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CHAPTER 13: The Little Blockade

« I… I… I… I’m sorry. I… » Rapunzel stammered.

Ariel ducked under the water.

The door drifted open wider as Rapunzel’s hand unconsciously
pushed against it. She was no longer sure what she was seeing.

Ariel’s head rose. « I guess it’s silly to hide. Not like I can
go anywhere. » She waved Rapunzel in.

« You… you… you’re a… » Rapunzel took a step in. « A
real…? »

« Yes. And Elsa knows too. It’s… kinda how we met. »

Rapunzel sat on the privy while Ariel told her story, starting
with her transformation in another bathtub. When she got to the
part about stealing her father’s trident, Rapunzel glanced at the
long, golden fork laying in arms reach of the tub.

Of course, to explain why that was important, she had to go back
to the beginning, when a fateful ship sailed over her grotto. Then
she could explain the storm, the shipwreck, and how Elsa and her
met. If she wasn’t immersed in water she would have had a dry
throat several times over.

Rapunzel stayed silent during her story. The only time the
fair-haired maiden had interjected was to ascertain detail or weed
out some falsehood. Now, Rapunzel’s bright eyes scoured her

« Can… can I touch it? »

Ariel was confused. She was talking about her tail. « Oh. Sure, I
guess. »

Rapunzel stretched out her hand as if nearing a snake. When she
made contact with the soft, moist surface, she gasped. « It’s so…
strong. »

« Strong? » Ariel expected her to say « slimy », « gross », « cold », or
something to that effect.

« It must be all muscle in there. I can feel it pumping under the
skin… er, scales. »

Ariel smiled. Since this started, she’d been thinking of this as
a weakness, not a strength.

« Does Anna know? » Rapunzel asked.

« No. The fewer people that know, the better. Although, I’m not
doing such a great job of that, am I? »

« So that’s why it’s so important we find whoever did this spell.
You can’t even go home to your husband. »

« Right. The longer this lasts, the more chance of someone
finding out. You can’t keep something like this a secret for
long. »

« So this is where you sleep then? » Rapunzel asked.

« I’ve got my salt here. The water’s cold enough. Better than a
barrel. »

« But as soon as sunrise comes, you’ll be back to being human. »
Rapunzel stood up. « I have a ton of questions, but I’ll let you get
some rest. »

« Thanks. I’m don’t think I’ll be going back anytime soon. And
thanks for keeping this secret. »

« Don’t worry. I never break a promise. » Rapunzel shut the door
and exited.

The next morning, Elsa summoned all necessary parties to the
castle’s conference room. Those parties included Anna, Rapunzel,
and Ariel, plus a smattering of local representatives and
councilors. Elsa sat primly at the head of the table, greeting each
as they entered. She bade Rapunzel, Ariel, and her sister to sit
closest to her.

« Thank you all for coming. As you know, times have been tough
lately. I know everyone in Arendelle thinks I’m to blame. »

« No, they don’t, » Anna said, grasping Elsa’s hand.

« Well, some of them still might. But now I think there’s actual
proof that my powers are not the cause. Because both Rapunzel and
Ariel, » she gestured to each side, « have experienced the same
thing. A sort of ‘backsliding’ to parts of our past. »

« Like how you didn’t used to be able to control your power, »
Anna said.

« Yes. But we learned the only thing capable of doing this is
some ancient magic. A powerful and corrupting magic. But Rapunzel
says there’s someone in Corona with the same name as a person who
took that power. »

« That’s all you’re going by? A name? » one of the councilors

« I trust Rapunzel. And it’s the best we’ve got. » Elsa added to
herself And if this leads nowhere, I have no idea what to
. « So, I’ve gathered you here to announce we’ll be leaving
for Corona immediately. A small fleet is being prepared. Rapunzel,
Ariel, and I will be heading off as soon as it’s ready. »

« Why are you going? » Anna asked. « Why can’t you send
someone else? It’s Rapunzel’s kingdom. »

« I know. I just got back and I’m leaving again. I’m sorry. » Elsa
looked at Ariel and Rapunzel. « But this involves all of us,
somehow. It’s not a coincidence. We need to seek this out
together. »

« What about Arendelle? » a councilor said. « You’re abandoning it
again? »

« Princess Anna will be the appointed regent until my return.
Don’t forget, she kept the kingdom stable in my absence, in spite
of an ice storm. »

Another councilor coughed. « I’m not quite sure that was Anna so
much. »

Elsa arched her eyebrow. « What do you mean? »

Madame Tora nodded. « I think all the council agrees. Perhaps you
should consider leaving Rapunzel and taking Anna. She is your
sister after all. »

« Leaving Rapunzel? But she’s from the place we’re going
to, » Elsa said.

« Or leave Anna. We don’t care. As long Rapunzel stays, » Tora

« Why? » Elsa asked.

Rapunzel looked around nervously, considering her
options–shouting out, taking Elsa aside, jumping out the window
seemed viable. She could latch onto something and swing by her

A messenger boy burst into the council chambers holding a scroll
of paper. His face was beet red from running.

« Queen Elsa! There’s… you better… this note… from the
watch. »

Elsa took the envelope from the exhausted page. It wasn’t even
sealed with wax, it had been so hastily written.

Elsa read the few lines. She stood up. « Telescope. Does anyone
have a telescope? Monocular? Anything? »

One of the guards next to the window produced a small,
pocket-size telescope. Elsa held up the eyepiece and looked out the
window towards the ocean.

« Elsa? » Anna asked.

« An armada. Advancing on Arendelle. From Weselton and the
Southern Isles. »

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