❯ Thousand Arms – Chapter 4

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Thousand Arms- Chapter Cuatro

« Sir, we should prepare for the attack. Thy have spotted us, those paranoid half-wits. We should send some one right away. » Shaft explained, as we all bowed on one knee. The Emperor sat on his throne, indecisive about who would be well on taking over the Langoud.
« Yes Shaft. Whou should be the one to take over tho? Who.. »
« Oh Sir! Send me! I’d be perfect for it Master! » Ratchet said, jumpiong up and down. She,obviously, was usually under estimated.
« EXCUSE ME- RATCHET- SHUT UP UNLESS I TELL YOU OTHER WISE. » The Emperor yelled, as Ratchet lowered her head in embarrassment and shame. « Now, I will send you, Bolt. Once you get down to the Langoud, go straight to the control room. Waste no time.And once you kill them all, and you will kill them all, come back. We will descuss the rest when you return. Dark Master, Jeala, see Bolt off. Then head to the sacred altar on Volcanic Island. Retrieve the Primordial Flame and then come back. » Everyone bowed their heads, stood up, and then left the room.
The Dark Master grabbed my arm and rushed me to the item room.
« Jeala, we need the flame. To rule it all, we mustn’t let the others – expecially the Emperor – find out about this. Promise you will keep it secret. » The Dark Master said s we put items, potions, and elixirs into our puches.
« Yes, Schmidt. Of cour… »
« DONT… call me that. »
« Forgive me, Master, » I replied with my head lowered. « I’ll keep it secret. I’m sorry. I thought… I thought since we are so close… you wouldn’t mind me calling you by that name. May I take a sword Master? »
« Jeala, if I had my way, you wouldn’t eve be here – in this dimention. You don’t deserve this. I don’t want you hurt. I don’t want you to battle. I wa… » The Dm started.
« I am not weak! And I came here because I love you. Not because I’m power hungry. And I will fight by your side, no matter what you say, even if it means death. Please let me fight. » I said, frustrated.
The Dark Master looked at me with sorrow and anger in his eyes. Then he chose a sword, hung his head, and game me the jeweled, silver sword.
« If at any time, the battle gets bad, you must elave. » He said.
i bowed my head. Bolt came in just then.
« Dark Master, you should have left by now. »
« Shut up, you freakin psychotic piece of junk. » The Dark Master replied. He grabbed his swords, put them in their sheaths, and we headed for the door.
« WHAT DI DYOU SAY! YOU WERE MAKIN FUN OF ME! COME BACK HERE, I’LL KILL YOU! » Bolt yelled. Then he stomped up behind us, smoke coming out of his ears.
« Jeala, run. » The Dark Master said, grabbing my hand as we ran. I looked back as Bolt let off some heat in our directoin. I pulled Dark Master down just as the smoke, fire and bolts flew over our heads.
« He’s way too damn barberic. He’ll blow up the damn Langoud before he takes it over! » The Dark Master said.
« Come on, Dark Master, lets just go. Fighting will be good for you. » I replied as I stood up. We stopped in the middle of the hall. The lantern flickered, and then went out.
« Why are we stopping? Aren’t we going to take a ship or something? » I asked, puzzled. The Dark Master took both my hands in his.
« NO, we are not taking a freaking ship. We’re warping. A ship would be too damn obvious. Think a little, Jeala, » he replied. « Close your eyes, I’ll get us there. »
I closed my eyes and in a yellow flash, we were off.
* * *
« C’mon you guys! It’s the flame up ahead! »
« Woah, its amazing! »
« You’ve never seen a Primordial Flame, Wyna? »
« Nope. »
« Meis, let’s just get the flame! »
The Dark Master’s eyes widened.
« Sodina’s here… yes… » He said with a michevious grin. Then he laughed. I saw the altar and flame approaching. I fell to my knees from the brightness. The Dark Master landed first, and then I beside him. Then we materialized on the altar.
« Schmidt! » Meis said. Sodina’s jaw dropped. The two other people looked dumbfounded.
« That name has no meaning for me now. I am the Dark Master. » He replied. I looked down at them.
« I am Jeala, the loyal servant of the Dark Master. » I added. Meis googled at me the same way as before.
« Hey babe, maybe you could be my loyal servant! » Meis said. He ran his fingers through his hair. The group looked at him in disqust.
« Shut up, you fool. We have gained much power since our last meeting. This is just a small portion. Behold! » The Dark Master yelled,. as he raised his swords above him and I raised mine up to his. The flame was attracted to our swords. The flame began to flow into the swords.
« Hey man! Give that back! » The blonde girl said, as she grabbed her hammer.
« So, you want to fight? » The Dark Master asked. The girl jumpe dup and swung her hammer at him. But he hit her hammer first, and she fell into the brown haired guy’s arms.
« How dare you treat Wyna like that! Get down here, you’re gonna pay! » Sodina threatened.The Dark Master jumped down, and then I did. We both drew our swords.
« I wouldn’t bet on that. » I said, glaring at Sodina.
Thats the one he wants. Well, I’ll make sure he doesn’t get her, I thought.
« You are but foolish children. » The Dark Master said, as teh fight began.

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