Yu-Gi-Oh! Fan Fiction ❯ Think Of The Happiest Things ( Chapter 20 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]


Yami Yugi= Yami/Pharaoh=Paro

Yugi Motou= aibou= Abu/Udi

Ryou Bakura ( Hikari)= Ryou/Tenshi/Teni

Yami Bakura= Bakura/Batura tombrobber/tombbobber

Malik(Marik) Ishtar= Malik/ Koi=Toy

Yami Marik= Marik/tombkeeper/tombbeeper

Seto Kaiba= Kaiba/Dragon/Tiba

Mokuba Kaiba= Mokuba

Jonouchi=Jou /Pup/Doey

//Yami to Hikari//

/Hikari to Yami/

**characters thoughts**

(Authors Notes)

« Hi this is Ryou well were going on out first ride, I can’t wait. Dark Sanctuary doesn’t Own Yugioh. »

« Yess made it, » Yugi said as he got his little Dark out of the stroller. « Yugi wait for us, Ryou and Marik yelled as they came racing with Bakura and Marik. « Come on lets go Bakura, » Ryou said as he took his little Dark out of his stroller, who was holding a slightly worn Changie( Bakura’s Change of Heart plushie). /Bakura why don’t you leave Changie in the stroller/ //No Teni, Changie doent wike to be in da toller wit out me// /Bakura , Changie will be okay by themselves, they might get lost on the ride if you take him/ Bakura much to the dismay of his light, softly started sobbing. /I’m sorry Bakura, we’ll bring Changie just make sure you hold on to him really tight okay./ //Otay Teni// Bakura said as Ryou held him and Changie in his arms.

« Hey guys, what took you so long, » Yugi said as Jou,, Kaiba, Malik and Marik came strolling into the line. « Malit I wanna det down,pwease, » Marik whined. « Okay but I need to hold you hand okay, » Marik told his little Dark. « Otay Toy. » « I can’t believe were standing were going to be in this for about 40 minutes( that’s the shortest wait time for PeterPan if your lucky lol) Pup, » Kaiba said as he stood in line. « Yeah but at least I can do this, » Jou replied as he brought his Dragon in for a kiss. « Oh Ra I love lines, » Kaiba moaned causing everyone to laugh.

« Mayik wook ders a red tip, » Marik squeled in delight as he saw the red Peter Pan ship that came every forth turn. (Really its true the red ship comes every forth one been to Disney Land way to many times lol ).  » Malit I wanna hab da red tip, » Marik said as he tried climbing on the wooden-like rails. /Marik we don’t know which ship will get/ Malik said as he pulled his Little Dark off the rail. //Yeah we will Malit// Marik said in the mindlink, causing Malik to laugh knowing full well that his little Yami would do anything to get the red ship.

Meanwhile Yugi and Ryou had fallen curse to the Peter Pan theme song. « Think of the happiest things, that’s the way you get your wings, think of christmas, think of snow, think of sleighbells now here go , like reindeer in the sky you can fly, you can fly, you can fly, » Ryou and Yugi sang as they held two little hyper Yami’s hands. //Abu were amost der Yay!!!//

« Come on you two get a move on it, » Malik teased Kaiba and Jou who were currently in a liplock. **Damn I hate being interrupted** Kaiba thought as he broke away from his pup. ( Okay they’re at the front of the line ready to go on)

« Hi there I’m Beysie hope your enjoying your stay here at Disneyland, the rather good looking hazel green eyed, brown haired guy said as he smiled at Yugi. « Yeah thanks were having so much fun, » Yugi said as he and Yami got into the ship. « Is this your first time little one, » Beysie asked Yami who was now clutching Yugi tightly. « Yes it’s his first time Yugi laughed. « What’s your name, » Beysie asked Yami who had gotten very shy all of a sudden. /Tell him your name Yami/ //I don’t want too Aibou// Yami said his little face now buried in Yugi’s chest. « I’m sorry…., » Yugi said. « It’s okay, have fun little one, » Beysie said as Yami and Yugi went on their way….

 » Changie gonna come on da wide wit me and Teni, » Bakura said as he showed Beysie his plushie. « Oh I bet he’s going to love it, » Beysie laughed as Ryou climbed in with his Little Yami, waiting to go to NeverLand. **He sure is pretty** Beysie thought as he waited for the okay to start the ride. //Malit I wanna wide da red tip//

/I know let see if the red ship comes/ « Tan me and Toy wide da red tip pwease, » Marik asked Beysie who couldn’t believe how hot looking Malik was, or how adorable looking Marik was. « Why do you want to ride the red ship, » Beysie asked the Little Yami who kept jumping up and down. « Betuz it’s red wike bood, » Marik said as he grinned. « Huh, » Beysie asked looking somewhat perplexed at what they had heard. « I’m sorry he’s just really hyper, » Malik said as he and Marik climbed into the red ship.

« Were here Seto, » Jou said as he and Kaiba walked to the front of the ride. « Hi there I’m Beysie how you liking DisneyLand, » he asked Kaiba who was holding Jou’s hand. **Damn he’s taken** Beysie thought as he decided to flirt with Seto anyway, causing Jou to hold Kaiba’s hand even tighter. « So what brings you here, I mean your Seto Kaiba, don’t you own Kaiba Land, » Beysie asked as he eyed Kaiba’s body up and down. « Um er well yeah nice to meet you, » Kaiba said as Jou quickly dragged him away from Beysie’s eyes. « What’s wrong my pup getting a little Jealous, » Kaiba laughed as he nibbled on Jou’s ear ( there in the ride now). « Well.. he was flirting with you Kaiba, you should have seen the look on his face, the way he was undressing you with his eyes, Jou snarled. « Aww it’s okay Pup, I love only you, » Kaiba said as he noticed something strange in the ride. « Um Jou I’m no expert but doesn’t it seem to be darker than usual in this ride. »  » I don’t know Dragon, » Jou shrugged as he prepared to enjoy the ride.

(10 seconds later) « No Yami, Dark Magician can’t be in here, » Yugi yelled as his Little Yami summoned his favorite Duel Monster. « But he wanted to wide too Abu, » Yami pouted in his defense. To say the least Dark Magician seemed somewhat perplexed, at where he was. /I’m sorry but Yami brought you here/ //Oh I see// he said as he gazed at his Chibi Master before being sent back. ….

(Okay they go on a couple more rides).

/Teni I wanna tate a piture wit Tinberella/ //Oh okay we have to get in line// « Yugi Bakura wants to take a picture with Cinderella so were going to go stand in line. « Oh okay Ryou, I’ll meet you at the bench over there cause Yami keeps tugging in the direction of Belle, » Yugi laughed as his little Dark kept telling him to hurry up. //Tom on Abu we hab to hurby// /Why/ /Um Betuz I ted tow/ //Hmm someones being a little demanding aren’t they// /I da Paro, Abu/ **That’s Yami for you** Yugi thought as he stood in line.

Meanwhile Bakura had just taken his picture with Cinderella. /Tank you teni/ //Tell her thank you Bakura// « Tank you tinberella por tatin a piture wit me, » Bakura said as he started talking to Changie. « What Changie you want to tay tank you too, » Bakura asked Changie. « Tinderella Changie tays Tankyou too, » Bakura said causing the girl to smile. « Your welcome Changie, » she said bending down to Bakura’s height. **Too cute** she thought as Bakura ran to his Hikari who was waiting with his stroller…

« Wow pup that was awesome, Kaiba said as they had just got off of StarTours. « Yeah it was, lets go over there with Marik and Malik, » Jou said noticing the two sitting on the bench. « Hey guys, » Malik said as Marik started talking to him. //Toy I wanna do on dat wide now// Marik said pointing towards the Jungle Cruise.  » Yugi, Ryou, guys come on before the line gets any longer Kaiba, Jou yelled to his friends. « Paro dat wide hab animables in it, » Marik said as he was swung by his his Hikari. « Wanna tee da piture dat me and Changie took with Tinberella, » Bakura said as he showed Yami and Marik his picture. « I hab a piture too Tombobber, » Yami said as he showed his picture of Belle.

« Tom on hurby up I wanna do on da Dunble Tuize, » Marik said practically dragging his light there. Or trying to drag his light that is. /Okay Marik let’s go to Jungle Cruise/….

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Bakura Makes A Mess
Dunble Tuize