’re after you, that they’ll take her and kill you. I didn’t mean for it to turn out this way. I just wanted you to love me back.

They just boarded the ship. It’s lifting out of the icy blue water now. The fires gleam off of the shiny metal. I stare and stare until it disappears into the sun.

I do not know how to get back to you. I need to warn you. I need to get to you. I will not let them take you from me. I promised I wouldn’t let you die.

* * * * *

« Bearing! Please, can you go faster? They’ll kill him! » I cried. I leaned against the silver railing, as if to make the air craft go faster.

« Jeala, why do I care? He thinks himself better than us all. You know that! And he doesn’t treat you right. He doesn’t deserve you. Give it up! » Bearing replied, pressing a few buttons. « Hold on. »

We excellerated even faster, I was sure to have jet lag. Bearing then set it on auto pilot.

« You don’t know that! You DO NOT know that! » I shouted back. My cheeks flushed red and hot.

« You know I do, Jeala. »

« No. »

« Jeala, You know I’m right. I know you know. Give it up Jeala. You are only causing yourself more grief. » Bearing replied. He turned to me. His eyes told me everything, how he used us, how he used me. The Dark Master had never loved me. Not even that first day in Boyzby. Bearing gently touched my shoulder.

« It doesn’t matter if he loves me or not! You don’t know one thing for sure. You don’t know what I went through those first two days. I need him, Bearing. I promised I’d love him forever. » I cried. Tears filled my eyes. Bearing did know. I vaguely remember telling him that day. I was unconsious. But I had uttered my whole life story to him. Bearing knew me better than the Dark Master even tried to. Bearing was the one who worried. Bearing was the one who cared.

The ship had suddenly took a sharp turn. I lost my balance. Crimson blood fell onto the slick, black floor. My shoulder and back stung badly. Bearing held me loosely in his metallic arms, staring down at my bloody wounds, which he had caused catching me.

« Jeala… I’m sorry.. are you ok? » He said, his metallic voice shaky.

« I.. I should be fine.. ah… » I replied, cringing as he moved my slashed cloak.

« They are pretty deep. Jeala, we have to stop! I poisoned you.. Jeala… » Bearing said. I removed my cloak and threw it aside.

I looked up into his yees. His eyes said so much.

« No.. no. Bearing we have to keep going. I refuse to stop. We should be there soon, shan’t we? » I replied. I touched his arm gently. « I’ll be ok. Don’t worry about me. I have Antidotes. »

Those Antidotes didn’t help much. I still felt weaker, and we seemed to be going so slow. We rode in silence until we reached Dianova, which would become my kingdom, if the Dark Master lived.

* * * *

« I’ll meet you back here when you two come back. » Bearing said as I stepped off the ship onto the dusty ground.

« We’ll be back Bearing. » I replied. I felt as if I would pass out. I was so weak and cold, my cloak was still in the ship. I made my way slowly to the entrance. I looked back, Bearing silhouetted agaisnt the cloudy, black sky. He waved.

I sighed and then made my way in. I had forgotten how large the Castle of Dianova had been! The staircases on either side of the blood red carpet spiraled up at least a thousand feet. There were more than one hundred floors. One could easily be lost in this maze.

The Dark Master had shown me this whole castle. The black glass walls were far too familiar, the golden doors opened only one too many times. The Dark Master had also shown me where a secret teleporting tile was. The tile took the rulers strait to the master room. It was blood red, like the carpet, located on the twenty first step of the left staircase.

I began down the carpet towards the staircases. I lifted myfood, the wieght was too heavy and I had tripped and bit my lip badly. Blood poured down my chin. I had to get back up… I needed to find the Dark Master. I couldn’t let him die! I needed him… He couldn’t leave me. I couldn’t lose him. It was impossible.

I pushed myself back up and started up the stairs. Five… six… seven… eight… I counted them as I placed each foot on the next step. Seventeen… eightteen… nineteen… twenty… My energy was being sucked from me. Just one more step. I clutched the gold railing tighter. As soon as my right foot touched the tile, the world began to spin round and round. Lights brightened and darkened. Wind blew through my hair, it blew at my back, burning my wounds. I screamed in pain and in nauseousness. Then, suddenly, my feet hit solid ground.

The force of impact toppled me over. I fell at the feet of the enemy. I looked up, squinting, at their smiling faces. There was Meis… Muza and Wyna… Soushi… Kyleen and Nelsha… and her. They had Sodina…

« Tell me you didn’t! » I cried, as I got to my feet and ran into the master control room, pushing them out of my way. Tears stung in my eyes and streamed down my cheeks. My lip had stopped bleeding, but I could still taste the salty blood.

There he was. My Dark Master… he was lying on the floor, tightening his grip around his sword- the blade glittered along with the five jewels- two black, two blue and one red. He let out a barely audible groan.

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