❯ Thousand Arms – Chapter 2

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Thousand Arms

Chapter Dos

* * * *

I woke up to the noise of the door slamming shut. I got out of bed and went to check in Schmidt’s room.

« Schmidt? » I said, as I turned on the light. He wasn’t there. I went out the front door. I’d follow him. The moonlight glittered off of silver, Schmidt’s sword. I shivered in the cold darkness of the night and followed Schmidt. He walked out of Boyzby and stopped a little more than 100 feet from the entrance.

« Schmidt, join the Emperor. He wants the power you possess. Think about it. It’s a really good offer… » An unknown voice said.

« Why me? Fine… » Schmidt replied.

« Remember- Mist Valley, Mirror of Souls. » He said and left.

« Shi… » I heard a new voice say. Schmidt turned around and walked over to a pine tree.

« Meis… how much have you heard? » Schmidt said, angered.

« Uh… nothing? » Meis replied.

« If you tell anyone what you saw, you’ll be begging me for mercy.  » Schmidt threatened and started back towards the city.

« Schmidt? » I said as he passed me.

« Jeala! What are you doing here? Did you hear that too? » He asked.

« I.. I awoke when the door slammed shut. And yes, I heard it too. But I won’t tell anyone. You have my word, Schmidt. » I replied.

« I’m sorry I woke you. Let’s head back. » Schmidt said, grabbing my hand.

* * * *

« Jeala- I’m going now. I don’t know if I’ll be back. When I return- we can be together again. » Schmidt said as I groggily walked into the main room.

« Why must you leave? » I asked.

« The.. the Emperor wants me to join them. It’s gotta be better than this… Jyabil all mad at me for believing a sword is for fighting only. » he replied as he started for the door then looked at me.

« Jeala, don’t follow me. I don’t want you hurt. My heart will be with you. » Schmidt replied. I walked up to him.

« Schmidt- I don’t want you to leave me. » I said unexpectedly and I blushed a deep shade of red and he took me in his arms.

« Jeala, I’ll be back. » he assured me. Then he looked at me.

« Good bye, Schmidt. Don’t do anything stupid, and don’t get hurt. Please return to me. » I cried as he walked away. I shut the door and went into the spare room. I knew he wouldn’t return. I cried for nearly an hour. Then I pulled myself together. I couldn’t just let him walk away. I ran for the Mist Valley.

* * * *

I found Schmidt just as he was agreeing with the Emperor.

« SCHMIDT! » I yelled as I fell at his feet. « Take me with you. »

The Emperor laughed.

« Who is this young girl? Your sister? I do feel some force from her… Maybe she should join us also. He said to Schmidt. Then he looked at me. « You do know- it would mean you hand your soul over to me… for this mere boy. »

« Jeala, no you can’t give up your soul for me! Please Jeala! » Schmidt cried.

« I understand. Schmidt- please accept my decision. I want to go with. » I replied standing up.

« Schmidt- Jeala, are you ready? » The Emperor said.

« Jeala! Stay back! Don’t do this! » Schmidt said.

« I vowed the night I met you, I’d follow you where ever you went, for I loved you. Accept this vow of love. » I explained.

« We cannot wait any longer. We must go. » The Emperor stated.

« Jeala! » Schmidt yelled, as we were surrounded by fog.

I cried in pain. It felt as if someone was ripping me in half. My eyes burned with tears. Everything around us three went black.

« SCHMIDT! » I yelled as he grabbed my hand. After the pain eased, I knew no more.

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