❯ The Midnight Halloween Test of Courage – The Library’s Haunting Helper ( Chapter 3 )

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The Midnight Halloween Test of Courage: The Library’s Haunting Helper

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Yomi and Kaorin were in the library. It looked creepy enough after school where there were barely anybody there. It was completely creepy as it is midnight…on Halloween. Kaori was trying to keep a brave face. However, her courage was less than stellar. Yomi’s glasses then had a glint to them. She knew a story that even Tomo didn’t know. So she thought she’d be able to scare the hell out of Kaori. However, considering the circumstances…and the trouble they’d get in…she held back. Still, she had a grin on her face, that Kaorin finally made out.

« W-Why are you grinning like that?! » Kaorin freaked.

« Oh you didn’t hear of the library helper way back in 1937? » Yomi asked….she did it anyway.

« I never heard of that… » Kaori returned.

« Well, I heard she got into trouble…and expelled for giving ‘favors’. »

« Hey…keep it clean, this is a family story! » Kaorin hissed.

« Fine… » Yomi said, « anyway, they expelled her…on her final year. »

« Now that is bad… » Kaorin said…shaking.

« She placed a curse on this library…and at night, the books self-shuffle back to their correct places. »

« That’s impossible! »

« Then what’s that over there then… » Yomi asked…and she saw the books self-shuffling.

« That’s a figment of our imaginations! »

« If it was a figment…then why do I see a girl that looks like what Chiyo-chan will look like when she’s our age…? »

« That’s a very good question…I see… »

It was an older version of their diminutive friend. Though, she was flat as a board…that is, this one was the helper Yomi had heard about. She had long brown hair…in one long braid down to her behind. She was stunningly beautiful. Yomi saw that Chiyo had that going for her in the long run. However…Yomi only heard up to the « favor » part of the story…though…Ghost Mihama huffed.

« Jeeze… » she hissed, « can’t a girl put books back in order without being interrupted? »

« Why in a foul mood? » Kaorin asked.

« Yeah I did that…I can’t say because it’s too X-rated…but that’s what happened. »

« I thought kids today were a little rowdy, » Yomi said flatly.

« Trust me…we older spirits have done everything and then some, » Ghost Mihama said sitting down.

« You did get to graduate right? » Kaorin asked.

« I did…but I didn’t get to graduate with my friends, » she answers « You would have happened to ran into that Kasuga…I swear that ghost is dull. »

« There’s one in our class that’s just the same, » Yomi cracked.

« Oh…but I will whisper what I have done, » Ghost Mihama smiled. That is…she is the direct opposite of Chiyo-chan. »

Yomi and Kaorin listened very intently. They blushed. They didn’t realize that even in those days…well…the polite way…everybody smiled. However, she was also a very surly ghost. She then put on the best ugly face. That is…poisonous vipers appeared where her hair was…she grew fangs, and hissed. Yomi and Kaorin ran out of the library screaming to the gym. Satisfied, Ghost Mihama smiled…and went back to her normal self. Though she ran into Ghost Kasuga.

« Did you scare who you were supposed to scare? » Mihama asked.

« She wasn’t that much afraid, » Kasuga returned.

« You fell asleep haven’t you? »

« Yeah, the chair was so comfortable… »

« I am surprised your great-great granddaughter made it this far… »

« Oh yeah, we have to get to the gym! »

« We can’t…those two drew the best straws… »

« It’s just like them… »

« Since we’re done here…we’re supposed to go to Yokohama and haunt a hotel next… »

« We can get that lecherous Kimura! »

« I like that…a lot. »

Both of the ghosts made their way to Yokohama. Ghost Mihama lead the way since it would had been easy to get lost. In the meantime…Kagura and Sakaki were in the Chemistry labs. Kagura wasn’t sure, but there was a girl who was blinded by not following the rules. Sakaki was one cool customer. However…something humorous will take place.
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