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Chapter 2- Twentieth Lotis- Uti- See, To See Through, Awaken

Kyo called Alice the next day with the fight time and what time they should be at the airport.

He also helped his Aunt and Uncle find four people to help out during his absence.

On Friday morning around 11:30, Naomi, Maki’s sister, showed up to be ready for the week to come. Kyo and his uncle had closed the café for the day.

“Is that Cho-Cho?” she asked when she walked in. Kyo was holding the sleeping 8-month-old and the baby wouldn’t let go of her big cousin’s shirt.

“I’m guessing she loves you, Kyo.” Naomi said as she went behind Kyo to see Cho’s face.

“More than you think, Naomi,” Maki said from behind her husband.

“Maki! Look at you; pregnant with twin boys and you have such a young little girl! I wish I could have been that lucky!” the happy woman went over to see her sister. Naomi was 9 years older than Maki and had a son that was 15 named Haku. She had married an American man named Ryan. He died in a car accident six years ago.

Cho stirred in Kyo’s arms and he smiled down at her. He loved her so much, as much as he loved Alice. Even with the boys on the way, Cho would always hold a special place in his heart.

As Maki and Naomi went to go catch up on everything that had been going on, Yuki answered the ringing phone.

“Hello?” he said into the phone, “Yeah, he’s here. Don’t worry. Okay. Here he is.”

Yuki covered the phone receiver and mouthed `Alice’ to Kyo. Kyo moved Cho from his shoulder to his arms on her back. Yuki handed the phone to him and put a binkie in his daughter’s mouth.

Kyo sat down with Cho and put the receiver up to his ear.

“Baby A?” he teased into the phone.

“Hi Mr. K,” Alice said back giggling, “I as wondering if I could come over and you could just take us both to the airport.”

“Yeah, sure, but why?” Kyo said as he shifted up Cho.

“Mom and Mayura are going to a fashion expo and my dad’s taking them. They’re going in the opposite direction of the airport.”

“Alright, come on over. You can meet my Aunt’s sister before we go.”

“Sounds like fun. Be over by 4.”

“Alright Angel,” Kyo smiled, messing with her again.

“See you soon, kitty-cat,” she teased back; then she hung up and Kyo followed suit.

Cho started whining, signaling a change or hunger. Kyo felt her diaper and realized she needed a change. He went to her room and laid her on the changing table. She fussed until he was in the process of putting a clean diaper.

She looked up at him and he smiled at her. Cho smiled back and closed her eyes again. Kyo kept smiling as he snapped her onesie. He picked her back up and grabbed her favorite blanket. Alice and her mom had bought the stuff to make it and along with Mayura, they made a really cute pink and green blanket that had “Cho” stitched in the middle.

Kyo took her into the living room and stood in front of Naomi.

“Want to hold her? I’ve got to pack my clean clothes,” he asked and told her.

“Oh, yes!” the woman exclaimed. She stood up and Kyo let Cho slip into her aunt’s arms. She fussed a little and Kyo kissed her forehead. The baby stopped as she watched her cousin smile at her and leave her line of sight. She then stared up at her aunt.

“Here’s her blanket,” he handed Naomi the coverlet and looked at his aunt and uncle, “Alice is coming over and we’re going to the airport together.”

“Okay,” Maki said as her hand stayed rested on her belly.

“I’ll make sure that a cab comes to get you two,” his uncle said as he picked up the cordless phone from the coffee table.

“Thanks, Uncle. I’ve got to finish packing,” Kyo said as he went into the laundry room to get his clothes.

Naomi played with Cho as Kyo got the rest of his suitcase packed. Cho began to fuss and Naomi knew she was hungry. Yuki made the baby a bottle, since she clearly needed a nap, too. Kyo brought his suitcase out and put it by the door while Naomi attempted to feed the infant.

“Come on little one,” Naomi cooed. Cho just cried and Yuki tried helping Naomi, but the infant wailed.

Kyo walked into the room. “Give me my cousin before she breaks the sound barrier,” he said.

Cho lifted her arms to Kyo and he put her up on his shoulder. She made whimpering sounds and she hiccupped for a little bit, but they stopped after a whiled. He took the blanket and placed it over the other shoulder. Naomi then handed Kyo the bottle and Kyo pulled Cho into a laying position in his arms and got her to take the nipple. The baby closed her eyes and sucked her food.

There was a knock on the door and Kyo looked up at the clock.

“It’s probably Alice, Uncle,” Kyo said.

Yuki nodded and got up to answer the door. Naomi looked at Kyo and smiled.

“What would Maki and Yuki do without you?” she asked him.

“They’d probably go insane,” Alice said as she came in. “Hi Kyo.”
“Hi Alice,” he said. He walked over to her, while still feeding Cho, and planted a kiss on her lips.

“Alice,” Yuki said. “This is Maki’s sister, Naomi. She’s gonna watch Cho for us while you and Kyo are gone.”

“Hi,” Alice said. All of a sudden, she felt shy again. She was just hoping to come over without any new people around. She had come out of her shell quite a bit over the time since the attack. But she was still a bit shy and soft spoken.

“This is Kyo’s girlfriend, Alice,” Maki told her sister.

“Hello Alice,” Naomi said. “If I may, how old are you?”

“I’m turning seventeen in a few months.”
“So you’re two years younger than Kyo?”
“Yes ma’am,” Alice answered.

“Don’t worry; I’m not trying to pry. It’s just I was your age when I met my husband.”

Alice nodded and Maki smiled. “Brandon was really awesome. You and Kyo would have liked him,” she said.

Alice smiled back and looked over at Cho. “And how’s she gonna fair over this?” she asked her boyfriend.

“Don’t know,” he answered. “Well, she’s fine with Maki and Uncle, since they’re her parents and all, but I’ve never been gone more than a day or so.”

“She’ll be fine,” Yuki said. “And if she gets really upset, we’ll call you and have you talk over the phone to her.”

Kyo just nodded gazed back down at his cousin. Yuki sighed and shook his head. “He’s more like a big brother than a cousin,” he said.

Maki laughed and Naomi joined her with a giggle. Alice smiled up at him and saw that he was smiling too. He looked sad as well though to be leaving his baby cousin.

Alice placed her hand on his arm and he looked at her. “She’ll be okay Kyo. It’s not like you’re leaving for good.”

Kyo nodded and smiled at her before continuing to look at Cho. Alice leaned her head on his arm and looked at her too. Cho was like a little sister to her too.


Kyo and Alice were at the airport in Norway, looking around for any sight of Frey or one of the Lotis masters to come and get them. They didn’t see anybody, but then they saw Frey with a girl holding a toddler, another little boy at her feet. He waved at them and both groups moved to greet each other.

“Alice! Kyo! I see you made it here in one piece!” Frey stated. Alice allowed him to hug her, but he didn’t attempt a kiss at all.

“So, what’s been going on Frey?” Kyo asked.

“Not much, just a lot of problems lately,” Frey answered, scratching the back of his head. The girl behind him cleared her throat and gave him a glare when he turned around to face her. “Oh, sorry, this is Leah and her brothers. Leah’s been helping me with the Lotis duties. Her brothers are being picked up today by their mom. So we’re gonna have to wait a little before leaving.

“Leah, this is-”

“Kyo Wakamiya and Alice Seno, I know Frey,” she said in fluent Japanese. “Sorry about this wait. My mother had to go on business and my little sister was at camp, so she had to pick up her and then pick up the boys. You see, my mom travels out of the country a lot, so she normally drops the boys on me.”

Kyo and Alice nodded, understanding. The younger one she was holding didn’t look any older than maybe one year of age. He had dark brown eyes and a mess of black hair on his head. He wore a red long sleeve shirt and blue jeans, and had little white Reebok’s on his feet.

The other little boy looked maybe around three. He had very short light brown hair that looked like it barely covered his head. He had hazel eyes that looked almost scared when he looked around. He had on a blue t-shirt with a yellow jacket over it and blue jeans. Little brown Sketchers poked out from under the baggy pants.

Leah on the other hand had long dark brown hair that reached the lower curve of her back. Her glasses didn’t hide her intense green eyes that Kyo found familiar. She had on a jean skirt to her knees and a pale blue t-shirt. A long trench coat-like green jacket went down to the half way point of her skirt. She also had on a pair of well worn blue Mary Janes. A dark blue diaper bag rested on her right shoulder with the toddler on her left hip.

Frey was wearing a regular outfit for him: blue jeans, old sneakers, and a cameo t-shirt. He had on a black jacket and his bright blonde hair was back in his classic braided ponytail.

Alice and Kyo were in what they left in: blue jeans and old sneakers. She wore a yellow t-shirt that said, “I got my boyfriend from a cereal box” and Kyo had on a white t-shirt that said, “Peace”, “Love”, “Faith”, “Hope”, “Dreams”, and “Tranquility” all over it in Black English letters and Japanese calligraphy.

They waited a bit, a small bit of chatting happened, but not too much since Frey and Leah were a little spaced out and none of them knew what to talk about.

“There’s Anna!” Frey said, pointing to behind Kyo and Alice.

A young girl, not any older than 12, ran over to the group. She had light brown hair to her shoulders and light blue eyes. She had on a pair of blue jean shorts and a tank top under a similar blue jacket like Leah’s. On her feet was a pair of old sneakers that looked like they had gone through a lot.

“Leah!” she said running over. Kyo and Alice were surprised that she spoke Japanese. She looked so American.

“Anna; how was camp?” Leah asked.

“Fine; our next flight goes out in like an hour and mom wants us all back with her,” Anna said.

“Okay,” Leah said. She handed over the younger one and then the diaper bag on her shoulder. “The other luggage should be at the pick-up station. Frey dropped it off so it could be scanned early.”

“’Kay; bye Leah,” Anna said. She waved the toddler’s hand. “Say `bye bye’ Rollie.”

Leah waved at him and leaned down to the little boy next to her. “Be good Lenny.” She kissed his forehead. “I’ll miss you.” The little boy nodded and held out his arms. Leah hugged him and kissed his cheek before pushing him over to his other sister. He took Anna’s hand and Anna smiled before walking back to the other side of the airport.

Leah sighed and stood up. “I don’t know what to do with them,” she stated.

“You don’t know what to do without them!” Frey joked. “Alright then,” he sighed. “With the tykes off, let’s go get your luggage and be off.”
With that said, everyone followed Frey to the baggage station. Alice took Kyo’s hand and looked randomly at Leah’s hands. Her right was really close to Frey’s hand, like she wanted to hold it, and the left had a ring on her ring finger.

`A promise ring!’ Alice realized. She looked down at her own left hand to see her promise ring. It was one that Kyo had picked out himself. It had Alice’s birthstone in the middle with two small diamonds next to it.

They grabbed the luggage and made their way out to the car waiting for them. They all got into the small limo, Frey and Leah with their backs to the front, Alice and Kyo next to the doors. The black car drove off, and soon the city faded and the rolls of the country side were all around them. They continued until the road stopped. The driver let them out and a young man came out from the trees.

“Guide Master Weilhausen,” he said.

“Jason; it’s good to see you’ve returned from Russia in one piece,” Frey said.

“Yes, well it was quite the experience,” the young man answered.

“I understand,” Frey said as Leah nodded. “Jason, these two are the neo-masters from two years ago, Alice Seno and Kyo Wakamiya. Kyo, Alice, this is Jason Douglas. He’s one of our many new lotus masters.”

“Pleasure,” he said with a smile as he shook their hands. Jason stood as tall as Alice and he had a hair cut so that his light brown hair swept back with the wind. He had pale blue eyes that had a lot more life than they looked like they could. He was wearing a blue t-shirt and blue jeans with a pair of brown flip-flops. He looked to be about 15.

“Shall we?” Jason asked, using his hand to usher them in front of him. The driver of the car grabbed the luggage and put it on a trolley and began taking it into another direction.

“So, what’s going on in the Russian branch?” Leah asked as Frey led the way. She looked over at her shoulder to catch a glimpse at the young man’s eyes.

“Well Miss-”

“HEY! What did I tell you about the “Miss” and “Ma’am” stuff? Stop it! If you really have to, call me like you do Frey,” she said. Jason looked aback, but instantly regained composure.

“I’m sorry; being over there has kind of wiped my memory of that stuff.”

“It’s alright,” Leah said. “Please tell me how it went.”

“Well Guide Mistress Hansen,” he said, flinching out of habit incase she exploded again about something. “Everyone is fine out there. Mr. Chris from England has been helping out since Britain seems to out number everyone else in help.”

Alice and Kyo brightened at the sound of a familiar name.

“You mean Chris from two years ago?” Alice asked. Jason looked confused and Frey laughed.

“Yes the same Chris,” he responded. They were walking through a gorgeous forest, with colorful flowers everywhere. They came to a small river, with crystal blue water rushing at a fast pace.

“What happened to our small bridge?” Frey asked.

“According to Idan, it broke soon after you left this morning,” Jason said.

Frey sighed and shook his head. “Has anyone set up a time to fix it?” he asked.

“Idan said he and Ryan would be glad to build a new one,” the teen answered.

“Okay,” Frey said. “We’ll have to go on the rocks.” He went first, stepping carefully onto the slick rocks and walking across the two foot way.

“Jason,” he said. The young man followed suit, but stood on a big rock next to the group of smaller ones they were using to walk on.

“Come on,” he said to Leah. She carefully stepped onto the first rock and when she got to the second, she took Jason’s outstretched hand as she took the next two. She let go and jumped to the next one and the ground, where Frey caught her and pulled her back so she wouldn’t fall backwards.

“Come on you two,” Frey said. Jason ushered them on. Alice was now pale from the thought of doing it. It looked easy enough…

“I’ll come right behind you,” Kyo said in her ear. She nodded and he helped her onto the first rock. She stepped to the next, making her let go of Kyo’s hand and grab onto Jason’s in fear. She took the next three steps slowly, Frey pulling her onto dry land. Kyo was right about being right behind; he just skipped to each rock and was over to the other side before Jason blinked again.

Jason joined them and they continued the rest of the way. They continued down a dirt path until they came upon a meadow, and Alice had to catch her breath.

A huge white building with gorgeous windows stood not more than 30 feet away. They were looking up at it, trying to see it.

“This is just the back,” Frey said. He led them up a stone path, where weeds were growing in the cracks. There was a huge amount of shade right there from all of the big trees around the area. He led them through the ivy covered brown door at the end of the path.

They went through into a small room. It seemed to be some sort of mudroom.

“Go ahead and take your shoes off,” Frey said as he and Leah were doing so. “We’ve been getting ready for you two for a while.”

Alice and Kyo realized that one of the walls was a huge thing of cubbies for shoes. Each little cubby had a name under it to say whose it was.

“Yours are right here,” Leah said, pointing to two empty cubbies three rows below the one she was placing her shoes into. Alice crouched down and put their shoes into the cubbies.

Leah gave them each a pair of house slippers and the four young adults moved through the next room. It was a country-style commercial kitchen. Kyo was ready to look around, but Alice tugged him along.

Frey took them through a huge sitting room and into an office.

“Take a seat,” he said. “And I don’t mean both of you in one chair.”

Alice giggled and they both took chairs across from Frey and Leah. The office was a mix of dark tan, navy blue, and dark walnut wood. They were sitting in big black chairs, and behind Frey was a desk with his name on the name plate.

“So…” he said. “I brought you two here for one major reason.”

Alice and Kyo knew this was important. Frey was being extremely serious.

“What is it?” Kyo asked.

Frey sighed, glanced at Leah and then back at the couple.

“We think that Darva has come back.”

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