Kuroshitsuji Fan Fiction / Ouran High School Host Club Fan Fiction / Soul Eater Fan Fiction ❯ The Key Holds a Dream ( Chapter 1 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]
It was a normal Saturday afternoon, well it started out that way at least. I was sitting in my apartment building that I shared with my two closest friends, Sakara Uzaki and Serenity Lane. « Give me a Oreo! » Sakara yelled. « No they’re mine! » Serenity said stuffing the box down her shirt. « Alyssa! Tell Serenity to give me a Oreo! » I sighed, walked over to the kitchen, and pulled out a frying pan.

The two girls were still going at it. I lifted the pan and hit Sakara on the head. « Ow! What was that for?! » She yelled rubbing her head, a big bump forming. « Serenity bought those. Plus I hit her last time you guys were arguing, so now I have to hit you. It’s only fair. » I defended putting the pan away. Sakara stuck her fist in the air, « Alyssa you better sleep with one eye open! » I ran and hid under a table at that moment. If there’s one thing I know about Sakara it’s that she can hit, HARD!

Out of no where a boy with bleach blonde hair and bright blue eyes walks in. « Well this is entertaining! » He said devouring a Oreo cookie. « Alois?! What are you doing here? » Sakara yelled, looking around aimlessly for Serenity who was nowhere to be found. « Alois help me! » I yelled ignoring Sakara’s actions. Alois sat on the red sofa and crossed one leg over the other, « What’s in it for me? » He asked being annoying as ever. « If you help me you can see Ciel! » Sakara yelled clearly ignoring the fact that it’s impossible. « Hm? » Alois was becoming more interested in helping. « No wait! If you help me you can marry Ciel! » I yelled. Alois ran over to my side to help. « Alyssa how are you going to get Ciel here? » Sakara asked clearly not wanting to admit defeat.

I pulled out a blue necklace with a silver, shimmering key on it. « I acquired this from an old woman a while ago. She was on her death-bed and just gave it to me. » I explained, moving the key back and forth so it sparkled in the light. « And what does that do? » Sakara asked. I smiled, « It’s a key that lets me go to any anime world! » I yelled cheerfully. « Yes Ciel come to me! » Alois said spinning around in circles, holding out his arms. « Alois would you shut up?! » Sakara yelled. Alois ran over to her and slapped her across the face. « Ow! What is it beat up Sakara day?! » She half-yelled rubbing her face. I rolled my eyes and walked over to my bedroom door and stuck the key in the lock. « Kuroshitsuji World. » I said and opened the door only to find a portal that led to the streets of one of Sakara’s favorite animes.

Codename: Kidnap Ciel