Card Captor Sakura Fan Fiction ❯ The Second Element ( Chapter 5 )

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The next day, Sakura and I, along with most of the school went on a field trip to the aquarium. Both Sakura and I were very excited that we were going to see the penguins perform. As Sakura and I soon reached the pool, with its clear glass sides, in time to see the lady dive in to play with the penguins, watching entranced as they, in turn, played her games, with the hoops and the balls and all the other toys, and she was just climbing out when something happened. It was then that Sakura and I saw it, a whirlpool began to swirl around the trainer’s leg only, soon after that, it caught one of the penguins as well. It was then that Tori arrived on the scene, and dove in to save the penguin and the trainer. A few seconds later, both the trainer and the penguin were freed. « What could that have been? » Sakura and I thought to ourselves.

« Sakura, Zachary, when are those pancakes going to be ready? » Kero whined. « Didn’t anyone ever tell you that patience is a virtue? » Sakura and I said, continuing to stir the pancake batter. A few minutes after that, Sakura and I explained to Kero what had happened at the aquarium. And after explaining, Kero, Sakura and I went up to our room.

« The Water Card? » Sakura and I said. « That’s right, Clow Reed created four element cards that are more powerful then all the other Clow Cards, Wind, Fire, Earth, and Water, both of you will need to call upon your strongest Cards in order to seal the Water Card, you both will need to concentrate on Windy, Fly, and Shadow, you both may use any two in combination. » Kero said.

« We don’t get it, why those cards? » Sakura and I asked in unison. « Well, those are the first three cards that both of you captured, remember, and that makes them your strongest allies. » Kero said.

« So these three cards are our allies for the Water Card? » Sakura and I asked in unison. « Yes, but remember, you can only use two of them in unison » Kero said.

The next morning, after the school day ended, Madison, Sakura and I were walking home. « The aquarium won’t be safe until we capture that Clow Card » Sakura and I said in unison. « Oh, I almost forgot, my mom gave me samples of the new cell phone » Madison said, taking out three cell phones. One was blue, one was pink, and the other was yellow. « One for each of you, and one for Kero. » Madison said, handing the blue cell phone to me, and the yellow and pink ones to Sakura. « Thanks Madison » Sakura and I said in unison. « Your welcome, and who knows, they might come in handy on your next card capture » Madison said.

A few minutes later, when Sakura and I arrived home and went up to our room, I picked up my blue cell phone and called Madison. « Hello Madison » I said in a cheery tone of voice. « You sound cheerful, did you and Sakura capture the Water Card already? » Madison asked. « No, but I think Sakura and I will find out the answer soon, we’ll be on our way to the aquarium soon, we’ll call you when we get back. » I said in response.

A little later, Sakura and I met Julian at the aquarium. « Oh hey Sakura, hey Zachary, what are you two doing here? » Julian asked. « Oh, just looking » Sakura and I said in unison. « Oh, ok, come on, I’ll buy you two some ice cream. » Julian said. « Sounds like a plan to us » I said, as Julian, Sakura and I walked into the aquarium.

But, unknown to Sakura and I, Kero and Madison were behind a tree a few yards away from the entrance, Madison was wearing a disguise so that Sakura and I wouldn’t notice her, Kero was hovering beside her. « Well, so much for sensing Clow Cards. » Kero said with a sigh.

Meanwhile, at the aquarium’s food court. « Can we get three chocolate sundaes. » Julian asked Tori. « With strawberries. » Sakura and I added in. « And three lemonades » Julian added in.

It was then that a peculiar swirl of water swirled through the giant fish tank. Julian, Sakura and I didn’t even notice.

Meanwhile, one floor above the food court. Madison and Kero were keeping a close watch for anything out of the ordinary.

It was then that Madison heard a cracking noise. She looked up and saw a huge crack forming on the giant fish tank.

A few seconds later, water began gushing out of the tank and began to fall towards the floor where the food court was. « Oh no, Sakura, Zachary! » Madison yelled.

Meanwhile, underwater, Sakura and I opened our eyes to see a whirlpool wrapped around our left ankle. « The whirlpool, IT’S THE WATER CARD! » Sakura and I said out loud to ourselves.

Meanwhile, above water, Tori was trying his best to locate me and Sakura. « Sakura, Zachary, where are you? » Tori yelled.

Meanwhile, Julian went to a small door, pulled out an ax, and started chopping at the basement door. And after a few swings, the basement door broke open, and the water that was on the ground floor where the food court was, began to flow down to the basement.

A few seconds later, Sakura and I floated up to the surface. « There they are! » Madison said, still in a shocked state. It was then that Tori swam towards Sakura and I and managed to carry us both to safety. « Sakura, Zachary, are you two alright? » Tori asked. « uh huh » Sakura and I said, still dazed from being underwater.

A few seconds after Tori went to go help Julian with anyone that might’ve been hurt during the flood, Kero popped out from under Madison’s hat. « Its here » Kero said. « Kero, I was sitting right there and neither me or Zachary sensed a thing » Sakura said.

It was then that Julian came up to Sakura and I. « Well, I guess were going to have to take a rain check on that ice cream, nothing like a swim to cool you off » Julian said. « Cool you off, wait a minute that’s it! » I said to myself.

Later that night, at the service entrance to the aquarium, Madison, Kero, Sakura and I, snuck past the guards. Kero, Sakura and I went left at the t-junction up ahead while Madison went to the right. « I assume you both have a plan? » Kero asked me and Sakura as the two us ran down the hall with our staffs in hand. « We sure do » Sakura and I said in response.

Both Sakura and I were dressed in battle costumes that resembled court jesters, except, both battle costumes were blue and white. « Would you care to fill me in? » Kero asked. « You’ll find out soon enough » Sakura and I said as we approached the top of the tank that we both sensed was where the Water Card was hiding.

It was then that I pulled out the blue cell phone that Madison had given me. « alright, I’m all set » Madison said. « You found it! » I asked. « Yep, right in the basement just like you and Sakura said it would be » Madison replied.

It was then that Sakura and I raised our staffs over to the tank. « Water Card, if you’re here, COME AND GET US! » Sakura and I said in unison. « This is your plan? » Kero asked as a wave of water shot out of the top of the tank. « Kero, leave this too us! » Sakura and I said. Kero then nodded and flew out of the way.

It was then that I pulled out the Fly Card, and Sakura and I raised our staffs. « NOW FLY! » Sakura and I yelled as we tapped the fly card at the same time with our respective staffs. A few seconds later, both of our staffs grew wings, both of us then hopped on our respective winged staffs, and then we flew away from the wave of water as fast as we could.

It wasn’t long until the wave of water began to catch up to both Sakura and I, and as we flew past the t-junction, we spotted Madison. « Sakura, Zachary, in here » Madison said, pointing to a doorway in front of her. After we flew down a few flights of stairs with the wave of water following close behind, Sakura and I finally arrived at the freezer.

Both of us then got off our respective winged staffs, which changed back to normal after one second, and then we turned to face the wave of water. It was then that I pulled out the Windy Card and both of us raised our respective staffs above our heads. « WINDY, RELEASE AND DISPELL! » Sakura and I chanted as we tapped the Windy card at the same time with our respective staffs. A few seconds later, the Windy Card appeared and began to circle me and Sakura. A few seconds after that, the freezer door behind us swung open with a bang.

It was then that the Windy Card flew into the freezer, the wave of water then followed a few seconds later. Sakura and I managed to jump out of the way just in time as the wave of water went into the freezer. Sakura and I then closed the freezer door.

It was then that Madison and Kero ran up to us. « It worked! » Madison said with a smile. « Way to go Zachary, way to go Sakura, both of you passed the test » Kero said with a smile. « The answer was right in front of both of us all along » Sakura and I said in response. « And I got it all on tape » Madison said. « Hey, its got to be time now, don’t you think? » Madison asked, while looking at her watch.

It was then that Sakura and I opened the freezer door, and saw the frozen Water Card, both Sakura and I then raised our respective staffs over our heads once again. « Water Card, we command you to return to your power confined, WATER CARD! Sakura and I chanted as we jumped up and swung our respective staffs down at the same time. A few seconds later, the frozen Water Card spirit broke apart and was sucked into both card halves.

And a few seconds after that, the Water Card was captured. « Both of you choose you allies well, Zachary and Sakura » Kero said. « Well, we both chose the best study partners » Sakura and I said in response as we turned to each other and smiled.

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