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I know I left you guys with a little bit of a mystery as to who was the winner of the last match but it wasn’t too hard to figure out. I am not that cruel despite so in one of my other stories.
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Third Fight
One of the two identical men stood above the other and slowly approached the dragon. Thatz placed his hand on the dragon’s nose and gently petted him. “Thank you my friend, I couldn’t have done it without you. I’m sure he didn’t see that one coming.”
“Um… excuse me but which side are you on? We do have to declare a winner after all, and it is hard if you both look the same.” Koto asked Thatz, although she tried to stay her distance from the dragon.
“Oh I am with those guys.” Thatz pointed at Lykeleon and the others. “Besides, he may be able to copy my looks and my fighting style but he can’t copy a dragon. Sorry about that.”
Thatz came back to the others and nearly collapsed onto the seat. “Man that was an annoying fight. I hope never to do that again. So who is going next?” his question was mainly directed at Lena and Rune.
“Well not me. I am going to finish healing His Highness, and then heal you. So that only leaves….” Everyone looked at Rath and he was smiling wider than a kid in a candy store told he can have anything. “Well looks like Lena is up then.” Rune finished.
“WHAT! But Rune… I want to fight too. And you guys tied me up, it is only fair.”
“NO RATH. Tell me, how mush of the book DID you read? I want to know the truth.” Rune questioned in an authoritative tone.
“Well, I did read what not to do, so that mean anything else is good to do. Right?” Rath replied innocently.
Everyone just looked at him and let their head drop a bit. Of course coming from Rath it did make sense. “Sorry Rath but we are going to let Lena handle this one.” Lykeleon finally spoke. Lena seemed not to care and headed for the stage.
Rath tried to plead with his friends to try and let him fight instead but they all seemed to stay with Lena as the next fighter. “Rath listen, we need to know what she is capable of if she is going to be on our team. Besides, we had no intention of letting you fight this round anyways.” Thatz whispered to the tied up Dragon Knight.
Rath stopped arguing after hearing that explanation and watched as Lena’s opponent moved into the ring. The opposing person removed the hood of her cap and shifted the rope part in the front to look more like a cape. Rath was startled at who he was looking at. She looked so plain. She wasn’t the kind of person that you would give a second thought or even a second glance at. She stood at about five and one-half feet tall. She wasn’t exactly too skinny but just enough that it gave her some good curves. Her hair was light brown and she had a soft face to look at, you could almost say she was cute.
“Lena from Team Lykeleon will now face off against Jayne from Team Darogaa. These two ladies will now fight to see whether or not Darogaa has to go home and Team Lykeleon will proceed on. READY…AND…FIGHT!” Koto announced for all to hear.
Lena didn’t waste anytime and immediately attack Jayne; Jayne dodged the attack and somehow was behind Lena. Lena delivered a round house kick at Jayne but again she only swung at air. Lena smiled as she found her combat partner across the arena.
“Fine you want to do this the hard way that is fine by me. I like the hard way personally.” Lena informed Jayne.
“Come at with whatever you want. It won’t bother me.” She taunted.
Lena inhaled a deep breath and then shut her eyes for a few seconds, when they opened she also exhaled and made a new charge. She was faster this time, not by much but enough to make her swings at Jayne come much closer to hitting her. Jayne still never made a punch, kick, or threatening move against Lena.
The girls continued to move about the ring with no signs of a hit going to either combatant. Rath watched the fight closely and thought he say Lena smile half heartedly. She seemed to be enjoying the fight, and she barely looked like she had warmed up. Jayne suddenly jumped all the way to the other side of the ring and just stopped.
“Well girl, now that we are limber and have had a nice five minute warm up, shall we let the real fight begin?” Jayne chuckeled, “and the best part is I can now actually fight against you. Having let you try to hit me for the past five minutes.”
Lena seemed mad at herself for not even hitting Jayne once. “Fine by me. Let me go to the next step as well. Shindou Heki!” Lena’s stance changed dramatically; before she had attacked with little style or thought, now she took up martial arts stance and she seemed more composed. Her left foot was in front slightly bent at the knee, as was her left arm, slightly above her leg, with fingers together palm down; while the right arm and hand were behind here and rose almost above her head.
Jayne grabbed the cape and ripped if off of her shoulders and began to clench her hands and then open them, she just repeated this over and over. With each time she closed her hands a light luminescent glow appeared about her. After a moment the color of the light seemed visible, the green glow continued to surround her until she closed her hands on final time and the light rushed to her hands and stayed there.
Lena stood her ground and decided to let Jayne make the first move. She was glad she stayed back because Jayne rushed her and Lena barely dodged the attack. This time around it was Lena doing almost all of the dodging; a few attacks passed very close to hitting Lena however she wasn’t that lucky. The attacks that did just missed still seemed to hurt, the energy they gave off nicked Lena and made a bruise or with two of the attacks lightly cut into her.
As Jayne’s next attack came in Lena decided to try and make a strike for her opponent. Jayne punched to the left as Lena ducked under it and struck upward with both hands; they connected against Jayne’s elbow and tried to push farther. Before Jayne could react Lena was behind her and jabbed her in the back with left hand.
Jayne only looked down and saw that a hand had now pierced her and was sticking out of her chest. She moved forward to remove the hand and was only able to walk for a few feet before stumbling to the ground and feel silent. Lena quickly swatted her arm away to remove the blood covering the lower half.
“AND THE WINNER BY DEATH IS TEAM LYKELEON! THEY WILL ADVANCE TO FIGHT TOMORROW!” Koto announced and backed away slightly from Lena.
Lena walked back over to her team and just looked at them. “If there is something wrong speak now or keep silent.” She gave them a cold stare and waited for their reply.
“Well I congratulate you for getting us to the next round but…never mind.” Rune started but let the subject drop. More than anything Rath wanted to speak up but knew to keep silent, for now.
Later that day.
Rath sat in his room and was reading the rule book just like the others had told him too, even though he didn’t really want to. He had gotten halfway through the book before his head was starting to hurt from all the information he was trying to remember.
He got up and decided to go into the main room and let his headache settle before going back to his work. As he sat on the large couch he remembered that everyone else was out learning what they could about this island and the tournament. Across from him he saw two small black boxes next to a much larger one with buttons and knobs, his curiosity got the better of him and he went to play with it to find what it did.
As soon as he pressed the biggest button lots of noise burst out of the two smaller boxes surprising Rath. He jumped back and drew his sword and started to swing in one solid motion before coming to a stop just in front of the object. The others most likely wouldn’t like it if Rath destroyed some of the furniture that Jayne had pointed out were NOT demons in the apartment, including this one.
Rath now gave it a chance to see what it was doing and the noise was actually music, he found it strange because he couldn’t figure out where or how the people fit inside the small boxes. He sat there listening for over an hour before he noticed his head no longer hurt, so he went and grabbed the rule book and brought it back out to continue reading with the music.
Even more later that day.
Rath set the book down having finished it and found he actually could remember it now because of a little musical help. He continued to listen to the music as he heard much faster and heavy tunes now playing compared to the soft and gentle ones from before. Below the music box he found many CDs and had been playing them trying to find what sounded good and what he didn’t care for.
As he flipped through the CDs Thatz, Lykeleon and Rune entered the apartment and stopped upon hearing the music.
“Rath, what do you think you are doing?” Rune asked with a little irritation in his voice.
“Just listening to some music. I think some of these songs are cool.” He replied childishly.
“Did you at least read the whole rule book?”
“Yes, I finished just a few minute ago.”
“All of it this time?”
“Eh, whatever. So did you make anything for us to eat?”
“What? I only just finished reading that rule book. I didn’t have time for anything myself yet.”
Thatz and Lykeleon just laughed as Rath and Rune argued back and forth.
Yes I am back. After a few years I have finally posted the next chapter. I have another chapter in the works and hopefully will be done in a week or two. For anyone who is curious about why I haven’t posted sooner than now, go read my UP AND COMING story. As of currently this story may go on hold but then again may not. Just as a note to anyone interested, I have not been reading Dragon Knights past the 8th book. I may start reading them again if I continue this further than 10 chapters, but for now I am busy. Plus I have a few other stories I am working on. See you soon. Oh and yes it was a Radio/CD player Rath is playing with.
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