❯ Thousand Arms – Chapter 1

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Thousand Arms Fan Fic

Chapter Uno

* * * *

You never expect to lose the one you love. You expect it to last forever. It would only be more obvious if they promised themselves to you. But maybe it’s just me who thinks this way. Maybe I didn’t have my eyes open. Maybe what I thought was there, really wasn’t.

* * * *

« Jeala, my name is Jeala. » I said. I brushed a strand of my brown hair out of my face.

« It’s a pleasure, I’m Schmidt. » The young man replied, as he led me through an unfamiliar city. The sun began to set and all the children started heading for home.

« I just have to go to Jyabil’s place to get my sword. You can meet him and Sodina. » Schmidt told me as we turned down a quiet street. The lights started to go on in the houses.

« Ok. » I said. My stomach started to flip flop and I could feel my cheeks turn red. We walked up a sidewalk, so I assumed we were at Jyabil’s. Schmidt walked in the door that said >shop<.

« Hi Schmidt! » A cheery teenage girl said smiling. As soon as she spotted me, the smile faded. « Hello. »

« Hey Sodina! This is Jeala. Is Jyabil here? » Schmidt asked, leaning against the counter. I stood behind him. I felt so out of place, with her looking at me like that.

« Um, he’s busy with his new apprentice, Meis. I don’t think we should bug him. » Sodina replied, eyeing me suspiciously. Just as she finished, a man with gray hair walked around the corner.

« Hello, Schmidt. Your sword is ready. What have you been doing with it? Have you the wrong motives? And who is this? » The man said. I pulled my cloak tighter around me, as the black haired boy eyed me with lust.

« This is Jeala. Jeala, this is Jyabil and Meis. What do you mean, what have I been doing? I was fighting. You know my motives, Jyabil. Swords are for fighting, nothing else. Is that wrong? » Schmidt said as Jyabil handed him his sword, glowing dark purple. Jyabil shook his head in disgust. Meis edged closer and closer to me, grinning.

« Schmidt- it is what I thought. You do not care about the spirit that lives in this sword. You might be a strong fighter, but maybe you could learn some things from Meis’ sword. His is stronger than yours will ever be. » Jyabil replied. Meis smiled at the indirect praise from his new master.

« You’re joking, right? Don’t tell me that punk’s sword is better than mine. It’s all lies. We’ll see who comes out on top. Goodbye Jyabil, Sodina, Meis… » Schmidt replied as he glared at Meis, put his hand on my back and led me out the door.

* * * *

« What was that all about, Schmidt? » I asked cautiously. We sat on the bench under the street lamp. He held his sword in both hands. A tear fell onto it’s hilt.

« He just doesn’t want me to be successful. He just likes that little kid… Meis. » He replied. Then he sat silently. I looked at him. His short blue hair gleamed in the light. Some of his hair hung down in his face. He was tall, tan and cute. Then he looked at me.

Shit, I thought. I was caught staring. I looked away quickly.

« Jeala, were you staring? » He asked, humor in his voice. Then he took my chin in his hand and brought my face up level to his. I looked into his eyes and blushed.

« And if I was? » I said, smiling.

« I’d have to stare right back at you. » Schmidt teased, laughing. I laughed too.

I was in love. I vowed right then and there. I’d follow him no matter where he went.

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