❯ The Knights of Eldon – Slophren Azmere ( Chapter 1 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

The sun darkened as a young man walked over Dralons Pass, the night still cold with memory of death. The water, rough and white, was ripping over rocks and creating pools of death with the jagged rocks underneath the dark surface of the water.

The paths sides were littered with warriors and their memorials. The smell of rotting flesh was still present. A great battle occurred here he thought to himself. The bridge he was on had been dubbed « Slophren Azmere » or Black Gate. This was the passage way from the Mage Lands into the Orc Territories.

Men came from great distances to learn from the mages. The allure of their power transfixed men. They were easily corrupted by three things: Love, Power, and Money.

There is only one way that you may leave the Mage Lands, and that is Slophren Azmere. A man could grow full of himself in that land; but the orcs would take advantage of those who passed unaware over the bridge.

The man looked down and saw a pool of shallow, clear water. It was filled with bones and armor from fallen soldiers. The water became intensely red. In shock the man followed the stream of red up the river, and in horror he saw five horses with their riders coming down stream, slaughtered.

As the leader passed under the bridge, his eyes were still open with a look of extreme fear and sheer terror. His fellow riders had similar looks upon their faces. They all had long, golden hair, with the fronts pulled back. The armor was that of fear, the black base was trimmed in gold, basic but sleek.

« Those are the Knights of Eldon! »

Panic rushed over him and he thrusted his arm down, palm out, infront of the men. The water froze as he did this. he raised his pal and there became a wall of ice there. He jumped dwn and took the riders to the side of the river.

The armor was not cut but they were bleeding from under it. The four in back were wearing black helmets trimmed in the same fashion.

« No weapon could touch this armor »

The armor was made of mithril, yet ther iunders were still seeping with blood.