Original Stories Fan Fiction ❯ The Possession of Copernicus ( Chapter 44 )

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Shattered Illusions

Chapter 44: The Possession of Copernicus

By: Melissa Norvell


« He’s possessed…just like Tsubomi, » Millie stared in horror at
the hollow shell of the king before them. He was like a living
doll, scarily devoid any feelings. The school girl could barely
stand looking at him for more than five minutes and as a result her
eyes darted back and forth from her group, to the new enemy before

« Then talking to him is definitely out of the question, » Zino knew
that tactic didn’t cut it with Tsubomi, it wouldn’t with him,

« This is bad, » Shiva glanced ahead with a dire expression. « Tsubomi
just happened to fight it off, but if they managed to get
Copernicus, then they have a strong hold on him. »

« Where is Tsubomi? » If they had Copernicus under their control,
what did they do with his donor? Millie was really worried now.

« You want her? She’s right here. » A familiar voice caught everyone
off guard. They turned to see the brunette fall to her knees before
them. Standing behind her was Hizaki with a cruel smile painted on
his lips.

« M…Millie… » Tsubomi tried to distinguish the blurs in her
eyesight, but she could only make out the school girl.

« Princess Hizaki! » Horatio exclaimed upon noticing who was standing
before them.

« Why don’t you give up? You’ve already been defeated, » Hizaki
wasn’t even sure why they were all trying beyond this point.
Copernicus was the strongest member of their team. Without him,
they were surely going to fall. His eyes cast their gaze on the
helpless brunette beside of him who was on all fours, trying to
comprehend the situation she was placed in. « Tsubomi can’t do a
thing to help you. She can barely talk and your precious king is
possessed. He’s of no help to any of you at all. »

« What have you don’t to them, you monster? » Millie’s fists clenched
by her sides.

« They lost the game, so they lost their freedom. » It was a simple
explanation, really. It was how his master Hide worked. Then, a
wicked grin formed on the Princess of Illusion’s face as he thought
about the possibilities of a future confrontation. « Tell me, will
you take a sword to your precious king? Can you kill the one you
once served? »

« You’re cruel, » Horatio spat as he felt the tension mounting. « How
can you do this? » It was the vilest of acts, having Copernicus be
the one they faced in the end.

« I want that ruling position for Hide, and I’ll do whatever it
takes to get it. Now that the king is under my possession, you all
have no choice but to bow at Hide’s feet, » Hizaki wasn’t about to
give up that easily. He had come this far, and he wasn’t about to
just let them win. They could either kill the king and get rid of
the vampire for good, or they could be beaten by him and suffer the

« I’d rather die than bow to that scumbag who murdered Prince Yale, »
Millie’s voice took on a tone of malice that was nearly
uncharacteristic of her. The last thing she’d ever do was submit to
those killers.

« Hide didn’t murder Prince Yale, I did, » Hizaki’s lips curved into
a devious smile. He felt himself swell with a sense of pride,
knowing that he could go through with such a malicious plan. It was
his greatest conquest up to date. « I possessed Earl Charles and
made him kill the prince at Earl Prizemarter’s party. Every since
Estella Nu hid the fact that he was still alive from me. I wanted
him out of the picture by any means necessary. » He was simply doing
what should have been done long ago. Did they really think that
they would save him from his fate? Laughable.

« So, that’s why Estella Nu was so desperate to get Prince Yale
back. If you or Hide would have found out, then she’d be killed,
correct? » Everything made sense to her now. Millie finally had
answers to some of the questions of long ago.

« Hmm, correct, » the cross-dressing vampire nodded.

« So then, what are you going to do to Copernicus? » That was the
real question at hand. They couldn’t do anything to save her lover,
but there was a chance they could help the newly possessed

« That’s really none of your business. » Surely, that girl must have
been crazy to think that he was just going to tell her his

« He’s our king so he is our business, » Teru tool a
few steps forward and stood tall by Millie’s side.

« Must you always put emphasis on the wrong words? » Shiva sighed. A
part of her wondered if he truly just didn’t know how emphasis
worked or if he was being legit about that little problem of

« It confuses people, » Teru proudly announced with his hands on his

Hizaki held out his hand and the possessed king took it, kissing it
lightly. « You like being subjugated to me, don’t you? » He inquired,
grinding on the other’s emotions like a cheese grater.

« Yes, my princess, » Copernicus replied in a hollow tone.

« Bow to me, » the Princess of Illusion commanded and in true slave
fashion, Copernicus fell to one knee. His arm draped across his
chest and his head bowed low.

« I shall obey your every desire, Princess of Illusions. Nothing
makes me happier than serving you. »

Tsubomi couldn’t stand it. She was sick of hearing him say such
things. The real Copernicus would never stoop so low. The
real Copernicus would never act like that. This wasn’t him,
nor did she want to live with the fact that it might become his
permanent state. ‘Is this what it was like when I was possessed?
Did I act this submissive? What the hell do I do? Copernicus is
their puppet and there wasn’t a damned thing I could do about it.
After they use him, they are going to execute him. I’m sure of it,
but what can I do to save him? How the hell do I knock that
possession out of him? According to him, when he was explaining it
to me, he had to jar my memory and when it was jarred enough, I
fought him off on my own.’
Her eyes slowly panned to the
possessed king.

‘But, if I kissed him like he did me, I’m certain he’d kill me
on the spot.’

« Now Copernicus, go and stain your hands with blood! Kill them
all! » Hizaki pointed to the crowd of beings that the vampire once
considered allies. Their faces lit up in shock, pain and anger as
the king drew his sword and with a ‘yes, my princess’ he submitted
to Hizaki’s will.

« What? No! » Zino shouted in defiance.

« You can’t, Copernicus! You’re our ally! » Teru tried to snap him
out of his trance, but to no avail. The possessed man swung his
sword as the familiar chain of blades shot forward jutting towards
him in a chain before they broke free of their connection and flew
off in different directions, scattering through the air. Teru
jumped and evaded the few that flew towards him. Much to his
surprise, the blades bounced off of the ground and followed

« Die, » Copernicus’ voice was cold and distance as Teru’s feet hit
the ground.

« What the hell are you doing? We’re on your side! » Teru still tried
to desperately free him from his chains of servitude.

« He’s beyond comprehension, » Millie knew it was no use for him to

« Huh? »

« He’s not aware of what he’s doing, » Millie explained as the red
head looked to her. « Copernicus can’t hear anything we say. I mean,
he can but it doesn’t connect. Even if he could hear us, his body
still moves on its own. » It would take more than just words to make
him see their side, to make him see who he really was.

« How do you know this? » Teru was a little curious of how a human
had knowledge on vampuric possession.

« I’m only guessing. Well, if it’s the same thing that happened to
Tsubomi, anyway. » That was really all she could go on, but the
school girl imagined that they might be very similar.

« Will Copernicus end up like her if e snap him out of it? » It was
obvious that the brunette was still being used by Hizaki. Teru
wasn’t sure he wanted his king to be like that.

« I’m not sure. »

« Ugh! » Horatio called out as his blade clashed with Copernicus’
Rigatama. The two swung, over and over as they continued to have a
sword fight, knight against king. The constant clinks and clanks of
the blades rung through the air as the two moved about, trying to
outsmart, outmaneuver and overpower each other.

Millie took out her gun and carefully aimed; trying not to get the
green-haired vampire in the crosshairs, but it was hard because of
how much they were moving around. She constantly had to reposition
the gun. ‘Sorry, your majesty. I’m just going to try and slow
you down.’
Just when she had him in range, they two changed
position, throwing Horatio into the line of fire. ‘Damn it,
Horatio, move! I can’t get a clear shot!’

The two then darted off in different directions. ‘I can’t get a
good aim.’

Just then, blades burst through the earth in front of her. Maroon
eyes widened at the realization that he knew what she was trying to
do. With a clean cut, they sliced the top of her shoulder, ripping
and shredding the blue fabric into pieces and staining her uniform
with red blood. Sharp pain resonated through her body as she let
out a cry of anguish.

Zino called her name out in horror as he ran to her side and asked
if she was alright.

« Look out! » Millie’s eyes widened and she grabbed the man, jumping
out of the way as more blades surfaced from the ground, busting up
the earth. Shards of ground bounced off of their forms as they
evaded the deadly path of the blades.

« Look out for the blades. They are controlled by Copernicus’ mind, »
Horatio warned everyone to be on their guard. The Rigatama’s
attacks weren’t those of any normal sword.

« That’s how he can attack with those blades without saying
anything. » In fact, to Millie his attacks were twice as deadly in
the fact that no one could hear him command them to do

« Forgive me, your majesty, » Horatio closed his eyes before he held
back his sword and cut through the air, summoning his attack forth.
« Raging Dragon! » He shouted as a stream of electric, green energy
formed into he shape of a long, skinny dragon and flew towards him,
ready to plow itself into the king.

« Barrier, » Copernicus countered by holding his blade sideways in
front of him. A dome of red energy encased him. With a thunderous
boom, the green energy from Horatio’s attack clashed with the force
field and dispersed into green electrical currents.

« Sound Wave, » Shiva popped out her umbrella as waves of sound shot
through the air. Copernicus may have been able to block magic, but
there was nothing he could do to reflect sound. The waves pierced
his mind and sent him reeling back in pain.

Yelling in anguish, the vampire dropped his sword and covered his
ears, thrashing around. While he was distracted Millie got behind
him and drew back her leg, telling him that she was sorry before
she delivered a harsh kick to his side.

The attack had so much force that the vampire was knocked off of
his feet and went sailing through the air. He slammed into the
trunk of a nearby tree. The rough bark scraped his clothes and the
force of the contact beat the breath from him.

« Whoo! You did it! » Teru cheered audibly, jumping up and down in
glee before he switched in mood suddenly, placing a hand under his
chin. « So far, anyway. »

« Copernicus… » Tsubomi’s weakened voice was forced out. She
watched the battle unfold before her, unable to do anything to

« He’s amazing, isn’t he? » Hizaki whipped her head around to see the
cross dresser with a pleased look on his face. He was impressed
with the vampire. « Who knew that a Wittenburg brat could be so
resilient, and I just thought that he was only powerful
mentally. »

Ripping her sights away from the cross dresser for fear that any
further exposure to that man’s painted face would make her sick,
Tsubomi looked back to her possessed lover, her face hardened with
determination. ‘Please, snap out of it. You’re stronger than
this…Copernicus, you’ve been through so much. You can’t just
throw this all away because you’re possessed.’

With a new found strength, the long-haired girl slowly pulled
herself up from the ground, which shocked Hizaki. He drew back,
eyes widened at the fact that Tsubomi was even moving in her state.
‘You’ve got to be kidding me! How can she pull herself up after
I’ve drained her of all of her mental energy? Without mental
energy, her brain shouldn’t be functioning enough to tell her body
what to do. What the hell kind of person is she?’

She stood up, hunched over and panting heavily, but she was finally
up. Her body glistened with a thin layer of sweat as the air around
her cooled her. ‘That took everything I had. I’ve got to help
him somehow, even if it kills me. As his donor…no, as his

lover, I will not let it end
this way.’

‘She’s still drained of her energy, but I can’t underestimate
her. She has a strong mental energy. She can override my
possession. I’d better keep an eye on her to make sure that she
doesn’t interfere.’
There was something about this girl;
something defied the will of most humans. How in the world she was
even standing, let alone not a pile of lifeless flesh on the floor
was beyond him.

Horatio and Copernicus continued to fight among each other. Their
blades clashed over and over again as each one attempted to
overpower the other, or to get in that one decisive strike that
would end their dance of blades.

« Die, » Copernicus’ voice was cold to the tone as he thrust the
Rigatama at the green-haired vampire, who dodged to the side.

« You don’t want to do this, my lord, » Horatio tried to continue to
reason, but he blocked the blade. « Think of your brother, Prince
Yale! Think of the king and queen! Think of everyone who has died
for Ramada’s sake! » Above everything, those were the lives that
were laid down, the path of blood that they walked on and the trail
of tears their mission had taken them down. Surely all of those
things weren’t for nothing.

« Rigatama! » Copernicus shouted as the whip composed of blades made
contact with his opponent. The blades tore through Horatio’s blue
and white clothing, making a deep laceration across his chest.
Bloodied sheds of fabric fluttered through the air as Horatio was
sent back by the force of the strike. His feet dug into the ground,
trying to stop him from being propelled backwards. However, he lost
his footing and bounced off of the ground and into a bush. The
shrub shook at the contact and several leaves fell, fluttering
around him.

« Sir Horatio! » Millie bolted towards him. Suddenly, she felt
something dig into her back. She blades smacked into her, flinging
her forward as she was thrown to the ground. Millie laid there,
knocked out cold.

Shiva held out her umbrella once more, summoning forth a burning
gale of wind. A blast of what appeared to be a gust of fire and
smoke pelted the vampire, sending his body back. However,
Copernicus flipped and landed a few feet away, catching

« Foolish man, if you had the sense to make your own decisions, then
you wouldn’t be failing this miserably, » Shiva could see the fault
in his execution, the flaws in his style. Copernicus wasn’t
fighting to his best ability.

« You think I’m failing? » The vampire glanced up from his kneeling
position and raised his hand. A black ring of dark energy expanded
around him as he held the sword in his outstretched arm. Then, in
one, swift motion he pointed the sword ahead of him and called out
the words ‘Dance of Death’ as streams of black energy launched
themselves at the group of opponents.

They all dodged and evaded the strikes. Millie rolled out of the
way as they tore up the earth beside of her. She curled up in a
ball to keep the magic from harming her. Horatio jumped out of the
way as one of the dark beams crashed into the ground behind him.
Shiva popped out her umbrella and created a magical barrier of dark
purple energy that reflected the beams. Teru had to lean back,
nearly falling over as a dark beam traveled over his head. Flailing
his arms, he lost his footing and fell backwards into the grass.
Zino ran towards a nearby tree as a beam was close behind him. He
jumped at the last moment, clinging to the tree branch with his
legs and arms as the beam shot beneath him.

« What the hell was that? » He shouted.

« He’s using the Rigatama’s alchemy, » Horatio noted as Copernicus
charged at them again, ready for another strike.

« Crap! Here he comes! » Teru pulled himself up from the ground.
Before he could move, Horatio appeared in front of him and launched
another Raging Dragon attack. The dragon-shaped energy beam blasted
the vampire back and sent him into a tree. He hit the tree with so
much force that he made an indentation on the surface. Copernicus
winced in pain.

« Hey! I could have taken care of him! » Teru was a little
displeased. It wasn’t like he was some weakling that needed

« But you didn’t, » Horatio glared over his shoulder, « be happy that
I saved you. »

« So rude, gosh! » Teru childishly crossed his arms. Before he could
make another move, the blades of the Rigatama shot out of the
ground and in order to evade them, Teru had to do the splits, the
sharp edges only inches from splitting him down the middle. « What
the hell!? » He exclaimed as his head shot around, then anger marred
his face. « That was a cheap shot! »

« Somehow, I just don’t think that he cares, » Zino replied, still
clinging to the branch. However, it was short-lived as a stray
blade hit the branch, chopping it off before he went crashing to
the ground in a muffled scream.

« Are you alright, Millie? » Horatio looked towards the girl with
concern on his face.

« Yeah, I was wondering about you, » Millie uncurled from her ball
and stood up. « You were hit pretty hard. »

« Don’t worry about me. I’ll be fine. »

Zino’s hand reached through the mass of leaves and branches as he
pulled himself out of his predicament. Coughing a little leaves and
twigs were stuck in his long, black, wavy hair. « Ugh, » he groaned,
before making a ‘huh’ in confusion. Blades shot towards him at
lightning speed. He barely was able to move out of the way as they
assaulted the tree branch, sending leaves, twigs and wood splinters
in all directions.

Tsubomi watched intently as her friends did their best to stay away
from the blades. Her eyes were locked on the action, and her breath
hitched in her throat. Emotionally, her feelings waged war on each
other. The girl didn’t want her friends to die, but he didn’t want
Copernicus to die, either.

« Enjoying the show? » That sickeningly interested voice intoned from
behind her. The mere sound of Hizaki caused her to glare down the
cross dresser.

Copernicus dug his sword into the ground as Zino jumped up, barely
evading the blade as it contacted the earth.

« Man, I don’t have a weapon or anything, » Zino’s eyes glanced
around for anything he could possibly use to defend himself. « Okay,
weapon or not here I come! » Determination etched itself on his face
as the vampire charged at him. It was now or never. He couldn’t
keep running away from Copernicus. It would do no good to do

« Fool, » Copernicus uttered as he drew his arm back, sending the
blades spiraling towards his opponent.

Zino jumped through the blades, and his attacker’s eyes widened,
pupils shrunk. Copernicus had not expected Zino to attack him head
on like that. Why? Why didn’t he run away? A brash contact was made
to his jaw with such force that spit flew from his mouth.
Copernicus’ head whipped back and he was sent flying backwards,
knocked off of his feet. The vampire crashed to the ground in a
crumpled heap.

« Time to make my move, » Teru smirked as he ran out to grab the
Rigatama. What better tactic than to steal his weapon?

« Teru! Don’t! » Shiva shouted, reaching out an arm in dismay as the
red head took hold of the Rigatama’s handle. As soon as his hands
were sat on the handle of the sword, an electrical current shot
through his body, sending waves of lightening over his skin.
Undulating and screaming Teru released the sword as a powerful
boost threw him back.

« Prince Teru! » Millie shouted, worry laced in her voice.

Laid out flat on the ground, the red-head at up and rubbed his
head. “Damn, that makes me all tingly! » His voice was filled
with an excitement uncharacteristic of the situation. Teru almost
felt elated by the fact that he was electrocuted within an inch of
his life.

A bead of sweat ran down the back of Zino’s head. « Why are you all
excited about that? » Honestly, he didn’t understand that guy at

There was a definitive sound of the strike of a sword blade into
the ground. Horatio stood above the king with his blade dug into
the earth beside of his neck. Steely eyes glared down into those of
dark blue. « You’re beaten. Just give up, my lord. »

Copernicus said nothing.

Horatio’s eyes narrowed, « I don’t want to kill you. »

« Then I’ll kill you, » the fallen king remarked before he shot
forward and grabbed Horatio’s wrist with an iron grip. With all of
his strength, he rose and threw him off of him. The mint-haired
vampire tumbled through the air and attempted to kick the royal in
the head. However, the move was blocked.

Horatio landed and turned to the opposing vampire. « Your majesty, I
don’t know if it’s the possession or not but, I’ve never seen you
fight like this before. I know you used to enjoy fencing but I
never knew that you could fight like this. Hide must have put you
through some training. » Either Hizaki’s control was making him take
on a different fighting style like Tsubomi had in the past, or Hide
was preparing him for this moment. Either way, the situation was

Picking the Rigatama up, Copernicus stared at his reflection in the
blade and frowned. « Hide taught me about kenjutsu, the art of the
killing sword. As a king, one must be ruthless and so, you shall
see my merciless side…Now, » he charged towards the knight with
super human speed, slicing him across the chest.

« Sir Horatio! » Millie called out as the knight’s body jolted back
from the force of the strike.

« Rigatama! » Copernicus belted out the name of his sword as he
summoned forth his chain of blades that swirled around him in a
giant spiral. With a simple thrust of the arm, he sent the
clattering snake towards Millie who dodged out of the way and
rolled across the ground.

« Whoa! » The girl yelled.

« Look out! » Zino turned to her with shock on his face.

« Huh? » Confusion and shock crossed the girl’s face as blades shot
up from the ground again, barely missing her body. Millie’s
adrenaline rushed and she felt her heart stop. « That was close, »
she sighed, placing a hand on her chest.

Before she could truly catch her breath, she was tackled to the
ground by Zino as blades flew up from a different area in the
ground. They came inches from taking her life. « Huh? Zino? » Millie
blinked as she laid on her back, gazing up into his eyes.

« Are you alright? » Zino leveled her with stern look.

« Yeah, I’m fine, thanks to you, » she smiled a little.

« Randomize! » They both heard the king’s voice shout out as the
chain of blades disconnected and flew in different directions.
Multiple yells were heard as the blades tore through the crowd. The
sliced everyone, causing their blood to well up to the surface and
ripping through their clothes with ease. Shiva attempted to deflect
them by popping out her umbrella.

« Oh shit! » Teru hid behind a tree as a blade dug into the trunk
where his head was not a second sooner. Peering around the tree, he
spied the blade and clenched his teeth. « Holy shit, that was almost
my face! »

Hizaki simply looked on, amused at the events unfolding before him.
‘He doesn’t fool around. I couldn’t expect less from such a
cruel man. Copernicus J. Wittenburg, you really surprise me.’

Copernicus blocked a flying kick from Teru with ease. ‘You truly
are a killer by nature.’
The royal tried to slash Millie with
his sword, and she barely evaded his strike. Hizaki’s red lips
stretched more into a smirk. ‘Your bloodlust is strong.’
Copernicus swung his chain of blades at Zino, who had to fall to
the ground to avoid being cut up. ‘Surely you’ll be my best
puppet yet.’
Fangs bore themselves with his smile as an untamed
excitement overcame him. « Kill them! Kill them all! »

Sorrow etched itself on Teru’s face at the fact that those words
only helped to fuel the murderous king’s desires. The mighty
vampire stood before him, head down and facial expression unknown.
Horatio was on guard, glaring him down like a hawk that found a
defenseless field mouse.

« This is hard. He hasn’t even broken the possession. They have a
good hold on him. » It was just as the red head feared. Copernicus
wasn’t going to be an easy one to face.

« We may not have another choice. We may have to kill him. They made
sure to completely subdue his mind, knowing that it was his most
powerful attribute, » Shiva didn’t think they would make the same
mistake with him as they did with Tsubomi.

« No! » Millie shouted, causing the other’s to turn their heads in
her direction. « I refuse to think that’s out only option. There’s
got to be some way around it. If he dies, everything we came so far
for is in vein… » her voice lowered into one of sorrow, « and as
knights, we’re over. » She wasn’t about to just crack the foundation
of the Blue Rose Order, the very thing Prince Yale lost his life
for. No, she couldn’t allow that at all.

« Just remember, when the game is over the king and the pawn go back
int he same box, » Horatio’s words stuck in her mind and at that
moment, Millie realized that it didn’t matter what side they were
on. They were on the same coin, and all equal. Freedom fighters in
their own right that would all end up in the same place

…To Be Continued

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