Card Captor Sakura Fan Fiction ❯ The SWORD and the Captors ( Chapter 10 )

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The Next Morning, at school, after Sakura and I had captured the Thunder Card, Sakura and I were walking up the stairs to class when Madison caught up with us. « Hey Zachary, hey Sakura, wait up. » Madison said while she ran up the stairs. « Oh, hey Madison » Sakura said. « You two had quite the interesting card capture last night. » « Yea, but I’m still very irritated from Li making that smug remark towards Sakura. » I said. « But, you still were able to capture the Thunder Card with the Shadow Card. » Madison said with a smile. « I know that Sakura and I really want to get good at being CardCaptors, but this still all seems new to us » I said in a somewhat depressed tone. « Don’t worry Zachary, I’m sure you and Sakura will get used to it soon » Madison said with a smile. « I guess your right » I said in response.

A little later, in the classroom, Madison, Sakura and I were just talking to each other when Li entered the classroom. « Look Li, last night…thanks for helping me and Zachary » Sakura said with a smile. « It’s like I said before, you and Zachary don’t deserve to be CardCaptors » Li said smugly. « Look Li, I’ve told you before, and I’m going to tell you again, your not the one who released the Clow Cards from the book, me and Sakura did, so back off! » I said in an irritated tone of voice.

A little later, during class, Sakura and I dozed off.

The beginning of the daydream

The daydream begins with Sakura and I standing on top of the same tall building from our previous dreams, both of us have our respective staffs clenched in our hands, and both of us are facing the same radio tower from our previous dreams. « Who is that? » Sakura and I said out loud to ourselves. « Zachary, Sakura! » The teacher’s voice said.

End of daydream

It was then that Sakura and I opened our eyes to see the teacher. « You both woke up just in the nick of time, the class is over » the teacher said.

A little later, after the school day ended, Madison, Sakura and I, along with Rita, went to one of the stores that we wanted to check out for a while. After Madison, Sakura and Rita had bought their broaches that they wanted to get, we all then headed back to me and Sakura’s house to help Rita study for the upcoming spelling test.

A little later, back at me and Sakura’s house, Madison, Sakura and I were helping Rita study for the test, when Madison, Sakura and Rita decided to try on the broaches that they had bought at the store. Sakura put on the heart shaped broach, Madison put on the cross shaped one, and Rita put on the sword shaped one. « Ok Rita, spell the word broach » I said with a smile. « b-r-o-a…uh…b-r-o-a-w? » « Don’t take too long Rita » I said with a smile. « So Rita, what do u think of your new broach » Sakura asked with a smile.

It was then that I noticed that Rita didn’t seem like her old self. « Rita, are you ok? » I asked. « Rita? » Sakura said in a somewhat scared tone of voice.

« Rita, what’s wrong? I asked, also in a somewhat scared tone of voice.

It was then that I noticed that Rita’s sword shaped broach was glowing. And then, the sword shaped broach transformed into a bigger version of itself. « This can’t be good » I said, turning to Sakura. « I agree with that » Sakura said to me with a smile. Rita, who was under the control of the sword lunged at Sakura, who just managed to dodge just in time.

While Sakura was dodging Rita’s sword attacks, I quickly ran upstairs to find Kero and tell him what had just happened. « Kero, we got a really big problem » I said in a scared tone of voice. « I agree, I’m sensing a clow card nearby » Kero said in a serious tone of voice.

It was then that Kero and I ran downstairs and out the door to help Sakura defend herself from Rita’s sword attacks. It was when we arrived at the scene that Kero immediately knew which clow card it was « Of course, it’s the Sword Card, Zachary, Sakura, you both know what to do! » Kero said.

It was then that I pulled out my key. I then turned to Sakura, who nodded and also took out her key. « Oh key of clow, power of magic, power of light, surrender the wand, the force ignite, RELEASE! » Sakura and I chanted in unison. With our respective staffs now in hand. I pulled out the Illusion Card. Sakura and I then raised our respective staffs « Illusion Card, let Rita see what she fears the most, ILLUSION, RELEASE AND DISPELL! » Sakura and I chanted as we tapped the Illusion Card at the same time with our respective staffs. A few seconds later, the Illusion Card appeared and took the form of what Rita feared the most, soon after, the Sword dropped out of Rita’s hands. Sakura and I once again raised our staffs, « Sword Card, we command you to return to your power confined, SWORD CARD! » Sakura and I chanted as we swung our respective staffs down at the same time, and a few seconds after that, the Sword Card was captured. « Well done Zachary, well done Sakura! » Kero said. « That was a somewhat easy capture » I said. « I was just thinking the same thing » Sakura said.

Cutting the SHIELD