InuYasha Fan Fiction ❯ The Playgroup Gang's End of Summer ( Chapter 8 )

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The Playgroup Gang’s End of Summer

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Little Kagome yawned and her eyes fluttered open slowly.  She
blinked rapidly in the bright morning light for a moment, and then
a frown crossed her little face and she pouted.

“Now what’s that look for?”  mama’s cheerful voice
came as she entered the bedroom and opened her closet to begin
laying out her clothes for the day.  “The day hasn’t
even started yet!”

Kagome sat up in bed and smoothed her hands over the blanket as she
stared down at it with that pouting lower lip poking out even

“Today’s the last day of ‘group,”  she answered
her mother,  “and that means I won’t see Sesshoumaru
again until next year!”

Her mother glanced over her shoulder at her petulant daughter with
a kind smile.  “Oh, it won’t be that bad, dear.
 I’m quite sure that you will still be able to see Sesshoumaru
on weekends and holidays and things.”

“It’s not the same,”  the little girl muttered
sullenly, but did as bid and climbed from the bed to begin getting
dressed for the day.  She pulled on her shirt and jumper in a
much more haphazard manner than usual, and then followed her mother
into the bathroom so she could brush her teeth and hair and wash
her face.

“Life isn’t always the way we want it, Kagome.  Now
smile – do you want Sesshoumaru to see you looking like this,
with such a frown on?”

Kagome shook her head but was unable to find her normal smile as
she headed down the stairs for breakfast – which she wolfed

If this was the last day she’d have to be with Sesshoumaru, she
wanted it to last as long as possible, so the sooner she got done,
the sooner they could go.


A few miles away a certain small, future daiyoukai had woken and
was thinking upon the same problem.  

Because he and Kagome attended different schools this would be
their last day together for some time to come.  

That fact was not appreciated.

He crawled from his bed and began dressing in the outfit he had
readied last night, checking himself over carefully in order to
make sure that his attire was in its usual immaculate state, and
then when he was certain that it was he headed for his bathroom,
ruminating on the problem at hand and his still tentative decision
to correct said problem.

If I attend Muromachi Academy and Kagome attends Nobunaga
Primary we will not be able to see each other hardly at all until
next summer.  This is not acceptable. I will simply have to
speak to father and move schools, there is no other option.

Of course, he could just as well demand that Kagome
transfer to his school, but he was very well aware that all her
friends went to her current school, and since he had no ‘friends’
at Muromachi to worry about losing, it would be easier for him to
make the move.  Not to mention that it would be a much simpler
matter to get his father to move him than it would be to talk
Kagome’s parents into moving her.

He made the trip from his room to the media room, as his father
called it, and got online in a quick manner so that he could check
out Nobunaga Primary’s statistics so as to make sure that they were
at least sufficient – he didn’t want to attend a bad school,
after all.  He was satisfied when he found what he was looking
for – though not quite as good as the marks Muromachi had,
they were more than satisfactory.

Matter attended to in a proper manner, Sesshoumaru headed for the
dining room for the morning meal.

And so it was that as his family sat down to an easy breakfast
Sesshoumaru looked at his father and said calmly and in an even
tone as he buttered his toast,  “I will no longer be
attending Muromachi Academy,”  to his sire’s stunned

Not sure what to make of what he’d just heard, Touga blinked, and
then blinked again at his precocious heir.  “Eh?’
 he finally got out.

“You heard what I said, father,”  Little
Sesshoumaru stated complacently as he finished buttering his toast
and set it neatly on his plate as he picked up the second piece to
do the same.

“And may I ask why not?”  the daiyoukai asked

“Because I will not be separated for an entire school year
from Kagome,”  he replied easily.

Touga just blinked again, then looked up at his wife with a
confused but resigned sigh.  She smiled at him and shrugged,
then turned back to helping Inuyasha get his breakfast ready.
 The little hanyou was still rather uncoordinated at some
things, and eating was one of those things.

Their father watched his heir eating his breakfast nonchalantly as
though he hadn’t just basically told his father what he was
and was not going to do, and frowned, uncertain about how he felt
about the matter.  Yes, he could understand the boy’s
reasoning well enough, but who was the alpha here – he or

And yet, his conscience prodded him uncomfortably before he could
answer in a rougher tone than he normally spoke with, he had
certainly enjoyed it when the boy had put his mother ‘in her
place’, so to speak.  Technically, as his mother she was over
him in status, and yet he’d laughed and even encouraged his son’s
basically thumbing his nose at his mother, hadn’t he?  So how
could he now become angry that the pup had made such a decision on
his own and then simply told him how things were going to be
instead of asking??

A little bit disgruntled with his conscience’ prodding on this
matter, Touga scowled at the table in general but asked his still
calmly eating heir,  “And so let me guess – you
wish to attend her school, instead?”

“Of course, father,”  Sesshoumaru replied as he
carefully brushed the crumbs of the now gone toast from his little
hands so as to make sure that none of it got on his immaculate
attire.  “That should go without saying.”

Touga blinked in surprise yet again.  Had his son just
basically spoken to him with that, ‘Really, father, you are being
remarkably slow this morning,’ expression on his face?  He was
beginning to wonder if he should have gotten out of bed this
morning, because his heir had certainly caught him out wrong-footed

“But what about your friends?”

At that, Sesshoumaru really did look at him with that expression,
and Touga had the feeling that the boy had actually had a hard time
not rolling his eyes at him.

“Oh, right, right,”   he waved his hands with
annoyance at himself for forgetting.  Sesshoumaru hadn’t
had any friends until this playgroup idea he’d come up with
– and the ones he had now were pretty much all from the same
school as Kagome.  “I forgot.  So you really don’t
want to continue attending Muromachi?  It is the
highest-rated school, which was why you wished to attend it, after

“I am aware of that, father,”  Sesshoumaru
replied,  “but things do tend to change.  And I
have looked over the statistics for Nobunaga Primary, which is
where Kagome attends, and it has acceptably high marks and
standards, as well.”

It figured his anal-retentive heir had already investigated the
school – the boy was certainly good at researching and
planning – even at seven.  He wondered, with a moment of
almost hysterical curiosity just what the overly-controlled pup
would really be like when he was older, and it didn’t take but a
moment for the answer to hit him.

He would be a holy terror.

With a proud smile at that realization, the Western Lord threw in
the towel and simply agreed to his son’s request (well, demand,
really, but he wouldn’t quibble over the terms today) and ate his
breakfast so he could take the boys to the last day of playgroup
for the year.

And little Sesshoumaru just continued eating with that same
complacent expression on his face, his future laid out neatly in
his mind – just the way it should be.


Little Kagome actually arrived at the park earlier than Sesshoumaru
for once, and she wandered around ‘their’ side of the playground
with a still pouty and disgruntled expression that surprised all
the other kids entering the park.  Kagome was rarely in a bad
temper, being a normally even-tempered and sweet child.

Little Sango and Little Ayame arrived at almost the exact same
moment, and when they noticed their friend’s terrible expression
they hurried over to her to find out what was going on.

“Ne, ne, Kagome-chan, what’s wrong?”  Sango
chirped, her eyes wide.

“It’s the last day of ‘group, and I won’t get to see
‘Shoumaru again until next year,”  she answered
petulantly after a moment, staring grouchily at the ground as she
scuffed her shoes against the grass.

The two little girls nodded understandingly at that and Ayame
patted the little girl on her back.  “But Kagome,
remember, you guys are married.  They can’t make you stay
apart for all those months!  Married people have to be
together, right?”

Kagome looked up at her friend and blinked, surprised.
 Because Little Ayame was right.  Married people stayed
together.  But even so, how was she going to make sure the
adults let them do what they were supposed to do and be together?
 The only way would be to change schools, and she didn’t
really want to have to do that, since most of her friends attended
her school.  But it was Sesshoumaru…

Something occurred to her, then, and she looked at Ayame.
 “What school do you go to?”  she asked.

The little girl grinned and bounced on her toes, her little red
pigtails following the motion in a rather engaging manner.
 “Oh, since we moved here like Kouga’s family did we’ll
be going to the same school as you, Kagome,”  she
replied cheerfully.  “I did hear you say that you go to
Nobunaga, didn’t I?”

With a small nod, Kagome replied,  “Me ‘n Sango both go

“Well, see?  So maybe you should see if Sesshoumaru
would go there, too!  Then we’d all be together all year

The little girl sighed glumly.  “Yeah, but how do I do
that?  It’s not like I can tell the ‘dults what to do,

Ayame wrinkled her nose at that, an adorable expression that kind
of matched the one on Sango’s face, and said doubtfully,
 “Well, maybe you should let Sesshoumaru do the telling.
 He seems to be very good at that.”

Kagome blinked.  That was true…

Just then, the little boy in question strolled through the gate of
the little park, loftily ignoring his younger brother that came
rolling in behind him, having tripped over his own two feet in his
usual clumsy manner as several kids laughed at him.

Sesshoumaru made straight for Kagome, not looking at anything else,
and a tiny frown settled between his brows as he took in her
somewhat rumpled condition.  Apparently she had not had a good
morning, and so the little boy set out to cheer her up and make her
normally sunny smile come out.  

They played tag, blind man’s bluff, samurai versus ninja’s, and
even duck, duck, goose, which whiled away the time in a highly fun
and distracting manner, and soon he did, indeed, have the little
girl smiling and laughing as they played.

But as the day began to wind down and some of the parents arrived
to begin taking their offspring home, Kagome’s fears all suddenly
came back and she started crying, afraid that her mother was going
to arrive at any moment and drag her away from Sesshoumaru.

She was too upset for him to get what was wrong from her, so he
looked at her friends with a frustrated look and demanded to know
what was going on.

Little Ayame took the lead and explained Little Kagome’s upset, and
though Sesshoumaru hated her tears more than he hated anything else
he couldn’t help the proud straightening of his spine that his
woman didn’t want to be parted from him anymore than he wanted to
be parted from her.

“Kagome, do not cry,”  he started, hugging her.
 “I have already taken care of this matter, so you don’t
need to cry.  I will see you on Monday.”

The little girl’s tears abruptly paused and she pulled back and
looked up into heavily lashed golden eyes hopefully, her lower lip
still quivering in a thoroughly endearing manner, had she but known
it.  “Really?”  she squeaked.

“I’m going to change from my old school to yours.  I
have already spoken with my father about this subject this morning,
and he will be enrolling me in your school on Monday.  And I
will even be sure to be placed in your class,”  he
added, his expression turning satisfied as the little girl squeaked
excitedly and glomped him, not upset even as she knocked him over
into the sandbox, dousing him in the messy stuff.

“Yay!”  she yelled, her smile blooming across her
face in a pretty manner as Sesshoumaru stared at her, entranced by
the picture she made.  He blinked, the spell broken when his
little brother ran over and started pointing and laughing at him
for his ‘messy clothes’.  

That ended the happy moment between Kagome and Sesshoumaru as the
little boy carefully assisted Kagome back to her feet and then took
off hotfoot after the little brat, once more determined to pound
his little brother into submission.  He had a very bad habit
of interrupting good moments between he and Kagome, and that could
not be allowed to go unchallenged.

Inuyasha had declared war, and Sesshoumaru was going to win it.

Now completely happy and cheerful, her bad mood gone as though it
had never existed, Kagome spent the rest of the afternoon playing
hard with all her friends and Sesshoumaru, not worried about her
mother returning to pick her up at all anymore.  (Though since
today was Saturday she wouldn’t be seeing Sesshoumaru until Monday,
which she hated, one day was still better than an entire school
year, so the girl tolerated the thought without her usual

None of the group had paid the slightest bit of attention to the
side of the playground where the ‘baddies’ dwelt, and so none of
them had noticed Little Naraku’s devious expression…

There just might be more new students for Nobunaga come Monday than
the group would like.

Little Naraku was still determined to mess up Little Sesshoumaru’s
life, and he couldn’t do that if they were in different schools.
 And his devious little mind had come up with the perfect way
to get his father to change his school.

He rubbed his hands together gleefully as he stared with a nasty
little smirk across the playground as Sesshoumaru said goodbye for
the day to Kagome, already plotting the Western Heir’s

For the first time the devious little spider hanyou couldn’t wait
for the new school year to start.

I’ll get you yet, Sesshoumaru – and your little Kagome,

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