❯ Thousand Arms – Chapter 3

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Thousand Arms

Chapter Tres

* * * *

« Yes Dark Master. She’ll be fine. She did have her soul ripped out of her, so the pain would indeed be too much for anyone to handle. Passing out is understandable. The Emperor is waiting. We must go and see him now, Dark Master. We’ll leave someone to care for her until we return. » I heard a low voice say. My eyes were open, but it was still so dark.

« Ok, but who will you leave? How about yourself, Bearing. You seem perfect for the job. » Schmidt said. I felt a hand on my forehead. A blue chill went through my body.

« Don’t touch her Dark Master! Bad things will happen! » A high, squeaky voice said.

« How the hell did you get her in there them? Who’s going to watch over her? » Schmidt asked again, perturbed. The hand left my forehead.

« I will. »

* * * *

I must have passed out again, because everything went silent. When I awoke the second time, I didn’t know if anyone was in the room with me. I opened my eyes. The light was extremely dim. I sat up slowly.

« Finally she awakes. »

I turned around and there was some one- or some thing- standing behind me.

« And who are you? » I asked as he walked over to my bedside. His eyes were cold, but he made me feel welcome.

« I am Bearing, a member of the Evil Mecha 5. » He replied. He handed me a glass of water.

« Bearing, where is Schmidt? » I asked as I sipped out of the glass.

« Schmidt? You mean the Dark Master. He is still with the Emperor. » Bearing explained. He sat down at the edge of the bed.

« Um, not to sound rude, but, what- what happened to you? » I asked blushing.

« Oh. No, it’s ok. But I was never a human. The Emperor created the Evil Mecha 5. He believed machines, robots, what ever, were stronger than humans. » He said as Schmidt walked into the room.

« Schmidt! » I said with a smile. He looked at me and his eyes flashed red. My smile faded away and fast.

« Jeala… never.. ever call me that. I am the Dark Master now. We must go Jeala. Seems we have a little problem. Bearing, thank you for watching over her. You may leave now. » The Dark Master replied. Bearing stood up and walked right up to the Dark Master.

« I don’t know what’s up your ass, but you’re not any better than me. Stop ordering me around. » Bearing said. His eyes turned red and then he left. The Dark Master smiled at me.

« We have a mission set out for us. We must get the holy flames from the sacred altars of the world. Come Jeala, the loyal servant of the Dark Master. » The Dark Master kneeled on the bed and wrapped one arm around me, pulling me close. « We will rule together over the world, the Evil Mecha 5, the Emperor- everything. » He pressed his lips gently on mine. I put my arms around him. If this is what I got to do because I had given up my soul, I’d give it up everyday.

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