Neon Genesis Evangelion Fan Fiction ❯ The Graveyard ( Chapter 13 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

A desolate plain, filled with black structures.

BGM START: B-1 [Hedgehog’s Dilemma]

Ikari and Shinji stand by one of the structures.

A close-up of the structure they are examining.
Text: “Yui Ikari”

Ikari “It’s been three years since we were last here.”

Shinji nods.
Shinji “It just doesn’t sink in that she’s resting here…”

He places flowers by her tombstone.
Shinji (OFF) “I don’t even remember what she looks like.”

Ikari isn’t smiling.
Ikari “Man survives by forgetting his memories.”

So many tombstones litter the landscape.
Ikari (OFF) “There are still some things man should never forget…”

A close-up of his eyes. There is a far-off look in them.
Ikari (OFF) “Yui taught me about the things you can never replace.”

He takes another step closer to Shinji.
Ikari “I come here to confirm that.”

Shinji looks up at his father hopefully.
Shinji “You don’t have any pictures?”

Ikari “There are none left.”

Shinji rises, for a moment comfortable enough to say the things he wouldn’t normally.
Shinji “So my teacher was right. You threw them all away.”

Ikari steps back.
Ikari “There was no corpse either, you know that. I have to keep it all in my heart.”

Both look at each other as if there’s more they want to say.
SE: helicopter

Ikari looks away, relieved.
Ikari “I am leaving now.”

He begins walking to the helicopter.
Shinji (OFF) “Father!”
Ikari turns.

Shinji stands by his mother’s entirely ceremonial grave.
Shinji “It was nice to talk to you today…”

Ikari waits in case Shinji has any more to say.
The helicopter behind him finishes landing.

Shinji “Can we do it again, sometime?”

Ikari says nothing, turning away.

Shinji watches, hurt.


The helicopter takes to the skies.

Shinji turns back to the grave marker.

He kneels by it.
Shinji “So you aren’t even here, are you, Mother?”

He sighs and looks at it sadly.
Shinji “I don’t even remember…”

Misato’s car drives down a road.
Misato (OFF) “So, how did it go?”

Shinji is staring out the window.

Misato looks at him concernedly.
Misato (MONO) “No matter how hard I try… he never comes out of his shell…”

Misato “That bad, huh?”
Shinji jerks.

He turns to her.
Shinji “…”

Misato “Fine, I get it, I get it…”

Shinji “Sorry.”

Misato’s car comes around a hill.
Misato (OFF) “Shinji, you don’t have to talk, but…”

Misato “I do care, you know that, right?”

Shinji nods.

Misato smiles at him.
Misato “So are you sure you don’t want to talk?”

Shinji “It’s not that, Misato-”

Misato’s eyes widen.

Misato “Get down!”

Text: “Episode #13: The Graveyard”

The red ocean.


Two legs walk across it, freezing the water nearby.

A boat is frozen as a leg connects to it.

The top of the Angel.
A ticking clock head, mask included.

Misato picks up her car phone.
Misato “Which Evas are we deploying?”

From their perspective, the Angel is tiny.
Misato nods.
Misato “Understood.”

She hangs up.

Shinji “Who are they deploying first?”

Misato “Worry about that later.”

The Angel continues marching forward, freezing the water.

A small fleet of planes descends upon it.

Their attacks are deflected by the AT Field handily.

The Angel looks at the planes as they fly by.
An ice beam shoots out of its eyes.

The planes crash into the water.


Eva-00 accelerates up the lift.

A gun is prepped for Eva-00.
It grabs it quickly.

It begins to run down the street.

Misato’s car screeches to a halt by the waterfront.
Misato “The water level is rising…”

Red ice floats in the lake.
Misato (OFF) “It’s not moving off the water…”

The Angel circles around.
Misato (OFF) “What is it up to?”

Eva-00 hits the beachfront.

The Angel ignores it.

Kensuke grits his teeth.
Kensuke (MONO) “This’ll be simple…”

Eva-00 fires repeatedly.

The shots are easily deflected by the AT Field.

Kensuke glares.
Kensuke “We’re going to need a bigger gun!”

Ibuki “Understood.”
She types at a computer console.

The Positron Rifle is lifted to the surface.

Ibuki “It’s at Sector H-8.”

Eva-00 turns to go to Sector H-8.

The Angel’s eyes light up again.

An ice beam streaks across the lake.

Ibuki (OFF) “Turn around!”
The Eva turns.
The ice beam overwhelms it.

Kensuke screams in pain.

Aoba “Dammit!”
Hyuga “We need a new Eva!”

Eva-00 sits, frozen.

Asuka sits in her Entry Plug.
Asuka “So, that’s one down…”

Asuka (OFF) “When is Unit 02 getting deployed?!”
The adults ignore her, typing away.

Ritsuko “It couldn’t possibly gain anything by freezing the surface waters…”

Ibuki “Unless it’s trying to freeze the surrounding area…”
Hyuga “Doubtful.”

Aoba “Freezing the ground would make it more difficult to penetrate Terminal Dogma…”

Fuyutsuki “It seems to be staying out of range.”
Ikari “Yes…”

Ikari “It must be trying to destroy the Evas before actually assaulting us…”

Ibuki “Should we launch Unit 02, then, sir?”

Ikari considers a minute.
Ikari “Yes. And prep Rei for Unit 01.”

Aoba nods.
Aoba “Launch Unit 02!”

Unit 02 is launched.

It surfaces in the city and looks around.

Asuka “What kind of weapon am I getting?”

Ritsuko “The Positron Rifle is already in position. We’ll be using that.”

Asuka nods.

Eva-02 runs down the city streets.

It approaches the lakefront.

The gun rests, ready to be used.

Eva-02 continues charging towards it.
In the distance, the Angel can be seen, not looking towards the Eva.

Eva-02 is a short distance from the rifle.

The Angel spins around.

It fires dozens of small rounds at the Eva.

Asuka gasps.

Eva-02 leaps into the air.

The shots arc upward.

Eva-02 dodges through dozens of shots.

Asuka is confident.
But she suddenly gasps!

One of the rounds collides with Eva-02, exploding.

Asuka screams.

Eva-02 rolls along the beach.

The Angel, looking towards Eva-02.

It fires several dozen more rounds.

Eva-02 lifts its arm uncertainly.

An AT Field forms between the Eva and the rounds.

Each round struggles against the Field.

Eva-02’s arm falls.

The rounds all collide with it.

The resulting explosion.

Misato “Asuka!”

Shinji looks hopeless.
Shinji “Who will they deploy next?”

Misato thinks.
Misato “Only Rei is compatible with Unit 01…”

Shinji (MONO) “Then… she might die…”

Misato “Don’t worry. They’ll probably give Rei something extra…”

Shinji isn’t reassured.
SE: airplane

Kaworu watches the battle from a rooftop.
Kaworu “Strange… They have no chance, but they keep fighting.”

Eva-01 accelerates up the lift.
Kaworu (OFF) “Sorry, Ayanami… She won’t work for you.”

He smiles slightly.
Kaworu “I wonder if number eleven will win…”

The Angel paces back and forth across the lake.

Eva-01 stands at the top of the lift.

Rei pushes at the controls, frustrated.
Rei (MONO) “Why aren’t you moving?”

Ibuki “Unit 01 just rejected Pilot Zero!”
Ritsuko “Dammit!”

Aoba “Major Katsuragi is still too far away… Whatever that thing is doing, she won’t get here in time.”
As he speaks, he types at various computers, and various graphs all pop up.
Text: “High Energy Reaction”

Hyuga “Wait… a Chinese airplane is approaching the Angel… It’s…”

The plane itself, flying over Misato’s car.
Attached to it is Eva-03.

BGM START: E-14 [EVA-03]

Plane Pilot “You ready, kid?”

Toji, in a plugsuit.
He nods.
Toji “This… is a lot harder than I thought it would be.”

The pilot shrugs.
Pilot “It ain’t my job to care about how hard it is…”

Toji sighs.
Toji “Right.”

The airplane flies over Ashinoko.

The restraints on Eva-03 are released.

Eva-03 begins plummeting to the lake.

A close-up of its back.
It is oddly shaped, with a jetpack sticking out.
The jetpack turns on.

Eva-03 stops falling and begins flying over the lake.

The Angel watches it move overhead.

As do Misato and Shinji, with binoculars.
Misato “I wasn’t informed Unit 03 was arriving today…”

Shinji looks at her.
Shinji “Does that mean… Suzuhara-san is in there?”

She nods.
Misato “Toji Suzuhara is the Third Child, yes…”

The airplane flies overhead again.
Several objects fall from it.

Eva-03 flies by, stretching out its hand.
It grabs a falling gun and begins firing at the Angel.

The Angel fires another ice beam.

Eva-03 swerves out of the way.

Toji grins.


Toji “You think you’re so great?”

He fires again and again.
Toji (OFF) “You’re even weaker than the Angel Ikari fought.”

The AT Field is holding up, however.

Toji “How do I do this again…? Cancel it…”

Eva-03 reaches behind itself and pulls something away from the jetpack.
Toji (OFF) “Or break it!”

The Eva holds up a giant crossbow.

Toji smirks.
Toji “This should be enough…”

Eva-03 fires.

The bolt from the crossbow rips through the AT Field.

It then collides with the core, cracking it.

Toji “Yes!”

Eva-03 begins flying away.

Misato “No! Wait! It’s a decoy!”

The pendulum section of the Angel rises up.

Eva-03 turns around.

An ice beam is fired.

Eva-03 quickly swerves out of the way.

Toji “Dammit!”

Eva-03 turns around in mind air and begins approaching.

The Angel fires off dozens of ice beams.

Eva-03 dodges each one in turn.

Toji “I won’t let you win this! All the other Evas have been used already!”

Eva-03 fires round after round at the new core.

Nothing makes any real impact.

Toji “Come on already!”

Eva-03 extends its foot.

It flies forward, ready to kick through the Angel.

Its foot connects.
Eva-03’s leg crumples.

Toji screams.

Aoba “There’s a high energy reaction that’s going to go off now!”
Toji (OFF) continues to scream.

Hyuga “Damn it, do something!”

Toji presses a button at the console.

Spikes extend from Eva-03’s foot.

Eva-03 flies away, carrying part of the skin of the Angel with it.

It turns around in midair, holding up the gun and firing.

It connects.
The Angel explodes into blood.

The lake turns red.

Eva-03 is placed into its cage.
Ibuki (OFF) “With Eva-03 here, we’re only waiting on Eva-04 and Eva-06 to arrive…”

Aoba smiles at her.
Aoba “With so many Evas, we’re definitely going to be able to win.”

Ibuki nods hesitantly.
Ibuki “If we ever use them all synchronously…”

Ritsuko glares at her.
Ritsuko “We’re on a budget. Sometimes we can’t afford to launch three Evas simultaneously.”

Ibuki nods sadly.
Hyuga (OFF) “When the Angel died, Unit 00 was freed. The Fifth Child is fine…. Somehow.”

Ritsuko nods.
Ritsuko “Good. Then recall everyone back to Nerv HQ.”

Eva-00 walks towards the city.

Eva-01’s entry plug powers back on.
Rei (MONO) “Were you waiting for him?”

Eva-02 is returned to its cage.

Misato’s car continues down the road.
Misato (OFF) “We’ll get there soon.”

Shinji looks concerned.
Shinji “I forgot Toji was going to pilot…”

Misato smiles.
Misato “Isn’t it great having friends to pilot with?”

Shinji considers this a moment.

The two, seen from the outside of the car.
Shinji “…I don’t…”
He sighs.

Shinji (MONO) “Why do I feel like this can’t end well?”

The doors to Nerv close behind Misato’s car.

Shinji steps into the Eva Cage, alone.

The other pilots have crowded around Toji.
Rei “It is good to know you have returned.”

Asuka “It’s nice to meet you…”

Kensuke “Man I can’t believe you’re back!”
Kaworu merely smiles enigmatically.

Toji smiles at everyone, and then sees Shinji.
Toji “Ikari! It’s great to see you again!”

Shinji blushes.
Shinji “Yeah…”
He looks awkward, uncertain of what to say.

Toji frowns.
Toji (nervous) “You’re not still upset about that day in school?”

Shinji shakes his head.
Shinji “It’s good to see you again, really.”
Shinji (MONO) “Why so many of us?”

Everyone else turns away from Shinji and returns their attention to Toji (except Rei)
Kaworu “Your fight was most impressive, Suzuhara.”

Asuka glares at Kaworu.
Asuka (MONO) “Great, now ANOTHER kid shows up to win easily… What is with me?”

Eva-02 is slowly being repaired.
Asuka (OFF) “Is it that my Eva isn’t good enough?”

Rei approaches Shinji.
Rei “Are you alright, Ikari-kun?”

Shinji nods.
Shinji “I’m fine… Really.”

Rei frowns.
Rei “You don’t look fine…”

Shinji sighs.
Shinji “I just don’t know what to say…”

Rei “I don’t either…”

Shinji “But you at least knew what to say when I came in…”

Rei shakes her head.
Rei “I remembered what you’ve said to me before.”

Shinji blushes again.
Shinji “Thanks… I think…”

Rei smiles at him.
Asuka (OFF) “Ugh…”

Both turn to her.

Asuka “Suzuhara arrives and all you can do is fawn over each other?”

She walks by them.
Asuka “You both are so rude…”

Toji looks at her.
Toji “She’s nice.”
Kensuke chuckles.


BGM START: D-4 (Peaceful Scenes and Diversions)

The school building.

Toji, Kensuke, and Shinji walk together.
Toji “I hope I haven’t missed anything interesting…”

Shinji shakes his head.
Shinji “We’ve been talking about history, mostly.”

Toji walks into the classroom.

Like during Kensuke’s return, the students look up excitedly.

Hikari especially.
Hikari “Suzuhara-san!”

She smiles at him.
Hikari “You’re back.”

Toji nods.
Toji “It’s good to see you again, Class Rep.”

Asuka interrupts.
Asuka “For those of the class who aren’t aware, this is Suzuhara, the Third Child!”

Student A “Congratulations, Toji-kun!”
Student B “Wow… They sure have a lot of pilots…”


Kensuke “I wonder if they’ll pick more…”

Rei looks over.
Rei (MONO) “Would more children be picked?”

(flashback) Ikari and Rei, talking and smiling.
Rei (MONO) “Would he pick more children?”

(flashback) Ikari smiling down at Rei.
Rei (MONO) “I thought I knew him, but…”

Rei (MONO) “But now there’s six of us… Does he think that’s enough?”

Shinji stands off to the side again.

Rei looks at him, concerned.
Rei (MONO) “And then there’s him…”
She shakes her head.

And goes to sit at her desk.
Rei (MONO) “Why do I care about him?”
She stares.

He is looking at the board.
Rei (MONO) “I still don’t understand…”

Asuka looks at Rei staring at Shinji.
She glares a little.

Kensuke is also staring at Rei.
He blushes slightly.

Hikari and Toji exchange a glance.
They both look away.

The teacher enters.
Hikari (OFF) “Rise! Bow! Be seated!”
SE: seats being moved

Lunchtime. Everyone sits with food.

Toji smiles in front of his lunch.
Toji “This is the best part of school!”

Shinji shakes his head. His desk is empty.

Asuka stands, glaring down at him.
Asuka “Did you forget our lunch?”

Shinji “S- sorry… I forgot…”

Asuka “Forgot? What am I supposed to do now?”

Toji smirks.
Toji “Look everyone! They argue just like a married couple!”

Everyone laughs.
Shinji turns to Toji, red.
Asuka is also blushing.
Both “We’re not married!”

Kensuke giggles.

After class, Shinji cleans slowly.
A shadow appears over him.

Toji, mid-jump, wielding a broom.
Toji “Get to it!”

Shinji “Hey! I’m working!”

Hikari “You both need to get to it!”

The boys flinch and return to cleaning.

Shinji looks over at Rei, who is cleaning the windows.
He smiles a little.

Toji notices.
Toji “So…”

Shinji looks back to Toji.
Shinji “I’m working!”

Toji shakes his head.
Toji “It’s not that. Do you like her?”

Shinji looks uncertain.
Shinji “I… I dunno…”

Toji shrugs.
Toji “If you say so…”

He grins a little.
Toji “But you should be less blatant about checking her out…”

Shinji “What?”

Toji “Oh come on…”

Rei continues working at the window.

Toji “It’s pretty obvious it’s what you’re doing.”

Shinji blushes.
Shinji “No! That’s not it at all!”

Toji shrugs.
Toji “If you say so.”

Shinji sighs.
He turns back to Rei.

She has left.

Rei walks out of the school building, alone.

She reaches the corner.
Kensuke (OFF) “Ayanami!”

She turns.
Rei “Aida-kun?”

He catches up to her, panting for breath.
Kensuke “Ayanami… I wanted to talk with you.”

Rei blinks.
Rei “Uh…”

Kensuke smiles at her.
Kensuke “I was kind of wondering…”

Rei tries to look impassive, but does seem curious.

Kensuke “Would… would you… go out with me?”

Rei’s jaw drops slightly.
Rei “I…”

Kensuke continues smile at her.

Rei looks very confused.
Rei “I did not know you felt that way…”
She looks away.

(flashback) Shinji smiling at Rei.
Rei (OFF) “I… I do not think it would be appropriate…”

Kensuke “Huh?”

Rei “We are both pilots… It would be better not to…”

Kensuke sighs.
Kensuke “I see…”

Kensuke “If one of us gets hurt… Or if something happens…”

Rei “We need to fight the Angels.”

She hurriedly walks away.
However, she does pause a moment.
Rei “I’m sorry.”

Back in the classroom.
Only Toji and Hikari remain.

Hikari is straightening desks.
Hikari “Suzuhara-kun?”

Toji turns to her.
Toji “Yeah?”

Hikari “Why do you always eat school lunches?”

Toji “Huh? Oh… I uh… don’t know how to cook.”

Hikari smiles a little.
Hikari “I uh… I cook for my sisters, but there’s always some left over…”
She has stopped working.
Hikari “Most recipes cook for four… I could bring you part…”

Toji grins.
Toji “Really?”

Hikari nods.
Toji (OFF) “That’s really nice of you, Class Rep.”
Hikari “You… you can call me Hikari….san.”

Toji blushes.
Toji “Then… you can call me Toji…”

Hikari “Right. Uhm…”
She looks away.
Hikari “I think I can take care of the rest of this myself.”

Toji listens.
Hikari (OFF) “See you tomorrow?”
He nods.
Toji “See you tomorrow, Hikari-san.”

He quickly leaves.

Hikari stares after him, still blushing.

Misato’s apartment.
Asuka (OFF) “Will you play or what?”

Shinji blushes.
He is holding his cello case.
Shinji “Asuka…”

Asuka stands with her hands on her hips.
Asuka “What? You said you were good!”

Shinji looks down.
Shinji “I’ve never played for an audience before.”

Asuka “Then start now!”
She sits down.
Asuka “Please…”

Shinji sighs and opens up the cello case.
He gets the cello out and adjusts.

He puts the bow against the strings.

He begins to play.

Asuka listens appreciatively.

Awhile later, Shinji finishes.

Asuka claps.
Asuka “That was very nice.”

She rises.
Asuka “Thanks, Shinji.”

He watches her go.
And smiles a little.

Text: “Neon Genesis Evangelion: Episode: 13: Reunion”

Rei sits in an Entry Plug.

Eva-01 floats in cooling fluid.
Rei (OFF) “I don’t understand the purpose of this experiment.”

Ritsuko “We’re attempting to determine who can pilot which Evangelion…”

Shinji in a different plug.
Ritsuko (OFF) “In case of emergencies, and such.”

Asuka “Then how come the rest of us are in our Evas?”

Misato sighs.
Misato “We don’t think they’ll be entirely compatible, As-”
SE: alarm

BGM START: E-1 [Angel Attack]

Ritsuko “What?!”

Eva-00 starts pulling itself free of its restraints.
Ibuki (OFF) “Not this again!”

Misato “I thought you fixed this!”

Ritsuko frantically presses at buttons.

Eva-01’s restraints are automatically released.
It pulls itself out of the cooling liquid.

And dives into Eva-00’s pool.

Eva-00 punches at Eva-01.

Eva-01 is hit, but manages to restrain Eva-00.

It struggles for awhile, but goes silent.


In the Entry Plug, Shinji is unconscious, and muttering in his sleep.
Shinji “Ayanami… why are you in here too?”

Rei sits in her Entry Plug, breathing heavily.
Rei “Ikari… I feel you in here…”

Toji watches the video feed from the Entry Plug.
Toji “Can’t we control these things at all?”

Asuka’s comm. appears in front of him.
Toji jerks back a bit.
Asuka “Oh, so you think you can control these things?”

Toji nods slowly.
Toji “I’ve been training for awhile…”

Asuka shrugs.
Asuka “Not as long as me, Third.”

Toji “Is that a challenge?”

Asuka “Sure.”
Ritsuko (OFF) “Excuse me.”
Asuka’s eyes widen.

Ritsuko “As much as I enjoy hearing you two get along…”

Asuka glares.
Ritsuko (OFF) “We’ve had a bit of an injury, you know…”

Shinji slowly opens his eyes.
He sits up in his usual hospital bed.
Shinji “What happened this time?”

Misato smiles at him.
Misato “You’re awake. Good.”

Shinji grins.
Shinji “Misato-san…”

Misato “Yep! Shinji-kun, we were wondering…”

He looks confused.
Misato (OFF) “Asuka proposed a competition…”

Misato “To determine the best pilot.”

Shinji “Oh… In our real Evas?”

Misato nods.

Shinji “Then I’ll do it.”

Misato sighs.
Misato “I’m sorry about the Eva.”

Shinji says nothing.

Misato “No, really, I am…”

He looks away.
Shinji “It’s fine, Misato.”

Misato “No, it isn’t.”

He turns to her.

Misato “If it were fine, you wouldn’t be acting like this.”

Shinji says nothing.

Misato “Shinji, you can tell me how you feel…”

He just shakes his head.

She looks down.

At Nerv, the children stand together.
Kaworu “This competition seems foolish.”

Asuka “Says the guy who doesn’t have his own Eva!”

Kensuke “Actually, he used a sim of Eva-04… and I used one of Eva-05…”
Rei “That doesn’t seem fair…”

Shinji “How?”

Rei “They haven’t been synching with those Evas… they won’t do so well.”

Asuka “Good, then I’ll win.”

Misato stands in front of the six pilots.
Misato “The results are in.”
She smiles.

Misato (OFF) “In last place is Kensuke…”
He sighs.

Misato (OFF) “Tied for fourth are Kaworu and Rei.”

Rei doesn’t react.

Misato “Tied for second…”

Misato (OFF) “Toji.”
He sighs, disappointed.

Asuka smirks happily.
Misato (OFF) “And Asuka.”

Misato smiles even broader.
Misato “So of course, in first place…”

The revelation hits Shinji.
Misato (OFF) “Shinji”

Everyone is shocked.
Toji and Asuka “What?!”

To be continued….

Text: “Next Time”

Military officers.
Misato (OFF) “Those opposed to Nerv”

Asuka kicks a door open.
Misato (OFF) “try to cut the power supply to Tokyo-3.”

The 12th Angel rises out of the sea.
Misato (OFF) “An Angel attacks a Nerv”

Gendo sits by a candle.
Misato (OFF) “which lacks modern equipment.”

The five pilots walk down a dark corridor.
Misato (OFF) “Next Time: ‘In the Still Darkness’.”

Lies and Silence
In the Still Darkness