Crossover Fan Fiction / Crossover With Non-anime Series Fan Fiction ❯ The Heroic Phantom ( Chapter 5 )

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Kouja no Senshi Season 1
Chapter 1: Hero Gatherings Arc
Act 5: The Heroic Phantom

(OP: Moonlight Densetsu)

Narrator: Previously on Kouja no Senshi…

Sailor Kamino: Whoa…I can’t believe we’re actually Sailor Soldiers.

Sailor Tokyo: I didn’t even know Tokyo had a planet.

Nemesis: Well, there is Planet Tokyo-(realizes) Wait, what am I telling you for?

Sailor Corusant: (smirks) Looks like we can kick butt after all!

Sailor Vegeta: That’s right! These villains are going down!

Sailor Terra: Phage, yew is first!

Sailor Solaris: Solaris Heart Ultima!

The villains were hit, being sent back.

Swiper: Oh man, I gotta remember never to get someone mad again.

Sailor Kamino: Kamino Ice Breath!

The sailor’s send out a ice power that ends up freezing the Hacker in an ice cube.

The Hacker: (shivering) L-l-let me o-o-out.

Sailor Terra: Terra Earth Quake!

The sailor caused the ground to shake, knocking most of the baddies to the ground.

Sailor Vegeta: Vegeta Power Blitz!

Nemesis: Look out, my lord!

Nemesis pushed Maximus out of the way before Sailor Vegeta’s attack would hit him. The two cats are in a weird position, making them blush.

Max: Eeeew! Pussy cat love!

Maximus and Nemesis: (blushing) We are not in love!

Max: (sarcasticaly) Right.

Sailor Coruscant: Coruscant Hurricane Flash!

Sailor Coruscant sends out a big hurricane, knocking the Soda Poppers out of the house.

Sailor Tokyo: Tokyo Vocal Screech!

Sailor Tokyou send out a shock wave making some of the villains deaf.

Alan: Ouch, that was worst than Angelica’s yelling!

Katz: (shouting) What did you say?! Some moron is screeching in my ears!

Phage: (frowns) It appears we got a big problem especially from the three ninjas here.

Naruto: Eh? What the heck do you mean? Believe it.

Sailor Tokyo: (annoyed) Don’t say that!

Phage: I sense a great power in all of you, especially from the one called Sasuke.

Sasuke: He’s right. Perhaps we may have our ancestors’ Ninja Jitsus.

Ember: You dipsticks are going to be ghosts when the day is through!

Phage: No! We leave, now!

Bobcat: Aww, but we are just getting our second wind.

Phage: They got the edge this time. We will wait another day.

Maximus: (frowns) Fine. (to heroes) If you see Atomic Betty, tell her that Nemesis and I will be waiting for her!

Nemesis: Ling-Ling!

Ling-Ling: (Japanese) Solar Flare!

The little creatures use the attack to make the sun blind the heroes allowing the villains to retreat.

Naruto: So you’re telling me that there may be more Sailor Soldiers out there?

Luna: That’s our guess.

Artemis: And besides, the Phage mentioned that you three, especially Sasuke, may have some hidden powers within you.

Shirly: And until then, we are not letting you out of our sights. Townsville is too dangerous to live in for right now.

Serena: And besides, if they try again, we have to make sure our friends and families are not involved in this.

Swiper: I see your point.

Dora, the girl who was Sailor Avalon, looked at the items she had found earlier from Swiper’s swiping.

Dora: I see you swiped a pair of that boy’s sunglasses, his hat, and…

Boots: (notices) Wow, it’s the Mr. Men and Little Miss Collection book! I’ve heard it was made by the creator and his family.

Bubbles: Whee! I bet we can read all those while on the road. Like origins on why Mr. Tickle tickles, and Mr. Grumpy getting tickled the first time-

Buttercup: Bubbles, we have to focus on important things right now like making sure we get out of this place.

Blossom: But what about the Professor and the others? What if they learn we’re gone?

Shirly: They won’t.

She then waved her glowing paw, then in an instant, everything around the group was glowing a blue glow before it died down.

Blossom: Shirly…what did you do?

Shirly: It is an amnesia spell. Only temporary until I cast the reverse of it. But that will be a long while later.

Sam: Holy Halloween Time to make Halloween Parodies, that’s some magic you got there.

Max: Oh, can you make weapons appear?

Shirly: (annoyed) No.

Sakura: (shocked) So wait, you’re saying we’re gonna be with you from now on without our families worrying?

Queen Beryl: What do you want?

Him: (effeminate voice) Oh, just wanting to help you. After all, we can’t let a wannabe take over our planet, do we?

Malachite: (glares) And what do you propose?

Him: Oh, I just have the most wonderful idea…and it involves certain devices to block out him reading our minds…for a price that is.

Malachite: What!?

Him: Of course, I could just make yourselves appear to the Phage unprotected and have yourselves destroyed.

He only grinned slyly to them, eying to the queen. The queen finally sighed as she spoke.

Queen Beryl: What do you have planned?


Narrator: Meanwhile, at Amity Park…

In the city, the group in the DeSoto arrived.

Sam: You think this is Amity Park?

Dora: It has to be. Map said so.

Buttercup: Even though I like you guys, Map and Backpack’s singing can be a bit annoying.

Bubbles: Buttercup!

There, they saw a white haired halfa fighting off a few ghosts, panting in exhaustion.

Dora: There he is: Danny Phantom.

Boots: I recognize him because he and the other ghosts saved the world from the meteorite.

Blossom: You mean it really was real?!

Swiper: Yeah, and we were some of the people that witnessed Danny transforming from ghost to human.

Max: Hey, can he make me invisible and make me go through walls? Because I have a special place I wanna go to.

Sam: You already get weapons, Max and we get them from the government and commissioner anyway.

Max: I know, I just felt like it.

When the ghosts were gone, Danny transformed to his human self.

Danny: That takes care of those guys for a while.

Serena got out as she came to him.

Serena: Danny Phantom, I presume?

He turned, noticing the blond girl.

Danny: Yeah, who are you?

Serena: We’re people that are in desperate need of help, and we believe you’re one of them.

Danny: Thanks, but I have to get home before Sam notices I’m gone and/or something worse happens.

Max: I like the way people jinx things when they say that.

Just then, they heard a building explode.

Buttercup: Oh great, not again!

Blossom: We’ll have to transform to see what’s up.

Fuzzy: Uh, yeah, yew do ‘dat, I’ll see where ‘dem villains is at.

Julayla: Hmmm…

He headed off ahead of them with Julayla becoming more concern.

Julayla: Very weird…

The Sailors transformed, much to Danny’s surprise.

Danny: You’re Sailor Soldiers?! I thought they and Sailor V were made up.

Sailor Venus: Nope, we’re real.

Plasmus’ Voice: Daniel, if you want to see your friends again, come immediately.

Danny: (groans) Great, Plasmus is back. As if things are worse.

Max: Oh, can I rip his groin when we’re done?

Sam: We would, but this is mostly a PG-13ish/Teen rated fic series.

Danny transformed, flying ahead with the group in the DeSoto (after Serena got back in) heading off to the area. Near the Fenton Industries, Plasmus and his ghost minions were holding the unconscious victims hostage.

Plasmus: Yes…Maddie, Jack, Jazz, Sam, and Tucker, his precious ones…(to the ghosts) No one harm Maddie.

Ember: (rolls eyes) Oh brother.

Voice: Hey, Plasmus!

They turned, noticing the Sailors with Danny Phantom.

Skulker: Ah, the most wanted ghost along with those Sailor brats have arrived.

Sailor Moon: How dare you hold these people hostage. They don’t have a right to be involved in this! We’ll make sure you get what you deserve!

Sailors: In the name of the moon, we’ll punish you!

Plasmus: (mockingly) Oh my, what are we going to do?

Danny: Let my friends and family go, now!

Plasmus: You’re going to have to do better than that.

Sailor Corusant: Fine, we’ll kick your butt all around then!

The dogs, rabbit, and cats noticed Sir Enblem arriving.

Max: Hey, newbie, you’re just in time. We’re about to kick these ghostly freaks’ butts.

Enblem: I see…

Skulker: Ghosts attack!

Sasuke: Bring it on, Skulker!

With that, Naruto and Sasuke began fighting the ghosts. They fought the ghosts for almost three minutes, until something inside them made them tick.

Naruto: (glowing an orange aura) What the… What’s happening?

Sasuke: (glowing a blue aura) I’m somehow starting to feel power rising within me!

Naruto: (smirks confidently) Yeah!

Then he punched a ghost hard, sending him flying.

Sasuke: Fire Style: Phoenix Flower Jutsu!!

He then started breathing fire all over the place, hitting a lot of ghosts in the process.

Sasuke: (smirks) To quote a certain one-handed character: Groovy.

Danny frowns as he fires ecto-blasts at Plasmius who dodges and fire some back.

Plasmius: You are a fool, Daniel. You think you could stop me?

Danny: Hey, I have managed to in the past, right? Besides, I thought you were gone after what happened with the meteorite.

Plasmius: I am not done with you just yet.

Danny performs a ghostly howl on his enemy sending him crashing into a building. Suddenly the halfa is hit from behind by a punch from Ember’s guitar.

Ember: (smirks) You know, ghost child, I always thought you were cute.

Danny: Eeew. No offense but I prefer girls who DON’T want to kill me.

Ember: Sadly, I will have to kill you now.

Swiper: Yoink!

Swiper grabs Ember’s guitar quickly and toss it away.

Ember: (anger mark) HEY! I will make you into a throw rug for that!

Swiper: Ha ha ha! Too late! You can’t find it now!

Skulker: (holds Ember’s guitar) Found it, Ember.

Swiper: (confused) What the…?

Skulker: Idiot! Even a child can find something with your tossing.

Swiper: I hate it when that happens.

Plasmius: Grrr! Make one move, Daniel, or…

Plasmius noticed that the hostages are gone.

Plasmius: (shocked) Huh? Where did the hostages go?!

Familiar voice: Sorry, ‘daddy’.

A familiar little white haired girl appeared holding the unconscious ones.

Girl: (smirking) But I can’t let ya have your fun upon returning.

Danny: Well, I was wondering when you would show up, Danni.

Danni: What can I say? I can’t stay out of fights like this one!

Plasmius: (glares) Well assured, Daniel, this isn’t over yet. I still have one Ace up my sleeve. I have one of our new allies do something horrible to your girlfriend.

Danny: Look, Sam and I kiss only a few times but we aren’t dating! Heck, I don’t even got a girl yet.

Plasmius: (smirks) Oh, not her. I mean the girl you truly have feelings for, a familiar Asian girl.

Danny: You mean…(gasps) You leave June out of this!

Plasmius: Sorry, Auntie Roon has already got to her. Rest assured, your girl will be in one ‘monster’ of a good time. Hee hee hee.

Danny: (growls) If Auntie Roon even lay one hand on June, I would break her and your necks!!!!

Courage: (thinks) What is he yelling about?

Ember: By the way, if you’re planning to recruit that dipstick dragon, don’t bother. He’s on the same boat as June.

Danny: No!

Plasmus: And unless you head to where the second to last one we need is, not only will she be in critical danger, but also you too, Daniel.

Danni: No!

Danny: Don’t you harm any of them!

Swiper: What are you talking about?

Danny: June, Jake, and Atomic Betty, my friends.

Max: And one of them’s your girlfriend.

Danny: (blushes) Hey!

Skulker: I say we finish them off immediately!

Sailor Jupiter: Jupiter Thunder Crash!

The ghosts were shocked before they were blasted away by the halfas. Danny only looked down.

Danny: June…no…

Shirly: We must do something. What they are planning, I have a bad feeling about it.

Sam: Don’t worry, the DeSoto is the fastest car we ever have. It’ll get to Moosejaw Heights in a few minutes.

Boots: But we don’t know the way.

Sailor Avalon: No…but Map does.

Sailor Mercury: Okay…Map, we need your help.

The map came out as he sang a bit.

Map: (singing) I’m the map, I’m the map
I’m the map, I’m the map!

Max: (annoyed) Please, no more singing!

Map: Anyway, I have the exact location to Moosejaw Heights, and the quickest.

He opened up as he showed the map. The group looked at it while Sailor Solaris noticed Sir Enblem was gone.

Sailor Solaris: (to herself) I know him from somewhere…

A bit later, at the DeSoto, Shirly casted the spell as Danni looked concerned.

Danni: And you’re sure this is only temporary until everything’s normal again, right?

Shirly: That is correct.

Sam: All right, everyone hop on.

Danny: Uh, hate to be a bother, but I don’t think it’ll fit all of us.

Max: These seats have infinity spaces. It’s the latest in Bosco Tech Technology.

Danny: I just hope we get to her in time…and hope they don’t know who Atomic Betty is.

They got in before they headed off, heading to their next location. At the hideout, the Phage glanced at the two unconscious victims.

Phage: Ah, the Te Xuan Ze and the American Dragon. Very interesting victims, Auntie Roon.

Auntie Roon: (grins) They were hard to get, but with the backup you sent, they became easy pickings.

Katz: Interesting ones in fact.

He then noticed some cookies on a plate being placed down.

Katz: What are you doing, Delete?

Delete: Giving these two some cookies when they wake up. I always wanted playmates.

Hacker: Delete, they are not guests, they’re hostages. We don’t give them cookies!

Bobcat: Uh, if they can’t have any, can I have one?

Mirage: (dryly) No.

Delete: Buzz, where are those other pussycats at?

Buzz: Dunno…’dat step sister of Katz’ said something ’bout telling some o’ her friends in Moosejaw Heights that she’s leaving permanently or somethin’.

Alan: Hmmm…there’s still the matter of the fox that can swipe.

Phage: Hell’s Bells, his swiping technique is only in the level of a kindergartener. Only an idiot would stupidly not find their own items.

Alan: We were inside a building at the time, okay!? I’m not stupid like my ancestors!

Katz: Can this day get any worse?

Effeminate Voice: How worse…Brimstone?

He yelped, angrily turning before noticing Mojo Jojo, Sedusa, Princess, Him, Queen Beryl, Malachite, and Endymion arriving with what appeared to be mutants.

Katz: Great, what do you want?

Mojo Jojo: Wait a minute, this isn’t the meeting for villains. Him you have tricked me yet again, thus it was not very well done and-

Sedusa: Oh shut up!

Him: Mr. Henry Phage, I presume. I heard you were opening for villains. So I manage to bring in a few.

Queen Beryl: (seriously) Just so you know, only leave my daughter and if they had awaken, my other children alive. I will not see their blood shed on the ground.

Phage: Hmmm…how do I know that you won’t try to backstab any of us?

Him: (chuckles) How would we know you’ll keep your end of the bargain?

The two glanced at one another for a moment.

Phage: You’re all right, but I’m still keeping my eye on you.

Princess: Him, I still can’t believe you had to bring those other mutant freaks here!

Him: Hey, they were in need of help from that circus back there, so what was I to do?

Slythe: (angrily) Why we trust you, we’ll never know.

Monkian: Hoo hoo, I hope we can get rid of those Thundercats if they appear.

Jackelman: He-he-he. Not to mention take back what’s rightfully ours.

Endymion: (notices) Vultureman, why are you so quiet when you’re near Princess?

Vultureman: Caw! She’s not my girlfriend!

Bobcat: (sweatdrops) That was weird.

Phage: Anyway, tell us about Nemesis’ position in Moosejaw Heights, Auntie Roon?

(ED: Truth by Luca Yumi)

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