Dragon Ball/Z/GT Fan Fiction / Sailor Moon Fan Fiction ❯ The Rainbow Coloured Invasion ( Chapter 10 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]
Serena locked her fingers within Darien’s, as she grabbed onto his arm, the two were walking down the boardwalk. Serena looked up at her husband, “Darien?”
“Ya, Meatball Head,” the once aggravating nickname had now become an endearing pet name.
Serena’s eyes looked sad as she asked her question, “do you ever think the battle against the darkness will ever end?”
“No,” Darien’s face was stern and serious, “I don’t think the darkness will ever stop,” Serena looked back at him, “but I do think that we will always be able to overcome it.” Serena maintained her serious look but that quickly turned back to her innocent naive face as something caught her eye.
“Do you want to get something to eat because I’m starving?” Serena asked as she let go of Darien’s arm and ran to a nearby restaurant window pushing her face against the glass as she drooled over the food on the other side of the glass.
Darien walked up behind her laughing as he held open the door, “Let’s go in,” as Serena walked towards the door the sky darkened, “What is that?”
Serena looked up as dozens of spaceships beamed out of light speed and into the sky. There was a loud crack as the ships opened up, out of them poured millions of the rainbow aliens. The city went into panic as the invasion force ripped through buildings and began killing civilians, Serena held her hand in the sky, “Moon!” in a blinding flash of white light that started at her figure tips, Serena was now Cosmic Moon, her silver hair blowing in the wind, the crescent moon on her forehead glowing gold. She turned and Darien had now become Tuxedo Mask, the two took to the sky as they began battling the oncoming force.

17 was walking through the woods in solitude, a situation he had become most comfortable with since 18 married Krillin. He had walked this path many times, and was contemplating is life was still even worth living when he heard a familiar voice. “Hey Dende said you would be around here,” Lita lowered herself out of the sky carrying something in her hand. “I thought I would bring you something to eat.”She opened the package as the aroma of her amazing meal filled the air.
“I don’t need to eat,” was all 17 said as he turned his back to her and began to walk away.
“Wait 17,” Lita grabbed onto his shoulder, “I’ve seen you eat, even if you don’t have to it might be nice if you did.”
“I don’t think so.”
“Why are you so cold?”
“Why do you care?” with these words Lita began to blush.
“Because you’re our friend.”
“I never asked to be,” again 17 began to walk away, when Lita grabbed his arm, he turned to see that she was starring up into the sky as dozens of ships blocked the light. Lita starred as the ship began to open followed by a thundering crack, as hundreds of the alien creatures poured out.
Lita raised her hand up as she screamed, “Jupiter!” her nails began to glow a brilliant green as the light began to engulf her whole body, she was now the lightning warrior Jupiter. She summoned rings of lightning around herself as she took off into the sky; she turned and looked at 17, “You coming?”

Gohan was sitting on his couch starring at a clipboard he had picked up from the mess of papers he and Videl wore working with. “Back already?” Gohan asked his bride to be as she began to walk down the stairs sensing her ki, “I thought you were gonna take a break?”
Videl finished walking down the stairs, and sat beside Gohan, “I thought we could both take a break, we’ve been at this since yesterday evening.” Videl slowly pushed the clipboard back onto the table, as Gohan looked up at her. She was still wearing Gohan’s shirt as an outfit, she had put it on last night before they began their work as it was far more comfortable, and Gohan liked it.
“Ya but, uh,” Gohan became slightly distracted by his gorgeous fiancé.
Videl moved her head making them lock eyes, “You were saying?” Videl began to smile, it wasn’t often that Gohan noticed a good looking woman, but if he did it was always her, she was the only woman in his eyes.
“Uh ya,” Gohan snapped back into it, “I was saying that we’ve almost made a breakthrough I can feel it.”
“I’m sure the breakthrough will still be there after we have a shower,” Videl said getting up and walking towards the bathroom.
“A shower,” Gohan said confused, “wait we?” Videl turned and winked as she walked into the bathroom, a huge smile encompassed Gohan’s face as he took off in the air after Videl. There was a loud crack that filled the air as Gohan entered the bathroom. Videl and Gohan looked around as they noticed the sky had darkened outside, they ran to the window and saw a swarm of creatures flying from spaceships in the sky. A gut wrenching scream filled the air as the rainbow creatures started rampaging the area, Gohan and Videl took off outside as they knew the scream was Chichi’s.

Dende stood at the edge of the Lookout, using his power to see what was happening on the Earth, as the creatures flew at the lookout, Ami let go of Dende using him as a channel so that she could see the Earth as well. The creatures charged at Ami and Dende as she brought up a wall of solid water that they smacked into. Dende snapped out of his trance as the creatures surrounded him, whips of water took out the aliens, “Good to see you’re with us,” Ami joked. Dende took off into the sky forming a barrier around himself, when he rose high enough above the Lookout he exploded the barrier. To his surprise the creatures were unharmed, but they were now dark green coloured instead of rainbow.
“Thanks for letting us use the Hyperbolic Time Chamber….” Uub trailed as he and Mina walked onto the main platform.
Mina flew into the air and grabbed Dende’s arm as he began charging an explosive ki blast, “don’t shoot at them, it only powers them up.” Mina flew forward flipping and kicking one of the in the head as she spun. A spiral of water shot up before her smashing the enemy, “What did I just say?” Mina yelled at Ami.
“Look,” Ami said pointing at the defeated enemy, “My water damages them, they don’t absorb it. According to my calculations Rei’s fire, and Lita’s lightning should have the same effect, unlike you and Serena our powers are not just variations of energy use.” Ami jumped to the side shooting a beam of water through the enemy’s side.
Uub smashed through the enemies delivering powerful blows to them as he went, Mina darted through the horde, attacking only those that grabbed her, until she reached Dende, “Quick call the others, make sure they know about these things.”

Serena flew through the sky blasting at the enemies, to her surprise the blasts phased into them turning them white. “Uh, Darien!” Serena yelled over to her partner.
“What?” Darien asked as he smashed his cane into the back of an enemy’s head.
“My powers don’t seem to be doing anything other than changing their color,” Serena answered kicking the enemy in the head. Another enemy grabbed at Serena as she ducked collecting a handful of hair, Serena let out a scream, causing her odangos to release sonic waves blasting apart her enemies.
“That seemed to work,” Darien said as he flew past and into the next advisory. He delivered a powerful spinning kick to his head, followed up by a punch to the gut. Darien flipped back and pulled out his cane smashing it heavily on the charging enemy’s head. Darien felt the air push into his back he turned to see a charging enemy twitching as a sword was pushed through its abdomen. Trunks pushed the being off his sword, wiping the blade on his purple jacket, and began charging a ki blast. Kid Trunks jumped in front of his older counterpart and blasted his own ki blast; the two energy orbs collided causing a mini explosion.
“Why did you do that?” Trunks asked furious with his younger self.
“Because I’m pretty sure these are the same creatures Goten and Gohan fought, and Goten told me that they absorb energy.”
“So we pound them into the ground the old fashion way then,” Trunks said as he charged at his opponent delivering a flurry of punches to the creature’s abdomen.
Rei flew past, hearing her boyfriend and his younger self’s conversation, she stuck to hand to hand combat, when Dende’s voice rang through all of their heads, “Hear me Z-Scouts, I come bearing news these creatures are the same ones that Gohan, Videl, Uub, Mina, and Goten fought, do not, I repeat, do not fire on them it will only increase their power. The Sailor Scouts, minus Mina and Serena’s powers cannot be absorbed, and therefore can be used. Let them have it.”
“Yes,” Rei let out in excitement, as she released a spiral of flames as she spun, burning the enemies around her.
“So not fair,” Serena wined as she kicked at her opponent.

“Let them have it.” Dende’s voice rang in Lita and 17’s ears.
17 punched through an enemies head as he turned to Lita who had re-summoned her lightning rings, “Well girl.”
Lita looked at him as she took off higher into the sky as electricity arced off of her rings zapping
The enemies around her “Got it!” Lita speed of into an oncoming mass of enemies and released her lightning rings as they cut through the horde. Lita planted her foot in one of the creature’s face using it to push herself backward flipping in the air as she released orbs of electricity. 17 flew past her as he pushed a rainbow creature into a group so that Lita could fry them all.

Gohan and Videl had rushed outside to find that Chichi and Goten were fighting the same rainbow creatures from a couple weeks ago, when Dende’s voice echoed in their heads. “No wonder we didn’t sense them,” Videl said grabbing the leg of an enemy and flipping him in the air sending him crashing into the ground, “they don’t have energy signatures unless we blast them.”
Gohan sped past her, his vest and blowing around him, he punched through the creature grabbing his mother and elbowed the creature advancing on him from behind. “Mom stay back, okay?”
“Not okay Gohan, I’ve been fighting since before you were born young man, and I’m not going to cower now,” Chichi said delivering a series of kicks to a nearby enemy.
“Fine but stay safe,” Gohan said knowing that arguing with her wouldn’t accomplish anything. He sped towards his little brother seeing him surrounded. Goten spun sideways in the air diving feet first into an opponent’s face. Gohan arrived just in time to grab the enemy that was about to punch Goten in the face, Gohan flipped the opponent over and stomped on his chest, “keep an eye on mom.” Gohan turned to see a pack of the aliens chasing after Videl as she flew around in the sky.
“Over here slowpokes,” Videl said as she speed across the sky. She dove towards a cliff and stopped instantly, dodging the oncoming assailants causing them to crash into the cliff side. The mountain crumbled and the impact caused Gohan’s lose shirt to blow around Videl as she prepared herself from the nest adversary. Gohan flew up beside his partner slightly distracted by her present look, “Something you want Gohan?”
“Ya uh,” Gohan stumbled over his words as he rubbed the back of his head, “I just wanted to make sure you’re okay.”
“I’m fine,” Videl said as she and Gohan exchanged blows with the oncoming army, “Thanks.”
“No problem,” Gohan waved as he took of combating enemies as he went. Gohan punched an alien in the face and spun his fist into another. He sped up into the sky trying to stop as many as from reaching the ground team as possible. He charged into a group delivering powerful blows to each of them at a speed so fast they were unable to block. He continued to dwindle the oncoming forces when he heard Videl scream from the ground. He sped down as fast as he could creating a sonic boom that sent some of them flying backwards. He was just at Videl when the pile on top of her was sent flying backwards. Videl stood there her aura burning around her, Gohan was sure that he saw it burning a deep dark purple instead of its usual static yellow for a moment.
He quickly pushed it to the back of his mind as Dende’s voice filled their heads once again, “The forces are converging on the Lookout, your presence is greatly needed Z-Scouts, let the rest handle the remaining invasion force.” Gohan looked up to see the aliens retreating into their ships as they shot towards the Lookout.
Gohan turned to Videl, “Let’s go,” he turned to Goten “Stay here and keep mom safe.” The two young heroes blasted off after the enemy ships.

Dende finished talking to his group of heroes as he dodged an oncoming punch, shoving his fist into the enemy’s stomach. Mina elbowed her opponent on the top of the head sending them crashing into her oncoming knee. She spun kicking an enemy in the head sending them crashing before Uub who was blocking hits from two opponents. Ami unleashed a tidal wave of water smashing a group of the enemies into a wall. The enemies’ backup began pouring onto the scene and slowly the four were beginning to be over run when a sonic boom rang in their ears followed closely by another, Gohan tanked through the horde sending a dozen spinning as he bashed through them. Videl trailed behind him following the path he made. Gohan and Videl joined the fray trying to help hold off the every growing army. A mass herd was charging at Mina when a giant flame bird appeared engulfing them. Mina turned to her left as Rei, Trunks, Serena, and Darien approached. Soon Lita and 17 arrived as they helped to battle the oncoming army. There was a boom in the sky as a new grander ship appeared, the army began to retreat forming a path to the new ship, “Now what?” Rei asked.
“Stay together,” Gohan said as the Z-Scouts formed a close knit circle. There was a loud crack as the ship’s door opened, “Do you feel that energy signature, and it’s massive.”
“Yes, but I though they didn’t have energy signatures?” Serena asked.
“They don’t but this one sure does,” Videl stated looking in the direction the energy signature was coming from. Slowly a figure came into view, as she came into view the group could tell she was tall with a deep red skin, she wore a white toga with baggy white pants underneath. She was adorned with gold and she had a blonde Mohawk that was long in the back, her hair went down to her lower back.
“Quite Spectins,” the red female commanded, “Sorry mindless bio-engineered weapons always so hard to control.” She stepped towards the group as Gohan pushed Videl behind him; Serena stepped in front of Darien. “No need earthlings; I am Amaranth, also known as the Scarlet Scourge. I represent all Spectrans, and I come with a proposal.”
“What is it?” Gohan asked.
“My Lord and Majesty wishes to bring this back world planet under his heal, but you seem adamant about stopping it. So he has sent me to broker a deal you will send your greatest warrior to our home planet of Spectra to compete in single combat or instead of sending waves of Spectins we will begin to send elite groups of Spectrans. You have 2 hours to decide,” Amaranth blasted into the sky her horde of underlings followed.
“So what are we going to do?” Lita asked.
“We are going to hope they stay true to their offer and send our strongest fighter to defeat their champion,” Gohan said in a serious tone as he turned to the group and smiled, “Ami who are we sending?”
Ami smiled as her visor enlarged and floated before the group, “I didn’t know you could do that,” Mina said.
“I couldn’t its one of my many new powers,” Ami stated as a chart appeared on her visor divided into 5 columns.  “The ranks power margins have shifted since our last go over and so have many of our power levels so bear with me guys. So in the bottom rank we have me followed by Videl then Darien, rank four is now Rei followed by 17, then Lita and Dende, rank three is Mina, then Trunks. Rank two is Uub alone and the top rank is Gohan followed by Serena.”
“So Gohan’s still the strongest?” Rei asked confused by the large waste of time.
“Yes, but I wanted to show everyone where the Scouts power levels were at now that Serena unlocked that last bit off power for us all, and where my power level was at now that I inherited the guardian’s assistants powers.”
“So it looks like I’m off to Spectra,” Gohan said a smile on his face.
“Not alone,” Videl said making everyone turn their heads.
“But Videl,” Gohan said he stopped as she looked up at him.
“No Gohan, I’m going with you.”
“Okay, let’s go,” Gohan and Videl said their goodbyes before they returned to their home to grab some things and say goodbye to their family before they blasted into the sky towards Amaranth’s ship.

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