❯ Thousand Arms – Chapter 6

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The Dark Master and I were last to enter the throne room. Wire, Bearing, Ratchet and Shaft were already there. They stared at us as we entered slowly.
« Bolt has failed. None else of you may do so. The Dark Master and his loyal servant prevailed. They have brought us back the Primordial Flame. Soe of the Dark Acolytes are taking over Wano Point. There is a Primordial Flame off the coast of there. On BackSide Hill. I am sure that the same foolish kids that you met last time will be there. Ratchet, » The Emperor said, as Ratchet smiled,  » You will go with the Dark Master and Jeala to Wano. » Emperor Medius said, as he disappeared. Ratchet looked over at us.
« Mr. D! I can’t wait to fight with you! » She said excitedly. Shaft walked past us and out the door. But Bearing slammed into The Dark Master on his way out. Master in return grabbed the hilt of his sword and his eyes flashed red.
« Yes Ratchet. Meet me in the Front Room in two hours… »the Dark Master replied.
« Okay Mr. D! » Ratchet said as she sashayed out the doork. Wire was still standing by the Emperors throne, shaking his head as if he could hear things we couldn’t.
« I’ll kill Bearing before anyone else gets a chance to. » The Dark Master said, with anger and hatred in his voice.
« Let’s just go. » I suggested. THe Dark Master shook his head.
« Yeah Jeala, lets just go. » He replied. He stared forward and led me to the Front Room.
* * *
I was knelt beside teh Dark Master. He began to pace the room for the longest time before any of us spoke. He looked out the window and dropped his sword, making almost as much clatter as he did forging swords.
« Yes… yessss… that’s it! I’ve… I’ve figurted out the secret to forging a better sword. I know where I’ve felt that power before… It was when I forged them with… Sodina. Yess….. They are bound to be there… » The Dark Master said, with an evil grin.
« Why does it have to be Sodina? Am I not good enough? You told me you needed love to forge a good sword. And I love you. » I said, startled. I stood up and looked at him.
« You don’t feel anything Jeala. You are a puppet. You’re one of them. You have been, since we arrived here. » The Dark Master replied, still staring out the window.
« I do too feel love. My heart is filled with love for you. » I replied. I felt as if someone had slapped me across the face.
« SHUT UP! Once I have Sodina… I will need you no longer. I only need the power she has… Oh Sodina… I will have you soon. » He said. He looked at me for a brief moment as if ti sao something more, but Ratchet had made her way into the room.
« Mr. D? Are you ready? Let’s go get the flame! Mr. D… Oooookay Mr. D! I’m leavin without ya! » Ratchet said, as she rubbed her cheek on his shoulder and then hopped out of the room.
* * *
I found Ratchet in the Airship room. She was about to board one, when she saw me.
« Oh hiiiiii Jeala! Is Mr. D. coming? He’s so big and strong! C’mon Jeala, hop in! » Ratchet said as she pulled me to the door of the Airship and pushed me in. Then she hopped in herself and started it up.
« No… no Ratchet. ‘Mr. D.’ isn’t coming with us. He’s taking a different ship. He’s got a different plan. He told me to tell you to go and get the flame. There is a man there named Soushi. You should fight with him, he is posessed with the darkness and has a sword to contain teh flame. » i told her. The air ship didn’t fly as fast as I thought it would.
« Ok, Mrs. J! When we get to Wano, I’ll hide this ship and take a boat over to the island. I won’t need the airship to get back to the Cloud Manta. So I’ll leave it hear for ya! » Ratchet said. Then she started humming. We were soon over Wano. Most of it was in flames. Ratchet hid the air ship in between the huge harbor boxes. Then she took a small boat over to the island.
I found a box and rested on it.I didn’t want to go back right away. I figured it would be best to stay out of the Master’s way. Tears filled my eyes as I remembered what he had said. Maybe it would have been better if I had just stayed behind. I began to sob my heart out. If this wasn’t love, I wanted to know what was.
* * *
The town seemed to be deserted, except for the Gearmen and the Dark Acolytes. I doubted they would be able to see me, when the fires began to die down. They all started to leave, one airship after another. I wondered why I never saw them before. Maybe they were under a different commander?
A loud humming broke my train of thought. I looked around me, kind of spooked. Then lights came out of the sky. The Dark Master’s misson was completed. He had her, what he really wanted. I sucked it up and went to the airship. After a while, I finally got it parked by the dock. Meis and the others would be coming in a boat.
* * *
« Meis, we must hurry! We can’t let her go like this! » A girlish voice said.
« I know… but how? » i heard Meis say. The boat hit the side of the dock and I walked over to them, pulling my cloak tightly around me. I put up my hood.
« Meis, use this airship to get to Sodina. The Cloud Manta is headed for the floating city of Sharan. Go and get her. » I said, trying not to make eye contact with any of them.
« Who are you? » Meis asked.
« Meis, if you love her- just go. Don’t let her get away. » I replied.
« Come on you guys, » Meis said to the others, » Thank you, who ever you are… » I nodded in reply. They all boarded the airship and at once, it was off.
« I won’t let Sodina be with him. If I can’t have him, no one will. »

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