Digimon Fan Fiction ❯ The honey-eyed hacker, the golden masked virus ( Chapter 1 )

[ P - Pre-Teen ]
?LoveLESS.? – chapter 1 –  The honey-eyed hacker, the golden masked virus

SUMMARY :: Ten years have passed since the digital world and the real world have become entangled. In this new environment lives the hacker LoveLESS who lives to cause chaos.  When she is tracked by something calling itself Neo2930 she goes from angry, to frightened, to curious. Little does she know her curiosity of Neo will led excitement and adventure she’s never imagined.

An indecipherable code cascaded down her vision as her fingers ran fluidly over the tablet screen. She was winning. The slow but steady flow of Adrenalin began as her victory came closer and she let a small smile curve her lips. “Got it…” the girl breathed. Writing followed the victorious coding :

ACOUNT BALANCE —-9332  : $ 00.00
ACOUNT BALANCE —-3361  : 1,542,193

Teeth showed through the curve her her lip and she added the last insult to insure her notoriety rose along with her bank account. Fingers flitted across the screen and encoded an endearment;

Your donation of funds is greatly appropriated
– ?LoveLESS.?

Reaching up the girl loosened the visor that covered her eyes and placed the plastic and glass contraption on the table before her along with the tablet computer. Letting a satisfied sigh escape her lip she allowed herself to ease back into the soft leather couch and relax. Stretching her neck, she double checked the tablet’s screen to make sure it was doing it’s job; running her encryption program to hide her tracks. Not that anyone could even backtrack to her. They couldn’t even stop her.

Lazily LoveLESS ran her hands through her strawberry blonde locks, fluffy the thick locks that had been flattened during her fun. The girl’s, or rather young woman’s, innocent, angel kissed freckled face, and honey eyes belittled the havoc she’d reaped in the recent months. Her appearance and diminutive stature led her to appear younger then she was, it always had. Her hormones began to settle and the rush left her.

It never lasted long enough. The money was nice, she couldn’t deny it, it enabled her to focus on the digital side of life and improve her skills, but it’s not why she did it. Some people drove fast, some people did drugs, some people based jumped; she hacked, but all did it for the rush. LoveLESS grabbed a large pillow and arranged herself on her side. She pulled her tablet over, minimized her running program, and quickly brought up the news and it picked up in the middle of a broadcast.

“ -Representatives from the UN today announced dates for meeting with representatives from the digital world. Vaccine and Data digimon are being represented but as far there is no announcement from the Virus digimon that any such representative will be present. Tension with the Demon Lords as the digimon like to be addressed, humans, and other digimon types remains strained. “

In the last decade the revelation of the digital world and it’s digital but all too real inhabitants had become known and rocked the world. They had pushed the real world on a rapid tumultuous river ride toward the future and the revelation of the importance of the digital life. Despite her active digital life, LoveLESS had no digimon partner and she was proud of it. She did what she did with her own skill and did not need to rely on a partner on the other end to do what she did. Even though she could not deny that her lack of a partner may even help her in her efforts. Any hacking was almost always linked to a virus digimon now a days and to their human partner. The connection between the two by the use of a digivice, something every digimon produced and presented to their human upon meeting and bonding, almost always led to their discovery and down fall.

Rumor was that human hackers, as well as other law breakers, abounded in the digital world as they ran from the real world law. One reason the UN was so eager to meet with digital representatives was to develop some sort of extradition laws between the two worlds lest the digital world become a haven for the Earth’s criminals. Without the other world connection LoveLESS was well below the radar and even when she was above it little to no time was spent tracking her. Other hackers were far easier to catch or at least to protect against. What was one honey eyed girl to dozens or hundreds of eager and stupid hackers that flooded the system.

“Where is he…?” LoveLESS murmured to herself. The last three times she had gotten on and hacked a system she’d attracted the attention of someone or something. A something that had done what no one had ever done to her, backtracked her movements. The fact that it had tracked back to her and high-jacked her screen to converse with first enraged her, then frightened her, and finally peaked her curiosity. The thought that her mysterious follower was a digimon had crossed her mind and it did not make her as angry as she thought it was. No, rather then angry she could confidently say it poked and prodded at her curiosity. Why were they bothering with her? The fact that they never gave her away, never pointed the law in her direction told her they were as curious about her as she was of them. The handle she was attempting to hide her eagerness of seeing was Neo2930. Each encounter left her scrambling to track the typer and disable them; to turn the table. Her pride demanded it.

As she absent mindlessly twisted her thick curly locks in between her fingers she heard her computer give that distinctive noise. Bah-Ding! Eagerly she sat up at the edge of the couch and slide the tablet into her lap. The screen went black, only a blinking white cursor present on the screen. Then text began to appear.

Neo2930 : Found you again.

A smile pulled at the corners of her mouth again and she felt a rush of excitement. “You’re mind now…” came a wispy declaration as she slid on her visor.

Eagerly from behind his mask he watched as she skillfully weaved her coding, disabling the security and funneling funds to one of several accounts he noticed she had. LoveLESS, she was so distinctive with her maneuvering he did not even need her to identify herself to know it was her going to work. Although only recently reaching out to the hacker, he had watched her for sometimes. She slipped in and out of bank accounts and glided into secure government files. At first he was convinced there was some digimon connected with her, no human could do the things that she could do in the digital spaces that connected the two worlds like she did. Given his predicament he did not like humans, didn’t hate them but didn’t think much off them, but he had to concede that her skills impressed him. The corner of his mouth twitched upward into a grin at her cheeky note typed its way across the screen.

Your donation of funds is greatly appropriated
– ?LoveLESS.?

The digimon reclined back on his heels and ran a golden clawed hand through his white hair, a nervous gesture he often found himself repeating when he first debating making contact. He sat in a bare white digital prison, only the flicker of screens he produced to watch for LoveLESS’s and others movements keeping him company. He could hack other systems, hack other humans, but he could not free himself for this lingering purgatory-like realm, the area between the two worlds. A dead space used for transmit humans, digimon, and data; not a place one would ever willing choose to stay.

Sliding back off his heels he sat flat with his over arching thin wings folded neatly against his back. He drew his long legs to his chest  and draped an elongated arm around them, the other still running through his hair, still considering. If he continued to contact the hacker without following through with his plan the chances ever increased she would finally snag him. No path he used to get to her was the same but he knew with her skill she was already forming patterns and working out his system.

He needed her. That was the fact that had begun to solidify in his mind the more he learned of her. This hacker was possibly the only one with the skill not only to free him but to not alarm his keepers as she did so, thus insuring his escape. He had been waiting for her to maneuver again, to get another chance to get in contact with her in hopes of not only securing his escape, but simply for the interaction. He wondered if LoveLESS was waiting as well. The digimon sucked in a sharp breath and released it. “Now.. or not at all…” he told himself as he began spreading his virus along her trail, tracking her back to starting point. A sense of satisfaction came over him as he once again took control of her device.

Neo2930 : Found you again.
LoveLESS : You kept me waiting.

Again the twitch of a grin played on his face. Still cheeky and already working the messages back to him. He paused, once again considering all he was intending to do, and typed.

Neo2930 : It’s time we meet face to face.

This time she paused. Or at least he thought it was a “she” that’s how the digimon always referred to LoveLESS, as a female. It never really occurred to him that the hacker could be a male. Finally a response.

LoveLESS : No dice.
Neo2930 : This isn’t an optional invitation.

LoveLESS could take care of her self at a distance usually, except with this Neo it seemed. Close up, less certain. She was not in any way physically intimidating. The thought crossed her mind again that this might be a digimon and the forceful invitation made her feel a pin prick of dread. How would they meet? Was he watching her? She steeled her self and continued to work her coding, searching for a way back to the source trying as best she could to ignore the ominous statement.

“Almost-” there was no breath left in her lungs to finish her statement as it felt as though the remaining air had be forced from her. Shooting straight from her tablet screen emerged a golden clawed hand. Faster than she could even register to move it grasp around her and she felt her self pulled though the screen. A sensation of moving fast, falling, but all at the same time standing still as everything rushed around her overwhelmed her.

Face to face