Digimon Fan Fiction ❯ the RDS ( Chapter 5 )

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?LoveLESS.? – chapter 5 – The RDS

Still chuckling he rubbed his eyes with the back of his palms then ran his fingers through his thick black hair. The complete and utter failure of the attempted UN meeting playing on the multiple screens in front of him. He didn’t necessarily take  joy from the ridiculous failure but he couldn’t deny it put a smile on his face.

“Oy, Jacob! You in there mate? Oh, you watching that train wreck again?” Jacob swung the chair around to the side to face the speaker. Walking into the room was Marcus; a tall well muscled man with a thick neck and broad shoulders. Despite his closely buzzed head he had thick muttonchops on either side of his cheeks. He smiled as he approached Jacob and settled into a chair next to him. Like always he was chewing on a wad a gum. A crooked smiled on his face he reached up to the the key board tapped the keys; replaying the video.

It was a raw footage from a newscast. The picture was resting on a well groomed middle-aged women with perfectly sculpted hair. A crew member was in the frame helping adjust her cloths and make her camera ready. “Okay,” The newswoman said to herself. She took in breath and put on a wide smile, waiting for a cue to begin.

“Elaine McMalory here at the newly constructed “Group Building” in The Hub designed specifically with the purpose of getting the different factions of digimon together along with the UN to help come to agreements regarding laws and regulations between the two worlds. Behind me you can see the group from the Vaccine digimon gathered together awaiting their time to take their spots at the meeting table.” She motioned behind herself to a group of angel-type and holy digimon.

“To create a sense of unity, the Vaccine Faction has welcomed humans and their vaccine partners to join in the discussion. The Data Faction as also reportedly welcomed partnerships as well; although at this time we cannot confirm. Along with the Vaccine digimon and their guests you can see-,” she pointed to a group of uniformed humans with digimons close at hand, “that security is very tight. The United Nations Digimon Squad, or UNDS, has enlisted the help of not only their own Digimon Squad but the Japanese Squad referred to as DDS or Digimon Data Squad which is considered the largest and most capable of the various enforcement agencies. ”

She suddenly stopped her commentary, her hand going to her ear piece. She gave the off screen crew an odd look.

“I’m getting some breaking news. The Virus Faction, who prefer to be known as the Demon Lords; whom had previously indicated they had no intention of making an appearance are arriving as I speak.” Behind her was a flurry of activity as the DDS and UNDS were receiving the same information.

Marcus chuckled, “Look at that wanker Koji!” He pointed at the screen at a tall lanky Japanese man wearing a DDS uniform. He was clearly the leader as all the others were looking to him for guidance. He looked blank and you could see his mind trying to rework their plans and think on his feet. The large man slapped his knee and continued to bellow as they watched Koji and the other DDS scrambling to rearrange themselves.  

The cameraman quickly wheeled to the right to catch the entrance of the Demon Lords. Three tall humanoid digimon strode in. One was cloaked from head to toe in red with horns peaking out from under his hood, the other had three pairs of red leather wings with a large beard the nearly scrapped the floor and hair that did the same. In his left hand he clutched a tall staff capped in a red orb. The last resembled a women with an elaborate pinned hairstyle holding up long jet-black hair and a long purple sleeved kimono that dragged on the ground.  Following was a handful virus digimon full of claws, horns, and black fabric.

The news-lady attempted to keep her commentary going. “You can see here now that the Virus Faction is entering the building; completely disregarding the meetings carefully laid schedule as they are walking toward the meeting hall entrance. It looks as though they want to by pass the other waiting group and entered first. This could prove problematic as the Virus and Vaccine factions are already at odds with on another and any small provocation as been known to cause brawls amongst the two groups.” In a whispered voice one of the off screen the crew member could be heard encouraging the cameraman to keep everything focused on two groups and not to miss anything.

“The air in the building has taken a turn- it feels ominous,” the anchor said in a hushed tone. The squad members got between the two factions, which Koji approaching the Demon Lords. He had his hands held in a non-aggressive stance with his digimon partner a waddling  along side him. The digimon resembled a half hatched yellow chicken; the bottom of it’s little body still sitting in part of an egg shell. Little legs sprouted from the shell and wrapped around it’s body was a purple sash holding a katana to it’s back.

“The leader of the DDS is approaching the Virus digimon, we can’t quiet make out what is being said. The Vaccine digimon are approaching; the squad members are trying to keep them at bay. It looks like -oh!” Suddenly the fight was on. The news crew scrambled out of the way as the digimon began to inter-mingle and all chaos broke out. The camera man tried to keep his picture on the scene unfolding before them but finally had to retreat the site and the feed went to static.

“I wonder why didn’t all of them came barging in ya know?” Jacob mused out-loud. “Only Lilithmon, a cloaked up Daemon, Barbamon, and handful of Nightmare Soldiers showed up. They could have done a lot more damage and started an all out war if they wanted too.”

The petty skirmish had ended in less then ten minutes, had destroyed a good portion of the entrance hall of the Group Building, and making their would-be rivals DDS look like idiots for not managing to plan for and prevent this incident. Marcus and Jacob were part of the RDS; Royal Digimon Squad. In fact, they were the only members of the RDS. A fact that made the two a laughing stock to the other larger and very well funded squads; mainly the DDS. The two man crew were based in London and lived on site. Both men had been previously involved in different part of the British Armed Forces and Jacob held their skill as superb to these squads made-up of untrained kids. Their lack of funding prevented them for taking on more members.

The larger man shrugged and scratched his neck. “Maybe they didn’t want to. They just wanted to shake things up.” The clopping of large clawed feet reached their ears and grew louder. In the doorway stood a red dinosaur digimon with a small white and purple digimon riding on it’s back. Two sets of large rabbit like ears that were white and banned with purple sat upon it’s head. One pair high on it’s head; the other  low set and hanging low. As soon as it’s eye landed on Marcus it’s large eyes welled with tears and it reached out it’s hands to him.

“Ah, little Lunamon! I left you alone for too long huh? Thanks for the ride Guilmon.” The large man reached out and picked up the little digimon and set her on his head. The little digimon smiled and hugged Marcus’s buzzed head. Marcus had a large personality to go along with his large frame and a loud booming laugh. On the other hand Lunamon was a quiet and timid digimon who hated to be apart from her partner. Although she was also attached to Jacob and his digimon; she was like Velcro when it came to Marcus.

“Jacob!” a voice croaked out from the red digimon. Guilmon walked over to Jacob a snaggle tooth smile on his face. Jacob and Guilmon were childhood partners having met when he was a boy of 11. More then partners, more then friends, they were bonded like brothers. He reached out and laid a hand on the digimon’s leathery head in acknowledgment.

“By the way,” Marcus said as he swung around in the chair with his back to the screens. “Don’t think I didn’t see you slink in a few mornings ago. Nice walk of shame mate.”

Jacob scowled at his friend and co-worker and knew what was coming. “You’re going to lecture me because you love me right?”

“I’m going to lecture you because I love you!” He looked down his crooked nose at his younger friend. “Stay away from that girl; you know she’s no good. All she wants to do is use you and you’ve got enough trust and emotional shit going on to have to deal with that crazy bitch dragging you into her bed on a regular bases.”

Jacob rolled his eyes and threw his head back to sigh. Marcus’s lecture continued. “You may be a grown man who knows whats going on in his life but that doesn’t mean you still don’t need looking after. You need a nice little girl who can deal with all your antsy shit.”

Jacob took control of the key board and brought up their monitoring screen. He absently mainly clicked around the screen while his friends voice went in one ear and out the other. From their different screens they carefully monitored all coming and goings of digimon and humans between the two worlds in Great Britain as well and data hacking and modifications in their “region of interest” in the digital world. Because there are many others squad around the world that were alined with various areas of the digital world to help monitor for hacking activities and even though they were small they monitored a collection of small towns west of The Dirt Basin; Sea Side, Tree Top, and Line in the Dirt. Activity was low here because not many human bothered going west from The Hub and the other squad that official covered these areas conceded to the RDS because of their quickness and skill solving issues.

Completely ignoring the lecture Jacob asked nonchalantly, “So lunch?”

Marcus huffed out a sigh and Lunamoon followed in suit imitating him with a small puff of her own. “Ya. Lets ‘jump-in’ at Tree Top.”

“What about Sea Side?”

“Man, I’m sick of seafood,” Marcus replied. Sea Side and Tree Top both had “jump-in points”- places where the real and digital world allowed the exchange of people and digimon. Line in the Dirt did not have a jump-in but it’s not like there was anything there to warrant one anyways. The two generally preferred to stay in their region. The purpose was two fold, to avoid other groups as well as make a presence for themselves.

Jacob silently nodded in agreement to Tree Top. The two slipped on their RDS jackets and put on their equipment. The two were always prepared, a trait from their time in the service, with Jacob slinging on a military looking shoulder bag to rest on his right hip and Marcus belted on a belted back to rest on his lower back. With a few taps on the keyboard and with their digivices at the ready the two made their jump.

A/N – Sorry if this seemed kind of slow; next chapter I hope to have the two groups meeting as a result of “fun” being had by Neo and LoveLESS. I just felt the need to set up some more of the universe of this fic. Thanks for reading, let me know what you think!

Digimon: Angel-type digimon, Lilithmon, Barbamon, Deamon, Hyokomon (Koji’s digimon), Guilmon (Jacbo’s digimon), Lunamon (Marcus’s digimon). All these are established digimon so if you’re curious you can look them up for better sense of what they look like.

DDS– Based in Japan, Digimon Data Squad (In the Anime it’s abbrevated as DATS)
RDS– Based in London England, Royal Digimon Squad
UNDS–  United Nation Digimon Squad.

Line in the Dirt
Tree Top