Fruits Basket Fan Fiction ❯ The Rat and the Cat ( Chapter 1 )

[ P - Pre-Teen ]
Of Fire and Ice
By: Asakane Kotoro
Summary: Yuki and Kyo were always complete opposites, they were polar opposites to be exact and both of them love Tohru in their own way. So one cause for their many fights within their rivalry as Cat and Rat is to win Tohru over but what happens when Momiji beats them to the punch? Who’ll really win this round? [some Kyo x Tohru x Yuki, some Momiji x Tohru as well]

Asakane: Hello! Asakane here! I hope everyone is ready for a humorous romance fic because this is one of them. All the boys of the Zodiac are craving for her attention in more ways than one.

Disclaimer: Um, I don’t own Fruits Basket or anything. I only own this plot…Thank you.

Chapter One:
A happy smile was on her face as went around the kitchen, preparing dinner. A song came out of her lips but it came out as a happily hummed tune. The two boys sitting in the next room both looked over. One with a calm, icey demeanor and the other with a fiery, willful demeanor. These two men are Kyo and Yuki Sohma, and the girl, their objects of affection is Tohru Honda.

Tohru Honda is an orphaned girl from their school. It was only a mere year ago that she had come to live with the Sohma family. But her staying with the Sohma came with a price. And that price was knowing of the curse that darkens the family and she must never tell anyone outside the Sohmas of the curse, lest she had her memories erased and she gets sent back to her father’s family. That little threat did nothing to break Tohru’s spirits, nor did it the cursed forms of the thirteen members make her think any less of the Sohmas.

His maroon gaze flickered over to the silvery haired youth sitting across from him, only to see that his rival’s own violet eyes staring back at him. Sparks seem to fly as they glared at each other, issuing a silent challenge to the other boy. ’Damn rat…’

’Stupid cat…’ Both boys continued to glare at each other in silence until Tohru’s footsteps could be heard exiting the kitchen. With their keen sense of hearing, both Kyo and Yuki jumped to their feet. The two rivals walked over to the happily humming girl.

“Miss Honda, would you like me to carry Shigure’s tray into his study for you?” Yuki’s quiet voice asked politely, with only a challenge that Kyo could sense. A certain coldness passed over his face as he glared at the Cat.

Tohru’s face lit up as she was snapped out of her little world of humming and rhymes. A faint blush of happiness graced her cheeks as she smiled, “Oh, Y-yuki. Uh sure. Go ahead and take this in for him…” The brown haired girl stammered nervously, her heart beating rapidly in her chest.

Yuki was handsome, even more so when he was in “Prince” mode. It wasn’t hard to see why the Prince Yuki Fan Club loved him so much.

His left eye twitching in irritation at seeing his object of affection being swept up by his rival’s “charms”, Kyo grabbed the other tray she had in her right hand. “I’ll serve this tray while you go get the rest of our food.” Kyo said, doing his best to hide the twinge of jealousy in his voice. And like Yuki, he too smiled at her.

Confusion graced Tohru’s face as he did so and Yuki, nearly out of the sitting room, stopped and glanced at the two out of the corner of his eye. Her blush deepened and she felt the heat rising on her cheeks, “U-um…K-kyo, this–this is our lunch…” Her heart beating faster now, even more so then when it was Yuki offering to help her.

A triumphant smirk graced Yuki’s face as Kyo now froze in terror and in embarrassment. Kyo’s eye twitched nervously. Heat rising on his own cheeks, the Cat immediately jumped back to his spot at the table and began to sulk.

‘Damn rat…I bet he’s enjoying my humiliation.’ He thought grumpily. His red gaze flickered to the boy again, this time a snicker could be heard from him. That really made Kyo’s anger boil over but for Tohru’s sake, he’ll just have to endure the torture. But there was a silent ache in his heart, making it hard to cope with the fact that Tohru had been won by Yuki in this battle.

Satisfied that he had won, Yuki knocked on Shigure’s door and entered, carrying the tray of Shigure’s pickled radish meal in with him.

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