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Lil Lovely Angel: Ok we’re here once more! I don’t get to do chapters like this in my stories but yeah. I thought I should go for it. Here we go!!!
The area was silent as Sylvia stared down Armand’s nymph. She stood there with her blade in hand and eyes closed. She was reminiscing about her past. Sylvia was curious as to why Karma had joined Armand. Something terrible must have happened to her all those years ago.
“When I was a young girl I had the life that any girl would want. Loving parents, siblings, a beautiful home and love all around. I didn’t need anymore than what I already had. But little did I know, as a noble family we had enemies.”
Three Hundred Years Ago…
The lovely home of the Takeda sat beautifully on a hill even in the demon world. It was Karma’s home during her childhood. There she had everything a child could possibly want. Her noble parents were highly respected in their area. Her father, a nobleman by blood and a sophisticated swordsman and her mother was a well mannered, high quality woman. Their children consisted of two girls and two boys. Ailita was the oldest, Juna, Yoshio the oldest boy and Mamoru the youngest. On that day Yuri and Anzai Takeda prepared for a special evening. It was Juna’s birthday. “I want the best for our darling girl. She deserves everything the world has to over. Juna will have a grand party tonight with all the nobles gathered in our home.” Yuri planned.
“Yes Yuri darling of course. I’ll have to best food brought tonight and the greatest entertainment. Juna will be surprised.” Anzai planned. From afar Juna listened to her parents plan her birthday. She was excited to know that they were bring all the best from around the demon world. She down the hallways, up the stairs and toward Ailita’s room. “Ailita!!! Mommy and daddy are throwing a big party for me! It’s going to be wonderful!” She announced gleefully. Ailita picked up her younger sister off the ground and gently kissed her forehead. She was about to speak to her when she heard shouting outside. She rushed over to her window to see a demon only known as Takaya standing before their home. “Ailita who is that?!”
“Stay here Juna. Don’t leave my room understand? Do you understand me?!?!”
“Yes Ailita. Please be careful.”
Ailita hugged her younger sister before running toward her door. Yoshio and Anzai were standing outside. Ailita hurried the boys into her room and rushed outside to join her parents. From the window Juna, Yoshio and Bakura watched as their mother, father and sister stood together against Count Kaisoburou. He, much like Juna’s father, was a noble but unlike her father Kaisoburou had turned renegade against his fellow nobles and destroyed those who trusted in them for their land and power. Ailita was very certain that Kaisoburou had come claim their land, power and lives. “Count Kaisoburou you are not welcome on these parts of the demon world. Lord Raizen has put a bounty on your head have you known that?” Ailita questioned. The ugly demon gave the Takeda girl a crooked tooth smile His piercing gray eyes looked down at Anzai’s daughter with delight. She would be the first to die. The tall demon dismounted his steed and pointed his long, slender blade at Ailita but Anzai deflected the blade and began a heated battle with Ailita’s father. The younger girl unsheathed her blade but her mother stopped her from going further. “Mother!”
“Take you brothers and sister to the Sakura tree and wait for me there. I will stay with your father. Do not question or argue with me. Do as I say.”
Ailita turned away to return to her brothers and sister. Kaisoburou was ruthless and would stop at nothing until her entire family and household was obliterated. Ailita’s mother stood absolutely no chance against Kaisoburou in battle but she was a good healer. She would never wield a weapon to cause pain but she learned healing arts to ease suffering. That was the reason why she stayed. Ailita could only pray that her parents would come to their aid once they’ve defeated the Count.
“Juna!!! Yoshio!!!”
“Where are mother and father?”
“Don’t ask questions just come with me. Yoshio hold Juna’s hand and keep up with me. Bakura hold onto me.” Ailita led her sister and brothers out of their house and down the road into the forest. She had to stop every now and then so that Yoshio could catch up. When they reached the Sakura tree Ailita released Bakura from her arms so that he could be free to walk. The young girl looked around to be sure that no one had followed them and when she was certain she sat with her brothers and sister. “We’ll wait here for mom and dad.”
The four children waited patiently for their parents to come. They waited for hours until finally their heard footsteps. Bakura was certain it was their parents. He ignored Ailita’s warning to wait and rushed toward the forest to greet his parents. That was a mistake that cost him his life. Poor Bakura was the first of Karma’s siblings to be slaughtered. The young boy had stopped in fear when he saw the fearful count. Kaisoborou had silenced the boy’s screaming by cutting the small child’s throat. Juna was the first to break out into tears. Ailita had shoved Juna into the opposite direction to take cover but Yoshio had not followed. He darted to avenge his younger brother’s death but instead he had been trampled to his own doom by Kaisoborou’s horse. “You bastard!!!”
“Ailita no!!!”
Ailita had charged at Kaisoburou with her own blade but before she could begin combat she had been trapped in a circle of green flames and was burned to ashes. Juna shook her head and began to run as fast as she could. Never once did she look back for fear that she would meet the gaze of the man that murdered her family.
::: I was the soul survivor of the Takeda family. I ran for days, months and ultimately years. I ran until I encountered Thelessa Aeries and Thesella Twilight. The twin sisters had brought me to Lord Armand. He trained me, renamed me and recruited me finally. It wasn’t until seventy five years later that I sought my revenge. :::
Now known as Karma Blade, Juna Takeda went to seek revenge for her family. She had hunted Kaisoburou for months and finally tracked his down in a castle on a land that was once a grand battlefield. The bones and weapons of the defeated still laid on the field. The count probably wanted to warn off all those who opposed him. Still, it did not affect Karma. She entered the fortress and passed herself off as a weary traveler. Kaisoburou would never remember her. The last he’d seen of her she was a young girl with long black hair and green eyes. Now she had silver hair and golden eyes. She wore a black top that only covered her breasts and a matching skirt. The silver assassin followed the guard down the fort halls to a dining hall where Kai and his men dined barbarically. Karma had learned to deal with food throwing, spitting, backwashing wine and chewing open mouthed. Years ago it made her stomach turned but she trained herself not to let it bother her. “Who is this striking beauty?”
“My name is Karma Blade and I am just passing through. I heard from the demons around that a benevolent ruler lived in these parts. So far I have yet to see that with repugnant soldiers about.” Karma had learned from Thelessa to use her beauty get what it was that she wanted. Neither women had been seductive and despised using their charms to get what they wanted. She had questioned Thelessa on why she had to learn. “Sometimes charging in with a sword isn’t the best method.” She had said. “And sometimes we nymphs must be more charming than we are savage when that time comes.”
Karma had taken the lesson into careful consideration. Now was the time to be charming but not naïve. The guards however, had seen Karma as more naïve than charming. This woman had come to their fort and insulted them. She had a death wish. “This harlot has come to us and insulted us all! I say we cut her tongue!!”
“No! We will do no such thing. Karma, do you have a reason to insult my men the way you have. A lovely woman such as you must be as intelligent as you are beautiful. Please, share with us.” Kai requested. Karma approached the despicable count with emotionless eyes. She wanted nothing more than to gouge his eyes from their sockets and rip his heart out. The pleasure of killing him would have to wait until she could get him alone. And for him to get him alone, that would take some time. But for now Karma would flaunt her beauty until she caught a sexual eye from Count Kaisoborou. “Well your men lack in etiquette manners that’s for damn sure. They don’t know how to behave themselves in the presence of a lady. I suppose being complete slaughter brutes doesn’t include elegance. But I’m quite sure you know how to offer a warm welcome to a lady Count Kaisoborou.” Karma flattered.
“Indeed I do. I’d hate to see a fine beauty like you ravaged by ravenous demons. Perhaps you’ll find a room to your liking in my fort. I’d like to protect you from the creatures of the night.” Karma was almost charmed by Kaisoborou’s offer. Perhaps being beautiful went a very long way. Karma agreed to stay the night and allowed two of the men to escort her to her room. When she arrived at her room she turned to the guards to dismiss them. “That will be all. I’ll expect a meal and privacy if you don’t mind.”
“You may have a way with the count but your slut ways won’t work on us. I suggest you sleep with one eye closed tonight.” Karma only smiled at the warning. They were smart to know that she posed as a threat. Why couldn’t Kaisoborou be smart as his men? “Thanks for the warning. Now I have one for you. Pretty pussies like me tend to rip out the tongue of those with a dirty mouth. Watch your tongue or you’ll lose it. I’ll take tea with my meal tonight.” Karma slammed the door to the guards and went to rest on her bed. She smiled as she thought of how beautifully she was going to kill Kaisoborou.
::: Soon my family. Soon your deaths will be avenged. You’ll have to wait though, I’ve got quite a hit list. :::
After having dinner Karma decided to have a look at the pretentious fort. She had been intrigued by the size and jewels that had been flaunted all around. As she walked she came to a secluded area outside. Guards had been posted at every doorway but oddly there was no one standing by. Karma walked a few feet into the jungle like area until she came upon a hot spring. It was enchanted with beautiful, exotic flowers and sweet aromas. Karma was immediately drawn to the water and dipped her hand in to test it. It was hot, searing hot. Karma quickly undressed and stepped into the spring. It eased her muscles as she relaxed against the sides of the spring. Never mind the feeling of being boiled like a wonton, it was soothing and she would need to be soothed so that she could slice down Kaisoborou. “Are you enjoying the bath?”
“Huh! Uh!!”
Karma covered her breasts and slowly moved away. She looked away when he began to undress. She was almost taken by how beautiful his body was but she shook it off. She had to continue to play helpless and innocent. She almost enjoyed playing the innocent virgin part. Men were always mesmerized by a young virgin with a beautiful body. Playing the part was too easy and like the fool he was, Kai would come running. He had entered the water and took Karma into his arms. “Have you found your room to your liking?”
“Yes I have.”
“I came to bid you goodnight but I could find you. To be honest I’d rather find you here then anyplace else. Kai said as he caressed Karma’s lips. And when he tipped his head down to kiss her, Karma moved her face out of the way of his attempt. She let her body shake as if she was afraid and that brought a smile to his face. “You don’t have to be afraid of me Karma. I’m not going to hurt you.” He whispered against her neck. He kissed it gentle and brushed his teeth against her skin. He enjoyed the feeling of her body shivering against his. He was going to have Karma in his bed tonight. There was no escaping it. “I don’t believe that you’re not going to hurt me. You’ve killed hundreds of innocent women and children. With your bare hands you severed families. How could you? Why would you do it?”
“Sacrifices are needed to obtain power. Some lives need to be taken away to acquire absolute control. I killed them so I could have their power over their land. Every noble I slaughtered I’ve taken everything from them. None of them could be as powerful as I am now. This land needs to be ruled with an iron fist.” Kai whispered. Karma pushed Kai away but he grabbed her by the wrist and pulled her back. “Everyone does as I tell them to Karma. They do what I say and what I want is law.”
“I refuse to follow these laws!”
“Oh you’ll follow them all right. In fact, you don’t have a choice. What I want is for you to be my sexual entertainment tonight. You’re so beautiful and yet I can help but wonder how delicate you are.” Kai forced a kiss on Karma’s lips and though it sickened her stomach, Karma returned the kiss. She jumped up and wrapped her legs around his waist. She felt him rubbing against her but she knew he wouldn’t take her. Not there. Their kisses grow more and more intimate until Kai pulled away to speak. “I want you. I want you now, in my bed. Come to my room tonight so that I can ravage you.” Kai kissed Karma one last time before going to his room. Karma’s plan had worked. She couldn’t waste anymore time. She finished washing, rushed up to her room, wrapped only a blanket around herself and made her way to Kaisoborou’s room. Once inside he brought her to his bed. He couldn’t wait to have her but he was going to enjoy deflowering her. As they kissed and touched each other Karma pushed Kai up and clawed his neck. She covered his mouth to keep her from screaming but flipped him over so that she could keep him down. “You killed my family you sick fuck. Now I’m going to kill you. Tonight, it will be I that will do the ravaging.” Karma looked across the room and used a magnetic spell to bring the four knives from the wall to her. “The first knife is for my sister Ailita.”
Karma stabbed his hand with the first and grinned when she saw him twitch with agony. “The second is for Yoshio and the third is for Bakura!” Karma stabbed his right hand and foot with the knives then finished the job with the last knife to his left foot. “Who are you?!?! Who are you?!?!?!”
“I’m the noble you neglected to kill. I’m Juna Takeda.” Karma got up from her bed to walk through a pair of double doors. Inside was a room filled with treasures. Treasures that he had taken from nobles that had trusted him. The sight of everything Kai had taken sickened her but all that he had killed will seek their revenge in the afterlife. He was going to spend an eternity feeling the wrath of those he eliminated. Among the things Karma found the blade that belonged to her father. She could never have forgotten it. The golden hilt, the black serpent going down the blade and the amethyst implanted just below the hilt was unforgettable. Karma took up her father’s blade and walked back to Kai’s room. She didn’t speak to him before slitting his throat but when the deed was done, she began to cry.
::: I cried as I walked down the halls. I killed everyone that stood in my path on my way out. I didn’t care who or what it was. They died by my hands that night but my parents never came back. They were still dead but so was Kai. :::
Present Time, Welgaia
“So you see Harue. You don’t know what it’s like to struggle and lose those that you love. You’ve never been left alone with the feeling that you’ve been forsaken!!” Karma took her blade and pointed at Sylvia. Their battle was going to end now. She was going to give her that feeling of losing everything she had. She was going to take everything from her. “You’re right Karma. I’ve never had everything taken from me but I know how it feels to take it all. I never want to put you in that position again but I will send you to be with your family. I’ll cleanse you of that pain in your heart and end your everlasting suffering!”
“You just try it Harue!!”
The two women charged at one another and clashed their weapons against them. They tried to push the other back but they were equally matched. Karma grabbed a hold of Sylvia’s disc and pulled it along with her to the ground. She thrusted her sword at Sylvia but the angel deflected the blade with her disc and slit her stomach with her second disc. The girl stumbled back with her hand on her gut and as she did, Sylvia made a second cut to her face. Karma fell to her knees then dropped onto her back. She was surprised to see that Sylvia had sat down beside her as she lay dying. “Your family is waiting for you Karma.” She whispered.
“Yes… yes they are. Mama, papa, Ailita, Yoshio and Anzai are all waiting for me. I couldn’t be happier. You know, this is the first time in three hundred years that I cried. But this time around I’m happy. This is the happiest I’ve ever been. Thanks to you Sylvia.” Karma closed her eyes and did not open. With the closing of her eyes came the last of her tears. They streamed from her eyes and into the cut on her face but that didn’t stop. It had actually looked as if Karma was crying tears of blood.
Lil Lovely Angel: *wipes tears away* This is one of the saddest chapters I’ve written. This chapter was inspired with the Roxas song from KH2 soundtrack. Well only a few more chapters to go.
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