Sailor Moon Fan Fiction ❯ The Greatest Christmas Gift ( Chapter 13 )

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Fire Under The Mistletoe

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The Greatest Christmas Gift
Crystal Tokyo
“What is taking Serenity so long?”  Rei asked herself while pacing nervously back and forth in her room.  Her heart raced and her palms were getting sweatier by the minute.  She stared at the bathroom door, took a deep breath, and then looked out of the window.
A couple of minutes later, Serenity came out of the bathroom.
“Rei…I have the results.”
Rei quickly moved towards her wife. “Well, how did it go?”
Serenity smiled and held Rei’s sweaty palms.  “Christmas has come early this year.  The test results came back positive.  Rei, we are going to have a baby!”
Rei hugged Serenity tightly and gave her a big kiss.  She then slid down to the queen’s stomach with a joyful look on her face.
“See you in nine months, Chibiusa.”

Christmas Wishes