Hamtaro Fan Fiction / Yu-Gi-Oh! Fan Fiction ❯ the Ultimate Gem God ( Chapter 36 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

Howdy and Lazuli were laying together, looking out the window. Howdy was fealing quite content with himself after getting some, Lazuli was his first time after all. « Duel Monster cards. » Lazuli said.
« What about them? » asked Howdy.
« Those guys raped me because I wouldn’t trade some of my rare duel monster cards. The world really is a desperate place when duelists can’t take a ‘no’ for an answer when it comes to trading. »
« Eh, it could’ve been worse. »
« That’s true, if not for you… » Lazuli pecks Howdy’s cheek.
Howdy just smiled as his paw stroked Lazuli’s face. « At least you don’t have to worry about them anymore. »
The two finally started moving aroundm then Lazuli noticed everyone’s common nuisance. « Howdy, look at those ants. » she pointed out.
« Ants… » Howdy began. « The world’s most exterminated bug, yet no one gets rid of them completely. I do give those guys credit, however. »
« Why is that? »
« Because in a sense, ants are… superhuman, so to speak.
« For example. Despite their size, ants can lift up to one hundred times their weight. »
« That doesn’t seem so impressive, they only pick up light stuff. »
« Bad example… How about this one? »
« Shoot. »
« If an ant weighed 20 lbs., how much would that ant be able to carry? »
« 200 lbs.? »
« No, it could carry things that weighed a ton. 100 x 20 = 2000, Lazuli. And if an ant could pick up something that weighed a ton, I wouldn’t want to meet that bug in a dark alley. »
« Wow! I guess bugs are really strong after all… »
« Not only that, but some bugs are nearly indestructible. The Cockroach can survive an atomic bomb explosion, something that would overkill you and I. And some bugs even polinate sunflowers, which give us seeds to eat. Bugs may not seem like much, but they can be very powerful. »
« Point taken. Howdy, can we go to the fun park? »
« Sure, let’s go now. »
« Okay. »
Lazuli and Howdy collect their things and leave the shop. And as they exit, Cappy was running up to them. « Hey you two, fancy seeing you here. » Cappy called out to them.
« Cappy, I thought you’d be at the fun park already. » said Howdy.
« No, I went home to re-evaluate my deck. » Cappy explained. « I have to stay on my toes now, especially since there are plenty of cards out. I even heard that there’s a new deck coming out too. »
« It’s a monarch deck. » Lazuli said. « A deck that features the Monarch monsters, including a new one called Caius the Shadow Monarch. »
« Sandy would love that, since she plays with Monarch cards. » said Howdy. « Give me a minute you guys, I have to take a quick leak. » and Howdy runs off into the bushes.
Lazuli yawns. « Man, I hope I can find me some new cards too. »
« Lazuli, how come you aren’t with Lapis? » asked Cappy.
« We’ve had a falling out as of late. » Lazuli answered.
« Oh. »
« Cappy, I have a favor to ask of you. »
« Sure Lazuli, I’ll help you if it’s within my power. »
« You like beast cards right? Well, it’s come to attention that I can’t protect this card of mine. So I want him in your possession. »
« Look after a card? Okay, that’s easy. »
« All I ask in return is that you treat this card with respect and take care of him, okay? »
« No problem, I know how to care for cards. »
« Good, here you go. »
Lazuli gives Cappy the card face down and Cappy takes it. He then flips it over and sees what he’s taking care of and almost jumps out of his fur. « Where did you get this, I can’t get this card anywhere? » Cappy asked.
« It was one of two cards that came in a set. » Lazuli explained. « The set was lost and I maneged to find it and returned the cards to their owner. He was so glad I found the cards, so I was given them in return. »
« Well you don’t have to worry about this guy, he’s gonna be with me from here on out. » and Cappy took out an extra sleeve for the card. The card was not only sleeved, but also shuffled into his deck. « You don’t know how much you’ve helped me out. »
« Trust me, I do. » said Lazuli with a smile.
Howdy rejoins his fellow hams. « So, what’s with the glad faces? » he asked.
« Lazuli just gave me this card. » Cappy answered.
« Which card was it? »
« Defender of the Forest, Green Baboon. »
« No wonder those guys were mad at you for not trading with them, Lazuli. That’s one rare monkey… »
« Baboon. » Cappy corrected.
« Same thing. »
« Well, I’m gonna get going to the fun park right now. » and off Cappy ran.
« Hey, wait, we’re all going to the fun park! » Howdy yelled.
« Let him go, he has a job to do. » said Lazuli.
« Oh. »
« Well, let’s have our stroll to the fun park. »
« Right. »
Meanwhile at Necrophade Dorm, Kylia and Kai were catching up on the times. « Look at those two, happy to be together again. » said Tyrone.
« Family is improtant, you know. » said Jin.
« Yeah, but come on… »
« Twins seperated for a long time… it’s a good thing to be reunited with loved ones. »
« I guess so… »
« Quit squirming and move! » Jin and Tyrone hear Hilde yell.
« You don’t have to be so rough on a girl, y’know. » the voice responded.
In a few moments, Hilde walks in with Pepper. « Go get Hiei, I found this one snooping around outside. » said Hilde.
« Pepper! » Kylia came running. « Pepper, what are you doing here? »
« I followed you, of course. » Pepper answered, then she noticed Kai. « Well, looks like y’all found your twin brother after all. »
« Sure did. » Kylia said with a smile.
« You know this intruder? » questioned Hilde.
« She helped me find Kai… that is until I was brought here by Rufus and Max. »
« Where are those two anyway? » asked Jin.
« Probably at the fun park. » answered Hilde. « You may know people here, but snooping around doesn’t come with its consequences. »
« Well then, if this place wasn’t so inviting, I never would’ve walked right in the front door. »
The voice belonged to Lapis, who was walking over the the members of Necrophade Black, Pepper and Kylia. « Well, I guess I wasn’t the only one worried about people here. » said Pepper.
« What the hell is this, a reunion? » asked Tyrone.
« Get lost, girl. This doesn’t concern you at all, only this Pepper. » said Hilde.
« I won’t allow you to hurt her. » said Lapis.
« Then you’ll be hurt instead! » Hilde yelled as she activated her duel disk.
« If you want a duel, then fine. » Lapis puts her duel disk to work as well.
« Bring it, little girl. »
« Hold it. » Kai stepped in. « Back to your post so no one else snoops around, Hilde. I will take care of her. »
« Why you? »
« Just get back to your post. »
« Fine, but you better not lose. » and off Hilde went.
Kai activates his duel disk. « It’s been a while since I’ve last dueled, but I do have other cards. » he admits.
« You’ve been collecting cards, so it doesn’t mean anything. » said Lapis.
« You’re right, I have been collecting cards. Now let’s get started, I want this to be challenging. »
Both duelists draw their hands as everyone watches. « Show this guy what you’re made of, Lapis. » Pepper cheered on her friend.
« No problem. » said Lapis.
« Show me how good of a duelist you are, bro. » said Kylia.
« We’ll see. » said Kai.
Back at the fun park, Cappy stands in front of a vendor and cards. « Now, what do I want to get… »
His search wasn’t fruitful, so Cappy heads to a nearby arena to catch a duel. Let’s see how the match is turning out. he thought as he walked into the stands. But as he saw from the aisle, Muri was dueling someone and clearly running game. « Wow… » he said to himself, « she certainly is a strong duelist. »
« As to be expected of her. »
Cappy turned to see Nazaruda. « Holy… »
« Intrigued by her skill, as you should be. » Nazaruda told him. « She will destroy you in time… but I don’t think that’s why you’re observing her. »
« Tch. »
« Lusting for her, are you? »
« She wouldn’t give me the time of day. I’m more interested in those gem beasts, being Beastmaster and all… »
« You will never be worthy of weilding their power. »
« And you can? »
« I built that deck specifically for her, but her skill has altered it from what I gave her. »
« Yeah, she also has dragons in that deck.
« But I need to know… why are you so against Jam? »
« That hype your so-called Dragon Lord gets isn’t even enough to match his power. Power that is a joke, young duelist. »
« So what advice do you have for aspiring dragon users like myself? »
« You weilding a dragon deck…. I don’t see it. » and Nazaruda walked away.
Cappy checked his cards, all were present, then left the arena. As he walked down the trail, Jewel ran into him. « Well now, you seem pretty uncertain of yourself. » Jewel began some small talk. « Still taking your loss badly, little man? »
« Can it, Jewel. » Cappy answered. « You took that duel because your monsters are chicken. Real monsters don’t retreat into the deck, they stay and fight! »
« Bitch to Pegasus about the Gladiator Beast strategy. Everyone I’ve faced with this deck has whined, whined, whined and whined some more about it. Only those who whine about it are the duelists that suck. »
« That’s a valid argument, Jewel. »
« What-the-fuck ever, little man. Pegasus may see the skill within your deck, but I saw how crappy it really is. »
« You take that back! »
« Make me. Pegasus told me about your incomplete deck as the excuse to why you lost. » and Jewel started walking away.
« You still use cowardly monsters, Jewel. »
« Go and finish your deck, little man. »
Cappy sat on a bench shuffling his deck, then inserts it back into the clip of his duel disk and walks down the way. I’ll get you yet, Jewel. he thought as he walked.
« There you are, beast user. » Cappy turned around to see Muri. « I knew you wouldn’t be too hard to find. »
« Muri… » Cappy trailed off.
« Nazaruda told me that you spoke with him. He also told me about your feelings, feelings of what I have. »
« You misunderstand… »
« Really? Are you sure I’m the one that misunderstands? »
« So I have an interest in the gem beasts, what do you expect? »
« Of course, you have no interest in me at all… »
Cappy’s ears droop slightly. « I am a bit concerned about you, but I have to find a way to-« 
« To what, try and save me? »
« Yes, if it’s possible. He’s controlling you like a pawn… »
« I’m aware of that, I even consent to the controllings. »
« You consent? Why? »
« Because it keeps me from incurring his bad side…. that and it makes me a stronger duelist. »
« He doesn’t… »
« Sexually, you mean? No, I still have that part of my body. »
Thank the gods… thought Cappy.
« But I guess that’s something you would like. I know you lust for me, despite your true and innocent heart. »
« Hey… »
« I can smell your rutt, and you’re boiling inside. No matter, I will see what you’re made of. »
Muri activates her duel disk and gives half of a smile on her gloomy face. I don’t get it… Cappy thought.
« You wanted the time of day from me, so here it is. » Muri told him.
« I did want that. » Cappy admits as he activates his duel disk.
« You really don’t have anything I want… you’re a weak duelist. But rest assured that I won’t take your soul from you. »
« You won’t take my soul anyway. »
« Since you’re in a crave for me, I will open the door and offer it to you… Well, you’ll have to win the duel first, but after you’ve won, my body is yours for the taking. »
« Why would you gamble yourself like this? »
« Because I’m confident that you’ll lose. »
This is wrong…. Cappy mentally told himself. I can’t just take her body despite my own frustrations…. But… I need this. I need this duel to serve as training…
« What’s wrong, having doubts already? »
« I won’t take your body, but I accept your duel. »
« Fine, now show me what you’re made of, Beastmaster. »
Cappy and Muri draw their hands and Cappy is given the opening move. « For my first move, » Cappy began, « I will set one card face down and summon my Enraged Battle Ox. » and Cappy’s monster appeared on the field (1700/1000). « Your move. »
Muri draws. « I begin with Ancient City – Rainbow Ruins. » she makes her play and the field changes into the Roman Colosseum.
Man, already… Cappy’s minds groans.
Muri continues her move. « I summon Crystal Beast Cobalt Eagle (1400/800), then I’ll give him the Crystal Release spell card. »
« When did they get equip spell cards? » Cappy was shocked.
« That’s none of your concern, but this does give my Eagle an extra 800 ATK points (2200 ATK). Cobalt Eagle, attack that Ox. »
« Crud. »
Crystal Beast Cobale Eagle swoops down and bares its talons into the chest of the Enraged Battle Ox, destroying it and damaging Cappy’s life points <7500>. Well, so much for trying to pierce through gems. he thought.
« That’s all for now, but there’s more in store for you. » Muri says as she ends her turn.
Cappy draws. « I play Dark Core, » and he discards a card from his hand. « I give up a card, but it let’s me remove a face up monster on the field from play. Say so long to Cobalt Eagle. » A black hole appears and sucks up Muri’s monster.
« Now the secondary effect of my Crystal Release comes into play. » Muri explains. « When it’s removed from the field, I can pull out one of my gems from my deck. »
« So much for thwarting your strategy… »
« Nice try, but not good enough. I will now release my Sapphire from my deck. » After this resolves, Muri shuffles her deck.
Cappy continues his turn. « One card face down and I’ll pull out my Winged Rhynos (1800/500). Direct attack, Rhynos! »
Muri takes the blow from the Winged Rhynos. « Oh well <6200>. »
« Your move. »
Muri draws. « One card face down and I end my turn. »
Cappy draws. « Winged Rhynos, let’s go in for another shot. » and Muri takes more damage <4400>. « Your move. »
Muri draws. « One more card face down and that’s all. »
Cappy draws. « I’ll change the field to Gaia Power. » The ruins crumbled and a forest grew in it’s place. Amidst this new forest was a giant tree. « Your move. »
Muri draws. « And another face down card to end my turn. »
Three face downs and a Gem…. Cappy draws. « Winged Rhynos, one more time. » Capy’s monster goes in for the attack.
« Reveal Sakuretsu Armor, now that thing can leave the field. »
« Oh so true. Winged Rhynos, return. » and Cappy’s monster returned to his hand.
« He-ke? » the move caught Muri off guard.
« One good thing about this monster is that it has trap protection. » Cappy explains. « And when I find a trap that threatens it, I can use the ability of my Winged Rhynos and return it to my hand. Anyway, I’ll call out Harpie’s Brother (1800/600) and that’s it for me. » Cappy mixes the cards in his hand around.
Well, that might ruin my plans. Either way, I’m only dueling him to see what his real worth is. Muri thought to herself. I don’t care if I lose to him today. she then draws. « Your move. »
Cappy draws. « Let’s see what she’s hiding. I play Mystical Space Typhoon and destroy the card on the far right. » Cappy destroys Muri’s Spell Reclamation. « Hmm… I’m done with this move. »
« No attack again, I guess you’re being cautious. » Muri draws. « One card face down and that ends my turn. »
Cappy draws. « I’ll set one down too and give you the move. »
Muri draws. « I do not like my hand… I’m done. »
Cappy draws. « Harpie’s Brother, attack her directly. » and his monster flies toward Muri.
« Activate Magic Cylinder. » Muri plays her trap.
The attack is deflected back at Cappy’s life points <6700>. « That’s it for me. »
Muri draws. « I will set one card face down and play Smashing Ground. »
« Another good move. »
A giant fist falls from the sky, crushing Harpie’s Brother, then Muri shrugged and motions for Cappy to move. Cappy then draws, « I play Firebird (1000/800). » he moves. « Go, direct attack. »
There’s no point to have wasted a trap. Muri thought and takes the minor blow <5200>.
« Your move. »
Muri draws. « I summon Crystal Beast Amethyst Cat (1700/0). Okay my kitty, ready those claws for dinner. »
« Yes, that little chicken looks tasty. » said Crystal Beast Amethyst Cat. »
« I cancel your dinner plans with my Threatening Roar trap card. » Cappy says as he activates his trap.
A roar is heard, retracting the claws of Muri’s monster. « Oh well, I guess that’s it for this turn. »
Cappy draws. « I’ll set this card face down and bring back My Winged Rhynos. »
« I activate, disdainfully to add, Torrential Tribute. »
« Winged Rhynos, return. »
Cappy managed to save one monster, but the other one and Crystal Beast Amethyst Cat were destroyed. But as the field cleared away, the amethyst rested next to the sapphire on Muri’s side of the field. « That’s all I can do, your move. » Cappy ends his turn.
Muri draws. « I reveal my face down Rare Value. I get to draw two cards, but after you send one of my two gems to the graveyard. »
« Take your cards and send the sapphire graveside. »
« As you wish. » and Muri resolves this effect. Based on her last summon, that Gaia power must boost up earth based monsters like my Amethyst Cat. Muri thought and took a look at her current hand. « I’ll set these two cards face down and summon Crystal Beast Topaz Tiger, who also gets altered by Gaia Power (2000/600). »
« I activate A Rival Appears! » Cappy plays his trap.
« What’s that do? » Muri is confused on the card.
« A Rival Appears! let’s me special summon a monster from my hand that’s the same level of a monster my opponent has summoned to the field. Since your Topaz Tiger is a level four monster, I can bring one out. Actually, I can bring him out again… my Winged Rhynos. But I’ll special summon him on the defense this go. »
« So what, it still won’t stand up to my Tiger, attack! »
Cappy saw his monster destroyed. « I knew you’d do that. »
« And your point is? »
« My Rope of Life is the point. This trap brings back my Winged Rhynos to the field. » and Cappy’s monster returns.
« Great, another chance to destroy it. »
« The Rope of Life does have its cost, my entire hand to be exact. However, my Winged Rhynos also gains an extra 800 ATK points (2600 ATK). »
« What a nuisance, just move. »
That Tiger is her third gem, I better wrap this up and fast. Cappy mentally knew his state of trouble and drew his card. « I’ll back up my Winged Rhynos with the Mad Dog of Darkness (1900/1400). Winged Rhynos, bash that Topaz Tiger! » and Cappy’s monster goes in for the attack.
« Talk about can’t resist… I activate my Last Resort trap card. »
That brings the Rainbow Ruins back… Wait, that’s a good thing.
Muri takes the second Ancient City – Rainbow Ruins from her deck, places it in her field spell zone and activates it. « Thanks for setting me up. » said Muri.
« You’re mistaken, that move costed your Tiger some points. » said Cappy (1600/1000). « You’re gonna take more damage now. »
« Wrong. » and Topaz Tiger is destroyed. « Normally, I would change my Tiger back into his gem state, but not this time. I will let him die gracefully, but not without playing another trap of mine. It’s called Crystal Set, and now I can take another of my gems from my deck and place it next to my Amethyst. I’ll place my Amber this time… but this trap also acts like a Waboku. »
« Great, no damage and another gem in play… »
« Very good. » Muri shuffles her deck.
« I end my turn. »
Muri draws. « I play the spell card Crystal Beacon. »
« Not another gem… »
« Yes, another gem that can be special summoned from my deck, and here’s my second Cobalt Eagle. »
As much as I want to, I will wait. thought Cappy and he saw Muri’s second Crystal Beast Cobalt Eagle.
Muri continued her move. « Now I will sacrifice it and summon Gravi-Crush Dragon (2400/1200). »
« Wow, not that thing. »
« I will use Gravi-Crush Dragon in combination with my gems. So I will use the power of my Amethyst as a sacrifice to destroy your Winged Rhynos. »
Using the newly harnessed power of Crystal Beast Amethys Cat as a continuous spell, Gravi-Crush Dragon slams its fist into the Winged Rhynos, destroying it. But Muri wasn’t done yet. « Now Gravi-Crush Dragon, destroy that Mad Dog of Darkness! »
Cappy’s monster felt the fist of Muri’s attacking dragon and Cappy felt some life damage in the process <6200>. I should’ve used my trap. he thought.
« Your move, Beastmaster. » said Muri. « Let’s see if you can recover from this.
Cappy draws. Man, all she needs now are the ruby and the emerald and she can pull out the Rainbow Dragon. Cappy looked at the card he drew, « I’ll set this in defense mode and end my turn. » he said and turned the move over to Muri.
Muri draws. « And here’s Crystal Beast Emerald Tortoise (800/2000). »
Just great, now I’m really in trouble…. thought Cappy.
« Gravi-Crush Dragon, attack his monster. » Muri saw Cappy’s monster destroyed, then went on with her attack. « Now, attack directly with Emerald Cutter. »
At least this won’t hurt too much. and Cappy took the blow <5400>.
« Using his ability, I will place my Emerald in defense mode and end my turn. I’m about to finish you off really soon, Beastmaster. »
Cappy draws. « I end my turn. »
« What a shame. » Muri says and then draws. « Gravi-Crush Dragon, direct attack. »
« This is gonna hurt. »
And hurt it did, Cappy felt the pain as the dragon’s fist hit him dead in the chest. As a result, he doubled over <3000>. Ow….
« Your move, if you can still get up. » said Muri.
It took him a minute, but Cappy rose to his feet and drew. « That’s it, I have nothing left. »
« Of course you don’t. » Muri draws Crystal Beast Ruby Carbuncle. What a shame, he didn’t even survive long enough to play my Rainbow Dragon.
« I take it that you pass on this turn… » Cappy said.
« No, I can move. I will switch my Emerald into attack mode, then I’ll begin your demise. Emerald Tortoise, attack with Emerald Cutter. » Cappy takes the blow <2200>. « Now my Gravi-Crush Dragon-« 
NO! I will not allow your duel to end like this. and Nazaruda stepped in mentally. He falls by the Rainbow Dragon.
But… I’m about to win, Nazaruda. Muri explained. There’s no need for-
Yes, Nazaruda. It will be done how you wish…
Cappy was confused. I wonder why she hasn’t attacked me yet.
Muri regained her senses. « I will switch my Emerald Tortoise into defense mode, then set a card face down in defense as well. Normally, I’d wipe you out here and now, but think of this as a chance to show me how interested you are in my cards. »
« Well, at least I’m getting a chance. » said a relieved Cappy, then he drew. « Come on already…. I end my turn. »
Muri draws. « Your move. »
Cappy draws. « Your move. »
Muri draws. « I play Crystal Blessing and return my Topaz and Amethyst to my spell/trap zone. Your move. »
Cappy draws. « I play the spell card Swing of Memories. This let’s me special summon a normal monster in my graveyard, but it’s destroyed at the end of this turn. Come on back, Sengenjin. » and Cappy brings back his original powerhouse to the field (2750/2500).
« Go on. »
« Now attack the Gravi-Crush Dragon with Giga Crusher! »
Muri lost her dragon. « No matter, my field will reduce the damge I’ve taken by half <5075>.
« That’s all I have, your move. » Sengenjin is destroyed.
Muri draws. « I end my turn. »
Cappy draws. « I’ll place this monster in defense mode and end my turn. »
Muri draws. « I can’t wait for him anymore, Nazaruda. I will set this card face down, then place my Emerald back into attack mode and attack with Emerald Cutter! »
Cappy’s monster was attacked. « You’ve attacked my Desertapir, and when flipped up, it can flip a monster face down. » Crystal Beast Emerald Tortoise is flipped face down. « But I’m not done yet, because I will now pay 1000 of my life points and bring out a new monster <1200>. »
« Like what? »
« This, I special summon Defender of the Forest, Green Baboon in attack mode (2600/1800). »
« Oh well, I end my turn. »
Okay, let’s get back to business. Cappy thought and drew. « For starters, I’ll place this monster in defense mode. And now for my Green Baboon, destroy the monster on the right. »
Using its wooden club, Cappy’s monster destroys Muri’s face down monster. But as the attack landed, he soon found out that this move proved to be fatal. « No! »
And there it was, the gem of Crystal Beast Ruby Carbuncle. That was… the last gem needed. She had it on the field, but gave me a chance…..
« The look on your face says it all, you’re done with your move. » said Muri, then she drew. « First, I will flip up my Emerald Tortoise, and now…. the end of your days. Now my seven gems, unite and bring forth the Ultimate Gem God. »
The seven gems of the Crystal Beasts began to fire their beams into the air. As this happened, a rainbow colored sphere appeared in the sky and from this « gateway » came the monster that Muri needed. « Now Beastmaster, witness the coming of my ultimate monster… » Muri said. « Behold the power of my Rainbow Dragon! » and Muri’s monster roared (4000/0).
It was at this moment when all the monitors in the fun park lit up to show Muri summoning this very monster. « Hey, that girl called the Rainbow Dragon. » a spectator said.
« Big whoop. » said another spectator.
Jam had his eyes glued to a monitor as well. « So that’s the Gem God Dragon of legend. » Jam said to himself. « Pretty powerful task for Cappy. »
Nazaruda was also happy seeing Muri pull this dragon. Now Finish him off. he thought as he saw the duel on a monitor.
Back duelside, Muri had her dragon raeady to attack. « This duel is over for you, Beastmaster. » said Muri. « Victory is mine. » But instead of her seeing Cappy in fear, he simply laughed. « You dare laugh at my Rainbow Dragon? »
« Yes I do. » Cappy answered. « You saved me long enough to play this monster, but my face down card will make quick work of your so-called Ultimate Gem God, Rainbow Dragon. »
« Even if you had the card that’s powerful enough, my field spell will negate and destroy it. »
« Field spells can’t stop traps of this magnitude. Speaking of which, I will activate it now. Feel the power of my Black Horn of Heaven. Counter traps are the highest spell speed, Muri. And unless that face down is a counter trap card, you can’t destroy it. »
Nazaruda was mad. Not possible….
Cappy continues. « The power of spell speed is great. Anyway, Black Horn of Heaven negates and destroys one of my opponent’s special summoned monsters. » and Cappy takes his horn. « I have a feeling that everyone is watching, so let them watch me destroy the Rainbow Dragon in one blow…. literally. »
Cappy blows into his horn, plaing a sound that destroys Muri’s Rainbow Dragon. Seeing this dragon destroyed put shock on Nazaruda’s face, emotion finally left his frame. « He… that weak duelist…. He destroyed the Rainbow Dragon. » Nazaruda said. « No one has destroyed the Rainbow Dragon… but this weakling duelist just did it. I will not stand for this, not… at… all… »
The other spectators cheered Cappy as they saw the Rainbow Dragon’s Destruction. Jewel managed to capture this event amongst the crowd. That’s why Pegasus gives you propers, little man. he thought, then walked away. You may have a weak deck, but you can take out powerful monsters. Perhaps your deck isn’t weak after all…
« Your Rainbow Dragon falls! » yells Cappy. « I must admit that saving me was appreciated, but it was all for nothing. »
« Your attempt was all for nothing, Beastmaster. » Muri corrected Cappy.
« Ham-ha, Muri. Your Rainbow Dragon is destroyed, I’ve slain your ultimate monster. » Cappy said proudly.
« You do get credit for destroying the Rainbow Dragon, but it has not been slain yet. »
« You really are foolish, aren’t you? »
« No, you’re just naive. Reveal my trap card, Rainbow’s Gravity. »
« Rainbow’s Gravity, what does that do? »
« Look at this card and tell me what you see. »
« I see the Rainbow Dragon’s shadow on it and… No! »
« Yes. This card, in combination of my gems, will give the Rainbow Dragon the power to rise again. »
« That’s not possible. »
« But I don’t plan on doing you so wrong… oh wait, I plan on doing you worse. Now my gems, aim your beacons into the air again, but beam the other end of the rainbow. »
« Other end of the rainbow? »
« Yes, the other end of the rainbow. »
The seven gems fired their beams into the air again, but this time, the beams had a black tint to them. « It is said that the Ultimate Gem God, when enraged, will unleash its fury from the blackened light of the seven gems. These blackened beacons from the seven gems are tainted and fuled with rage, calling upon the wrath of the Ultimate Gem God. » Muri explained.
« Wrath? » Cappy questioned.
Cappy soon saw the wrath as the Rainbow Dragon appeared again, but it wasn’t as radiant like it was before (4000/0). Oh crap….. he thought.
« Now, fear the rage of Rainbow Dark Dragon! » Muri cried and her dragon roared. « I will now play the spell card Collapse, or as it’s commonly known, Shrink. And with it, I will cut your Green Baboon’s ATK power in half (1300 ATK). »
« Damn, I lost after all… »
« Rainbow Dark Dragon, destroy the Beastmaster’s monster and the rest of his life points. Attack with Black Refraction! »
The dark Rainbow Dragon fired the eight colored beam from its mouth and destroyed Cappy’s monster. The blow was so powerful, that it not only destroyed Cappy’s monster and ended the duel, but it knocked him back ten feet. As the effects of the duel faded away, Muri took a glance at Cappy’s fallen frame, then walked away without saying a word. Waste, what a waste of effort. she thought.
I am quite pleased with this outcome. Nazaruda told Muri in preminition. I wasn’t expecting that Rainbow Dragon from you, but-
You may be pleased by this outcome, but I am not. Muri cut him off.
You dare interrupt me….
You almost cost me that duel, Nazaruda. Because you wanted the Gem God to destroy him, you made me show a mercy that would’ve made me lose. Be lucky that I even had that trap in my deck, or I would’ve failed on your behalf!
Do not raise your voice at me, you little-
Be silent! I almost failed because of you and this is what I get from your near fuck-up? I’m done with your wanting me to be merciful with duelists bullshit. So from here on out, I will finish duelists my way!
You are angered because of a minor setback from an inferior duelist…
And if this would’ve been the so-called current Dragonlord, then what would’ve been your excuse for my loss on your behalf? You would’ve punished me. Well, never again. When I have a duelist ready for the kill, I will do the killin’ my way and not yours.
rise & fall
what Rei duels with….