❯ These words ( I love you) – These words (I love you) ( Chapter 1 )

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These words

Chidori smiled a little as she held a red rose in her right hand. She looked confident, but she was shacking in her pink sandals. She wore a simple red shirt with jean shorts with her light brown hair down and wavy. She had a nice smile on her face.
She walked into the apartment complex as her heart beat twice as fast as usual. She walked up the elevator as she tried to say the things she wanted to say in her head. She pushed the bottom the fifth floor as she talked to herself.
“Varon, can’t you open your heart to someone else? I mean, I’m here! I may not be Mai, but I’m Chidori and I love you!”
“No…” she said with a small sweat drop behind her head. She looked at her reflection in the metal elevator. She looked like a kid and Varon probably wouldn’t take her seriously.

/These words are my own, threw some cords together/
/The combination DEA it’s who I am and what I do/
/I was going to lay it down for you/

Chidori thought about what Shuro said to her before she had left to the apartment. She sighed as she thought about it more clearly.
“If you really love him, tell him how you feel even when he loves someone else. At least afterward listen to what he has to say…” Chidori almost wanted to hurt her because Seto had told Shuro he loved her instead of the other way around!
“What does she know?” Chidori mumbled lightly as she looked at the numbers go up ever so slowly. She felt like she was going to lose the nerve when the elevator suddenly stop at the floor.
She walked up to the door and knocked on it. She bit her lip as she heard someone open the door.
“Chidori?” she looked up to see Raphael and sighed happily.
“Yes, that’ me. Is Varon here?” she asked as he shook his head. He wore a simple gray shirt and pants that were both sweats. He was holding some tea and she could already tell that he had a small cold.
“No, sorry, would you like to come in and wait for him?” Raphael asked before he sneezed lightly.

/I try to focus my attention, but I feel so ADD/
/I need some help, some inspiration, but it’s not coming easily/

“Why do you want to see Varon all of sudden?” Raphael said as he sat on the messy sofa and pulled a blanket on his lap. He looked at her as he sneezed.
“Do you need anything?” Chidori said instinctively. She got up and try to find something, but Raphael shook his head and grabbed her hand.
“No, so why are you here?” he asked as she sat down next to him and held the rose.
“I wanted to talk to Varon about something…very important, but in the end I never have enough courage.”
“Oh, so you love him?” Raphael asked as she sighed and nodded.
“Raphael, could I ask you a question?” Chidori asked gently as he nodded and coughed.
“Sure, what is it? Make sure it isn’t a long one because I don’t think I can speak without coughing,” Raphael joked as she smiled lightly.
“How did you tell Suzumi that you loved her?”

/Wow, trying to find the magic, trying to write a classic/
/Don’t you know? Don’t you know?/
/Ways to write on paper, clever rhythms, see you later/

“Hmmm, I just told her because I knew if I didn’t my heart would slowly rip apart. That’s how I said it, “I love you”. Is there really another way to say it?” he asked as Chidori clenched her fist lightly.
“But what if she was in love with someone else!” Chidori snapped as Raphael scratched his head.
“I would have still told her even though she loved someone else. I told her because when you don’t it hurts a lot more then rejection,” Raphael pointed out as she looked at him.
“But I’m not sure I could take it! But if Mai makes him happy then I’ll do anything for him to be with her…” Chidori said with a soft smile.
“Like Yuhi?” he asked as she nodded. The door then opened and Varon saw the two.
“What ya doing here, mates?” Varon asked as Chidori watched Raphael get up and walked into another room.
“Sorry, I would leave the apartment, but I’m sick at the moment,” Raphael said to Chidori as she nodded.

/These words are my own from my heart flow/
/I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you/
/There is no other better way to say, I love you/

“Varon could I talk to you a for a while? I promise this will only take a minute,” Chidori said as she walked over to him and held the rose close to her.
“Sure, what is it?” he asked with question floating in his eyes.
“I…I love you!” she stated as her heart skipped beats.

/Reads some poems in a hip hop beat/
/I’m having some trouble/
/Nothing I write is good enough/

“You love me?” he asked softly as Chidori held out the rose in her hands and looked at him. She looked determined as her legs shook because she was so nervous.
“I love you,” she repeated as he smiled lightly. He then bent down to her level and smiled again.
“You know what? I love you too,” Varon stated as he kissed her gently.

/These words are my own from my heart flow/
/I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you/
/There is no better way to say I love you?

Chidori got on her tiptoes and kissed him back as she smiled gently as well. He pulled back as she smiled happily.
“Someone finally returns my love…”

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