❯ The New Start…And The New Adventures – Thirteenth ( Chapter 1 )

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Chapter 1- Thirteenth Lotis- Shibi- Calm, Peace, Tranquility

“Alice!” Alice Seno’s boyfriend, Kyo Wakamiya, called to her from the other side of the outdoor café.

“Kyo, over here!” she called back and he ran over to the table she was sitting at. He slowed down and stopped to give her a kiss before sitting across from her.

“So, how’s work today?” she asked him. Kyo worked at his aunt and uncle’s café on the other side of town.

“Busy,” he huffed. He had clearly ran from the parking lot so he wouldn’t break his promise of not being more than 20 minutes late.

Alice giggled at Kyo when he gulped down HER glass of water.

“What?” he asked, “I know I’m dense, but sometimes you could just tell me what is so funny! Is it me again?”

“Sí amigo,” she giggled.

“You’re getting good at your Spanish, madammucelle,” Kyo answered her.

“And you, your French,” was the reply as Alice stopped giggling. They were both taking up foreign language classes for their Lotis Master duties.

“So…?” Kyo asked.

“So…? What?” Alice asked back.

“So…have you heard for Frey or the others?”

Frey Weilhausen had guided them while they were learning the Lotis Words. He was there when Darva appeared, and had helped them defeat her. But, in the process, he lost his mentor and most precious friend, Eric.

“Not from Frey. Well, not since his call a few weeks ago. But Chris sent me letter and Mei Lin sent me tickets to her fashion show in Tokyo next month.”

“Hmm, Billy wrote me with an invitation to his wedding in August. He told me to bring you with me.”

“Sounds like fun,” Alice said and an eerie silence fell over them.

A waiter took their drink order and Kyo and Alice sat in silence and deep in thought.

Finally Kyo asked, “How’s Mayura?”

“Sis is still acting differently than before the attack. She’s quieter and mostly keeps to herself,” Alice said with a sad expression; but then said with a smile, “But last night she was giggling with us at dinner and even told one of her old stories, laughing the whole time.”

“She’s slowly coming back to us.”

“Yeah; I hope the old her comes home soon. I don’t know if I like the new Mayura. I love her, but I don’t if I LIKE her.” Alice said as she put her head down in gloom.

Kyo reached across the table and took Alice’s hands.

“She’ll come back, Alice. I know she will,” he told her.

“I hope she does. I hope she does, Kyo,” Alice said as she squeezed his hands.


“Come as soon as possible guys,” Frey said from the other side of the call.

“Okay; we will, Frey. Okay; bye.” Kyo said to Frey as Frey gave him more instructions.

“What was that about, Kyo?” asked his aunt from his doorway.

“Frey wants me and Alice to visit him this next week.” Kyo told her, carefully not bringing up the magic that was the words of Lotis.

“Sounds like fun! You should go,” she told him. It had been about a year since Darva and Kyo’s life had changed the most.

Alice was his new girlfriend. He worked at the café more and more to earn college money. And his aunt and uncle had had their first child and also had twins on the way.

“I don’t know if Alice should go. She’ll fall back in her school work, and I don’t want to jeopardize her grades.”

His Aunt Maki rubbed her belly and sat down beside Kyo on his bed.

“And I don’t know if I should leave you and uncle with all of this going on.” He added.

“Don’t worry, Kyo. We can find someone to take over your job for the week, and mine so I can do the kitchen stuff. And my sister has been dying to baby sit Cho,” she ruffled his hair with her other hand, “You go have some fun, because after these boys get here, you might never get a day off.”

She stood up and Kyo put his hand on her back to help her balance.

“All right; I’ll call Alice and tell her about the trip. I hope her parents approve.” He said hanging his head.

“I’m sure they will, Kyo. Now call her and get some sleep. You’ll have a busy day tomorrow, `cause now I have calls to make and an ultra sound appointment.” Maki said as she went to the door, “Good-night Kyo.”

“’Night Aunt Maki,” he said back.

Kyo sat there a minute and then picked up his cell and pressed speed dial 2: Alice’s house number.

“Hello? Seno residence.” He heard Alice’s mother say from the other line.

“Hi; Mrs. Seno. This is Kyo. I’m sorry to call so late, but is Alice still awake?”

“It’s okay Kyo and yes she is. I’ll get her for you.”

He heard the receiver touch the table and footsteps leading away; then footsteps getting near and the receiver go through the air; and finally Alice’s voice.

“Yes, Kyo?” she asked, obviously ran from her room all the way to the phone.

“Hey,” he said, “Frey wants us to go to Norway this next week. He said it’s really important.”

“Hold on,” Alice said quickly as she placed down the receiver and went to go ask her parents.

Kyo drummed his fingers on his nightstand and hummed an American song he had head on the internet.

“I can go, “Alice huffed from the other side of the line with a happy tone in her voice, “But I’ll have like a mountain of homework when I get back.”

“Don’t worry. We’ll try to come back on Friday night and I can take you to the Saturday study session so you can catch up.”

“Okay; when do we leave?”

“Friday, so we have 2 days to pack and I need to help my aunt to find my week replacement.”

“Alright; I’ll meet you at the airport then.” Alice said.

“I’ll call you with our flight times. Frey is sending us tickets in first class, speed mail.”

“Okay, talk to you then.”

“Alright,” Kyo said then he said, “Alice.”

“Yes?” she asked.

“I love you and goodnight.”

“I love you, too. And sweet dreams, Kyo.”

“’Night, Alice.”

“Goodnight, Kyo.”

Kyo hung up the phone and went to bed with a smile on his face.

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