❯ The Worst Curse – The Worst Curse ( Chapter 1 )

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The Worst Curse.
As the sisters chanted the banishing spell, the demon writhed in torment, shrieking with pain. For a second their concentration slipped as the noise increased in decibels. That small slip allowed the demon time to utter a curse before he was finally overcome and vanquished.
Piper opened her mouth to say something and Phoebe and Paige looked at her, expecting the usual complaint, but looking confused, Piper shut her mouth suddenly. She cleared her throat and again opened her mouth, moving her lips, but no sound emerged.
“What’s wrong, Piper,” the simple concern in Phoebe’s voice covered her relief at not hearing another complaint.
“Leo!” screamed Piper, not bothering to answer Phoebe’s question. “Leo! Here! Now!”
Phoebe opened her mouth to complain of Piper’s rudeness only to find that her larynx seemed to freeze. Imitating the actions of her sister she cleared her throat and tried again but no sound emerged.
“I’ll get you some water. Maybe your throat is dry,” Paige suggested, her smile not completely concealed as she turned and walked to the kitchen.
Leo appeared, looking harried, and immediately turned to Piper. He tried to speak, but seemed affected by the same problem. A look of concern crossed his face and he tried again. “What happened?”
“A demon. I think he cursed us or the house before he was vanquished?” Phoebe explained, happy to hear her voice again.
“I see,” Leo said, sounding slightly bored.
Paige returned with the water and handed it to Phoebe who accepted it with gratitude. “Thanks, Paige.”
“Can a demon curse a house?” Paige asked, turning to Leo. “I thought they normally targeted people.”
A furtive look crossed Leo’s face. “Demons can curse houses and buildings in certain circumstances, but only specific demons.”
“Let’s look in The Book of Shadows,” Piper suggested.
Phoebe felt like rolling her eyes, but decided there was no point. Piper and the others were on their way up the stairs and wouldn’t notice.
Arriving in the attic she found the others were bent over the book, leafing through it rapidly.
“I can’t see the demon,” Piper commenced and the rest of her comments were silent.
“You know, I like you better like this,” Leo said softly. “I might decide to come home.”
Piper stopped leafing through the book and turned to look at him, her forehead furrowed. She did not look happy. “What do you mean?”
“I haven’t heard one complaint from you since I arrived. It’s a nice change,” he said quickly and then moved out of range.
Piper went scarlet with anger and her rapidly moving mouth allowed the occasional word to escape. “Demons. House. Out.”
Paige laughed loudly. “It’s so true….” But the rest of her comment was lost.
Phoebe meanwhile continued to look through the book. “I found him,” she said carefully. “We’ll have to move.” Reading the text describing the demon’s powers made her feel worried.
Piper took the book from her and began to read aloud. “Tace Hex Demon. This Demon has the power to impose silence for short periods of time, or is physically able to rend the victim limb from limb. The Demon must choose which of its powers it wishes to utilise as it may only utilise one skill at a time. If in extremis this demon can curse a building or house. The curse may prevent the occupants of the house from uttering words of love or praise to their loved ones. In unusual cases it has been known to prevent the household from complaining. The curse cannot be reversed.”
They all tried to speak at once, but the curse prevented them from uttering any of the normal complaints they usually uttered.
“Maybe this won’t be so bad,” Phoebe finally said. “It’ll certainly be much quieter.”
The End