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Having met Chopper and taken a look at Soifun’s wound, we continued hunting the halls for a way out. As we turned down one path we saw a dark furred creature with a human frame but a horse’s body from the waist down. It spotted us as well, and galloped out of sight. A few minutes later an arrow landed a few meters from Chopper’s face.

Whaa!” We turned to the direction of the arrow, and saw a horde of the same creatures, bows drawn.

Take cover!” I called out as everyone shifted out of sight. I looked behind us and saw a new swarm of the creatures heading from that direction, armed with spears and swords.

Cover the civilians and move!” I said, between Goten and Ryoga; Ring, Roshi, and Genma managed to get a decent start down the only remaining open path. After an arrowhead cut through Ryoga’s arm and a spear wedged itself deep into Goten’s arm we decided to retreat as well.

It wasn’t far before we ran into Naruto and a few others.

You guys are alright!” Naruto called rushing to meet us, even as we were running.

Other way idiot!” I yelled, grabbing his scruff and redirecting him. We approached a split, and more creatures were moving down one of the paths so we took the other one. Ahead a wall slid down revealing another room, Orihime and a few others had their backs to what used to be a wall. Ahead of them I could see three paths, all of which were filled with horse people. I could see Genma in among them as well, we were trapped.

As we flooded into the room people situated themselves to stem the flow as Chopper set Soifun down.

What happened?” Orihime asked sitting down and activating her healing field.

Some sort of virus, I couldn’t cure it so she removed her arm.” Orihime nodded, focusing despite the sounds of battle encircling us. Naruto fell backwards suddenly, one of the arrows planted near his heart. Orihime shifted quickly to healing him.

Sakura, stop the bleeding. I can fight for now.” Soifun said, grabbing me.

You’ll just open the wound.”

We don’t have much of a choice.” I sighed and began applying some salve to the wound, adding chakra to expedite the process. Ryoga fell next to me thankfully Chopper was already removing the spear and liberally applying herbs and bandages. A few minutes later he had Genma start helping wrap the bandages. Chi-Chi was also assisting Goten with his wound when one of the tunnels erupted.

I looked up in time to see Luffy charging down the tunnel, smashing aside anything standing in his way. Behind him Ayame was riding down the path on Kirara. I turned back to my task, as the last patch of torn skin began sowing itself up I heard a thud and saw Choji fall nearby. Immediately I moved to him, repairing the various cuts and holes he had acquired while he was still unconscious.

The battle didn’t seem to end, and neither did the wounded, thankfully there were three medics here, but we were constantly moving from one person to the next as the were falling almost as fast as we could repair them. Even Luffy had the be stitched back together a few times. The civilians were trying their hardest to keep up, even scum like Genma had joined the front lines and was intently catching or breaking the projectiles as they came.

My hands passed over so many; Mousse, Hancock, Amy, Trunks, Videl, Gaara, Usopp, Pan, Keiko, Akane, Shampoo, Hinata, and Konatsu. Finally after what felt like hours I heard the hoof-steps receding. As I patched up Naruto’s latest hole in his side I breathed easy.

Almost as soon as the enemy was out of sight most everyone collapsed either asleep instantly or breathing heavily. I took one of my solider pills, to recover some strength before leaning against a wall. Orihime was still working, sweat dripping down her face. She had moved back to Soifun and I assumed she was rebuilding the arm.

However she was never allowed to finish as the floor fell out from under us.

Our small group had been wandering the tunnels for hours before the seven of us entered a cavern. The wall fell behind us, and the ceiling lit up allowing us to see what looked like an enormous river. Unearthly moans were seeping up from the river, and on occasion I could see the vague form of a person slip past. There was a single two person boat further down the river; as we approached I saw a skeletal person sitting calmly in the boat.

Halt.” It spoke in a dry voice.

Who are you?” Ranma asked, standing next to me. His face was covered, but he seemed to look at Ranma.

I have many names, but my favorite is Charon. How have you come here?”

We don’t really know, we fell into a hole and wound up here.” Yusuke said.

Where are we anyway?” Kohaku asked. Charon just chuckled.

You are in the lair of Master Avarus; God among Gods.”

Is there a way out?” Toshiro asked.

You would have to ask the Master for passage.”

Then how do we get to him?” I asked.

He is hibernating in the ninth floor. It would be unwise to disturb him.”

And we are on which floor?” Ranma asked.

The second of course.”

Is there a way down?”

Yes, there are stairs on the opposite bank. I can take you across, one at a time, for a fee.”

The fee is?” I asked, stepping ahead of the others.

I will decide that while we are on the lake. It must be something… Personal.”

I’ll go first.” I said, stepping onto his boat.
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