Crossover Fan Fiction / Crossover With Non-anime Series Fan Fiction ❯ They Call Me Sir Emblem! ( Chapter 2 )

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Kouja no Senshi Season 1
Chapter 1: Hero Gatherings Arc
Act 2: They Call Me Sir Emblem!

(OP: Moonlight Densetsu by DALI)

Narrator: Previously on Kouja no Senshi…

Voice: Perhaps I could be of assistance.

The two heard the voice, looking at a figure with a medallion on and a keychain held on his hand.

Cats: Merlock.

Merlock: It seems we meet at last, Katz.

Katz: (nods) Yes. So tell us, how do you think you’ll get him out of the portal?

Merlock: I believe this Item I was given years ago would prove to be a key link to it.

He showed the keychain with an eye on it. His medallion glowed as did the keychain. Just then, a portal began to open. To the cats’ surprise, it showed a familiar place, much to their shock.

Katz: It…it can’t be.

Mirage: Well, isn’t this nice? Looks like some old friends of mine have entered the gang. It’s time to see you three again..Sailor Moon, Bubbles, Courage!

Blossom: Huh?

Buttercup: Okay, Bubbles! Mind what is going on here and how pussy cat here knows ya?

Courage: Eh, it’s kinda a long story…

Katz: Oh, we got time before we begin what we’re about to do.

Sailor Moon: Well, okay. Remember when people think the Toon World is nothing but a fake? Turn out it isn’t.

Sailor Venus: What the heck are you talking about?

Sailor Mars: (shocked) You mean to tell us that the Toon World is real?!

Bubbles: Uh…yeah.

Buttercup: (frowns) I knew there was something going on when you were temporarily stuck in the past.

Katz: Our lord and master has come, you and your friends will die, and of course, from the current state you are all in, I’m afraid this death will only be quicker.

Julayla: Huh? What are you talking about? What master?

She struggled through the chains she was on as Snake coughed a bit.

Katz: Oh, and one more thing about our master…I’ll give you a little hint on who he is…

He then leaned to Snake’s « ear », snickering.

Katz: Your demon friend’s back…

Snake gasped in fear before being let go by Katz.

Katz: I’d love to destroy you now, but our master will have our heads if he wasn’t the one to finish you off.

Julayla: (struggles) Ugh…I know who you’re talking about! How the hell did he escape?

Mirage: (chuckles) Let’s just say we had some help…for now, farewell.

With that, both cats vanished. Once they were gone, Snake and Julayla broke out of the chains.

Julayla: Come on.

Snake: Where are we going? And what about the othersss?

The two got out as Julayla had a worried look on her face.

Julayla: Something tells me they shouldn’t be involved…besides, I think it’s better this way.


Narrator: While all of this is going on, let’s take a look at the Lumpkins clan and see what Fuzzy is up to.

In Townville Forest, Fuzzy was blasting away a deer, running from the area before Fuzzy looked exhausted, sighing a bit.

Fuzzy: Durn trespassers comin’ inta muy property.

He walked off, looking annoyed.

Fuzzy: Why can’t ‘dose critters just stay away fro’ it?

He then noticed a blade on a stone, looking confused.

Fuzzy: Huh? A sword?

He looked at the sword carefully, glancing around at it. Finally, he shrugged, taking the top of the blade as he began to pull.

Fuzzy: Only one ways ‘ta find out who’s property it is.

With Cherry and Berry, the two siblings were finishing up their chores.

Berry: I wonder what’s gonna happen with this Queen Beryl character?

Cherry: I dunno. Maybe Naruto, Sakura, an’ Sasuke or ‘dem Rowdyruff Boys would probably know.

Berry: At least it ain’t Princess.

Cherry: Berry! Well, anyways, Fuzzy’s probably done chasin’ ‘dat poor deer again.

Just then, they heard a scream with a glow filling the area. The two looked confused at what had happened.

Girls: What was that?

Just then, they noticed three familiar boys fighting against a familiar warlock.

Brick: Come on, is that the best you got, you sissy?

Boomer: My bros dress better than you, bub!

Butch: Come and take us if you can!

Each of them used their attacks, though Merlock only transformed into an eagle, flying and hitting the trio.

RRBs: Ugh!

Berry: (gasps) Boomer!

Cherry: Oh no!

Quickly, they headed over to where the fighting was. All while a pink haired man, in armor with a mask, looked at himself and the sword that was in the stone earlier.

Man: (to himself) I’m…human…but what does it-?

Then, he heard screams as he glanced, heading over.

Man: Better take care of what’s happening to those girls first.

Back in the battle, Merlock, who has transformed back, laughs evilly as he zaps the boys with a stunning spell.

Merlock: Tsk, tsk. You are the best Mojo or Him has made? I am disgusted with even fighting you.

Brick: Yeah, we’re disgusted with your breath.

Boomer: Two words: big breath!

Merlock: I will crush you for this!

Cherry: We’re coming!

The Lumpkins girls yelp as a wall appears in front of them, blocking them from helping.

Merlock: No one will get in my way as I finished these…

The villain was suddenly knocked away by a police car that came out of nowhere, sending him crashing into the wall and knocking the boys out of his spell.

Butch: Hey, who called in the pigs?!

Dog: (coming out) Pigs? No pigs here, kiddo.

Rabbit: Nope! Just your usual Freelance police couple of a dog and a rabbit. And when I say couple, I mean buddies, not gay, you pervs!

Berry: Awww…(hugs Max) A talking rabbit!

Rabbit: Yep! I am so cute, I attracted ladies!

Dog: (annoyed) Max, stop being hugged by the blonde haired. We got a case from the Commissioner to deal with.

Max: (gets out of Berry’s hold) Awww, you’re just jealous Sam because girls like me.

Sam: I am not!

Max: (looks at Cherry) Didn’t I see ya in a Youtube video screwing that Julayla Beryl?

Cherry: (embarrassed) I was…not myself at the time.

Merlock: (gets up) Foolish stupid cops! You will rue the day you mess with Merlock!

Max: Merlock? I wonder…any alliances with those two cats we heard making trouble here?

Sam: Maybe you got some explaining to do, Lucy?

Merlock: Lucy?! You’d die!!!

Cherry: Hey, wait!

Merlock fires a zap at the Lumpkins girls, knocking them into house.

Boomer: (gasps) Berry!

Brick: Oooh, looks like ugly butt Merlock wants to fight sissy girls.

Merlock: Shut up!

Merlock is about to finish Cherry and Berry when a familiar man appeared.

Max: (confused) What the…?

Sam: Holy Tuxedo Mask!

Man: You dare hurt these ladies? This is not the way things go around here!

Merlock: (glares) And just who are you?

Man: I’m…

He then looked at the marking before he glanced back at him.

Man: I am called Sir Emblem, warrior to the people. And what you are doing, I cannot allow you to continue!

Max: Oh great, cool dialogue, and he thinks he’s Superman.

Brick: (annoyed) Just what do you think you’re doing trying to steal our turf?

Merlock: Doesn’t matter, because I can take you all out!

He blasted the group, though they quickly dodged.

Sam: Max and I took a relaxing vacation in Townsville for this?

The two used their weapons, hitting Merlock with the Rowdyruffs punching the warlock.

Butch: Stupid jerk! We oughta make you pay for what you’re doing! Whoever you are, do it now!

Emblem: (nods) Right…though I hope I know the right words. Enblem Blade Ragnarok!

The attack hit Merlock, sending him a few feet away. He grunted a bit, glaring angrily.

Merlock: (coughs) I was only here to help deliver a message to the half demon in case the cats got lost…

He then noticed smoke from a burning mall, smirking.

Merlock: However, seems they succeeded in giving him the message after all. Farewell!

He transformed to a griffin, flying away from them.

Brick: Get back here, you sissy!

But it was too late, he was already gone.

Max: (turns around) Now, can you tell us who the heck-

Just then, to their surprise, Sir Emblem was gone.

Butch: Where did he go? (notices) Where did Boomer go?

They then noticed the blond Rowdyruff helping Berry up.

Boomer: You okay, Berry?

Berry: Ugh…I feel like I’ve been knocked out of so many lives.

She then looked at Cherry, struggling a bit before she noticed a familiar pink hand helping her up.

Cherry: Fuzzy? Oh, ya miss-ed it! ‘Dat pink haired man saved us an-

Fuzzy: (notices) What is yew doin’ in muy property!?

Max: Uh…what are you doing here?

Sam: Don’t mind us, we’re just passing by.

Brick glanced at where Merlock was once.

Brick: What was that guy up to anyway?

Cherry: Whatever it is, we’s bettah ask Serena an’ ‘de others ’bout ‘dis.

Back in the factory, Katz, Mirage, and Merlock bowed to the familiar figure.

Katz: The message has been delivered.

Figure: Ah, good…

Merlock: There was a bit of delay with the Freelance Police, but-

Figure: It’s not a problem.

He then looked out to the window, looking at the city.

Figure: If we are to succeed in destroying our enemies, we must carefully make our plot cautiously.

Mirage: Still, it’s interesting to see you again, sir.

Katz: So how do we take over this planet?

The figure stepped out of the shadows, revealing himself to be a familiar reptile.

Phage: We will start by gathering recruits…(grins evilly) and I know just the ones.

He snapped his fingers as the keychain and Merlock’s medallion glowed.

Merlock: I see…and these people shall be?

The two items glowed as the Phage rose his hand. Then, in an instant, some new portals began opening, much to their surprise.

Katz: So…it begins.

(ED: Truth by Luca Yumi)

New Beginnings
New Enemies