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He would get his revenge…
He didn’t know when-nor did he care…
Those same calculating brown eyes turned wide and innocent as his gothic affluent boss turned over to him with bright, sparkling green eyes. “Hey Chip! C’mon over here, Tony brought us some presents!” she chirped with her usual ebullience, though there was a slight droll in her tone like every other time she spoke to him.
She gave him a wink as she held a pair of blood splattered shoes, some dirty rags, and a couple bottles containing bullets.
He held in an annoyed sigh. “Coming Miss Sciu– I mean, Abby…” he amended swiftly when the woman narrowed her eyes warningly.

But slowly and surely, he would get it…
…even if it was the last thing he’d ever do.
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–The New Girl–
Silence. That’s all there was. Well, except for the constant whirring of the contraption she was currently occupying.
Usually she liked the silence. It was a nice and refreshing change, a far cry from the usual rowdy commotion that reared its head back home.
But this, this was awkward, standing next to some random, stoic man. She didn’t like awkward.
For some reason, his mere presence put her on edge.
That in itself was unusual. She thought she’d seen it all, dealing with some of the most intimidating of people.
Naraku…Sesshomaru…her mother, just to name a few.
So why this guy?
It wasn’t that she felt scared of anything – facing demons like it happened everyday (which technically it did) kind of raised the bar for scary.
Her eyes slowly shifted, trying to steal a glance from the corner of her eyes before they quickly reverted back to the front of her.
She shoved down the urge to tap her foot impatiently – Seriously? Is every damn elevator ride this long?! Or was it just her..?
Next to her, Gibbs was having a hard time keeping down a smirk.
Whoever this girl was, she was nervous as hell. If it wasn’t her flickering glances that told him, it was the subtle yet constant fidgeting.
He decided to take pity halfway up their destination. « New here? » he murmured gruffly, not bothering to turn to her.
His deep voice bounced off the metal wall, causing Kagome to jump slightly at the suddenness. Her head snapped up and over to stare blankly at the man and for a moment she thought she was just imagining things.
She blinked when he turned, a graying eyebrow cocked her way. « Uh, yea, I am. » she blurted out quickly, before mentally wincing. ‘Way to go Kags – real smooth.’
A low small chuckle broke her from her thoughts, ice blue orbs flashed in amusement. « Don’t worry I don’t bite… » he paused, smirking again. « Well, not usually. »
Kagome relaxed, a smile crossing her features. « I’d hope not. » she joked back.
Taking a pointed look to the button lit up, the one indicating the squad room floor, he spoke again. « Special Agent? »
Kagome blinked, but shook her head. « Oh, no, of course not. » At yet another raised eyebrow, she glanced away, shrugging sheepishly.
« I’m not a fan a violence – unless necessary to protect those I…love… » her voice trailed off and she straightened, fearing she said too much. « Uh, yea.. » she finished lamely.
Gibbs couldn’t help himself – he let out a snort of laughter. Kagome grinned, relieved.
As Kagome headed up the stairs, bounding her way up to the Director’s office, she was conscious of the three stares that bored in her back.
What, was she some circus show or something?
Tony switched gazes between Kagome and Gibbs, who they saw get out of the elevator at the same time before sharing their farewells, and he jumped up as soon as Gibbs entered the bull pen, making his way to his boss.
« Who’s the girl, boss? » Tony murmured, eying Kagome up and down, a smirk on his face. ‘Petite, slim waist,ohhnicebackside…
Kagome stiffened ever so slightly, her highly acute hearing picking up his ramblings. Her eyes flashed with interest and she tilted her head to get a better vantage point.
Ziva rolled her eyes, exasperated. Of course he’d be interested…
Gibbs cocked his eyebrow at his senior agent as if to say ‘Do you really think I’m gonna answer that?’.
Not put off, Tony’s eyes flashed when an idea crossed his mind. « Is she a probie? » he asked excitedly.
A probie meant new prey…and someone who has yet to hear his infamous reputation.
Maybe he could offer to show her a thing a two about being an agent, take her on a tour.
A grin crossed his face at the thought. Maybe he could even give some close combat training…
And though they couldn’t see it, Kagome’s eye twitched.
She’d heard that kind of tone before; Miroku, Kouga, and even Shippo were quite familiar with that tone.
In the Feudal Era that tone usually meant Sango was thirty seconds away from whacking Miroku with her Hiraikotsu.
This time though, Gibbs smacked Tony on the back of his head. « Stop acting like some horny college kid DiNozzo and get back to work. »
Tony flinched and he pouted. « But Bo-ss. » he whined.
Gibbs sighed, and answered if only to shut him up. « She’s Abby’s new intern. » he grunted resignedly.
Tony’s jaw dropped and McGee whipped around to see Kagome heading to the Director’s office. « Seriously? She’s a little old to be an intern. »
They were expecting some probie right out of college.
Tony cringed. « Oh – that sucks for her. » A devious smile crossed his face. « I so gotta see this. » he said out loud, heading towards the elevator.
McGee hesitated for a moment, looking between Kagome’s fading back as she entered the office and Tony. He jumped up. « Wait up Tony! »
Gibbs groaned, shaking his head. Peering over at Ziva, he raised an eyebrow which she only returned. « Not gonna tag along? »
Ziva shrugged. « Why? I doubt anything will happen. Abby may be angry, but I doubt she would take it on the intern. The two idiots are merely overreacting and hoping for a, what is it called, a dog-fight? »
Gibbs smirked, chuckling softly on under his head. « Cat fight Ziva, it’s called a cat fight. »
Ziva huffed. « You know what I mean. » she muttered crossly before returning to her work.
Gibbs sighed – at least one of them was doing their job.
Abby yawned.
« Ms. Sciuto, are you even listening to me? »
Abby jumped slightly, eyes peering over to the man beside her. She fidgeted slightly. « It’s Abby. And of course I am Chip. »
Abby held back a snicker when she heard the man mutter under his breath on how ‘My name is not Chip‘.
What could she say, he was boring her to tears and she had to get her kicks somewhere.
« Hey Abby! »
A grin crossed said woman’s face, seeing the two men waltz in. « Tony! McGee! What are you guys doing here?! »
‘Thank you Lord!!
Tony supplied her with a grin of his own. « What, can’t we check up on our favorite forensic scientist ever? » he replied cheekily.
Abby rolled her eyes, putting her hands on her hips. « Are you guys hiding from Gibbs again or something? What did you do? » she demanded hotly.
McGee fidgeted slightly but Tony spoke up, bumping him in the shoulder to stop. « Or something… » he continued slowly, gracing her with a disarming smile.
« Uh huh. » Abby muttered.
« Ms. Sciuto, don’t you think we need to get back to work? » Chip said sharply, narrowing his eyes at the two ‘visitors’.
Tony and McGee shared a look. « Wonder what crawled up his lab coat. » McGee muttered, looking away when Chip’s glare darkened. Tony snorted.
Abby threw her hands up in exasperation. « It’s Ab-by Chip! Two syllables! Not that hard to pronounce. »
Chip merely snorted.
Nonetheless she stalked her way back into her office and plopped back into her desk. She turned to look at her two friends. « Sorry guys, but someone is a real stickler about getting this test done. You can hide out in here though. » she said apologetically, ignoring the hard stare turned her way.
The two agents only shrugged and walked over. « I thought you were the boss around here Abs. » Tony teased lightly.
Abby let out a small groan, sticking out her tongue.
McGee chuckled, peering over his shoulder at the doorway. « How long do you think till the show starts? » he muttered under his.
Tony shrugged, smirking over at him. « I dunno, but I want front row seats. »
McGee snorted softly, shaking his head.
–10 minutes later–
Once again, for the nth time this day (because she lost count after the first ten times), Abby pushed back the urge to sigh. Her eyes began drooping as she leaned over her desk, her head resting on her chin while she listened to Chip explain something.
« And when I added this I-« 
Abby’s head whipped around at the sound of the elevator, glad for the distraction from Chip’s never-freaking-ending, fun-sucking droning. « Stay and finish what you’re doing, will ya? I’ll see who’s here. » she mumbled quickly.
Tony and McGee shared excited grins, and scrambled over to the edge of the glass door that separated the lab from Abby’s more personal office. They tried to stay hidden, peering by the side.
Chip stared at them weirdly. « What are you two doing? »
Tony shushed him, waving a hand his way.
« Just enjoying the show. » McGee added, anxious.
Abby practically ran towards the entrance, eyes anxious and willing for whoever the person that came down here wasn’t just some janitor on clean-up duty.
Though…she just might have to skip out to chat if it came down to it.
Light steps echoed, becoming louder as the person approached the
Abby cocked her head curiously as a woman poked her head in the doorway, knocking awkwardly. « Hi there! » she greeted warmly to her visitor.
‘Yes! Score! So not a janitor!’
Tony gave a murmur of approval. « Looks even better close up. »
McGee nodded in agreement.
Chip scoffed, getting up to join Abby. « Idiots… » he muttered.
McGee twitched slightly, glancing at Tony. « You know, I’m really starting not to like him… » he trailed off, turning back to eyeing Chip distastefully.
Tony snorted. « I know exactly how you feel. Have you seen the way the guy looks at me? I feel like every time I turn my back he’s plotting different ways to kill me. And this is me we’re talking about…I get that enough from Ziva. » He shivered slightly at the mention of the Mossad assassin.
McGee rolled his eyes, wisely choosing not to comment.
The woman smiled pleasantly, if not a little nervous. « Hello. You don’t happen to be Abby Sciuto, do you? »
Abby grinned widely, head nodding furiously. « That’s me! » Her eyebrow raised, wondering why the woman would be at her lab. « Need some help? »
The woman gave a relieved smile and stepped in. « No, not anymore. Uh, I’m Kagome Higurashi – your…new intern? » she said cautiously, waiting for her reaction.
Chip stopped in his tracks, eyes zeroing in on the ‘intruder’.
Dark, beady eyes trailed up and down, taking in the lab coat first, then the id draped around her neck proving that she worked at NCIS.
The beginnings of a sneer made its way on Chip’s face.
Now who the hell was this bitch…?
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